One Time—-On Band Trip…One Time—-On Band Trip…


Every year in high school, the band went on a competitive field trip. Sometimes we went to Myrtle Beach or Virginia Beach, or sometimes the destinations were a surprise. However, once every four years we went to Florida and played in the Disney World Parade- this allowed every class the chance to experience the “Disney trip”. I use quotes because “Disney trips” were not like the others. We would have shirts made for the entire band that said things like “some finger fast and some blow hard” or “for more sound blow harder” or “Nymphonic Band” and the band parents wouldn’t care what we did at Disney World, some would purposefully turn their backs and allow all hell to break loose. Other trips weren’t half as crazy or free. Among the students, however, the rules never changed- “What happens on band trip stays on band trip”
Now that I roughly explained the setting, and the attitudes we had, I can introduce you to the girl and myself.
For privacy’s sake, and because I’m too lazy to write her full name a bunch of times, I’ll call the girl Sue. Sue was beautiful. She had long dirty-blonde hair, green eyes, and a smile that can only be described as indescribable. She was fifteen at the time so all I cared about were those perky C-cup breasts and that round ass that fit perfectly into my hands. She was a little on the “tom-boyish” side, so shorts and a tee shirt were mostly what she wore. Her personality couldn’t have been any better, though. She was optimistic and had a great sense of humor. She was also very open about her feelings and about what she wanted, liked, or disliked. She was never pushy though, she was caring and at the same time she’d slap you for tickling her. Basically, she was fun.
Me, on the other hand, I wasn’t acceptable to many people. Some thought I was a dork (which I’d have to agree with) and others thought I was a rebel, and still others were just unsure. My friends always describe me as fun, charismatic, and brave. Being as I would do about anything to make people laugh, I guess this is true. Anyways, I’m just an average guy, not much to look at, but far from ugly. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and sometimes I’d shave.
Now HERE is what happened.
We all loaded on the buses and headed down to Florida. It was about a sixteen-hour drive; so bonding with the people around us was inevitable. I sat with my friend Adam and my friend Jen sat across the aisle from me. I had known Jen for a couple of years, but our relationship had never really surpassed just being well acquainted. During the bus ride we talked and joked and became much closer, so when she decided to hang out with me and my friends for the duration of the trip, I wasn’t surprised.
We arrived at our hotel early and unpacked for the weekend. Everybody went to the pool to swim and cause mayhem, so my buddies and I joined them. I had just sat down in a lounge chair when Jen and Sue ran over, practically yelling, “Come swim with us!”
“Ok,” I said and they each grabbed an arm and we walked to the deep end of the pool. We jumped in and swam around for a while and just had a good time. When we got out, Sue went to get us towels and I said to Jen, ”I didn’t know you and Sue were Friends?”
She replied, “Oh yeah, ever since elementary school. Why? Do you like her?”
“Well, I don’t know about that, but I can’t seem to keep my eyes off her assets.”
Jen giggled and whispered, “You know she has a boyfriend?”
As Sue walked over with the towels I simply just stated, “I know,” and we dried off and headed for our rooms. There were a lot of things planned for the trip and we had to get ready for our day.
Apparently, Jen had said something to Sue because when we arrived at the House of Blues, for lunch, Sue hurried over to sit with us and she was being very flirtatious with me. I was ready to rip her clothed off and bang her right on the table after about five minutes, but I stayed calm and flirted back. For the remainder of that day and for the entire second day of the trip, Sue went everywhere I went and the flirting had progressed into mild groping- when nobody was around. We had fun and saw many things at Disney’s multiple parks. By the end of the second day I felt like I was on vacation with a very close girlfriend. After we returned to our rooms for the night, the phone rang. Adam answered and talked for a moment and then announced that it was for me. The other two guys in our room made their comments and I grabbed the phone.
“Hello,” I really wasn’t sure who was calling.
“Hey there,” Sue’s voice was like a harp.
“Hi, what’s up?”
“I want you to meet me.”
