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None of what you are about to read actually happened. ******* If you enjoy my story or any others on the Nifty site, please show your appreciation and donate what you can afford. ******* Finally, thank you again to my editor, Jim. ********************* Davy nodded and then cocked his head to the side, “Oh, another thing. I just realised it’s your birthday on the 20th of June.” I nodded, “You’re going to be the best present I could ever receive.” Davy leant forward and kissed me, “You say the nicest things.” I flashed him a Forts smile, “Okay, what did you want to ask me?” “Well, how about you tell me about this company we are involved in with Theodora for a start?” “Certainly.” ********************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 121d � Pittodrie House Harding takes up the story “Thank you, Professor.” “You are most welcome, Your Highness. Everything is progressing just like it should be. Try to relax more, we don’t want your blood pressure getting any higher.” I smiled as Theodora slowly stood. “Just take it easy, you are going to have a healthy bouncing baby boy.” She smiled and nodded, “I certainly hope so.” I got up and opened the door. Theodora gave a lovely smile, “Well, I will see you tomorrow, Professor.” “I look forward to it.” * I went back to my desk and made sure I had everything ready for today’s medicals. A final check of my watch, the first one should arrive soon. What was his name again, ‘Brian Houston?’ I didn’t recognise the name. I smiled to myself as there was a knock at the door, ‘everything comes to he who waits’. “Come in.” “Oh Nathan, come in. How can I help you?” I stood. “Ah, I thought someone would have told you. Forts asked McPhee to go with him to Pittodrie House. Chris asked if I would mind being your stooge until he got back.” “Well, I don’t have any objections, but do you know what’s required of you?” “Chris said you have been using his body as a comparison to show the boys what to expect with puberty.” I heard myself chuckle, “Yes, well, that is part of it.” Nathan gave a wink followed by a smile, “I am sure it can’t be that difficult.” The knock at the door interrupted us. “Have a seat there, Nathan. Come in.” The door opened and a slight boy peered in. “Brian Houston, Sir.” “Come in Brian. I take it, you know Mr Grand. He is going to be helping out today.” “Yes, Sir.” Nathan looked up, “How are you Brian? I haven’t seen you or Brookmeyer for a few days.” I noticed the boy blushed. I would ask Nathan about that later. Brian stood hotching about, obviously nervous. I invited him to sit. I gave him a broad smile. “Do you know why you are here, Brian?” “I am to have a medical and learn about sex stuff, Sir.” I heard Nathan cough as it suddenly dawned on him, McPhee hadn’t told him everything. Brian glanced at Nathan again, “Won’t McPhee be getting stripped off anymore, Sir?” I struggled to stifle my smile. “Not today. Mr Grand is going to be helping out.” Nathan chuckled, “Am I not good enough then, Brian?” Brian blushed and looked at the ground, “Sorry, Mr Grand, I didn’t mean that.” “Okay, Brian, we will start with the medical and then incorporate the puberty or sex stuff as you put it. Is that okay?” “Yes, Sir.” “Good. Now, I ask all the boys this, so you mustn’t be embarrassed. “Do you want me to get Mr Grand to strip off too, and for me to show you on him what I am going to do to you?” I was sure I saw a sly smile forming on Brian’s youthful face, he quickly got it under control. “If that’s okay, Sir. Yes, please, I have never seen a naked grown up, Sir.” Nathan guffawed. I glanced round at him and shook my head. For a moment, I thought he was going to say something else, but he stayed quiet. Later, I would learn I had been had. “Okay Mr Grand, would you mind removing your clothes and, to start, putting on this towel? Brian, you do the same, but pop behind the screen, it will give you more privacy.” This time I was sure Brian smirked, he picked up a towel and vanished behind the moveable screen. I handed a towel to Nathan. He was trying to mouth something to me, but I couldn’t make it out. I shook my head, “Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying.” A little voice came from behind the screen, “Do I take off everything, Sir?” I turned away from Nathan as he slowly stood and began undoing his kilt belt. “Yes, that’s right Brian.” Seconds later he appeared naked from behind the screen, “Gosh, that was quick.” He nodded and stood watching Nathan as he dropped his kilt and began undoing his shirt. Brian let out a stifled squeak, “It’s true.” “Sorry, Brian?” “Oh nothing, Sir.” His eyes were focused on Nathan. I glanced round, wow! Nathan smiled as he picked up his towel, “So, I have some tattoos.” Nathan’s all over body tattoos