Naughty Friend Buys My Silence Ch. 13Naughty Friend Buys My Silence Ch. 13


Naughty Friend Buys My Silence 13 — He gets to know a Slutty redhead Stripper bombshell.

Submitted: March 9, 2022 to Literotica (Copyright Kaizer Wolf)

Tags: cheating (slut/boyfriend), prostitution, big tits, blowjob, domination, harem


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– CHAPTER 13: Used –

– SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20: Early Morning –

Knowing that Sarah overheard the threesome I had with Amber and her sexy redheaded friend, I headed upstairs to my room, where she’d slept for the night while she recovered from being a little hung over from the previous evening at the strip bar.

However, when I opened my door and found the skinny, five-foot tall, twenty-five-year-old hiding underneath my blankets, looking so small curled up that she could have just been a large pillow, I recalled that she’d had a headache before going to bed. Of course, I gave her some medicine for it, but the thought made me realize she might still be having symptoms.

Thus, I hesitated for a few seconds, before deciding that I wasn’t going to proceed how I initially planned. Or rather, how Amber initially wanted.

No doubt Sarah loved it rough. Really rough.

But that was when her head wasn’t sincerely pounding.

Sighing, I gently closed the door behind me and then slowly moved to my bed, completely naked from having been stripped downstairs, only to sit down on the edge, barely a foot from her curled position.

She visibly trembled from my movement, whimpering softly as her breathing began to noticeably pick up. Reaching out, I gripped the blanket, giving it the slightest tug.

“Hey,” I said softly. “How’s your head feeling?”

She stiffened at that, only to respond almost inaudibly. “It’s okay,” she whispered.

“Do you need more medicine?” I wondered.

She hesitated. “I took some about an hour ago.” She then paused again. “I’m really sorry,” she added.

I patted my thigh loudly, my tone gentle. “Come here, cutie,” I requested, tugging a little more on the blanket.

She hesitated again, before slowly looking over her shoulder at me, only the top of her rich brown hair and light blue eyes peeking out as she focused on me. Immediately her eyes widened when she saw I wasn’t wearing anything, her cheeks visibly flushing in response as she stared at my chest. However, when I cleared my throat and held out my arms toward her, she gave me an apologetic look, beginning to slowly sit up close enough that I could do the rest, gripping underneath her armpits and pulling all of her meager hundred pounds into my lap.

She was wearing only the light pink camisole from yesterday and her pink panties, no bra, prompting me to realize she’d discarded her jeans, sweater, and undergarment probably earlier this morning, since I’d put her to bed fully clothed.

The moment she was on my thighs, my cock soft enough to not impede her seat, she curled into me as if she was trying to make herself even smaller again, her voice coming out choked now. “I’m really sorry,” she repeated. “I-Is Amber mad at me?”

I sighed, deciding to be honest. “Yes and no. Obviously, both of us will be pissed if you ever tell anyone.”

“Of course not!” she gasped, pulling away to focus up at me. “I would never,” she promised. “I…” Her voice trailed off as her face flushed, curling more into my bare chest again.

“You what?” I prompted.

“It’s hot!” she blurted out. “I…I want to do it too!” she added.

I smirked at that, knowing she was referring to the threesome, which was about to be a foursome. “Well, I’m sure you overheard that the three of us fucking you is the plan.”

She abruptly shivered like she was cold, a cute little whimper escaping her lips.

“But first I just wanted to make sure you’re alright,” I continued seriously. “Didn’t want to rough you up if your head is pounding or something.”

She trembled again. “I’m okay,” she squeaked.

“Good,” I said warmly, finally reaching down to feel the side of her thin silky-smooth thigh. “Then are you ready for me to warm you up? You’ve been a bad girl, cumming without Amber’s permission, and need to be spanked.”

She began really trembling then, seeming unable to respond as her breathing picked up, only for me to not give her a chance to respond as I grabbed her slim shoulders and began forcing her down sideways, so I could lay her on my thighs.

She squeaked from the abrupt movement, whimpering again as her short legs came right along with the rest of her, until she was suddenly in position on her stomach for me to smack her tiny juicy ass.

