My Time with Tom Ch. 02My Time with Tom Ch. 02


It had been several weeks since I’d heard from Tom. Months before, we had a wonderful first meeting. Unfortunately, soon after our meet, we had to stop talking for a while for a variety of reasons. I carried on with my life but I was hopeful he’d contact me again when the time was right. Even though I had many opportunities for sex, the thought of losing touch with him made me upset. I felt bad for his situation and I was saddened by the turn of events that led to his disconnect, but he’d apologized and explained everything as best he could before leaving. I understood and moved on, but held out a little hope he’d come back.

Suddenly, about a month ago, the time came when Tom was comfortable reaching out and I was so happy to hear from him. He wrote to let me know he was sorry for having to say goodbye but could reconnect again, but cautiously. He mentioned he could even plan a trip in my area if I wanted to see him. I replied by exclaiming of course I wanted to see him again! We both got very excited in anticipation of another meeting for sex. We talked about our plans every day, which just charged me even more. It was so nice to pick up where we left off.

A couple of weeks later, Tom confirmed his plans to meet up with me. In the nights leading up to his visit, I found myself dreaming about him fucking me again and again, and I’d often awaken with a wet pussy. He and I don’t have romantic feelings for each other, but there is a physical attraction too strong to deny or give up on. We’ve just tried to respect each other’s boundaries and limitations and that has worked for us. At one point, he told me, what we’ve been doing won’t last forever. We both know that, but I’m just enjoying what it is, and what it has been. It’s just been mostly perfect and exciting and safely adventurous. He’s even earned a trust with me that’s not easily achievable.

Finally, the day came where we’d meet up again. I made special arrangements to be out for an extended period of time without having any questions asked. My hair and nails were freshly done and I got a Brazilian bikini wax for the occasion. I wore a short sun dress with blue and white stripes sans panties and I had on a brand new bra. I brought along my favorite pair of high heels to slip into right before I saw him. I looked as polished as I possibly could but still sensible enough to run my errands before and after our meeting. I also packed a small lunch, some hummus and cut vegetables, in a container, in case I didn’t have time to eat before I saw him. That morning, I stuck the container in my bag along with my favorite hand blown glass sex toy.

We had plans to meet at noon in his hotel lobby. I arrived early but waited in my car for a little while. I walked into the lobby about five past noon, but I was surprised not to see him there. So I calmly sat down in one of the lobby chairs and thought about the lyrics to my favorite Prince song;Darling Nikki. I always loved that song but now it felt really fitting for the event, being in a hotel lobby ready for an epic fuck session! I tried to relax, except there was no immediate way for us to get in touch with each other in case something happened. I was a little unsettled, but I knew he’d show up soon and I was hornier than anything. Luckily, I had some friends to chat with on my smart phone. They were cheering me on and kept me company while I waited. If Tom didn’t show up, these friends would gladly take his place in a heartbeat. They were so sweet to let me know.

About ten minutes later, I saw his truck pull up outside in the lot and he briskly walked in, carrying his belongings. I didn’t realize he hadn’t checked in yet.

He came right up to me, looking sexier than ever but flustered. He kissed me on the cheek and whispered, “I’m sorry I kept you waiting. I had a hard time finding a pharmacy.” I understood because I asked him to take care of getting condoms and lube beforehand, even though he’s not from the area.

I replied softly, “It’s cool, thank you for taking care of it. It’s so good to see you, but go check in.” And I sat back down in the chair with my legs spread a little and waited for a few more minutes while he checked in. He looked back over at me from the reception desk and smiled.

Once he was finished with the concierge, he came back over towards me and I stood up so we could greet each other properly. We exchanged a little more small talk about his trip and he told me how hot I looked. He commented on my five-inch shoes, which brought me to 5’6, next to his 6-foot frame. We walked to the elevator, got in and quickly kaçak iddaa arrived on his floor. He led me down the hall, as if he knew exactly where the room was. His hands were full from his suitcase and garment bag, but he still managed to open the door for me and he let me in first. I walked in and immediately sat on his bed.

I knew we’d have a few minutes to situate before getting naked. I thought he’d want to settle in and freshen up and I felt very hungry. I hadn’t eaten yet because I didn’t have time after my first errand, and I didn’t want to stop anywhere and risk running late. So I got up from the bed, holding my handbag and sat at the room’s desk. I pulled my lunch out of my bag and opened the container. I said to him: “I hope you don’t mind if I eat while you settle in.”

He replied: “Of course, not. I have an idea; you can eat while I eat you out!”

I just smiled at his (half) joke and told him to go settle in. I really wanted to eat something before the next few hours. That turned out to be a good idea. But I did add that I was already very wet for him and he reached under my dress and touched my damp pussy to confirm my claim. He smiled excitedly and then turned to situate in the room and unpack his belongings.

