Nicole and Her Businessman Pt. 01Nicole and Her Businessman Pt. 01


My name is Nicole Amorino. I am 20 years old and by my judgment, just an ordinary girl. I have no special talents or skills; nor am I a beautiful woman. I have always been ‘full-figured’ as the nice old ladies say. In fact, I’m a bit on the chubby side. Offsetting all this is my love of life and the dream of every young woman, to meet her prince and be whisked away to the life of bright lights in distant places. I can be a bit goofy at times, and I find nothing more satisfying than a good laugh, often at myself. I am not the graceful swan; rather I am more the ungainly goose.

I am in love with a man who in past visits, hardly noticed me. He visits our town and stays at the hotel where I work as a desk clerk. I have known him casually for almost two years. His last trip here several months ago changed all this. We had a chance to talk on several occasions on my day off. I found him to be warm and witty. He made me feel completely at ease. His name is Wilson Herbert, and he is 48 years old. He could be my father. For some reason, I don’t know why, on that last trip he told me a great deal about his unhappy personal life of the past few years. I was honored that someone of his maturity would talk to an inexperienced person such as I. Mostly I listened. I believe that is what he wanted.

Now I look for his name on the reservation list every week. I still feel the warmth of his handshake, the wetness of the small goodbye kiss we shared on his last visit. It is difficult for me in my hometown. I need someone to value me, make me feel like a woman. Among my few boyfriends and even with my parents I feel like I’m still considered as a kid. Mr. Herbert changed all this for me, even though, our ages are far apart. He is a man of the world, and I am the homebody. But now somewhat of a confidant.

He speaks so sweetly to me when he is here. His eyes are sparkling blue, deep, yet playful at the same time. He tells me his past. The hurts, the betrayals. His life is pierced by wounds from former lovers. I need to help him, love him with my body, to be the soothing balm that creates for him loving peace. Does he see me that way? Would he ever love me?

I am so plain, just a small town girl. But I want to learn, to escape the doldrums of life rooted in my uneventful past here. No man has ever taken me; none has sought my virginity nor have I offered it willingly to any. But, I think of Mr. Herbert, his sweet smile, and soft face. He radiates warmth that makes my breasts respond, my body warm. He is a strong, successful man in business. Accumulation of wealth has been easy for him. But the wealth of loving relationships has eluded him. I could make him so happy. My body is his for the taking. My virginity, my soul, is so ready to love him. I will show him.

I see his name on the reservations list for the last week of March. Oh God, will he see me for the loving woman I am? I am not the trophy woman, my hourglass figure is heavy, my pendulous breasts are large. But I know I can love him in a way he has never been loved. How can I be so bold? What do I know? Nothing. But there is an instinct in every woman that is primal, not learned, but in her mind at birth. I can make him happy. I know what my breasts are for, to feed him, to nourish his lust. I know what my legs are for, to wrap around his body as he fills me deeply with his thrusting cock. I know what my vagina is for, to squeeze him, massage him, to grasp him in ways he knows not. I will show him.

If he takes me, could it be more? Could I live a life with him? I am untutored in the ways of a gracious society, but I can learn. I am smart in many ways but not tried in his world. I have not seen the environment of elegance and grace. I don’t know cocktail parties, great celebrations of his triumphs, intimate gatherings with the rich and powerful people he congregates with every day. If he lets me teach him what my devoted love could be, would he then teach me to be a woman of grace? Could I do it? I am simple in my tastes and needs. Fine food, music, clothes of silks and satins have not been mine. But I know I could learn, be a woman he could trust and confide in, to be gracious as a hostess, to love him in every way. I will show him. Even more, he could trust me to want nothing more than his love, his essence, his being.

I was jolted awake as the Gulfstream bounced down on the runway. There must be strong crosswinds again. This place has complex weather events. Rudi does a helluva’ job. Time for a raise for a good pilot. We rolled to a stop at the General Aviation Terminal. I grabbed my bag, briefcase, and laptop and exited to the tarmac. The cab was waiting to take me to the hotel.

“Welcome again, Mr. Herbert. Very nice to see you,” says the cab driver.

I am nervous. I want her to be there today, I want to see that sweet smile, hear her sultry voice, watch her graceful moves. Her richly endowed figure freezes me in time. I do not see other women any longer. Since I kissed Nicole on the last trip, something has tripped in my head. Other women are now invisible to me. What is under that starched blouse? Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort Are her nipples large on great dark aureoles, as dark as her eyes? I’ve seen them protrude when I stand at the desk in front of her. I can’t help but look, and she catches me. For me only have they peaked? Or, perhaps, for a lover I don’t know? Damn, I hope not.