Maltepe Escort Bayan “ I can’t…” (The band parents sat right outside our room)
“ No, in the morning, by the pool. Wear your bathing suit.”
I said, “Ok, ah, what time?”
“Why?” I asked.
She said, “Just be there”
“Ok, I will” I answered and she hung up the phone.
Adam yelled, “What was that about?”
I just said, “Nothing” and, after a little harassment, we continued our usual guy things. I was beyond excited, though. I couldn’t sleep, and the night seemed to drag on forever. Finally it was 5:45 and I got dressed and headed for the pool. I kept imagining what might happen. My fantasies were running wild. I got to the pool and saw Sue sitting in one of the chairs. There was no one else around and I couldn’t help but wonder what was about to happen. I walked over to Sue and she quickly stood up and kissed me deeply and passionately. For a second I envisioned her bent over a lounge chair as I plowed her doggie-style. When I got my wits about me again, I asked, “ Why’d you want me to meet you?” (I was trying to play it cool)
She said, “Because we have that five hour break later and I wanted to see if you’d spend it with me?”
“Well of course, what did you have in mind?” I said innocently.
She stood up and jumped in the pool. “Come in” she said softly as she cleared the water from her eyes.
I jumped in and swam over to her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, put her forehead against mine and said, “If you listen to me this well later today, you won’t be sorry,” then she pushed away, swam to the edge of the pool and got out. As she walked away she yelled, “Meet me at my room when our free-time starts.”
I stood confused for a second and then got out of the pool. My mind was running a hundred miles a minute and the only thing keeping me flaccid was the cold-ass water that I just got out of.
When I got back to my room, the other guys were awake and, of course, began harassing me about my early morning swim. I simply said, “Nothing happened.”
Adam answered, “YEAH RIGHT! Now come on– Did you get any?”
“No,” I said, “But I might later.”
“She’s gonna tear you up, boy” one of the other guys replied. (This was one of our common expressions)
“Yeah, we’ll see,” I answered.
We went to breakfast and began the day’s events. However, Sue seemed more distant than on the previous two days. “Maybe she’s having second thoughts,” I thought, and the added stress only made the day seem to drag more. We went to a water park, to a mall, and finally we got back to the hotel. We had to stay in our rooms for an hour because we were supposed to pack our bags for the trip home. That hour alone seemed to last for ten days. I shoved my belongings into my suitcase and waited for 3 o’clock. At ten till I started towards Sue’s room, four band parents stopped me on the way to make sure my bags were packed. Finally I reached her room and I nervously knocked. The door flew open and there stood one of Sue’s roommates.
“Hey, is Sue here?” I said.
“ Ah, Yeah,” She sarcastically replied and then turned and said with an annoyed tone, “Hey Sue, somebody’s here to see you.” (As if she didn’t know who I was.)
I saw her shove one last thing into her bag and then walk over. “Hi, are you ready?”
“Um, sure, for what?” I quietly said.
“Come with me.” Sue grabbed my hand, and we began to walk down the hall. “I accidentally discovered an empty unlocked room over here.”
My dick about shot through the front of my shorts, but I tried to play it cool saying, “Oh yeah, what good does that do us?”
Playfully she replied, “You’ll see”
We entered the room and she locked the dead bolt.
“So what are we gonna do for five hours in here?” I said, pretending not to have a clue.
She grabbed my arm and led me over to the bed, then she turned me so my back was facing it and said, “close your eyes and you’ll find out”
I closed my eyes even though the thought of her playing dominatrix scared me. I heard her take off her shirt and bra and then her shorts. I wondered if she wasn’t wearing panties because I didn’t hear her move from the time her shorts came off until I felt her hands pulling my shirt off. She ran her breasts down my chest to my stomach, which caused me to take a deep breath.
She asked, “Do you like that?” but quickly put her finger over my mouth so I wouldn’t answer. She knelt down Escort Maltepe and unbuttoned my shorts while she sucked on my stomach. She pulled my shorts down and I lifted each leg so my feet wouldn’t be restricted.
