What Happened in VegasWhat Happened in Vegas


My wife Eileen and I are in our early 50’s. Our sex life has always been good, though over the years a bit routine and less frequent. While having sex, I have always been the most verbal, blurting out kinky things I’d like to do (that we almost never actually do) while Eileen’s response has always been to close her eyes and moan, with no word spoken. I’ve always felt she had nasty thoughts running through her head while we had sex, and imagined her fantasizing about things and people she could never bring herself to actually say out loud. Several months ago we decided to go to Vegas for the weekend. I posted our plans to Facebook, and soon found out that a college buddy of mine, Byron would be there at the same time, and we made plans to catch up over dinner during the weekend. Byron was an art student in college. He was somewhat quiet but always a hit with the women. His blond hair and good looks hadn’t changed much over the years, and I strongly suspected that he was often the subject of my wife’s fantasies, judging by how she turned into a silly giggling schoolgirl when he was around. He never talked much about his love life, and we suspected he might be bisexual. Truth be told, Byron was the subject of my fantasies as well. Though I had never had sex with a guy, over the years I have come to think of myself as bi-curious. I sometimes look at bisexual porn, and am especially turned on by MMF scenes, where two guys lustily share a woman and each other. On more than one occasion, I have masturbated with one of my wife’s dildos in my ass, fantasizing that Byron was the one fucking me, instead of Eileen’s toy. When we got to Vegas, Eileen and I checked into our room, and reviewed our plans for the weekend. Friday night was for us, and we had tickets to a show at a nearby hotel. We planned to sleep in on Saturday, then wander up and down the strip and figure out what we wanted to do. In the evening, we planned to meet Byron for dinner at the Aria, where he was staying. When Saturday afternoon came, we returned isvecbahis to our room to get ready. Eileen showered and changed into a new dress she had bought that day. It was shorter than her other dresses, and had a plunging neckline that showed her ample breasts, enhanced by a sexy lace push up bra. She looked as sexy as I had ever seen her, and I made a remark to that effect. Eileen winked and replied with the famous tagline “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. We met up with Byron a short time later. He was well into his first cocktail and stood to greet us. After hugs and hellos, we sat at the table and ordered a bottle of wine.  We spent the next several hours in a leisurely dinner, and all through the meal, I noticed how Eileen seemed to flirt with Byron, and position herself so that he could get a good view of her breasts and legs, something I noticed Byron was more than happy to do. At one point Eileen excused herself to go to the bathroom. Byron watched her ass as she walked away. At that moment, something hit me and I decided to test the waters with Byron, to see what might “happen in Vegas”. I told him that Eileen had admitted that she was very attracted to him, and that if she were single, he would be number 1 on her list.  I pushed the subject a bit further, telling Byron that Eileen had admitted to fantasizing about him whilst we had sex. He responded that he found Eileen sexy, and always had “a thing” for her, but never really did anything about it out of respect for our friendship. I then told him that he was more than welcome to test the waters with Eileen. This seemed to surprise him, but I could tell by his reaction that he was strongly thinking about it. We decided that when she returned, I would leave the table to go to the restroom, and Byron would hit on her. If she didn’t respond, it was “no harm, no foul”. But if she did respond, we would find a way to go the next steps. When Eileen returned, she looked fabulous. She had freshened her makeup, and it even looked like she had isveçbahis giriş pulled down her dress and bra to expose even more of her voluptuous tits. I excused myself to go to the restroom, and proceeded to find a place at the other side of the restaurant where I could watch Byron and Eileen, but not be seen by them. Almost immediately, Byron reached out to Eileen and began to run the material along the neckline of her dress through his fingers. I could only imagine that he was asking her about the material, as a cover for getting his hands close to her. He ran his fingers up and down the material, getting closer and closer to her tits. Eileen was doing nothing to stop this, and I could tell she was getting turned on. She leaned a bit closer to Byron then whispered something in his ear. She kept her face close to his and I could tell both of them were turned on. At this point I figured it was time for the next step. I returned to the table and Byron and Eileen parted and scooted away from each other. Byron excused himself to go to the restroom, and I moved close to Eileen. We talked about how he hadn’t changed much over the years and had managed to retain his good looks and charm.  Eileen couldn’t hide her attraction to him through this conversation, so I decided to cross the line. I asked her if she was serious about the “What happens in Vegas” thing. She looked confused, but answered that she guessed that she was. I told her that if she wanted, I could probably talk Byron into having sex with her. Her reaction was one of shock, but I could tell it was feigned. I had crossed the line, and could clearly tell Eileen was OK with it. When Byron returned, we finished up dessert and paid our bill. I asked him how his room was, and remarked that I had heard great things about the Aria, like the curtains to the room opening when you put the key in your door, mood lighting and music turning on when you entered the room, etc. Byron invited us up for a nightcap, and to show us how cool his room was.  In the elevator, isveçbahis yeni giriş I could practically feel the sexual tension, though we all made small talk to cover it up. We got to Byron’s room and it was all I had imagined. A well-appointed room with a bar, and an amazing view. Eileen and I sat on the sofa while Byron made drinks. Soon all 3 of us were side by side on the sofa, enjoying our drinks, conversation and the view. I figured I would need to be the one to initiate sex for the evening, so reached down and put my hand on Eileen’s thigh. She looked at me, then nodded toward Byron, as if to say “hey, not in front of him”. I ignored her and started to slowly caress her thigh. I could tell she was starting to get turned on, though she was trying to ignore me as she talked with Byron.  Before long, Byron re-started the conversation about Eileen’s dress, fondling the material between his fingers. At this point Eileen leaned in toward him, practically pushing her tits into his hand. Byron responded by lightly caressing her breast, which elicited a moan from her. She turned to look at me and I just smiled and winked. When she turned back to Byron, he softly grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to him for a kiss. While his kiss was soft and gentle, Eileen responded like a sex-starved animal, plunging her tongue into Byron’s mouth. I stood up to move to a chair and give Eileen and Byron more space, and it was as if I wasn’t even in the room. They kissed more and more passionately, and had their hands all over each other. Byron lay back, and Eileen crawled on top of him, with her crotch directly over his, grinding together through their clothes as they made out like school kids.  I suggested that they might be more comfortable on the bed, and they immediately moved there, only to resume their passionate kissing and fondling. Eileen pushed her hand between them, and began to stroke Byron’s cock through his pants. He moaned, and I could tell his erection and her stroking were straining the material of his pants, which no doubt hurt. I was so turned on by the scene in front of me I could hardly contain myself.  Clearly there was no turning back, not that anyone had the slightest inclination to stop what was unfolding.

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