I reached down tandoğan escort and bunched up her panties in her crack, giving them a good tug to expose her tight cheeks, only to spank her without hesitation.


“Uhh!” she moaned, her face actively flushing.

I gave her ass a rough squeeze, before lifting my hand again.


“Oh fuck,” she gasped, turning her head to the side as she whimpered.

“Does that feel good, or hurt?” I wondered, beginning to rub the red mark on her smooth ass, sincerely curious to know how this experience was for her. My cock was starting to really get hard again, beginning to press against her slim belly, no doubt leaking precum.

Her face was fully flushed as she tried to look up at me, some of her dark hair hiding half her face. “Both,” she whispered, gently biting her bottom lip.

Oh fuck, she was so cute. It was kind of difficult to remember she was six years older than me when she looked up at me like that. Also hard to remember that she was a married woman, who had been with her husband for several years now, rather than an eighteen-year-old newlywed with a cheating husband, like she and Amber claimed last night at the strip bar.

Cheating husband either way though.

Giving her ass another tight squeeze, my cock throbbing against her belly, I moved my hand over to the back of her neck, beginning to run my fingers through her hair, which caused her to duck her head, shivering as I grabbed a handful. I then began slowly tugging on it, forcing her face up more and more, until her chin was jutted up in the air, her lips parting in visible ecstasy the harder I pulled.

“Uhh,” she moaned again.

“You like that, slut?” I wondered, giving her a little tug.

She whimpered.

“This is just the warm up,” I taunted, tugging even harder. “Amber and her friend are going to fuck you like the little bitch you are. Like the little fuck toy you are.”

She whimpered again, her thighs clamping shut together as she squirmed slightly.

I grinned, beginning to pull even harder until she finally had to grab my legs more firmly as I began arching her back to the point that I was pulling her off my lap. I then took my time gently cupping and groping her small tits, still covered in her soft light pink camisole, before wrapping my arm around her chest to support some of her weight as I pulled her closer, bending down a little to gently plant a tender kiss on her jaw, moving my lips closer and closer to her still gaping mouth.

Her face flushed from the affection, even as her expression of ecstasy remained, a soft whimper escaping when I squeezed my arm around her even tighter.

“Who do you belong to?” I whispered.

She whimpered a second time, her eyes still closed. “Y-You,” she stammered.

“And?” I prompted.


“That’s exactly right,” I replied, planting another tender kiss, even as I began pulling harder on her hair again, since gravity wasn’t helping anymore now that she was in my arm, her legs short enough that her knees weren’t touching the ground, most of her weight supported on her pelvis. She continued to whimper softly until I had her chin practically sticking straight upward, with me leaning forward to begin gently biting her slim defined jaw, only to go for her earlobe and suck it in my mouth, occasionally nibbling on it.

As her breathing picked up even more, I finally stopped pulling on her hair and went from supporting her weight to forcing her back down flat on my thighs, her belly pressing my hard cock down, causing her to gasp from the abruptness of it all.

She tried to look back up at me in surprise. “Wha–“


I slapped her ass, causing her to immediately scream from the shock.

A scream that rapidly shifted to a loud moan.

“Who do you belong to?” I asked more firmly, spanking her again.


“Y-Y-You!” she half-stammered, half-moaned. “And A-Amber!” she quickly added.


“Uhh!” she moaned, her thighs squirming again.

Grabbing her bunched up panties, currently looking like she was wearing a thong, I began tugging on the back, essentially giving her a wedgie, which actually caused her to moan even louder.

“Oh fuck,” she hissed. “Oh fuck that feels so good.”

“Yeah?” I said in sincere surprise, just kind of playing around with her right now, not necessarily aiming to cause her pleasure or discomfort. “How so?” I wondered, my tone casual again.

She gasped as I pulled a little tighter. “Y-You’re squishing my p-pussy, and m-my clit,” she said breathlessly.

Releasing my hold on her panties, knowing I might start tearing them if I tugged much harder, I quickly forced my hand between her slim thighs and got my fingertips on her hot snatch, surprised that she’d already soaked through.

Fuck, she was wet.

Probably from getting there once already, when she was masturbating in secret sincan escort at the top of the stairs, listening to our threesome downstairs.