Tom turned on the TV for me, trying to get the porn to work but I told him I didn’t even need it, I was so charged. And, I could see his boner pressing against his black slacks. It made me even more aroused. He looked good in his black golf shirt too. I could see he was also sporting a nice tan. I told him to take his time, and that I’d make myself comfortable. When he went to hang up his garments, I slipped my sex toy out of my bag and onto the nightstand, where he already put the condoms and lube.

I sat back down at the desk and managed to eat a few baby carrots and some cucumber slices. I swallowed my food, and sipped on some bottled water that I also brought with me. I glanced around the room again and set my eyes on the settee couch. I sat down on it and took off my shoes and my dress and placed it over the arm. I thought, this would be a good way to get things started, for him to walk in the area and find me fucking myself.

My little plot worked. Once he saw me on the settee, playing with myself, he took his shirt and pants right off to reveal that gorgeous body of his and a luscious, fat hard-on with pre-cum oozing out. He picked up my camera, which I gave him permission to use, before hand, and he took a short video of me masturbating. I reached over and grabbed the toy from the nightstand. His breathing got louder and deeper as he watched me insert the toy in myself and I started to moan from the pleasure derived from him recording me.

At that point, Tom quickly put the camera down and got up close to me for a personal view. I took the toy out of my pussy and put it back on the nightstand. He got on his knees and I opened my legs wider to accommodate him. He started to lick and massage my dripping wet cunt, as his fingers went deep inside of me, which heightened my pleasure immeasurably. I soon felt the urge to cum and as I neared an orgasm I told him to stick his face under me as I came. He stayed close under me and as my clit danced in his mouth, I squirted my gushing juices in his face. He just suctioned his mouth even more firmly to me and lapped everything up! His tongue swirled wildly against my pussy lips and his face just fit perfectly in my region. When I regained composure, he came up from under me and looked at me with his clear blue eyes and wicked smile as my cum dripped down his chin. I kissed and licked his face and tasted myself on him. This was all very hot, and a good start to our time together. As we both stood up, we saw there was a big wet spot on the couch too. That was exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it to happen. He commented our mark there was his trophy to admire for the night.

Next, we moved to the bed. I was reluctant to touch his dick because I knew how sensitive he is before his first cum. But I also knew he’s able to maintain an erection for hours- he just likes to be in control for the most part. With this in mind, I planned on letting him make me scream, moan and cum all over the room as loud and hard as I wanted to. That’s exactly what happened. He reached over on the nightstand and grabbed the camera again. He took some pictures and another short video of me licking and sucking my own nipples. He put the camera back down and joined me in my nipple suck. We’d done that before and he always told me how much he enjoyed it. I let go of my breasts with kaçak bahis my mouth and hands and let them fall into his own. He massaged and stimulated my breasts until my nipples stood straight up in the air. We were both hard and erect.

Tom moved his mouth back to mine and kissed me deeply. He then he grabbed the toy from the nightstand and inserted it in my cunt and fucked me with it gently for a while. My body started to tense and shake and he went back down to suck me again but I told him I couldn’t take that stimulation right now because I was too sensitive after just having an orgasm. That smart guy came up with a good solution. He ate my ass instead, which felt heavenly. A nice little ass tease with his mouth was the perfect little distraction from my clit. Superseded by his tongue, he then stuck his finger in my ass, which he used to fuck my tight, but now wet hole and I had another cum. That was two orgasms in less than an hour. His hand had a puddle of my wetness in it and he proudly dripped it on to my body from above me.

He then asked me to lay over him, facing downwards to let me suck his cock. It was sort of a 69 position but I went further down, tonguing his balls and doing the unthinkable… I licked his asshole! It was pink and fleshy and he moaned with delight as my tongue ran back and forth across it, all while holding his shaft in my hand. If Tom were not such an immaculately clean or un-hairy guy, I would never have done it. But I knew there was a reason he’s worshiped my ass as much as he does. I knew he really wanted me to perform anilingus the way he’d done to me so many times. I also knew he could never just ask for it. Based on his magnificent reaction, a series of pleasurable moans and hip thrusts, I didn’t stop playing with his ass. I asked him if he wanted me to touch his hole and he said “Yes, but just a little.” With my manicured fingertip, I gently pushed the rim of his sphincter, which pulsed and contracted around my probing finger. I love the sensation of an ass rimming and I could tell he did too! Especially when I turned around to face him and saw his expression. It looked as though his dreams came true and I felt incredibly good doing what no one else had done for him.

The next thing I knew, we’d changed positions again. He came out from under me and rolled me on my back. I scooted myself up closer to the headboard. He got up on top of me and put a condom on very quickly. He asked if I wanted him to fuck me and I said “Of course!” He inserted his cock in my vagina and we screwed each other missionary style. His hard and straight dick went right up against my G spot rhythmically and he went so deep that his groin kissed mine. Another gush came shooting out of me as my hips rocked against his.