have been described many times before, but I had never seen them. I didn’t even know about them. Fuck, another enormous cock dangled between his legs over two large balls. What was it about this Castle? Nathan was cut, his cockhead like a large purple plum attached to the end of his shaft. His body was totally shaved. I moved closer as I saw the glint of silver around his shaft. He gripped his cock, “Err, it’s a cock ring.” I must have looked confused, “Err, it makes my cock look bigger when it’s hard.” His voice faded as Brian strained to see. Nathan mouthed, “Sorry, I thought you would have heard.” I shook my head, trying to get control of things again, “Maybe we can see later how it works.” I turned back to Brian, “Okay young man, how old are you?” “Sixteen Sir.” I wrote ankara escort it down on the form, “Okay, let’s get your height and weight.” Brian glanced at Nathan and then back at me. “Oh, do you want Mr Grand to do this bit too?” He nodded. Nathan just shook his head, smiling, and moved to the wall mounted height stick next to the scales. With all the measurements taken, I moved on to checking heartbeat, blood pressure and neck glands. “Okay, Brian, now I have to check the glands in your groin and make sure your testicles have descended correctly. “Can you drop your towel for me?” Now that was definitely a smirk. Brian turned and looked at Nathan. Nathan shook his head, smiling, “Let me guess you want me to go first?” Nathan stepped forward and stood in front of me, removing his towel. Fuck, his cock was enormous. I cupped his large eggs and asked him to cough. “Professor, what are you actually feeling for? Can I feel?” I glanced up at Nathan, he nodded in resignation. Brian was straight over, his hands filled to over flowing with Nathan’s balls. “Err, Brian, I haven’t told you what we are looking for yet.” He let go of Nathan’s low hangers, “Sorry, Professor Harding, Sir.” “Brian, why don’t you just call me doc. It will be a lot easier. Right, put your hand here… Nathan can you cough… There, did you feel that?” Brian nodded, still rolling Nathan’s balls in their sac with his fingers. “Err, you can let go of Mr Grand, now.” Brian was grinning, “His testicles are so smooth, Sir.” I was sure he had a sneaky last squeeze, Nathan letting out a little gasp as he did. “And he has no pubic hair. Is there something wrong with h…?” Now, this was something I had previously discussed with Nathan. I ruffled Brian’s hair. “No, some guys like to be smooth. After all, we couldn’t see that astonishing tattoo if it was all covered in hair.” Brain nodded. His finger tracing a few inches of the curly green ink lines, before he stood back. “Come on then Brian, your turn to reveal all.” Brian quickly dropped his towel and stood with his hands on his hips, his teenage cock was at full mast. I was amazed it didn’t seem to bother him. He stood with his hands on his hips, practically thrusting his groin at me while I examined him. “Why does Mr Grand’s cock look different from mine, Sir?” Nathan guffawed again, realising I was being ‘had’ once more. “Do you mean that the head of his penis is exposed?” “Yes Sir, is he circumcised?” “That’s right, look, otherwise it is the same as yours. Look here, you can see the scar.” I gripped Nathan’s shaft, it throbbed in my fingers, I turned the head over and pointed to the faint scar. Brian moved closer and ran his finger along the scar. I watched as he appeared to be teasing the scar with the delicate touch of his fingertip. Nathan groaned, and once more his cock throbbed, growing another half inch in length. “What does the metal ring round his cock and balls do again, Sir?” Now I had never seen one of these before, I glanced up at Nathan. He gave a little cough, “Err, it ensures a firm erection.” “How does it do that?” Brian was definitely grinning as he stared into Nathan’s eyes. “Well, it’s quite tight…and… ” I was mesmerised, I reached out my hand to the heavy silver band, my fingers meeting Brian’s which obviously had the same idea. I heard myself saying, “Nathan, could you hop up on the examination table? We will be able to see it easier there.” Nathan looked at me as if I had gone mad. “Really?” “Yes, if you don’t mind, so we can have a closer look at it.” As soon as he laid down, I noticed Brian doing up the ankle straps. Before I could say, “I don’t think we need those, he had both securely fastened.” With my eyes fixed on Nathan’s horny muscled body, and without really thinking, I raised both the stirrups and spread them out to their widest setting. Nathan gasped, “Err,… Professor.” “It’s okay. It will only be for a moment.” Nathan shook his head and laid back. Brian glanced at me and then at the heavy meat package Nathan was packing. Brian stepped forward, he took hold of Nathan’s thick long shaft and I was