Using her moans and gasps for reference, I began rubbing around over her soft panties, at first just hitting the general spot where her clit was, but then making much more precise movements when I distinctly felt her hard little button.

“Oh fuck,” she whimpered, beginning to squirm on my lap even more. “Oh fuck, you’re going to make me cum.”

“How close are you?” I asked seriously.

“I’m…I’m…” She gasped, her eyes closed again, her face scrunching up even as her lips began parting in ecstasy. I kept rubbing for a few more seconds, before abruptly withdrawing my hand from her thighs.


“Ahh!” she screamed, jerking her head up, her body tensing from the unexpected spanking. “Oh fuck, please don’t stop!” she begged. “I’m so close!”

“Not yet,” I said firmly. “You’ve already cummed once without permission. Now you don’t get to cum until Amber says it’s okay. That is your punishment. And you’ll accept your punishment like the naughty little slut you are.”

She only whimpered in response.

And I couldn’t help but have a huge grin on my face. Because this was a lot of fun. I was so used to being around the dominating and bitchy goddess that was Amber, that having this short skinny woman being so submissive was exciting. And I loved being gentle with her one second, and rough the next.

I loved that she loved it.

Granted, I still loved fucking Amber much more, having more of a preference for her busty figure, even if Sarah was a nice dessert to the main course meal that was Amber…

I was about to resume my teasing, but there was a knock on the door then, prompting me to focus up.

“Come in,” I said simply when they didn’t automatically answer, causing me to suspect it must be Victoria, since Amber would have just opened it after knocking.

And sure enough, the busty stripper had a small smirk on her face as she peeked her head in, her vibrant red hair framing her angelic face.

“The mistress Amber,” she began, sounding somewhat formal. “Requests her sex toy be sent over to her, so she can make a few small preparations.” Her grin then widened as she focused down on Sarah’s flushed face. “I hope you like pussy,” she continued playfully. “Because she’s going to make you eat me out while Ryan fucks me.”

Oh shit, the look on Sarah’s face.

I figured she might have heard that part earlier, but from her expression, I suspected Amber had mentioned that specific aspect of the plan too quietly.

“U-Umm, o-okay,” Sarah finally stammered, looking sincerely overwhelmed already.

I used the opportunity to smack her ass, hard.

“Ah!” she yelped in surprise.

“You heard her,” I snapped. “Strip naked, and then I want you to crawl to Amber’s room.”

Sarah was visibly trembling as she began pushing herself up, with me helping her get to her feet, only for her to make surprising haste in slipping her panties off, followed by tugging off her camisole, revealing her cute tits and hard pink nipples.

Needless to say, Victoria was all grins as she disappeared back into the hallway in response to Sarah getting down on her hands and knees, making her way for the door on all fours. She then slipped into the hallway out of sight, her entire body looking flushed, her ass bright red.

I heard another smack and yelp, only for Victoria to giggle as it sounded like she was approaching my room again.

Uncertain of what to do while I waited, I decided to quickly get up to straighten out my blanket, only to sit at the head of the bed, my cock standing at full attention from all the stimulation of touching Sarah. I was also leaking a lot of clear precum too, but wasn’t concerned about it since I knew my blanket would probably get a lot messier very soon.

Once I was settled, I then focused on the door with a small frown, knowing from the noises I’d heard that Victoria should be close to my room.

Yet she wasn’t coming in.

It left me uncertain if I should wait where I was, or try talking with her, suspecting we had a handful of minutes to waste before Amber was finished up with Sarah. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I wasn’t even sure how I’d talk to her in the first place if she did come in.

Because we barely knew each other, and it felt different with her than Sarah.

Literally, we’d only met last night, having a nice conversation followed by some uneasy drama, and then suddenly I was waking up to her and Amber fucking me. Like, it was obvious the two of them had talked and made up, but I wasn’t sure where exactly we stood right now.

Obviously, she must sincerely think I was hot, but that didn’t amount to much.

Especially when she’d admitted that she brought guys home every once in a while, and even had a casual boyfriend…

A sıhhiye escort boyfriend who she said she might break up with…

I wondered how serious she was about that. And I wondered if she was feeling the same way right now, uncertain and possibly even nervous about interacting by ourselves.