“Wow, impressive,” she said, as she began lightly stroking my member (I personally don‘t wear underwear). I didn’t know what to say so I remained silent. I felt her lick the head of my dick and then put a little in her mouth, sucking lightly a few times. Then she said, “I’ve done this before, but I’ve never been fucked. I think your gonna be my first.”
I reached down, grabbed her arms and pulled her up. I opened my eyes and looked directly into hers and asked, “Are you sure?”
She had a stupid look of shock for a second and then said, “Who said you could open your eyes?”
I took this response as a “Yes” and let go of her arms and shut my eyes. Sue knelt back down on the floor and in one swift motion took all eight inches of my cock down her throat and began bobbing. This feeling was new to me because other girls I had been with could barely take half of me. It felt great, though, and I knew it would make me cum quick. Sue also realized this and pulled my dick out of her bobbing mouth just before I would’ve filled her belly with goo.
She stood up, dragging her hands up the front of my body and then resting them on my shoulders. I fought to keep my eyes closed as I heaved deep breaths of pleasure. We stood like this for only a few seconds, but it seemed like an hour.
Suddenly Sue said, “Open your eyes.”
I did what she said and allowed my eyelids to swing open. In front of me was one of the most wonderful sights a 17-year-old boy can see. Two gorgeous, large, perky tits and a beautiful teenage girl staring directly in my eyes, with that certain sparkle in her eye that says take me now.
She asked, “You weren’t about to let go and ruin the next few hours were you?”
“I was trying not to,” was all I could say.
Sue gave me a devilish smile and said. “That’s a good boy, now how are you gonna make me feel good?” Then she pushed me on the bed, slid down her panties, and climbed on top of me. With her hair dangling around her face, she stared into my eyes for a moment and then forcefully kissed me. Then she sat up a little, grabbed my dick, positioning it to penetrate her wet pussy, and then vigorously impaled her little body with my cock.
She let out a loud, ‘Agghhh” and remained motionless for a few moments. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back, I laid still worried that she was in pain. Slowly she leaned forward and positioned her elbows by my shoulders. She let her head fall forward as she opened her eyes. I stared into those gorgeous green emeralds for a few seconds and then asked, “Are you alright?”
“Yeah, it feels great,” she passionately replied and then slowly began gyrating. She started with slow, short strokes and quickly moved to fast long strokes.
“Oh…mmm…nhhh…” flowed from her mouth as she pumped her pussy onto me. After only a few minutes her voice increased to screams. “AHHH…..AHHHH…OHHHHHH” and Sue came. Her juices flowed down my dick and through the crack of my ass, then she crashed onto my body, gasping for breath. I laid still until she began kissing my neck, then I knew she was ready for more. I rolled her over and got on top. Now I was in charge and she wasn’t going to forget this day. I slid my dick back into her tight snatch and began to fuck. The screams and moans were at full volume almost immediately. Even more quickly than before Sue came again. The vaginal spasms were like a warm massage for my prick as I pounded her through her orgasm. When she stopped spasming I decided to get a little rougher. I pulled her to the edge of the bed so I could stand and give her a good slamming. I pulled her legs up with my arms and grabbed her waist, then rammed it back into her dripping cunt. I slammed her as hard and deep as I could for about five minutes and then she came again. This time her eyes rolled back in her head and she shot a stream of fluid all over my chest. I had never seen a girl squirt like that before and it caused me to shoot my load deep in her warm box. I came harder than I had ever cum before. Barely able to stand, I rolled over onto the bed. Sue quickly turned and fervently kissed me. We made out for a little while and then I said, ”I’m sorry, when you squirted…”
“Don’t worry about it,” she interrupted.
“Don’t Worry” she insisted. “Now if this is gonna continue I have to pee.”
