Mom’s New Family Affair Ch. 03Mom’s New Family Affair Ch. 03


The next morning the alarm on my cell phone went off and I actually had enough energy to get up without hitting the snooze. I was surprised since I had stayed out later and had more beers than I planned. I hit the shower right away and then got dressed for work. As I did, I remembered how Beth was planning to give Mom her massage this morning and grinned, though I really didn’t think anything would come out of it. As I walked down the stairs I remember thinking what a great fantasy that would make.

As I hit the ground floor, I smelled the scent of something toasting in the kitchen. I headed for it and was surprised to see Mom up and toasting English muffins.

She looked at me and said “Hi Hon! How about a buttered muffin before you leave? You should have something for breakfast.”

“Hey, Mom… Wow you’re up early for a Saturday morning” (I go in early before the store opens when I work weekends).

I noticed she was wearing her short satin robe instead of changing into her usual Saturday shorts and T top she wore most often. It was my favorite robe on her. Mom usually used it mostly between her shower and getting dressed and rarely wore it around the house. I remember once while I was looking for a tie to borrow from Dad’s closet for a debate at school, she came out of the steamy bathroom and how her nipples instantly hardened to the coolness of the bedroom. Since then and the fact that it was a bit short, ending at mid-thigh, I often imagined her in it as I fantasized and jerked off thinking of her.

“Oh, just up and showered… Beth is going to come by in a bit and see if she can work out the knots I have in my neck and back. Did you know she gave her mom massages?”

“Yeah, she mentioned it one time. I remember being a junior in school at the time. I guess she did it for a couple of years before she died in that accident. I bet she does a good job for you, she’s helped me out before too” I said trying to promote Beth as my eyes discretely tried to determine if she was wearing a bra or not.

Mom glanced my way with a grin and said “Oh, I’m sure she has”, adding a chuckle as she turned to get the orange juice from the fridge.

I just kind of shrugged and smiled watching her before biting into one half of the muffin confirming she was wearing one. Ha, it seemed like a disappointment to me. “Well, I better get going. I’ll take this with me. You two have a good time, Beth said you two were also going to get some sun time together, so I guess I’ll see you both when I get home.”

Mom followed me to the door as she said “Maybe. The weatherman is now saying the day will be hot and sunny but some serious thunderstorms were expected late afternoon and this evening, so we’ll see. You have a good day at work, Hon..” and she kissed my cheek.

“Have a great day Mom…” I said as I left and got in my car.

As I started it, I waved at the sight of her at the screen door of the side entrance and gave her smile as I backed out. The smile was more than casual. I had got a subtle whiff of perfume from her as she kissed my cheek and I didn’t think she had enough on last night for it to linger so long, plus she said she had taken a shower. Hmmmmm, maybe Beth was right!”


As I later heard from Beth, she must have arrived shortly after I left because she said Mom was refilling her coffee cup when she knocked on the screen door I had just exited.

Mom turned to look down the short hall from the kitchen and saw that it was Beth. “Come on in Hon… It’s open!” she said cheerily as she watched her enter.

Beth’s hair was in a ponytail, wearing one of my old high school swim team T shirts that came down low enough to just cover her ass. She had a school back pack slung on one shoulder.

Beth’s flip flops made flopping sounds as she walked in and said “Hi Mrs…uh, Katie! I was hoping you’d be up this early” and gave her a big smile. Her eyes quickly glanced over Mom standing there with her coffee in her short robe and it made Beth’s pussy warm.

“Just having my second cup, would you like one?” Mom asked with a smile.

“Sure, I’d love one!” said Beth as she watched Mom turn and reach into the cabinet to get a mug.

She noticed how the hem of the robe rose exposing the bottom of her ass cheek as she did. As she poured the coffee, Beth slid the backpack off her shoulder and placed it on the floor next to the breakfast nook and took a seat in one of the stools and crossed her legs.

Mom placed the mug in front of her, slid the cream and sweetener tray toward her and then came around and sat on the edge of the stool next to her with one foot on the floor and the other on the foot rest of the stool.

Beth noticed Mom openly glance at her legs and body as she mixed the cream and sugar, and the knowledge of that sent a zing of excitement through her as if being honored to be the center of her focus.

“This is nice Katie, to be able to sit back and relax with someone in the morning and have a cup. Things are always uncomfortable Kaynarca Escort with my stepmom around. Her and I just don’t get along” said Beth as she took her first sip.