This girl has me by my balls, my cock quivers. Every night for weeks I have lovingly thought of her as I masturbated myself to sleep. In Rome, Amsterdam, New York, for weeks I jerk myself off in pools of cum. Hotels everywhere have cum stained sheets and pillows as I shamelessly humped them, fucking them until I came again, saying, “Nicole, be my woman, oh fuck me, Nicole.”

Why did I stay away so long? Am I still afraid of rejection? I have an uncanny knack for picking the bimbos and money-lusting MILFS, who fuck me into submission. When they discover there is no money on the table for them, they leave. I try to shake it off, but it hurts. She is not like this, is she? I cannot believe she is that way. I must be patient with her, talk, seek her soul, press on slowly. I want her.

My friend Tim calls me from the airport Mr. Herbert’s plane has just landed. Tim and I are friends from high school, and he knows my interest in this man. I leave the desk to my associate and go quickly to the employee’s locker area. Nervousness is attacking my confidence. The hotel has recently got us new uniforms, nicely tailored, gray tweed, pantsuits with a waist length jacket, tapered legs, and a white, form-fit, scoop necked blouse. Comfortable low-heel, patent leather pumps complete the new, very businesslike appearance. I quickly walk over to my locker. There is another blouse hanging inside the same as I am wearing, except one size smaller. It is the one that produces a deep, sexy cleavage. My “little girls” are shown to best advantage in the smaller size. Am I too forward? Would he think I am a bit cheap, the town punch-board?

I start to change and pull off my jacket. The top slips over my head but catches in my left earring. Damn! Don’t cause a pull. I fiddle with the earring, it loosens and then I am out of the blouse. I adjust my breasts to sit up a little higher in my 38 D bra and then reach for the other top. Damn again! I drop it on the floor in my haste. Bending over I whack my head on the corner of the chair hard enough to cause stars. For Christ’s sake, Nicole, get your shit together. Calm down. He will never pay any attention to a clumsy oaf. Finally, I put myself back together, and though I was still nervous, I march out to the counter. As I walk, I realize my pussy is wet. I can feel it in the crack of my thighs. My nipples are growing against the smooth blouse fabric.

When I reach the front desk the outside door opens. Oh Jesus. Easy Nicole, breath normally. Put your hands at your sides nowhere near your crotch. Don’t tease yourself under the counter. He’ll smell you. I can smell my crotch, I’m flowing I’m so wet. I was blushing, I knew it, even though my Italian skin is a lovely olive hue, I feel the heat on my cheeks. I quickly glance down. Yes! World Class Cleavage on patrol! I pull the air slowly into my lungs to raise my bust. My nipples now poke tightly against the fabric. I had no bra to screen their arousal. The friction on my blouse from the lining of my jacket is kissing my nipples at every turn. Friction between my legs from the tapered cut of the pant legs is rubbing my lips. I am perilously close to cumming as I stand there. No! I’m so embarrassed

She’s here. Thank God. Is she not beautiful? She is a goddess. What if she is angry because I kissed her last time I was here? I was going to kiss her on the cheek when I left then, and then emotion ran away with me; I kissed her on the mouth. I even slipped my tongue into her mouth a little. I must be a pervert. I’m old enough to be her father! I have to move from the doorway. I can’t stand here all day. I pull my jacket shut to hide my erection. I’m walking a bit sideways; it is so huge, and my boxers are as wet as if I peed in my pants. I am mind-fucking her with every step I take. Will I cum in my trousers? I don’t care.

He’s in front of me. I can’t talk. My lips are frozen. My eyes are a blurry, teary mess. I am tearing. Why? I need him so badly. Does he even see me as I see him? Then I notice his jacket, the bulge sticking out beyond, thrusting forward. I can’t stand it and start rubbing my thighs together. Oh fuck! I’m cumming. I’m cumming. I grab the counter top and lean into it; my knuckles white with the strain. I swallow little gasps and gulps of the air. It rolls up into my breasts, through my pussy, into my ass, down my legs. My thighs are drenched in my cum. I can smell my sex. I don’t care if he does. I want him to know!

Is she OK? What’s the matter she’s so flushed? He looks at her inviting cleavage and can’t believe his eyes. Her chest above her breasts is fiery red, the red of sexual excitement. He looks into her glistening eyes; the pupils are wildly dilated. He leans in toward the desktop and then catches the bouquet, the aroma, the unmistakable smell of a woman in climax. Oh fuck! He pushes his cock up against the desk front, catches his breath and says, “Hello, Miss Amorino, it’s nice to see you again. Have you been well?”