sure his fingers pumped it a couple of times. The shaft throbbed as he held it to the side. The head visibly growing in size, in tandem with Nathan’s deep moan. With his free hand, Brian examined the heavy silver cock ring. He glanced round at me, I nodded, trance like as I watched him. Brian tried to slide his finger under the tight ring. He smiled up at me, “I can’t get my finger under it, it’s too tight. His cock is really throbbing.” I reached out to take hold of Nathan’s shaft. It pulsed in my hand and a blob of precum formed at his cocklips. Almost imperceptibly, Brian moved his fingers to his nose. I heard him inhale and let out a little moan. “What does it smell like?” Brian blushed, “Amazing.” I gave myself a shake, my mind racing, but I had to get this back on a professional footing. I cleared my throat, “Ah Brian, some recent research has been looking at the smells different parts of our bodies give off. How would you describe what you can smell?” “I am not sure, Sir.” “Well, get closer. Take a good sniff.” Brian didn’t need to be told twice. He knelt in front of Nathan’s exposed balls, letting go of his cock. He pushed his nose in tight to the silver ring. He let out another moan, I watched Brian’s hand drop to his own still throbbing cock. “Well, what can you smell?” He didn’t answer, just asked another question. “Does it taste like it smells, Sir? Sorry Doc.” “I don’t know, you tell me.” As Brian slipped the tip of his tongue into the tight space. Nathan’s head rose up off the couch, “Err, Professor?” “Just one minute Nathan. Brian is conducting a scientific experiment.” Nathan guffawed, putting his head back down on the couch, mumbling, “I think you will find he is just licking my balls.” Brian looked up somewhat guiltily, his mouth and lips wet and glistening. “Well, does it taste like it smells?” He licked his lips, “I am not sure. Is it okay if I check a bit more?” “Mr Grand, is that okay?” I glanced down at Nathan, he nodded. Just then, my phone rang. “Carry on Brian. Hopefully, I won’t be long and you can tell me what your research finds.” As I turned away, I saw out of the corner of my eye Brian was straight back in there. His tongue licking and lapping around the cockring, then moving slightly up Nathan’s shaft. I answered the phone, escort ankara Athol needed to see me urgently. “Chaps I need to see Mr MacDonald. I shouldn’t be long. Brian, you carry on with your research.” I left the room, hearing Nathan’s groans. ** Davy takes up the story I was still worried about that meeting with Mishcon. Forts had tried to assure me we had nothing to worry about, I wanted to believe him. He was being Mr Secretive again today. He had gone off with McPhee and Denis very early, straight after they had finished the horses. Marcus had made me breakfast and was busy changing the bed sheets. I stuck my head into the bedroom, “Do you need a hand?” Marcus grinned, “No, Your Grace.” He winked. “No Duke, I look after is helping with the bed linen.” I shook my head. I would never get used to this. But then again, that’s what Forts had said at the beginning. Now he seemed to assume the mantle of an ‘Imperial Highness,’ easier each day. I suppose he didn’t have a choice, nor did I now. “Good morning, Your Grace.” I looked round, “Not you too, Theodora. How are you this morning?” “Good, thank you. I have just been having my check up with Professor Harding.” I smiled, waiting for her to expand her comments, she noticed my discomfort. “Oh, everything is fine. My blood pressure is a little high, but he is watching it.” I smiled again, “That’s great news… Oh Theodora, I am bored. He has gone off and left me again.” Theodora took my arm, “Well, it is a lovely day, how about you and I go for a walk in the grounds?” “That sounds lovely.” I called to Marcus and told him we were going out, he appeared at the door, “Oh good morning, Theodora… Okay Davy.” Then vanished again. We turned towards the sitting-room door, coming to a dead stop as there was a shriek of laughter from down the corridor. Theodora looked at me and grinned, “That sounded like Dima.” She marched down to his door and knocked loudly. The laughing and giggling stopped. “Dima, we are just off for a walk. Do you and Robert want to join us?” There was a muffled mumbling from inside the room, “Err, no, it’s okay. We are…Err… busy.” There was a momentary silence and then a further peel of laughter. Theodora turned back to me grinning, “Come on, it’s just you and me then.” She took my arm again, “The question is, am I the only person not having sex round here?” She squeezed my arm tighter. I chuckled, “Don’t ask me.” “I don’t have to. The whole Castle can hear you and Forts bonking.” I just laughed and felt myself blush, “Come on, let’s get some fresh air.” She laughed again, “See, you know it’s