One For Her : Virgin on the mile high club !One For Her : Virgin on the mile high club !


Virgin on the mile high club! I cleared passport control and went through the slow process of having my hand luggage checked before walking into the hustle and bustle of the Heathrow airport departure lounge. I stood there for a second, looking around at the multitude of shops and rest aurant’ s through the swarm of busy people as they passed the time while waiting for there flights to be called. Not one for shopping, and not at all hungry, the obvious choice for me was the nearest bar! I saw a well lit pub sign in the distance and began to make my way towards it, dodging the holidaymakers and business people as they walked in every possible direction around me. I reached the bar at the top of the stairs, unscathed after my 100 metre walk avoiding people, trollies, airport vehicles and excited small children! As soon as I entered the bar, I saw you standing there looking at the drinks list on the wall at the end of the bar. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you as you stood there in your black dress suit, jacket, white blouse and knee length skirt with patent black stilettos . I automatically moved closer, to have a better look, trying not to be too obvious to you or anyone else! As I did so, you ordered your glass of wine and waited for it to be served. I looked around and saw lots of empty seats, meaning that I had to take my chance now, before you went and sat at a table. The thought came into my head that you was probably with someone anyway, but I had nothing to lose and just had to at least hear your voice! I quickly shuffled through the small crowd standing at the bar and stood directly next to you, realizing now how stunning you actually was. Our eyes met for the first time, causing a smile from both of us, making my stomach flip ever so gently inside. Unbeknown to me, you had the same feeling, and your head began to rush with questions, would I talk to you…what would you say…would you embarrass yourself…..would I embarrass myself? I simply said “hi, going anywhere nice?” ……. GOING ANYWHERE NICE? The most predictable airport departure lounge bar chat up line in the world! “New York” you replied. “just for a few days on business” you added. ” Same here” I replied, meaning that I was traveling on business, but I gave no more away. We stood at the bar and exchanged small talk for a few minutes before you looked up at the departure board and suddenly realized that your flight was boarding. “I have to go,” you said, ” I still have a few things to get in the shop and I’ m on that Virgin flight çankaya escort to New York” You desperately wanted to stay at the bar to get to know me more, and you were feeling annoyed that our meeting came too late, but you had no choice. “ok” I replied… lovely to meet you, have a great flight” As the words came out, I was desperately trying to think of how to meet you again. Offer to walk you to the shop and onto your boarding gate?, Ask for your number? Give you mine? But as normal with me, in that time I was trying to decide, the moment had passed and you had dissapeared into the crowds leaving me with just a lovely image of you in your business suit and the reminants of your gorgous perfume. I started thinking again…. but this time it had to be quick… …… and probably very expensive! I made it in the nick of time, my heart beating like crazy not only because of what I had just done, but also because of the 3oo metre dash from the Virgin ticket desk to the boarding gate, getting there just as they began to close the door. The stewardess checked my ticket before I walked into the rear cabin of the plane, eagerly looking out for you. I counted down the seat numbers as I walked down the ai sl e , with my seat getting closer and my eyes scanning all around for you, but you were no where to be seen. I sat in my seat and tightened my seatbelt, still looking around and over my shoulder in case I had missed you. It was a big plane, a jumbo jet, and I had only walked under halfway along, so I knew you were out there some where, and I would find you soon! The plane seemed to taxi from the terminal and line up for take off in slow motion. I was desperate to get airborne, get this seat belt off and come to find you, but it seemed to take longer than the 8 hr flight itself! I sat staring out of the window as we rose steeply over the spectacular London skyline, gently banking left, on route to America. What was I doing ? My heart skipped a beat again, not for the first time today as the reali z ation what I had just done hit home. What if you was actually with someone? What if you wasn’t even on this flight? Suddenly I was shaken out of all my concerns by the seat belt sign being turned off, and the clicking of all the seat belts being undone around me as people got up to move or go to the toilet. I jumped up and started to move slowly along the cabin, looking around for you ,scanning every seat . Suddenly I saw you on the other aisle and once again, as in the bar, rus escort our eyes met at the same time, causing another big smile. You waved as you mouthed “hello