Our Happy Family Ch. 2Our Happy Family Ch. 2


This is a story. This is just a story that I have written. The first part of this story will explain what has happened to date.

* * * * *

Beth and I had just explained to Mom what had happened between us. That we have been making love with each other and thoroughly enjoying it. Mom took the news with a huge smile on her face.

She damn near was glowing. The smile went from ear to ear. Looking at Beth with a confused look on my face. However, it looked like I was looking into a mirror; Beth had the same look on her face too. Barb our Mother just sat and laughed at us for a minute or two. Calming down she said I have some news for the two of you. Your dad and I have been watching the two of you to see if just by any chance you would get together and jump in to the sack. This family comes by it honestly. I have had a relationship with the whole family. It started before you two were born. Would you like to hear about it?

With a look of happiness, we said of coarse we do.

David, my grandfather had started a business back in the early forties. He made a great product and it sold like hotcakes. He made a lot of money, put some away in stocks, and by the time Sam that is your grandpa was born, David had a good bit of money put away. Therefore, he built the house that you grandparents live in now and bought the 1000 acres around it. The house is on a country road that ends at our home. Mom told us.

The whole family was born when we lived in that house. My Mom, Ruth had your uncle John first, and then it was Betty and me, my twin sister were next. We are not identical twins, then it was your aunt May last but not least.

Life was like a big circus at home when we were young. The house had a huge living room, big kitchen, four bedrooms, and one big bathroom. John had his own room. I shared one with Betty, May was lucky she had her own room.

When we were still young, it was ok to live like that. We had a lot of fun, running around the house having a great time. In the warmer days we would run around half or completely naked, Mom and Dad would wear real light clothes, shorts for Dad, bras and panties for Mom. On real hot and muggy days Mom would leave her bra off, it was not a big deal for us, we all grew up like that.

Being so far away for people we could go outside like that and not have to worry that people would see the family. As we got older, we did not change our ways. Life was the same expect for the use of the bathroom.

In the mornings, the bathroom is a busy place. We try to get to it first but Dad would beat us to it usually and Mom would join him. We kids would have to fight for it later. John was 19 years old, being older than us by a year he would tell me and Betty being 18 years old, to be nice to May and let her have the bathroom first, she was the quickest one to use the bathroom being as she was eighteen, so we would let her in first. It was a big bathroom. The shower could hold three or four people easily. Betty and I were the ones usually in next; we would wash up each other and have fun doing it.

Well one day Betty and I were in the shower, we had just gotten in. When John came in and said that he wanted to come in to. So we let him in the shower. The three of us started to wash each other up. John got the soap in to a nice big soapy lather; he ran his hands down my back. He did my butt cheeks so long that I thought that he forgot the rest of me. Rubbing and washing me sooooooo good that I did not want him to stop but he did, then he went down my legs to my feet. He told me to turn around so he could do the front. He started at my toes and went up so slowly that it felt like it would be an hour before he got all the way to my pussy.

GOD was I enjoying it. John rubbed my cunt with the soap too make sure that it was clean. Oh, John that feels like I am so wet. All the time John was making me happy; Betty just watched what was going on. I opened my eyes to see Betty with her mouth open when she saw me looking at her she closed her eyes. I looked down her body to see that her nipples were standing a full attention. Her nipples must have been about a ½ inch in length. Continuing to look down her body I saw her hand buried in her pussy, just playing away, she had three fingers in up to her second knuckle. She was moaning in a low voice just enough so I could hear her. She was doing herself so good that I wish it were me she was fingering. She was shaking so bad that I leaned over John and tweaked Betty’s nipples just to push her over the edge and in to a huge orgasm. Betty groan so loud that I thought mom would hear. Betty started to shake even more as her orgasm hit her harder.

My own pussy was on fire; John knows how to make a girl really feel fantastic with his hands. John dropped the soap, and then he slipped one finger in me. While he had one finger there, the other hand came up and started to rub my clit, around and around on my clit he went at it. My Brother added a second and then a third finger in my hot Suadiye Escort box. He is so good at fucking me with his fingers. “JOHN OH JOHN DO NOT STOP THAT FEELS SOOOO GOOOOD DON’T YOU DARE STOP.”