true. You lucky devil, getting to enjoy his cock whenever you want.” More laughter. * Theodora was right, it was a beautiful day. She looked positively radiant in the morning sun. “Where shall we go?” I thought for a moment, “Well, we could go down to the burn. It’s lovely, at the moment, lots of wild flowers on the bank. But it is a bit of a walk, so it’s up to you. How do you feel?” Theodora smiled, “The burn it is.” Slowly we ambled across the paddock towards Muchalls Burn. I heard someone running up behind us, glancing round just in time to catch Niki as he leapt into my arms. “Where are you going?” “Just for a walk. Do you want to come?” He thought for a moment and then shook his head, “I practice for the Princess Elizabeth. You watch later.” Theodora nodded, “We would love to Niki.” He smiled, really pleased with himself, and dropped out of my arms to the ground. He gave a little bow to Theodora and then turned and ran off across the field towards the stables. Theodora watching him lovingly, “He is so happy she wants to see him again.” I nodded, “Yes, I hope he realises she only wants to be friends.” Theodora gave a little chuckle. “Maybe you should tell him.” “Me? No way.” “Well, Forts then. Someone should say something to him.” “I will speak to Athol.” Theodora nodded. We were soon next to the burn. Theodora grinned, “Let’s paddle.” And that was what we did, walking slowly downstream, until we found a fallen tree we would sit on while dangling our feet in the crystal-clear water. We sat silently. I was dragged from my daydream as Theodora squeezed my arm. “Davy, what sort of ceremony are you and Forts planning?” The question took me a bit by surprise, “I am not sure, to be honest. Probably a bit like Athol and Archie’s I was thinking.” “Do you think there could be a little bit of Russian in there?” “How do you mean?” “Well, Drageon is head of the Romanov family in the United Kingdom.” “What are you thinking?” “Well, maybe, playing ‘God save the Tsar’ as well as ‘God save the King.'” She focused on my eyes, “I can teach you the words. It would be a lovely surprise. And you never know, one day maybe Drageon will become the Tsar.” “Theodora, please. Don’t even joke about that.” She looked away. I squeezed her hand back, “But singing God save the Tsar sounds a lovely idea. I would be very pleased if you would teach me the words.” “Oh Davy, I am so pleased.” She looked at me quietly, and I was sure I saw her wipe a tear from her eye. “Theodora, what is it, are you okay?” “Davy, I have decided to leave as soon as I can after Draco is born.” She stroked her tummy. I don’t think I am strong enough to stay.” She let out a sob. “But Theodora.” She gripped my hand tighter, “Davy, please. The sooner you and Drageon become his actual parents, the better.” “But.” “Davy please, this is hard enough as it is. Please don’t say anything to Forts. I know he will expect me to stay for a while, but it is all booked. I will travel to Liverpool as soon as I can and leave for America and start my new life.” “But Theodora…” As tears rolled down her cheeks, she put her fingertip to my lips, “Stop, it’s all decided. You have to promise me this time, you will say nothing to Forts.” With a heavy heart, I nodded, and we took each other in our arms and sobbed into each other’s shoulders. Her voice, soft, “Thank you, Davy, thank you.” How bad did I feel? This lady had more honour than I could ever hope to have. She was leaving to ensure my happiness with Forts, something I could never repay. ** Brian Houston continues the story. I watched the door close, then quickly checked on Mr Grand. His eyes were closed. I moved up the bed and quickly secured his wrists before he realised what I was doing. “Err Brian. I think you should undo me now.” I just ankara escort bayan smiled and walked back down to his swaying shaft. I knelt down and pushed my nose into the crease of his thigh and balls, inhaling deeply. I sat, allowing the musky man smell to flood my nose. I let out a sigh. Nathan tried to twist his hips. The limited movement he had only allowed more of his man musk to escape, my nose hoovering it up quickly. I flicked my tongue up the crease, tasting his salty male meatiness. Anyone who says men taste of nothing are doing it all wrong. I chuckled to myself, or just tasting the wrong bits. I savoured the taste on my tongue, feeling my mouth filling with saliva, I sucked in some air. The flavours instantly intensifying across my taste buds. I licked to the nearest hanging bollock and kissed it. It rolled upwards and then danced with its partner in his smooth sac as I moved to kiss and lick it, too. Nathan groaned above me, hissing, “Lick my shaft.” I reached for the swaying shaft, gripping it tightly just above the silver cock ring. I tilted it down towards my mouth, he