Cindy’s Humble Servant Ch. 03Cindy’s Humble Servant Ch. 03


He heard the elevator open, and a shock of fear entered him that was so strong as to make him feel nauseous. He prayed that the passenger of the elevator would go to another door, and then there was a forceful knock at the door. Peter wanted to disappear, to crawl up into nothingness. He really didn’t want to suck a cock. He couldn’t imagine doing this. He looked down at his hands on his stockings, as Laura went to get the door, and the others stood to greet Jared.

Brian and Steve shook hands with Jared, and Laura kissed him on one cheek. Cindy let him take her hand gently, and she said “Nice to meet you.” Jared was a short, fat Arab guy with a receding hairline. He wore tight jeans, and his shirt was unbuttoned to reveal a hairy chest and a gold chain. Peter could smell Jared’s sickly sweet cologne from where he sat on the edge of the sofa on the other side of the room, praying in vain to somehow not be noticed.

“And this is Peter?” Jared asked, strolling over to where Peter sat, “I hear so much about you.”

“Get up and introduce yourself to your date,” Laura warned.

Peter stood up in front of Jared, curtsied, and said “It’s nice to meet you, sir.”

The others sat back down, as Jared looked Peter up and down. “Nice to meet you too, darling,” Jared said as he stepped closer to Peter, and reached out to rub Peter’s soft cock and balls gently from under his skirt. Peter closed his eyes and grimaced.

“Don’t be afraid, darling, I don’t hurt you,” Jared said, continuing to rub Peter’s balls, and moving yet closer to reach around with the other hand and squeeze Peter’s ass. Peter felt his knees were weak, and he might have collapsed had Jared’s hands on his ass and balls not held him upright. Peter could not bear the smell of Jared’s cologne, and he tried to breathe only through his mouth. Against his wishes, his cock began to stiffen under the firm but gentle rubbing of Jared’s hand. It was not so much the rubbing of Jared’s hand, as the fact that Cindy was cracking sunflower seeds across the room, and indifferently witnessing his disgrace. All of this for Cindy, Peter thought. He was breathing heavily, full of fear.

“Calm down, baby,” Jared said soothingly. “What’s this?” Jared said, feeling the welts on his ass, and turning him around.

“Show Jared where you were punished, and tell him why you were punished,” Laura said. Peter turned his ass to Jared, lifted his skirt and bent over slightly at the waist. As he turned he faced the others at an angle. He did not want to look at them, but he noticed that they were all watching silently.

“I kept looking at Cindy and Brian, sir, and making them uncomfortable, so I was caned.”

“Oh, poor baby,” Jared said, sitting down on the sofa, and rubbing fingers between Peter’s ass cheeks over his panties, pushing the material deep between his cheeks. “You have sexy ass, don’t worry, I make you feel good.”

“Have you asked your date if he’d like anything to drink?” Laura asked.

“Would you like anything to drink, sir,” Peter asked Jared, who continued rubbing his ass from behind.

“No want, you sit beside me,” Jared said. Peter turned and Jared was patting the sofa beside himself. Peter sat down meekly beside Jared. Jared ran his hands up and down Peter’s thighs, stoking especially the smooth skin above the stocking tops. He whispered in Peter’s ear, “You touch me,” and moved Peter’s hand over Jared’s cock, which was very stiff under his jeans.

The others had been silent, and Peter kept his eyes closed as he stroked Jared’s cock, and submitted to Jared’s wandering hands, as he could not bear to see Cindy looking at him in the depths of his humiliation. After a minute or two, they seemed to direct their attention away from Peter and Jared, and Laura was talking about a movie.

Jared had slipped Peter’s panties beneath his balls, and was jacking him off, and Peter’s cock was fully erect. He kept his eyes closed. He heard some stifled snickers from the others, and Cindy whisper “wo de tian na” – my god. Peter’s cock became harder, and began to ooze pre cum.

“I like you kiss my ear while you touch me,” Jared whispered to Peter, and Peter, disgusted, began to lick his ear, while continuing to rub the stiff lump in his trousers. Peter wanted to wretch. Laura put on a movie, and dimmed the lights.

Jared was now grinding his hips, and whispering, “Oooh, yeh baby, you make me feel good.” The others, hearing this, began to giggle quietly.

Jared asked Laura: “Is OK we go other room?”

“Of course, you can use that room,” Laura said warmly, pointing. She paused the movie, and the others turned to watch as Jared stood, took Peter’s leash gently and stood him up as well.

“Now Peter, you do a good job: remember you are doing this for Cindy,” Laura said.

Peter curtsied and said “Yes, Ms.”

He could not look at Cindy, but from the corner of his eye he saw Brian nudge her gently with his elbow.