Betty was just coming back down to earth, she leaned over a bit and held on to Johns shoulders, John looked over his shoulder saw her face, looked down saw her tits and her nipples he also saw where her hand was. He had a huge smile on his face. John asked Betty to wash and rub his back for him. Betty got down on her hands and knees, grabbed the soap, and started to wash and rub his back. All along John was still fingering me and making me squirm all over the place.

Betty washed and rubbed Johns back for a bit then her hands worked their way down to his butt. She worked on his butt cheeks, massaged them, she played with his asshole for a bit. She lowered her hands some more, and played with his balls. She rubbed them lightly. The look on Johns face was priceless, he had his eyes closed tightly, his mouth opened, and his fore head was all sweaty. John still has his hands in and on my cunt but they were not moving because of the pleasure Betty was giving to him. I mouthed at Betty to grab his cock and play with it. Betty moved her hand to his cock, grabbed a good hold of it and then squeezed it good. John started to finger me just as Betty got a hold of Johns prick. He jumped up in surprise at the pressure and the pleasure of Betty’s grasp. Just before he jumped he moved the rest of his fingers together, when he jumped he shoved the whole hand in my cunt.

I let out a small scream and came all over his hand. Soaking it all the way to his elbow. At the same time that I came he did too, his come was spurting all over the place, gosh did he moan. I could feel him moan right up trough to the top of his fingers. I thought I was in heaven it felt so good. The smell of sex in the air was so strong that was all you could smell.

John stood up on shaky legs, leaned against the shower wall with a grin on his face that Betty or I will never forget.

That erection of his was still standing proud. I got a hold of it, squeezed it a bit, and then turned around. I told Betty to line up his beautiful cock to my cunt so I could fuck him. Betty did as I asked but she went one better than that, she stuck three fingers in me to give me an extra thrill. She must have hit my g-spot right on the first try because I started to moan with pleasure. She kept it up for about 30 seconds and I damn near came from that alone. Betty pulled her hand out of my soaked puss then lined up that gorgeous hunk of meat to my cunt opening.

I backed up on it and slid it home in one great and glorious push. The feeling that I had was unbelievable, never have I felt so full then I did that morning. It felt like John was ten inches long. God did it feel good to have him in me and he had not even moved yet just in me. I began to move forward on that cock of his, I felt the crown of his cock get to my lips. I stopped my outward movement, and began my backward stroke to his base. I pick up my pace a little bit at a time and kept on picking it up. We were fucking up a storm I was moaning like crazy, John did not utter a sound but boy could he fuck.

Betty had her hands back in her pussy again. I was looking around Johns shoulder. It was a great sight to see, John plugging away at me, Betty creating a fire down between her legs with her hand in her crotch and her other hand on her tits.

We did not see or hear the bathroom door open up. Our mother was going to tell me and Betty to hurry up or we would be late for work. However, Mom did not get a sound out of her throat; she just stood there with her mouth on the floor. Of course, we did not know about her being there, she told us later.

“BARB your fuck hole feels so tight. God it feels like a velvet glove”

Betty said. “God that sounds so good to hear my brother fucking his sister like that sooooooo good”

Mom could see the whole action going on because our shower does not have to have a shower curtain or glass doors it was so big that the shower heads were on the back wall. I thought to myself that when Grandpa Dave built a house he sure did know how to make it functional and well planned.

Our mom was getting so turned on by watching us that she was working her cunt over pretty good right through her skirt.

John pounded me with that cock of his so great that I was turning my head from side to side. While I was getting the fucking of my life, I turned my head and saw Mom standing there. She had her one hand holding up her skirt the other hand was buried into her juicy cunt. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed. Mom was just fingering herself like there was no tomorrow.

God was I so turned on by what I saw that I tapped John on the leg and pointed to the door.

John looked at the way I was pointing too, he saw her fingering herself. I will give John credit he didn’t stop fucking Escort Suadiye me but I did feel his cock swell up more and when I thought he was going to split my pussy in two he shot my cunt full of his hot cream. He shot and shot. He must have gave me six or seven good shot of come in my pussy, he did not even go soft when he was finished coming.