Her voice is high and thin, not what he remembers as her usual throaty, sultry sound.

“Uh…Why, why, Yes sir, I’m very well.” Her heart is beating frantically.

He knows, he knows I’m cumming right in front of him. He’ll think I’m a silly schoolgirl. How can I do this? When I masturbate, I never cum like this. I never produce this much juice, never! I’m soaked.

“Your room is ready, Sir, Mr. Herbert. Welcome back. It’s the room you prefer sir, the luxury suite on the top floor. Correct?”

I see she is calming down some. Her chest is still a warm red, and the tantalizing scent of pussy fills my nostrils. I now remember her extraordinary tits. How sultry she is, the blush of her cheeks, her dark eyes and brows, the lush, full lips and white teeth. I see a woman to lust for, to seduce.

“Yes, I’ll go on upstairs now and freshen up. Will you be on the desk this evening later?”

I look into his eyes curiously, trying to discern a meaning that he only hints at to me.

“Oh, no sir, not this evening. I’ll be back at noon tomorrow and will be on until 10 PM.”

I reach forward and take her hand to shake it good night. I want any excuse to touch her. I see her trembling. I see her upper lip with little, shining beads of perspiration on it. Whatever had hit her, hit her hard. I am amazed by her passion so close to her surface. I want her to cum for me like that.

“Till then. Good night, I certainly hope you rest well,” he said.

I want to reach across the desk and grasp her behind the head and pull her lips to me. I want to slip my hand below her blouse neckline and feel the nipples, the heft of her fleshy mounds, to feel their heat. I will wait, but not for long.

In my room, my need is overwhelming.

I take my pants off, not bothering with my shirt, stand in the middle of the room with my cock thrusting out of my shorts. Spitting on my hand, I swirl the palm around the swollen head and begin to slowly stroke. I want to go slow, but I can’t. Cum, I have to cum now!

“I want to fuck you so badly, Nicole, slide my cock into you. Let me suck your tongue, roll you over on top of me and play with your hanging tits, slip you up and down on my cock. Oh Fuck! I’m shooting. Cumming, sweetheart, cumming hard.” I scream.

I shoot ropes of cum onto the dresser, the front of the drawers and some on the carpet. My knees buckle and I fall slowly to the floor. When I open my eyes, I imagine she stands in front of me, the hair of her pussy in front of my tongue. She smelled so God damned good at the desk. She will taste like honey and spice. I imagine licking her thighs and thrusting my tongue into her. My cock is hardening again. I roll myself onto the floor with my legs spread and my cock pointing at the ceiling. Precum and cum from my orgasm of a moment ago leak out and lube me making my hand slick. I stroke hard, and then soft, play with myself and then again,

“Nicole!” as my cum shoots up to my chest onto my white dress shirt and silk tie.

I wake up with a huge woody and make my way to the bathroom. Dried cum sticks to my belly and my pubic hair. I stroke my cock to relax some so I can pee. It takes a while, and I get aroused again. Before I can pee my hand moves faster. I spit on my cock to make it slippery and within a dozen strokes I shoot all over the toilet. It goes on and on. The woman is driving me crazy. I have to have her. Finally I pee a heavy stream into the toilet, start the shower to get the water warm and step in. I soak a good 15 minutes to relax my shoulders and soothe my aroused state. Washing my cock clean is done quickly, or I’ll do it again. Oh fuck, Nicole, what is the hold you have on me? I hardly know you.

I dress in workout shorts and tee shirt with walking shoes. Grabbing a towel I head for the door. There is a note slipped under it; I reach down, pick it up and open it.

“Dear Mr. Herbert:

“I will be in the exercise room before I go on shift at noon today. Maybe you could join me in the sauna for a visit and chat? I love you,


Nikki? What a sweet nickname. It fits her personality; a serious streak tempered by a sense of playfulness. Is that what got out of control at the front desk last night? I thought she would faint. I grabbed my room key card and started out, paused and returned for something. A condom.

On the way down the line in the note ‘I love you…’ rattles round my head. I have the same feeling. Can I say it to her? She seems so different from the all the others, fresh, an innocence about her.

The sauna at the hotel was unique in my experience. It was co-ed with optional nudity, adults only. I had seen them in Europe but never in the US. I hurried to the elevator and when it arrived pressed LL. The exercise area was in the lower lobby in an out-of-the-way corner. I opened the glass windowed door and entered. The room was empty at this hour of the morning. There was one robe hanging by the door to the sauna.