Cindy said, in a jolly voice, “Give Jared happy ending. . .” she giggled, “and swallow.” The others laughed Bostancı Sınırsız Escort and Peter curtsied to Cindy and said “Yes Cindy, I’ll do it for you.” He looked into Cindy’s eyes. They were glimmering with wicked amusement, while her mouth expressed both contempt and resolve. Brian’s hand was on her thigh.

“Can I use his ass too?” Jared asked.

“You’ll have to ask Cindy,” Laura replied.

“Shen ma yi si?” – what does it mean — Cindy asked Brian.

Brian whispered a translation, and Cindy put on an expression of disgust. She asked Brian how to say “blow job” in English. Brian whispered “blow job” to her. She grinned at him, and crinkled her nose.

“Just blow job,” she said to Jared. “Sorry.”

“No problem, thank you, Cindy.”

“My pleasure,” Cindy said politely, “hope you enjoy,” and the others grinned.

Peter turned and followed Jared, who led him by the lead to the room Laura had indicated. He walked the way Laura had instructed him to walk, as he was afraid of being chastised, and he fully recognized how vulnerable he was. Laura turned the movie back on.

Jared closed the door, and led Peter to the center of the room. He tugged down gently at the leash, and said, “You go down on your knees.” Peter knelt down. He could not bear to look in Jared’s face, so he kept his eyes on the lump in his trousers. “Sit on your hands. Lady should not use hands when she suck.” Peter slid his hands between the cheeks of his ass and his ankles.

Jared undid his belt and his buttons, and unzipped his trousers. He pulled down his trousers and underpants, and tossed them to the side. He stepped closer to Peter’s face, and his thick cock dangled half hard just in front of Peter’s mouth. Beneath the cock were fat, hairy balls. Jared’s cock, with its shiny head, and dark flesh, was so repulsive to Peter, that he wretched. He could not bear the thought of taking this object in his mouth.

“You suck.”

Peter whimpered, closed his eyes, and did not move.

“Suck,” Jared said more emphatically, “or I tell Cindy you don’t make me happy.”

Peter opened his mouth and took the loathsome flesh of Jared’s cock head into his mouth. It was slippery, smooth and alien.

“Yes baby, nice. Suck.”

Peter, his soul in agony, began to suck gently at the slowly swelling head of Jared’s cock.

“Mmmmm. It’s nice,” Jared said. He put his hand on the top of Peter’s head, and slowly pushed the cock head deeper into Peter’s mouth. Peter began to suck eagerly, hoping to make Jared cum as quickly as possible.

“Yes, good girl, suck me,” Jared said, and pushed his cock head in more deeply. Peter gagged and pulled his head away. He put his hands up on Jared’s hairy thighs to keep him away as he wretched again at the sight of the now erect cock standing up slick above the heavy, hairy balls.

“You bitch. You want I should go tell Cindy now?” he said.

“No, please don’t, sir. I’ll suck,” Peter pleaded.

Jared went over to a bedside table and came back with a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs. He went behind Peter and fastened his wrists behind his back. Peter whimpered, but did not resist. He loved Cindy so much, she was his goddess, and he needed her to know that he would do absolutely anything that she told him to.

Jared stepped in front of Peter again. He rubbed just beneath his own cock head with two fingers and a thumb. He said, suck my balls. Peter, hands cuffed behind his back, leaned forward, let out a timid tongue, and licked at the fat hairy balls. He wretched again, but quickly went back to licking Jared’s balls.

“Nice. That’s nice,” Jared said as Peter licked underneath his balls. “Take them in your mouth now and suck.” Peter took the big balls in his mouth and sucked tenderly, as Jared continued to stroke the head of his own cock. Peter felt overpowered by the musky odor that had begun to emanate from Jared’s cock and balls. He was revolted to recognize that pubic hair had come loose from the balls, and was floating free in his mouth.

Jared put his hand on the top of Peter’s head, and pushed his face away from his balls. Peter tried to spit out the pubic hair, but could not.

“Open mouth,” Jared said, and Peter complied. Jared pushed his cock into Peter’s mouth and, holding Peter’s head still with the hand on his head, began to fuck Peter’s mouth, pumping his hips firmly but slowly. Peter gagged as the cock touched his throat, but with his wrists cuffed and the firm hand on his head, he could not move away. He began to drool out long strings of saliva around the cock as it thrust in and out of his mouth. Jared sometimes thrust as deeply as he could and held it there for a few seconds, so that Peter’s nose was ticked by pubic hair as he wretched ineffectively, unable to clear the intruding object from his throat. He was dizzy, and disorientated. He tried to escape the reality of this fucking of his mouth, and find strength to endure by imagining Cindy’s smile, the music of her voice, the voluptuous curves of her tits and ass.

