Ini-Herit and his family lived in Cairo. He was a minister in the Ministry of Antiquities, his wife, Rania a professor and his son, Latif and daughter, Kesi were students at Cairo University.Saturday morning, Ini-Herit and Rania strolled through the markets, holding hands and appreciating their time alone.  Ini-Herit noticed, sitting on a table, half-hidden by tattered books, a small rectangular box with hieroglyphs on the top that he recognized to be thousands of years old.He haggled with the vendor for the box and if authentic, bahis şirketleri he would inform the authorities and have the low life arrested for selling antiquities.After the evening meal, Ini-Herit retired to his study, examined his purchase and ran a finger over the image of an Ibis, a crocodile and then a flame.A spark flashed, burning his finger and an orange-red flame formed in front of his desk, growing to twice the height of a man.“I am Jinni, free to come and go, but am duty-bound to grant one wish to the person bahis firmaları who unlocks my home.”Ini-Herit stared in fear and amazement. “You cannot be real.”The Jinni growled, flicked a flame from his body and set the papers in the trash bin ablaze.“Time is precious Ini and if you don’t make a wish, my next flame will be directed to you.”Ini-Herit had everything but held a wish that scared and aroused him. He blurted, “I wish for incest. To make love with my daughter while watching my son make love to my wife.”Jinni stated, kaçak bahis siteleri “I do not judge but warn that the world seeks balance and the deeds you do will ripple through your life.”“Yes. Yes, that is my wish.”Jinni swirled over the desk, all the air was sucked out of the room and Ini-Herit found himself in complete darkness.A spark lit a candle and the corner of a room bathed in a soft, yellow flame. Sparks jumped from one candle to another until the room was lit in a romantic glow.Kesi laid on a massage table, a cream-coloured blanket covered her from her knees to her neck. Rania was laying on an adjoining table with a blanket covering her.Latif stood at the foot of a massage table, running his oil-covered fingers around his mother’s toes.

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