John kept on fucking me for a bit longer. I just loved the way his cock felt in me. I was soaking that cock so much that I could feel my juices running down my legs. Mom had her panties pulled down to her ankles now, her legs spread as wide as they could. You could see all of her juicy cunt it was out in the open. Her fingers were moving a mile a minute.

Betty was still stroking her lovely cunt making all the noise a wet cunt makes. She opened her eyes and saw Mom. She stared at Mom, her hands moving on herself. We all watched Mom play with her pussy. John was still in me plowing away.

“God Mom your pussy looks so good and it sounds so wet.” I thought that I had died. As I realized that, my voice had said those words. I had the orgasm of all orgasms of my short life. I came and came all over Johns cock. “John oh my god John I’m CUUMMMMMMING so good” I screamed so loud that it startled our Mother.

Mom came into the bathroom more and settled down on the toilet her skirt still in her hands but she left her panties at the door. Mom looked at us with a grin on her face. She was glowing after the orgasm she had at the door watching us.

Our Mom told us to finish our shower. John turned on the water and we started to clean up. I had thought that Mom looked gorgeous at the door finger-fucking herself. We were soaping our bodies and doing a good job. I was bumped by someone, turning to see whom it was. I saw that it was Mom. She was naked. Mom said that she needed to get cleaned up to, after her orgasm had left her all sticky and sweaty.

Mom asked me to get the soap for her Mom and when I gave her the soap I noticed that her mound was bare, not a single strand of hair on it. Mom saw me looking at her crotch. “Do you like it?” My mouth hung open for a bit until John’s hand came up and closed it. “God you look so sexy like that all smooth and bare, can I touch you pussy?” “Yes you may my daughter.”

It felt so smooth and soft, no stubble or cuts. My hand rubbed this piece of heaven that I loved to touch. Mom opened her legs a little more and I took the hint. Two fingers were making their way into her opening, getting her juices on my fingers and going in deeper. Betty was looking over my shoulder watching what I was doing to our mother, while she looked at our mother and me. Betty slid her hands on my tits. I felt my nipples being tweaked, pulled, pinched, and played with. I kept on moving my fingers in to her, faster and faster. I thought that she might slip to the floor but I put a third finger in that helped to support her. I worked her over pretty good I think.

Mother was squirming all over the shower wall. I guess I hit right spot because she went all tense, started to shake and shake she did. Her juicy cunt began to shoot out her girl cream. Mom’s cum was shooting out of her cunt, it must have gone two or three feet out on to the tiles. I had to grab mom to keep her from sliding to hard on the tiles.

I was breathless with what I had just done to mom. Betty came to me and said, “That it looked like so much fun that she would like to give Mom a good orgasm just like the one I gave her.” “Betty maybe we should give Mom some time to come back to earth.”

Mom sat there for a couple of minutes more, when she began to move. I had thought that she had passed out, but she was just resting and getting her strength back.

John said to me. Damn doesn’t that bald pussy look fabulous? With me sitting on the floor, I was at a good place to see her bald pussy too. I was getting wetter just looking at it and wondering what it felt like to be bald.

“Mom would you shave my cunt as clean and as bald as your cunt is?” I said with a smile on my face.

OHHH Baby I would love to shave you. She said. Betty jumped in a said that she was next to be done. Mom nodded her head yes, looked at John and asked him if he wanted to be done as well. John said that he would think about it.

Betty would you call in to work and tell them that we will late. Tell them that we had a small problem at home. Betty left the bathroom to use the phone while Mom got the razor and shaving cream ready.

I got my crotch all wet and ready for Mom. Betty came back in just as Mom was ready to start on me. Betty asked if she could get my pussy all trimmed and then put the shaving foam on it. I told her that she could but if she cut me I would get her back some how. My sister did a great job on me, damn almost wished she did cut me just a bit, it would be a ball to get her back some how. Betty then got the shaving cream and spread it out all over my pussy.