I peek in the small window. She is lying on her back with a towel rolled up under her head and another towel lengthwise down her body, just covering her breasts and groin pelvic area. My cock flies to attention. I take off my robe, strip off my clothes and shoes and dump them on the floor. When I open the door, she turns her head, opens her eyes and smiles.

“I’m glad you could make she it.”

My stiff cock stands straight out, and I smile. Walking slowly to her, I kneel down next to her as she lay on the bench. She is perspiring profusely in the heat. I reach out tentatively to touch her sweet face. Her hair is stringy and wet from sweat. The heat is erotic, heating up my sex. I can feel it in my balls.

“I was afraid to do this. I thought you’ think me slutty, Mr. Herbert.”

“Never. I think you are a special woman.”

“I love you,” she says, worried that she might frighten him away knowing his awful experiences with gold diggers.

I smile longingly at her, my appetite for her whetted by the greeting. “Honey, Nikki, I feel something very deep about you.”

Leaning over I kiss her full lips, place my hand on her large breast, feeling it through the towel. Massaging it slowly and drilling my tongue into her mouth at the same time I begin to feel a soft touch on my cock. She has dropped her hand from under the towel and strokes my manhood. Slowly, totally from the top to bottom; at the top she circles my glans with her finger, wet with sweat caused by the heat.

“Where did you learn to do that, Nikki?” I gasped.

“From you, just now.”

I am totally in her power as she holds my cock. My hair trigger is not so easy to release, and she continues slowly.

He is here. I am so on edge I was worried that he might be afraid of my invitation. I did something I have never done, throw myself on the mercy of a man I hardly knew. Please, please take the towel away. Touch me, rub me, kiss me all over. I slowly stroke his cock as he concentrates on my left breast cleaning the nipple with wet kisses and sucking. The wet noises rush to my center. The sauna is hot, but I feel my pussy leakage on my ass as it drips down between my cheeks. He pushes the towel lower down my body as I arch my hips upward, yearning for a touch, a kiss, some pressure on my cunt. Oh, stroke my cunt you beautiful soul, stroke me. My move signals assent, the towel goes away.

I pull the towel off and trace my finger along her stomach lower, and lower until the tip mingles with the sopping wet hair of her pussy. I cannot tell yet whether she is wet from perspiration or if it is her female nectar. As I approach my goal, she spreads her legs and drops her left foot to the floor while raising her right knee. She is now totally open to my touch. It is too tempting, and I slide my index finger and middle finger of my left hand into her slit. She is soaking wet. Moving up and down through her slit brings forth little moans and cooing noises. Touching her wet slit is an exotic thing. I move a few inches inside her slit and feel her delicate lips.

He is there now! Touch my clit, prod it, push it, pull it, make it stand tall! Oh fuck; he has me now. If I stand up and pull him to me would he fuck me standing up? I have never, ever been fucked. I want it now, to show him I love him and will do anything for him. I start jacking his cock more quickly, and he groans. He is leaking precum more than enough to be noticed through the sweat of his body. Now he is on my clit!

“Mr. Herbert, I’m cumming!” I moan, throwing my body high above the bench, shaking, my cunt on fire, my secretions flowing out onto his hand. As I settle down some, he stands over me and lowers his cock toward my mouth. Oh fuck! Can I do it? I’ve seen pictures in magazines but have never sucked a cock. Will he think I am clumsy or unable to do it? How do I do it? Suck, lick, let him cum in me? I let my passion guide me.

“Tell me what you like,” and I take his hardness into my mouth, first timidly around the head. I kiss his dripping slit, tasting his thick precum, rubbing it over my lips with the head of his cock. The sauna is very hot, and I can’t take much more nor can he. We are both red skinned and sweating profusely.

“Do what you’re doing, child. Suck it, tongue it!”

He groans, and my mouth fills with the most delicious fluid. His cum tastes like rich cream, hot and slippery. It flows naturally down my throat, and I feel like I’ve done this before in another life. He keeps thrusting into my mouth and without knowing it, his head bangs into the back of my throat and one last spurt erupts. His knees buckle slowly, and he sinks next to me. Leaning forward, he presses his lips onto mine and his tongue into me. With gentle suction, he pulls his remaining cum into his mouth. At the same time he finds my pussy again with his fingers, he rams two fingers into me, roughly, hungrily and probes. He finds a spot inside my vagina that I know only by accident in my masturbation frenzies. He rubs and massages the spot all the while playing with my nipples with tongue and lips.

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