Jared Bostancı Suriyeli Escort was now holding Peter’s head with two hands and fucking his mouth as though it were a pussy. A squelching sound came from Peter’s mouth in time with the thrusting of the cock. “Suck!” Jared gasped, and Peter began to suck at the cock as hard as he could, hoping to make Jared cum, and end this ordeal.

Jared was panting “Yeh, yeh yeh,” as he sped up the pace of his thrusting, and suddenly he stiffened, and pushed his cock as deep as it would go into Peter’s throat, as the cock began to jolt and spasm with its own life, flooding Peter’s throat and mouth with cum. Peter remembered Cindy’s voice saying “swallow,” and he tried to swallow all the cum that shot out the cock, but he could not, and he felt some flowing out of the sides of his mouth. Jared pulled the cock out of Peter’s mouth and tapped it against Peter’s nose and eyes as it oozed the last of his load.

He stuck the prick back into Peter’s mouth, sighed and said, “Yes baby, suck me clean.” Peter sucked at the hideous, cum covered cock, overwhelmed by its wretched flavor, feeling the sticky cum on his chin, nose and eyes. He had never been so low, and the only thing that sustained his spirit from utter collapse was the image of Cindy. With his hands cuffed behind him, he could not wipe the cum from his face, or remove the pubic hairs from his mouth. Jared’s cock became soft and rubbery in his mouth, and then Jared pulled out and stepped away. He pulled on his underpants and then his trousers. He looked at the bedside table, opened drawers, and said to Peter, “I am sorry. I do not see key.” He came over and took Peter’s leash, and stood him up. It was awkward for Peter to take his feet with his hands cuffed behind his back. “Come, we go.” He opened the door and led Peter into the main room.

The others were still watching the DVD. Brian had his feet up on the coffee table, and his arm around Cindy. She was snuggled into him, wearing the smile of a comfortable cat. Her hand was on Brian’s belly, just above his cock. Laura paused the DVD, and undimmed the lights. The four off them sat up and attended to Peter and Jared. Jared led Peter over in front of them. Peter looked down at Cindy’s feet. There was cum on his face, and cum and pubic hair in his mouth. His hands were cuffed behind his back.

“He is very good cock sucker,” Jared said. “Cindy should be proud. I hope you don’t mind I use these handcuffs Laura. Unfortunately, now I cannot find the keys.” Peter was looking down at the floor, his face scarlet with shame. He could feel all eyes on him, on the cum smeared on his face, and dripping in globs from the corners of his mouth and his chin.

“Peter,” Laura said sharply, “your manners. Do you have anything to say?”

Peter did not know what she wanted him to say. He hesitated, and then said “Thank you sir, for using my mouth.”

“No thank you. It my pleasure.” Jared went and sat on the sofa behind Peter, leaving Peter facing the others.

“And?” Laura asked.

“Thank you, Steve,” Peter said, still looking down, “for calling Jared over to use my mouth.”

“Don’t be so rude! You look at people when you speak to them,” Laura scolded.

Peter looked up at Steve, who sat grinning at him, and repeated meekly: “Thank you Steve, for calling Jared over to use my mouth.”

He looked at Cindy then, and said: “Thank you Cindy, for giving me a chance to prove that I will do anything for you.”

Cindy stared at him with disgust, as though he were a loathsome insect. He felt that he wanted to cry, and began to look down, but then again met her eyes as she said: “You don’t do for me. You do because you want to do.”

“No Cindy,” slave said softly, looking pleadingly into her cold eyes. She snorted in contempt, and looked at Brian.

“Congratulations,” Brian said. “Now you are a fag. You must be proud. What’s that on your chin?”

Peter wanted to look down, but he didn’t dare to, even though Laura had left the room. He hesitated, and then said “Its Jared’s cum, sir.”

“Didn’t Cindy tell you to swallow?” Brian asked. Cindy looked at him sharply, sneering at the cum covering his face.

“Yes sir, she did sir. I’m sorry. I tried to. I wanted to.”

“Maybe you should say sorry to Cindy.”

Peter looked down, and then up into Cindy’s glare of contempt and disgust. “I’m sorry Cindy. I’m very sorry. I tried to. If you give me another chance. . .”

Cindy cursed him in Chinese that he could not understand. Laura came up behind him and unlocked the handcuffs.

“Maybe you can finish the rest now,” Steve suggested.

Peter moaned in shame, and looked at Steve with pleading eyes. Steve gestured for him to collect it the sperm on his chin with his finger, and suck it from his fingers. Peter let out a deep sigh and looked down.

“Come on, do what your told,” Laura said impatiently.