“Oh Beth, you’re welcome here anytime for coffee or anything else, and by the way, you don’t need to knock to come in. You’re family in my eyes Hon. I was just thinking as you mixed your coffee how it didn’t seem so long ago you were sitting in that seat eating cookies with John. And now look at you, a totally different person, a beautiful young adult. Ha, it makes me feel so old.

“What? You old?” Beth giggled. “Believe me, you don’t look old! I don’t think anyone that does not know you could guess your age. I hope when I get older I look half as good as you! I’d be surprised if you don’t get hit on all the time”

“Well, some have tried” said Mom with a chuckle. “I admit, I have my desires, but between you and me only please, I’m not going to fool around in this town. You know how it is, nothing stays secret for long. I’m not sure if I know anyone well enough, except for maybe two people, to assure secrecy, and I guess I’m not inclined to travel to get into trouble either.”

Beth sipped her coffee as she listened, It helped her keep her grin from spreading as she thought ‘Wow, she’s talking to me about sex! I sure hope this goes someplace… I wonder…’.

“Well, you know me well enough, I can appreciate a secret. If you ever wanted to talk you could count on me to keep it… even from John if that’s what you wanted.”

“Oh, thank you Beth, it’s nice to know I have a confidant. I know you fairly well and actually, you are one of the two I meant earlier. I feel I could trust you and you have the same promise from me for secrecy too.”

“You can count on me. Mrs… uh Katie. I’ve always felt this was my second home, my second family and to betray your trust would be like an ultimate betrayal in a family sense.”

“I feel the same about you… And I want you to know you can talk to me about anything too. I’m not judgmental and don’t get freaked out easily. By the way, you seem to have a problem calling me Katie… would it be more natural if you just called me Mom?”

The question surprised Beth, her eyes going suddenly wide and she smiled and said “Yes it would, I’ve had the urge several times to do that. I’d like that, I’d like that a lot, Mom”

“Mmmm, I like the sound of that” said Mom with a soft smile as she brought her coffee cup to her lips for a sip. After taking it she asked “So, girl to girl, secret to secret, what’s up with you and John these days? Are you getting back together? You seem to be spending a lot of time together again.” she said as she slid fully onto the stool and crossed her legs.

“I’m not sure myself” said Beth. “After we broke up after graduation, I guess we were both interested in seeing what was out there, but I have to admit, I haven’t run across anyone else that comes close to him and he’s always first in my mind. I’m not sure how he feels about me other than knowing we’re still best friends.

“Yes, you are… friends with benefits, I’d say” said Mom with a giggle. “Toaster strudel icing…Ha!” she said with a laugh as she rolled her eyes. “I must give you credit though, that was very quick minded” she added with a grin.

Beth blushed and said “Busted!… Well, I was on my period when I got back and I like doing that anyway, to be honest about it” with a shy giggle.

“Don’t we all” said Mom with her own chuckle. “Don’t worry, I’m no prude to sex. Actually I found that event very erotic” and then quickly changed the subject. “As far as John goes, I know he loves you. I know him very well. I’ve noticed he’s never been very aggressive going after other girlfriends and I know he gets approached a lot. He goes through the actions, but I can tell his heart isn’t into it. I think you have him whether you know it or not.”

“I think that kind of sums it up for me too… It’s a bit confusing, we’re like best friends, almost brother and sis and yet lovers at the same time… but I wouldn’t change a thing, except get an understanding of the future. To me, he’s the one, but I’m not so sure he feels the same about me.”

“Oh, I don’t think that is a problem. He’s a man and just thinks differently, and no matter how tough they act or how old they are, there’s a little boy in there who’s afraid to be rejected or sometimes commit. My advice to you is to come right out and declare you two are a couple with a future. I’m positive he wouldn’t fight it. I know you both are very sexual minded, ha, it oozes from you both. If you both have problems with that being separated at school, you’ll just have to work that out and have an understanding. After all, it’s what’s been going on for the last few years anyway.”

“Maybe I’ll do just that. It’s been on my mind for a while. Can I ask you a personal secret question?” Mom nodded as she was taking a sip. “Do you and Mr C have an understanding?”