groaned. Nathan’s hips rising and rolling as he strained to let his hard cock reach my mouth without pulling it off at the root. As the head became level with my mouth, it belched out a spurt of precum. Hungrily, I lapped it away from his cocklips. His shaft throbbed as it strained again at his groin, not used to this extreme angle. Enthusiastically, I wanked his nine-inch cut shaft. My mouth draining every drop of his precum I could into my stomach. Momentarily sated with his cock, I wanted more. I let it pull through my fingers. It snapped back to his stomach as I took hold of his balls once more. I lifted them, cradling them out of the way as I buried my nose deep into his taint. Once more my head swayed with the man’s musk flooding my senses. I sat breathing. Fuck, he smelt nicer that either Gary or Brookmeyer. Practically drooling, I gave a big wet lick across his taint to the very edge of his pink perfect looking pucker. Nathan moaned appreciatively. As the musky flavours of his taint joined those already flooding my brain, I lapped again at his hole, feeling it fluttering under my tongue. “Oh yes, he gasped. Lick it!” I pushed my tongue as deep as I could, his hips heaved, straining to push it deeper. He moaned above me, “Oh, fuck.” I stood, deliberately positioning my hard five and half incher, so it slid up between his arse cheeks. I grinned down, as I took an arse cheek in each hand and eased them apart. Nathan’s head looked up questioningly. I gave him a wink and then wedged my cock between them, before dribbling some spit down on to my cock head. It rolled down over my cockhead and into the top of his arse crack. I smeared the spit over my bellend and deep between his arse cheeks, making sure I got plenty on to his twitching pucker. His eyes were locked onto mine as I slowly slid my bellend down and held it just outside his hole. He watched me as I slowly slid my cockhead around and across his glistening hole, occasionally pushing my cock lips just inside. He threw his head back, moaning with each touch. Finally gasping, “Just fuck me. Go on, it’s okay. I want it.” I positioned my cockhead and pushed forward. He moaned as his hips rose and my cock vanished inside him. The warm velvet lining of his arse coated my throbbing teen shaft, drawing me deeper. I ground my pubes against his taint, his balls pressing against my stomach. He looked up and sighed, “Go on, fuck me hard.” I pulled back my hips and slowly withdrew my shaft from its warm den. Tingles shot to my balls as I held position, enjoying his sphincter’s dance on the ridge below my glans. I waited until they calmed down and my balls stopped churning before pushing slowly forward. “Faster,” he gasped. It was alright for him, my cock was ‘looping the loop,’ as it was. Each thrust sending fireworks into my brain, each explosion, tipping me closer and closer to cumming. I shut my eyes and, biting my lip, fucked him hard with several deep thrusts, my balls slapping noisily on his arse. “Yes, that’s it! Fuck me.” I was fighting the rapidly rising level of excitement deep in my groin. I had to stop. I pulled out and dropped to my knees, burying my lips and face deep into his gaping, wet hole. His hips rode my face, his voice pleading, “Wank me. I want to cum.” I took hold of his cock once more and wanked the glistening, wet, sticky shaft as my tongue licked his hole. I dropped my free hand to my bobbing cock and wanked myself hard, totally lost to the moment. His arse humped my face hard as he barked out, “I’m cumming. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Yes.” His hole clenched down on my tongue as his cum explosion approached. With a great grunt, he thrust his hips upwards, his cock pulsed as it sprayed man juice in a great arc. It splattered down on to his chest. The playing pieces glistened on the great game board tattoo on his chest. My own orgasm quickly followed, my cockhead flaring as my boy cum splattered down onto the floor beneath the couch. I sat gasping, trying to recover. I glanced round as the door opened, “Right, sorry about that. I am back… Oh. My goodness,” Professor Harding stood open-mouthed and then laughed. “Well, I wasn’t going to cover ejaculation until a bit later.” Nathan lifted his head, “Don’t worry Professor, we are well ahead of you.” ********************** Guys, well, chapter 121d. Our journey with Davy and Forts and everyone else started on the 1st of July 2020. The question is, have you had enough? Please take a couple of minutes to let me know. I have said many times there is nothing more rewarding than hearing your feedback with observations and suggestions. Please email me to let me know if it is time to move on to other stories or that you want to hear more from Castle Fraser. Blackscar. 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