One With NatureOne With Nature


There once was a girl name Lauren, she cared for all the plants and animals. She couldn’t bring herself to think of the animals being trapped in cages, tortured, then slaughtered without knowing the joys of life.  This is why she made the decision to become vegan.One day Lauren was sitting in her garden tending to her friend the garlic. She had grown all of her plants from seeds, therefore she thought of all of the plants as her children.  As she was watering her garlic, something moved in the bushes next to her catching her eye. She didn’t know if she should go check it out or not.”Oh no, what if it’s somethin’ that’ll eat my babies?” Lauren then got up and walked to the bushes. Something white dashed out of sight. Lauren continued into the bushes to where she was surrounded  by a abundance of trees. Out of the corner of her eye she saw something that shocked her.There sat a chopped down tree, rotting without being used for anything. Lauren fell to her knees and tears started to fall down her cheeks.”Why would somebody do this? Do they not understand that we need trees to live?” Lauren got into a ball on the ground. “Humans are disgusting things.” She sat there sobbing for a long time.Suddenly Lauren felt a something tickling her face. Lauren opened her eyes to see Ivy branches dancing in the wind.  The branches wrapped themselves around Lauren’s arm and tugged at her to where her back was on the fallen tree.”What the hell?” Lauren scream and tried to tug away from the leaves. She started to freak out as Ankara bayan escort her anxiety grew.”Calm down child, no one’s here to hurt you.” A deep, raspy voice filled her head.Lauren looked around. “Who’s there?””It’s just me and the others.””Others?””Yes, the other organisms and I wanted to thank you for all of your kindness to our kind. It’s not normal we see a human with such compassion for nature. Especially a rotting old log like myself.”  The ivy loosened it’s grip on Lauren.”You’re the tree that was tipped over? How are you talking without a mouth?””Your emotion for me put you on another wave link than normal humans, so you can understand us now.”Lauren scratched her head “Gee mister that’s a lot to take in, and I don’t think I really understand.””I’m sorry for confusing you, all you need to understand is that we all can speak to you now.” The tree’s voice started to fade into a coughing fit.”Gee wilikers, are ya going to be okay?””I don’t think I can last for much longer. My life force is slowly fading away.” The tree started to cough hard.”Is there anythin’ I can do for ya? I don’t want ya to be in pain.””I don’t think there’s anyway you can help child. My energy is almost gone completely.”They sat there in silence for awhile “I wish I could give ya some of my energy…””Would you really be willing to do that?””Yeah, but I don’t know how I can””I know a way, but I need to make sure I have your consent.””Mister, if it’ll let ya live ya can do anythin’.” Escort bayan Ankara As soon as she got that last sentence out of her mouth she was yanked by the ivy branches to where Lauren was hanging in the air. “Ow…Mister what are ya doin’? That hurts.””It’ll be okay, I promise to be as gentle as I can.” The ivy branches lifted Lauren’s sweat shirt over her head.”Mister!” Lauren yelled as she blushed.”Shhh calm down.” The ivy branches continued to undress Lauren, until she was only left in her bra and panties. Once her bra was undone, her lemon sized breasts bounced as they regained their freedom. “Their so pretty.” The branch rubbed her nipple gently, causing it to become erect. It kept teasing her breasts until  groans start to escape from Lauren’s lips.”Mister, wait… I’ve never… touched myself… I don’t understand what these sensations are.””It’s okay, we’ll teach you.”Lauren felt something touch her belly, she looked down and saw the tree’s branches going in between her legs. Lauren’s body reacted on it’s own and she tightened her legs together. “Wait… I wanted to give my first time to my husband when we got married… I promised my pa that I would.””I’m sorry. This is the only way I can think of that will transfer your energy into me…. Do you want me to stop?”Lauren looked down sadly. “Well if ya stop won’t ya die?””I probably will either way. I just didn’t want to die without trying.” The tree’s voice faded away sounding sad.Lauren took a deep breath. Bayan escort Ankara “If ya think it’ll keep ya alive then ya can do anythin’.” she slowly relaxed her legs and opened them slightly. The tree moved it’s branches further between Lauren’s legs and touched her pink bud. Lauren threw her head back as shocks of pleasure shot through her body. The tree rubbed her untouched privates in circles with it rough branches, causing Lauren to continually jump. “Mister that tickles.”The tree chuckled “That just proves how pure you are.” It started to rub faster and the ivy branches lightly groped Lauren’s breasts. Slowly Lauren’s awkward groans turned into lustful moans. “Sound like you’re starting to feel good.”Lauren blushed. “I… don’t know if I feel good…. My… downstairs… feels hot.””That’s good. That means we’re doing a good job.” The tree got more forceful with it’s rubbing. The ivy branches yanked on Lauren’s pink nipples causing her yelp loudly. Her brown silky hair hung in her face as she bowed her head.”M-my body’s getting hotter… I feel like something is about to come…” As the plants heard this they started rubbing harder. Lauren closed her eyes tightly as pleasure she never felt before took over her body. Her body shook hard as she experience her first orgasm. As her body settled down Lauren’s eyes glossed over. “What… was… that?””That was an orgasm…. Something that us of nature can’t have.”Lauren was trying to calm her breathing as the tree moved to Lauren’s moist lips. The tree’s branch began to soak in Lauren’s overflowing love juices causing the wood to expand. When the branch was soaked enough it started to enter Lauren’s virgin hole. She started to squeeze her hands into fist.”Th… that really hurts.” She winced.”Relax… this is to prepare you so you won’t be in unbearable pain.

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