Not looking up, Peter collected the gobs of cum from the corners of his mouth and his chin with one finger and Bostancı İranlı Escort sucked it from this finger. He retched as he sucked.

Cindy let out a disgusted scoff, and she and Brian looked away.

“Ok, you wretch: your clothes are in the spare room,” Laura said, pointing. “Go and get changed and get out of here. Stay out of the lav. I don’t want you in there.”

Peter walked glumly into the spare room, and closed the door behind him. His heart was in his stomach. What had he done? The dream had been much better. Now, Cindy loathed him. He couldn’t bear it. He took of the clothes in which Laura had dressed him. He wiped off the makeup with the inside of his shirt. He tried to get the pubic hair out of his mouth, but without water he could do nothing about the heavy taste of Jared’s cum in his mouth. He changed into his own clothes. His felt so heavy, so slowed, and so desperate. He could not bear to lose Cindy from his life. Oh, what had he done! Had he lost the tiny piece of her heart that he’d held? Oh, and now she and Brian! He could not bear it. He pressed his hands to his face in despair. He could not live with this loss. Her presence was the only thing that he lived for: all else was dross, was meaningless and insipid.

He opened the door, and went back out into the main room. The lights were again dimmed, and they were once more watching the DVD.

“Don’t let the door hit you on the way out,” Steve said.

The others said nothing, but continued to watch the DVD. Peter went and threw himself to his knees in front of Cindy. He put his forehead to the ground in the traditional Chinese posture of supplication, and pleaded “Oh please Cindy, please, I am your slave, I love you, please let me be your slave. I can’t live if I am not your slave.” He began to cry, and repeat “Please, please,” while bumping his forehead again and again on the hardwood floor.

Laura undimmed the lights and, with and impatient sigh, again paused the DVD.

“Go away!” Cindy shouted passionately. “You’re disgusting. I hate you.”

“Oh please no Cindy, please no, it’s my destiny to be your slave, there’s no other life for me,”

“I have no interest in slave. I am normal girl.”

“Please Cindy, please, I beg you,” he wept, and then, suddenly, he had a plan bred of desperation. “Brian, please sir, be my Master. I will do anything for you. I will clean, shop, drive you where you want to go. Please master. Please let me be your slave.”

Brian and Steve chuckled. “Sounds like a good deal,” Steve said.

Brian stood up, and then Peter saw his feet in front of him.

“Kiss my shoes,” Brian said.

Peter inched forward and began to kiss his master’s shoes enthusiastically.

“Are you sure?” Brian asked.

“Yes sir, please sir, let me be your slave.”

“Why do you want to be my slave?”

Slave spoke while continuing to kiss Brian’s shoes. “If I can’t be Cindy’s slave, I should be a slave to a person who is close to her.”

“If I let you be my slave, you have to give up on Cindy. You have to understand that she will never ever want you. Do you understand that?”

“Yes Master,” slave said meekly, still kissing the shoes.

“Look up and tell Cindy that you are my slave, and that you understand that she will never ever want you.”

Peter, still kissing Master’s shoes, looked up at Cindy. She was looking down at him with immeasurable scorn and disgust, shocked and repelled at the depth to which he had sunk.

“Cindy, I am Brian’s slave. I understand that you will never want me.”

“That’s right, of course you have no chance,” Cindy said with scorn.

“Go now,” Brian said, “crawl back into the spare room, and you can give Cindy and I a lift home when we are finished the movie.”

“Thank you Master, thank you,” Peter said with utmost sincerity, still kissing Master’s shoes.

“Go!” Master commanded roughly, pushing him away with his shoe.

Slave crawled from the main room into the spare room, and closed the door behind him.

He sat on the floor near the door for perhaps forty minutes. The others said little during the movie, and then he could hear Brian and Cindy preparing to leave. There was a knock on the door, and Laura called into him. “Your Master is ready to leave now.”

Peter came out of the room. He was so beyond shame, that the lowliness of his status, and the meekness of his demeanor gave him comfort. There was nothing more he could lose. He had won the only victory he could win: he was Brian’s slave, and Brian, it seemed, was Cindy’s boyfriend. Things were as they should be.

Brian stood grinning at him, and Cindy looked at him with no recognition, as though he were a thing.

“Go and bring the car around front and wait for us,” Brian said to Peter shortly.

“Yes Master,” Peter said, and then he passed under their gazes and went down to get the car.

Peter parked in front of the building, and waited for Cindy and Brian. He heard their voices approaching from behind, and Cindy saying “It’s this car.” Cindy and Brian got into the back of the car, and Brian gave Peter curt directions, and told him to be sure not to gawk at them in the rear view mirror. As he drove, they chatted for a while, and then Peter could hear the sound of their kisses. His cock was so stiff listening to Cindy’s small sounds of pleasure.

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