Of interacting alone again.

Hard to imagine she really felt that way, considering how fucking hot she was, but I couldn’t help but wonder.

Taking a deep breath, I decided that maybe I would try calling out to her, since my door was still cracked open, only for me to hear a shaky breath, followed by another knock on the door.

“May I come in?” she asked quietly, her voice trembling just slightly at the end.

“Of course,” I replied, suddenly suspecting that I might be right about her being nervous too, when we didn’t both have something else to focus on. Another person to make it feel more casual, even if what we’d done was far from casual in my opinion.

There was a pause, before the door started creaking open, Victoria slowly revealing that she was wearing her transparent plastic hoodie again…and nothing else.

Her plump 36-D tits were plainly visible underneath the clear vinyl material, her pierced nipples pinched with tiny clamps that had a delicate chain running between them, with me seeing for the first time that she had a tiny trail of three butterflies on her right pelvis, leading to her pussy, matching the blue butterfly tramp stamp on her lower back.

The tiny tattoos in the front were so small and low that they’d only be visible if she was wearing a thong, with me only having seen her in that pleated PVC mini-skirt thus far.

In this case, they were visible because she was completely naked from the waist down, having a small patch of soft red pubic hair above her shaved pussy.

A pussy with juicy lips looking almost twice as swollen as I’d ever seen Amber’s.

Fuck, how could one human be so fucking erotic?!

“H-Hey,” she stammered after a brief pause, watching me take her all in with wide eyes. “Mind if I join you?”

I cleared my throat, finding an unexpected tension in the air. “Umm, yeah. Of course,” I agreed. “You, umm, need to get on me, right?” I added, since Amber had mentioned that Victoria should have my ‘monster cock’ in her pussy while Sarah ate her out.

She cleared her throat too, an adorable little noise. “Umm, yeah. If that’s okay?”

I grinned at that, feeling a little bit more relaxed when I remembered our conversation from last night. “Someone slip something in your drink again?” I asked playfully.

She stared at me in surprise for a second, before she grinned. “Oh, right,” she retorted with just as much teasing amusement in her tone. “All men want to fuck me.”

“Without a doubt,” I agreed simply, still grinning. “And you’re definitely on something if you think otherwise.”

Her grinned widened, with her finally taking a step into the room, only closing the door a little behind her so that it was cracked again. “I really enjoyed talking with you last night,” she said sincerely, her tone becoming a little affectionate. “And I wouldn’t mind chatting some more, if you’re up for it sometime.”

I smirked, patting my thigh. “Well, if you want to get into position so we’re ready for them, then we can talk a little now.”

Her cheeks flushed slightly, before she nodded, taking a small breath before standing up straighter, as if she was forcing herself to be more determined and confident. She then focused on my cock as she began marching over, almost seeming as if having a clear goal in sight made it easier, keeping her eyes off my face when she climbed onto the bed to carefully turn around and mount me.

I reached up to grab her bare hips as she began lowering herself down, with her sucking in a sharp breath when my head made contact with her juicy lips, moaning just slightly as she began sinking right down with ease.

No doubt she still had quite a bit of my cum inside of her from earlier, serving as lube for my leaking cock.

However, as I wrapped my arms around her waist while she sank the rest of the way down, carefully beginning to cross my legs so that Sarah could have access to her snatch, it felt like everything changed.

All at once.

The moment we were fully connected, Victoria’s legs spread and resting on my knees, she stiffened slightly in my grasp, her hands on my forearms, even as I felt a surge of passion and lust from having her in my embrace.

And somehow, I just knew she was feeling the same thing, especially when she squeezed my arms gently, slowly beginning to turn her head to look up at me as she leaned back more into my chest, her face flushed with obvious desire. It was almost as if the world grew smaller, as if even my room didn’t fully exist anymore, with there being no one else for miles, except the two of us.

Just us.

I held her deep blue gaze as her breathing picked up, loving that I could see her huge tits from this angle, looking partially flattened against the transparent hoodie from my embrace around her waist, the delicate chain reminding me that her pierced nipples were being pinched with those tiny clamps.

When she didn’t say anything for a long few seconds, just holding my gaze intently, I finally spoke up quietly.

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