“Jake’s not one to talk Escort Kaynarca about sex openly, even with me. With sex, he just does, and I must admit, he does well. We also get along well too. I know he’s fucking someone there, I’m sure about it, it’s in his nature, though he’s never told me. Once we talked about what he does on his time off. He didn’t mention anything about women of course but I just told him he’d better be using a condom and if he came back and gave me an STD, I’d probably divorce him.”

“Oh my god, what did he say to that?” asked Beth.

Mom laughed and said “He just said Ok.”

Beth noticed the way she said it that she didn’t seem to have a problem with that. “How about you? Did he ever ask?”

“It’s seemed to me he has a don’t-ask-don’t-tell attitude and I just assume to keep it that way if I ever wanted to play that card” said Mom in a matter of fact tone, but with a grin.

Both sat for a moment sipping the rest of their coffee, both seeming to digest what had been said so far. Beth was the first to say something.

“I’ve always thought you were so cool Mom and still do. I would have expected a bullshit story if I had asked that to anyone else, but you told me straight out.”

“Thanks Hon, I guess I’m a bit pragmatic when I actually answer a question, otherwise I’d avoid answering. I have to be, I’m such a lousy liar” she said with a chuckle.

“So, how does your neck and shoulders feel this morning?”

“Oh, very tight as usual. It’s been really bad for the last few days… she lifted her arm with her elbow high and her hand went to the side of her neck near the rear and she traced her fingers down it to her shoulder. “It starts here, travels into my shoulder and around my shoulder blade. Think you can help?”

“Oh I’m sure I can” noticing for the first time how her nipple was hard beneath her robe and bra which was now more prominent with her elbow high which stretched the material stretching over it. Another electric shock went through her. “Mom used to get them there too, besides her lower back. Her Doc said that massages would help a lot, but not just work out the kink. He said she should get a deep muscle massage at the same time to relax her body, otherwise it will just come back in a few hours or days.”

“Oh, that sounds wonderful!, and it makes a lot of sense too. My friend’s sister only worked out the kinks. Where would be the best place to do it?”

“Oh, on a bed I suppose, it would be the most comfortable for you… that’s where I used to do my mom.”

Beth noticed Mom’s eyes go wide in surprise for just a fraction of a second sensing she must have hit a chord in her but a smile formed on her lips. Beth’s internal excitement level went up a notch when she realized what she had actually said. She meant “massage my mom”, but it came out “where I used to do my mom”. Beth noticed the coincidences just kept on building between Mom’s reaction and Beth’s Freudian slip. She felt her pussy pulse.

Mom chuckled and said “That sounds fine to me… Are you ready to go now or would you like some more coffee and talk?

“Oh, I’m good with one cup and we can continue to talk as I work on you. I’m ready anytime you are” Beth said with a smile though she tried hard not to make it a mischievous one.

Mom looked at her and said “Well, I’m ready if you are… let’s go then” and she slid off her stool. Beth followed close behind her as they started up the stairs.

As they entered the bedroom, Beth suddenly said, “Oh, I forgot my pack, it’s got the oils and lotions in it and I need to warm one up in the microwave real quick! Go ahead and take your clothes off and lay down on your stomach. Across the bed would be best, we won’t need any pillows. I need you flat as possible.

Mom looked at her and told her “Ok” with a nervous giggle.

Beth went down stairs and found her pack. She opened it to take out the items, but decided to just take the whole pack up, but first put the oil in the microwave for 30 seconds to warm it up.

When she reentered the room she found Mom naked laying across the bed. Her elbows were high as she used the flat hands to rest her head on as she stared off to the side. She had pulled back the covers and stripped not only the robe, but her undies too which lay pooled at the side of the bed.

Beth’s surprise caused a sudden intake of breath, “Oh my god, Mom! do you look good! I love your tan lines…” she said hoping it wouldn’t be saying too much and started taking out the oils and lotion and placing them beside her. She didn’t try to hide her facial expression or her open focus on her ass since Mom was looking in a different direction.

Mom giggled. “Why thank you! I hope this is ok. I wasn’t sure how much you needed for me to take off, so I took them all off.”

“Ha, no Mom… you’re fine just the way you are and if you don’t mind, I sure don’t. To tell you the truth, it’s kind of exciting… I’m going to need to straddle you and sit on your Kaynarca Escort Bayan lower back as I do your neck and shoulders… is that going to be ok?”