I looked at Greg and Beth while I told Suadiye Escort Bayan them what happened all those years ago. The looks on their faces was pure bliss. I was watching my kids as I told them the story, I looked at Greg, and he had a beautiful hard on poking up in his boxer shorts. The top of his cock was sticking out of the waistband. Beth also was looking great. The belly shirt that she had on showed her tits perfectly. Her nipples were standing out on their own; damn did they look beautiful, her panties had a great big wet spot by her cunt lips. Beth’s juices were soaking her panties more and more by the minute. The kids eyes were closed most of the time, they had not moved to touch each other or for that matter, they had not touched them selves.

My mom started to shave me. One long swipe up then back down. She repeated those swipes until most of my pubes were gone. Now came the short strokes in all of the tight spots. My cunt felt like I was on fire, all wet. The heat in there was so intense that I thought I might pass out. OOOOHHH Mother you hands shaving me they feels good.

Mother finished up by making sure that there were no longer any hairs on my mound.

John got down on his knees to give me a good looking over. Mother told John to turn on one showerhead and to rinse my bare quim off. With a look of glee he jumped up turned on the water and rinsed me down. When he was done, he leaned back down and gave my puss a good licking. Smacked his lips and said, “That is one mighty fine tasty pussy.

Betty was getting itchy to have her pussy done too. Mother did Betty herself only because John would not leave my pussy alone. If I was to help mother I could hurt Betty and I would not want that to happen. I love her too much to see that happen to her, besides John was doing a damn fine job on my cunt to give Betty my attention. When Mother finished shaving my sister’s pussy. John grabbed the showerhead a rinsed her crotch off. Then he proceeded to lap her cunt with all of his might. He licked her from asshole to the top of her cunt crack then back down to her asshole. Betty was shouting so loud that she was cuming that that was all we could hear. “John put that fuckstick of yours into her and give it to her good she will love it.” Mom said.

John got up from his knees, bent Betty over, and started to fuck her from behind. That fuckstick of his was going in and out of Betty quim slowly then at a faster pace, he was picking up the speed. In then out, in then out. My brother was giving it to Betty like it was his last time to fuck. Betty was moaning to beat the band. John reached up and was going to play with her nipples but Momma’s hands beat him to it. “John oh John your cock it feel SOOOOO good in my hole that I don’t want you to take it ouuuuuuuutttt.”

Betty went rigid. Then she yelled out that is was Cuming. John kept on plowing away at Betty’s cunt. “OHHHHHH BETTY HERE I CUM BABY, I AM GOING TO FILL YOU CUNT UP TILL IT OVER FLOWS WITH MY SPUNK.” He fired all his semen up into her snatch. They both held on to each other until they were finished cuming.

Mother told us to get cleaned up again and she wants to talk to us down stairs. Mom took of and left us to jump back into the shower to become clean once more. In ten minutes, we were put on some clothes and went down stairs to talk with mom.

Mom was sitting at the kitchen table in her lace bra and thong panties, having a cup of coffee and reading the paper. Mom said for us to get a cup of coffee and sit down we need to talk. Therefore, as we got our cups filled up we sat down and waited for Mother to say what she wanted to say. “What happen this morning was something we will remember for the rest of our lives.” Mom had said. God I was thinking that she was going to say that we could not do that again. However, that was not what she said.

“I have this to say to you three that what went on today can not be told to May until she turns 18 then your father and I will bring her in to the fold.” She said to us.

I said to mom “Will you tell dad tonight that we were fucking each other.”

Mom had her smile back on her face again. “I was thinking while you three were coming down the stairs that we all should tell him that we have been fucking.” I think I know where Mom was going with this and my pussy started to get wet. Mom are you saying what I think you are saying, that the four of us should tell Daddy what we have been up to by getting him into our group fucks.

“Yes” was all that she said. Well Mom do you have a plan of attack for us on Dad? I said. Mom looked at all of us and said. “Before we go any further with this do any of you have a problem with what has been said or what we have been doing.

I said that I did not have a problem with it in fact I loved it. Betty was all smiles so I think she is ok with it all. John looked at Mom then me and Betty then he said. “I can’t wait for May to turn 18 because I want the whole family to be fucking each other silly.”

I said to Betty that we have to get work and will continue this later on. John had to go to work to but he was not late yet. I looked at Mom; she still had a glow to her after the orgasm that she had over an hour ago. Mom said to no one particular that she would think of a way to get Dad in the fold.

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