My Personal Alarm Clock Ch. 05My Personal Alarm Clock Ch. 05


I hope that chapter 4 got you back into the groove of my storyline and here’s a bonus chapter to make up for being gone for four years.

As my name indicates, I have a lot of “interests” and some may not be of interest to all of you, so feel free to skip chapters such as this one which depicts golden showers/watersports. I hope that if these topics aren’t your ‘cup of tea’ that you’ll still enjoy my writing and imagery nonetheless and will still take a look at future chapters that hopefully will interest you.

Thanks as always.


Another morning, another wonderful feeling of a warm mouth on my cock as I awaken. Life is good. No… life is GRAND! My personal alarm clock never fails me.

It’s Sunday morning and normally there is no predetermined wake-up time, but we have a family thing today, so Mom is waking me up so we can get going.

The night before, Saturday night, I went out with a couple of buddies and we ended up at Eric’s house in the basement drinking a few beers. I got home at a decent hour and Eric lives within walking distance so there was no drunk driving involved but there was a bit of weaving as I made my way home.

But anyway, my bladder was not cooperating this morning and I REALLY needed to piss, but Mom’s mouth on my hard cock felt so damn good. I had to interrupt her though.

“Mom, sorry to stop you, but I really need to go pee.”

She says “OK, go ahead and pee.” But instead of getting up off her knees from beside my bed and moving out of the way so I can get up out of bed, she stays there and kind of looks at me with an odd tiny smile and then she takes my cock in her mouth again.

“Mom, no, you need to stop for a minute, I need to go pee.”

She unlatches and says “I heard you… and I said go ahead.”

Wait. What? Am I hungover or something? Am I not making myself clear? I try again.

“Mom. I. Need. To. Pee.”

“I. Know. Go. Ahead.” Sultançiftliği Escort She says back to me in the same halted tone I used.

“Mom, what are you talking about?”

“I’ll drink from you Matt, you can just go in my mouth.”

Now I know I’m hungover… I’m hearing things.

“Mom, you’re not hearing me.” I try to get up but she pushes me back down.

“I hear you just fine, you’re the one not hearing. I do this for your father every morning, now it’s your turn to take full advantage of my morning services.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve woken up and had to pee right away and I would simply interrupt Mom, get up, pee and come back, but this time… well… my head is spinning a little bit with the combination of it being early on a Sunday morning, the remnants of alcohol still in my system, and well, simply not believing what I’m hearing… So I lay back and try to wrap my head around it all. But at the same time, Mom is latched onto my cock like a baby on a bottle.

I simply mumble “Are you sure?”

To which Mom releases my semi-hard cock from her mouth and says “I’m positive sweetheart. Just relax and let it go. It’ll take a little concentration on your part the first time or two, but just go with it. Trust me. Please.” and then she returns to her prior position suctioned to me.

Can’t argue with Mom, right? What she says, goes… So here goes…

As I’ve mentioned before, while my parents have obviously opened up my world sexually, they have never forced anything on me from the standpoint of doing anything I haven’t wanted to do. They’ve let me explore and inquire about things as I’ve heard or seen things. This particular area I hadn’t gotten to in my short sexual lifestyle, but I’ve of course heard about it and seen it as I’ve browsed online porn. But like my parents, I’m pretty much open to anything so if I see that they’re into something, Escort Sultançiftliği I’m happy to take part and give it a try.

This morning is opening up a new chapter and I must admit it’s a bit exciting. I want to know more about what “services” my mother mentioned a minute ago that she provides Dad with every morning… later… I’ll ask more about it later. Right now, I need to relax and go with the flow… no pun intended.

OK Matt, focus… but not too much, I say to myself as I lay there feeling the extreme pressure on my bladder… How many beers did I have last night? My mother actually wants me to piss in her mouth… right here… right now… Dammit, relax… before you actually burst… OK… here goes… relax… relax… There we go… I released a little just now… I think… tensed right back up… relax… it’s OK, Mom said so…

Suddenly I feel the usual sensation of release… pretending I’m standing at a urinal… letting go… what a relief! I had to go so bad. I still have my eyes closed and I feel Mom swallowing as I release into her mouth… gulping… furiously… trying to keep up. I know I must be flooding her but she doesn’t flinch…

The sensation of her swallowing over and over again feels amazing on my cock and I feel myself get aroused slightly as I continue emptying my bladder… My head is still swirling as I grasp the fact that I’m pissing down my mother’s throat.

Finally I feel myself empty and finish. Mom stays latched on for a little while to ensure I’m done. Once she’s sure, she actually sucks on the head of my cock a little to get every last drop. Not an ounce has escaped her mouth. She swallows one last time, releases and raises her head and gasps… “Wow, you weren’t kidding were you… You REALLY had to go!”

“I’m sorry Mom” I say sheepishly…

“Don’t be sorry Matt, I’ve wanted to do this for you for a long time and Sultançiftliği Escort Bayan I’m glad I finally got the chance.”

“Really? You wanted this? You wanted to drink my piss???”

“You have no idea how much…”

I’m confused, I’m hungover… and now I’m horny from the sucking action on my cock. Mom has her hand on me, stroking slowly and I hear her say out loud to herself “… now back to business…” and she devours my cock in one motion, hitting the back of her throat and down her gullet. Amazing… she is completely amazing.

As I’ve also mentioned in the past, I’ve had several girlfriends and none could hold a candle to Mom in the cock sucking arena. Experience matters, there’s no doubt about it.

As Mom throat fucks me… not usually the way it happens, right? Usually it’s the guy throat fucking the woman, but Mom is in a league of her own and actually throat fucks herself, forcing herself onto my cock, taking it over and over again. She’s told me she loves the sensation of her throat being abused, stretched, forced open over and over again… Dad has been a lucky man for many years.

Apparently the piss action earlier really got her excited because she is devouring me like a crazed animal. I won’t last long, that’s for sure.

And sure enough I feel my body stiffen, my balls draw up and without warning I explode with Mom’s face pressed against my body. I grab her head and hold her there, raising my hips as I cum, wave after wave straight down her throat. As I finally finish and release the pressure on her head, Mom pulls off my cock gasping hard for air. I didn’t realize how long I’d held her against me. She falls back onto her ass on the floor still gasping, eyes watering, but looking at me smiling.

“WOW! You were an animal Matt!”

“It’s all you Mom… You were throat fucking me like you haven’t in a long time, I couldn’t control myself.” She smiles and even blushes a little.

Then I say “Now, tell me about these ‘services’ you mentioned earlier…”

“Not now Matt, we have to get going, we have to be at Grandpa and Grandma’s in an hour. I’ll fill you in on it all later, I promise.” She gets up, gives me a quick kiss that tastes different than normal and she’s out the door.

More to cum… Soon… I promise…

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