“Mmmmm, I don’t mind at all, go ahead” she said with a smile that Beth saw as she looked off to the side without turning back which Beth thought was a bit strange for her. She almost always looked at her when she talked. This time it seemed handy though, she didn’t have to guard her facial expressions.

Beth grabbed the hot oil squeeze bottle and straddled her, resting lightly on her lower back. After moving Mom’s hair away from her neck, she popped the top and let a light stream flow across the back of her upper shoulders, then quickly snapped the cap back and started to rub it in slowly but firmly using her fingers to smear it over the tops of her shoulders and neck.

“First I’ll start off with the warm oil” said Beth softly it’s best for getting to those tense muscles” She then noticed out of the corner of her eyes the movement at her left. She saw herself in the mirror and saw Mom looking at her. Beth realized she had been watching her the whole time. As their eyes came in contact in the mirror, Mom’s eyebrow’s jumped as in saying hi. Beth just smiled back and started to seriously massage the kinks out, realizing Mom had seen all her unguarded reactions.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.. that feels marvelous…” Mom said softly but earnestly as she slowly re-positioned her head so her forehead was in contact with mattress, stretching her neck muscles as Beth’s fingers worked her magic. “I think your mom was a very lucky woman! Your touch is so firm but also gentle and erotic at the same time…”

“You really think so?” Smiling down at her neck and shoulders as she kneaded the muscles in just the right places. Beth had noticed she used the word erotic… if she only knew how hot this was getting her. It crossed her mind she was going to find out soon if not already since she knew she was getting wet and there wasn’t much to stop it with the skimpy bottom of her bikini being the only thing between her pussy and Mom’s skin. She was trying to figure out when to open the subject of sex and was on the lookout for any comment from her in that direction. Little did she know, Mom would do it for her.

An “Mmmmmmmm… so good…” came from Mom as she totally succumbed to Beth’s touch as she changed to the junction of her neck and shoulders. “Beth… now that we’re sharing secrets… can I ask you a question that just came to mind?”

“Sure, anything Mom… “, Beth said softly. I’d love to share secrets with you” she said as she started working a broader area which resulted in Mom resting her head to the side like before.

“When you massaged your mom, did it ever lead to anything… more?” asked Mom, her voice ending in an up tone and not down as in a negative statement.

Beth grinned thinking this is going to be an opportunity to edge toward the subject. “No, it never went too far… but I must confess I really wanted it too” she said with a soft giggle. “Maybe something would have happened if I said something, but I didn’t want her to think I was weird.”

“Oh that’s totally understandable…” she said with a chuckle. “She probably felt the same about you too.”

“We need more oil” said Beth as she started to reach for the squeeze bottle, but as she did, Mom interrupted her.

“Aren’t you afraid you’ll get that all over your outfit? I’m assuming you have your suit on underneath that T, and oil won’t evaporate like a lotion would. You could take it off if you want to. I wouldn’t mind.”

Beth grinned and wondered if she meant both the suit and T. She really didn’t care about the oil on her T or suit but she wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. “You’re right…” and started to remove the T but also asking “how much do you think I should take off, Mom?” she said with a mischievous giggle, then tossed the T onto the pillows.

“As much as you’d like… or dare, after all, it’s just us ladies with our secrets.

“Hmmm” Beth said in a musical, playful way, and reached back and pulled the tie to her top. She let it slide down her arms and she quickly tossed it towards the T… her eyes glancing to Moms face where she saw her one eyebrow raise and her smile become bigger as she watched in the mirror.

Beth instantly decided to shed the bottoms too and quickly moved off, pulled then down an off, tossing them with the rest of her clothes as she re-straddled Mom, this time not being shy about letting her wet pussy come into contact with her skin. “How’s this? Is this ok? I think it makes us even” she asked a bit playfully as to not create a heavy situation.

“Oh it makes us even alright, I can see how even we are” with a soft giggle as she thought about the warm, wet contact coming from Beth. She felt the stream of the warm oil on her back and then asked “Did I see in the mirror that you’re a bit shaved down there?”

“Um hmmm” said Beth as she started rubbing in the oil across her back, She had inadvertently put a little too much so she started smearing it over the skin of her back and sides, not being shy to also include the sides of her large breasts which stuck out along her sides were they were pressed into the mattress. “I tried it just a few months ago. Glad I did actually, it makes me feel sexy.”

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