again” to me across the centre row of seats. For some reason, my first reaction was to tell you that I was going to the toilet! I obviously wasn’t, and even if I was, did you really need me giving you that information. That’s really smooth you idiot, I thought to myself. But I had committed myself now and carried on walking to the nearest toilet. I locked the door and tried to make myself presentable in the mirror. You watched the toilet door, willing me to come out and walk up the aisle where you was sitting. you needn’ t have worried, nothing would have stopped me coming that way and talking to you again. You watched as I walked towards you, and stopped next to your seat. “I didn’t know you were on my flight” you said. ” I didn’t realize myself” I answered. I felt a nudge in my side and look round to see the stewardess pushing the drinks trolley and trying to get past. It was heaven sent ! “Fancy a drink”? I asked you . You couldn’t say yes quick enough, so I ordered some wine and stood in the aisl e next to your seat as you sat there. We got on like a house on fire, and next thing I know, we was on our 3rd drink each and I was sitting on the floor of the aisle! I was having to move every few moments as people walked past and kids climbed over me! But it did have its advantages as from where I was sitting, I had a lovely view of your fantastic legs as your skirt had risen just above your knee. I had also taken a very keen interest in the way that you kept slipping your high heel off and dangling it from your toes. You had no idea what that was doing to me! I could see in fine detail the ultra sheer nylons you was wearing, a golden tan colour , that made your legs, and especially your feet seem so silky smooth and inviting to touch. I just longed to take hold of your foot and run my fingers so gently up along your leg, feeling the texture of the material, and the shape of your gorgeous legs. We carried on chatting, and flirting, and was only about an hour into the flight, but we had already made the most of the compliment a ry drinks, and the wine had made me feel a lot more comfortable, and brave! I couldn’t hold back anymore, your smooth legs just begging to be touched, even for a second; I couldn’t resist. I waited for the next passenger to walk past me, and as they did, I leaned forward and “accidently” nudged eryaman escort your shin gently with my hand, and pushed your high heel off. Just for that split second, I felt an amazing sensation run from my fingertips throughout my body as they made contact with your legs . You laughed as I apologised and you went to bend down to pick your high heel up. Being a gentleman, it was the least I could do to stop you and offer to do it myself! You sat back with your wine and took a sip as I picked up your shiny black stiletto and offered it to your foot. You pointed your toes downwards, and I admired your perfect red painted toenails encased in the slightly darker part of your nylons covering your toes. I took hold of your silky smooth foot with my right hand while VERY slowly slipping your heel back on with my other. My fingers lingered over your foot as I ran my fingers up to your ankle, foll o wed by your stiletto as it slipped back on. It was obvious from your smile on your face that you liked that, and I was just about to ask if you did, when you said ” I bet you give a good foot rub?” My mouth went dry at the prospect of doing that to you, as I replied ” of course.. .. . just let me know when?” You smiled and told me that you hoped it would be soon. It was now a few hours into the flight and as much as I was enjoying the company, and the view from the floor, I needed to sit down. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound I thought to myself. So I told you that I was just going to the galley to get some more drinks. You sat back and started reading the in flight magazine as I disappeared down the plane. 10 minutes later, I was back, standing next to you, minus any drinks, but my hand out stretched, beckoning you to come with me. You picked up your handbag and took my hand, not letting go as I led you along the aisle of this massive Virgin Atlantic jumbo jet. We went through a curtain near the front where a stewardess was waiting. “This way sir, madam” she said. We followed her up the carpeted spiral staircase and into another world. We both looked around the large area, with individual compartments, each housing a large flat reclining chair, guest chair, TV and a mini bar! “This one ok sir?” The stewardess asked, as she pointed to the nearest compartment. We were in upper class, where there were only a handfull of people, and the majority of those were sleeping. I told you to sit in the big leather chair as I sat on the guest chair opposite. The guest chair was even better than the chairs in economy, but yours was unbelievable. You pressed the recline button and I watched as you slowly went backwards as the chair turned into a bed! My upper class experience got even better, as you laid back and just for a second, gave me a lovely view of your stocking tops, and black panties.

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