“Oh no you don’t,” Maltepe Escort I said as I held her from standing up. “Your pussy just wants more.” Then I rolled her over and positioned her face down with her ass hanging over the edge of the bed. I knew she really did have to pee, but I also knew that if I drank just a little piss then all of her inhibitions would be lost and every dirty little pleasure she desired, she would ask for. I knelt down and shoved my tongue in her slit. The combination of my cum and her juices was like fresh cantaloupe with a little salt. I moved down her pussy to her clit and tapped it with my tongue. A couple spurts of piss shot into my mouth. It didn’t taste that bad. I moved up and down her snatch, every time I hit her clit she would shoot a little reward out for me. Sue reached back and grabbed my hair and I headed straight for her button. I began flicking my tongue over the little nub and drinking the piss that came out. She pulled up on my head and I immediately followed, worrying that my plan had grossed her out. When I tried to stop at her little pink hole, to my surprise she kept pulling up and toward her. So I licked up over her perineum and began flicking my tongue at her asshole. She let go of my hair and spread her ass cheeks. My plan had worked. I licked at her ass for a few moments before I remembered how badly she needed to urinate. Continuing to suck her asshole, I reached up to rub her clit. As soon as my fingers made contact piss began running down my chest. As disgusting as it was, licking her ass and being pissed on made me very horny.
“Push your tongue in my horny little ass,” Sue began to whimper. (Tasting her shit wasn’t exactly on my to-do list but) I plunged my tongue into her little sphincter. Again I was surprised by the taste, although it wasn’t pleasant it wasn’t that awful either. I dug my tongue as deep into her ass as I could and judging by her moans, she appreciated my willingness to lick her bowels.
After a few minutes of this she rolled over and said, “You have to fuck my ass!” Without say a word I stood up, spit in my hand, rubbed the spit on my cock, positioned myself, and slid my dick slowly into her tight little asshole. It felt great, her ass was a lot tighter than her pussy. I slowly pushed in until I was completely inside her little asshole. She bit her lip and clenched her eyes so I asked, “Does that hurt?”
“A little,” she replied, “But don’t stop- Fuck me hard.” I began to move my cock in and out of her ass with quick, short strokes and I felt her loosen up a little. Her eyes opened and she showed signs of enjoyment even before she squealed, Yeeeah, Fuck my little asshole!” I plowed my cock in and out of her until she came. She came hard and pushed her ass against me. The rhythmic squeezing up her ass sucked another load out of my dick. Before I lost my hard-on she sprung up and practically threw me on the bed. She quickly positioned herself over me in a 69 and once again my cock down her own throat. Then she pushed her ass onto my mouth, and I licked my cum out of her. My dick twitched in her mouth as she bobbed away and with the greatest feeling I’ve ever had I felt fluid pour from the tip (I think it was piss though). When my dick stopped shooting, she lifted herself from the 69 position and moved around to the side of the bed. I felt her lick my asshole a couple of times and before I could think about how great that felt she shoved a finger inside of me.
Poking around my rectum Sue asked, ”Do you like that?”
Surprisingly enough, I did, so I replied, ”Mmm hhmmm” and she pushed another finger into my ass. Instinctively I lifted my legs and she knelt down to lick my balls. She worked two fingers in and out of my asshole quickly and forcefully, stopping only to suck on them to lubricate. She fucked my ass with her fingers and sucked in my balls and I couldn’t believe I enjoyed. After she worked my ass for several minutes, I had the strangest orgasm I ever had. My dick was soft, yet I still oozed cum from the tip. She worked me through my orgasm and sucked the cum off my belly and out of my soft cock. Lying down next to me she kissed me deeply and snowballed my cum into my mouth. We passionately kissed for several minutes and then laid in each other’s arms silently for several more.
Sue broke the silence by saying, “Let’s go take a shower.”
I answered, “Ok” and we took a quick shower together (We didn’t have time for a long shower because our 5-hour break was almost over). We got dressed and before we walked out of the room shared one more long kiss.
Our band went to a restaurant before heading home and apparently Sue told Jen about my manhood, because for weeks after our return all I heard from Jen was comments like, “Hey big boy” and various other phallic references.
I tried getting Sue to dump her boyfriend, but what happens band trip stays on band trip so I only gained just a new friend.

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