With another wet spot of mine on the bed it was time for him to cum. He got up in front of me as I sat up and I sucked his cock as deeply as I could. I bobbed my head briskly around his shaft and took him all the way in my throat four or five times for a few seconds each time. Then, with just the head of his dick in my mouth, I jerked him off with my hand. I looked up at his eyes and back at his penis. His balls tensed up and then he ejaculated ropes and ropes of his hot cum into my mouth. I took it all for him and swallowed with delight after showing him his load on my tongue and lower jaw. We were both very pleased with his emissions.

We collapsed and recovered together in bed for a while. Tom laid on his back, to my right and he took me in the nook of his left arm to cuddle. I leaned my body in close towards him and my left leg lay slightly over his muscular thigh. My head rested on his sculpted pectoral muscles and my left arm draped across his chest touching his biceps. His left arm wrapped across my back and his hand tickled my arm. We lightly rubbed each other’s skin with our fingers and we stroked each other’s ego’s with our words. I told him I was so happy to be spending this time with him. I felt so naughty but also, incredibly worshiped. We also took this time to talk and clear up the issues we had while he was unavailable. The conversation became a little awkward for a minute, but it was respectful and then over with. I didn’t enjoy bringing up drama but we just needed to clear a couple of things up. I needed to make sure he wouldn’t become upset again if I had another lover. There was a time or two that I did while we were out of touch but then he got jealous when I told him about those adventures. He fully admitted he had no right to be possessive in any way, but it was just the way he felt because illegal bahis he still desired me so much. I told him I was okay with that and we moved on after I reassured him what a fantastic, incomparable lover he is.

Since we don’t see each other very often, I wanted our afternoon together to be the best, most epic experience it could be. We agreed to have only one rule: to always treat our time together as if it were our last. That way, there are no regrets.

We both looked at the clock and it was 2:15pm. I had to leave in an hour and we agreed we’d use that hour very productively. I got on my hands and knees, facing over Tom’s crotch. I leaned my head down and kissed his penis, which immediately re-hardened in my mouth. I then moved up and put his dick in between my breasts to give him a tit fuck, which he took with a smile. He even helped me, by holding my tits around his dick, massaging them around as I licked his tip with my tongue.

Then, I straddled him and he asked me if he could fuck my ass. I said “Hell, yes!” But, confessed that I wanted to be on top, to make sure it wouldn’t hurt. He looked disappointed. I think he really wanted to take control so we came to a compromise. I said I’d lie down on my stomach and he could enter me from behind, if I could guide him in. He agreed that was a good idea.

Tom once again moved out from under me. I lay on my stomach, but he got behind me, and picked up my hips. He grabbed the bottle of lube while I rested on my forearms and knees for my warm up. He put some lube on his finger and rubbed it all around the perimeter of my asshole. He then inserted his lubed up finger inside but I felt really tight for some reason. It wasn’t painful; it just took a few minutes until I felt ready and relaxed. He was so gentle and aware and just continued with his erotic massage until he was able to stick another finger in. I grabbed the bottle of lube myself and squirted even more of it inside of me for him to spread around. It took a few more minutes, but I finally felt ready to take his cock in my ass. I lay down on my stomach and he handed me the glass toy. I inserted it in my ass while he put a condom on. Once he was ready, he took the toy out from my hand and set it aside. He spread my ass cheeks and firmly entered me, slowly to start. He butt fucked me so good! I was so enthralled in the sensation I moaned loudly. Because we were in a hotel, I wasn’t concerned about controlling our volume either. I didn’t care if anyone heard us. The only restraint I used was grabbing the sheets around me so that we didn’t slide off the bed. I stretched the fabric of the bedding as we grasped ourselves in the throes of passion. And, orgasm number four quickly ensued.

Then, to my surprise, Tom fulfilled one of my all time fantasies. He came out from my ass, and stuck the toy back in it, as he reentered and fucked my pussy. I finally got DP’d! I’ve always thought of myself as kinky but this was a first for me, and it felt so incredible! All that pressure rubbing against my G-spot and bowels made me orgasm yet again. More cum came squirting out of my pussy. Tom took the toy out of me, went back in my ass with his cock and pounded me some more as he lay down on top of my back. He gently touched my head with his hand and kissed my face, which was turned toward his. My body shook wildly as it reached another climax. We disengaged and I rolled onto my back to face his front.

I thought I was truly tapped out after five orgasms, but this day was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I could tell he was ready to cum a second time, which I found just as exciting as my own orgasms. I was getting worked up again, just from his energy alone. I once again sat up and put his dick to my mouth. This time, he jerked himself off for me. He came so hard he actually huffed and puffed and moaned and groaned like a sexy beast. Having him cum so hard was a pure, unadulterated prize for me and I was rewarded with a giant spray of his ejaculate in my mouth and on my face. My pussy and ass shuttered and convulsed instinctively at his release.

We were done. And the room smelled like sex. I was spent and I had to wash up and go home. I asked to use his tub, which he easily permitted. I filled it up half way with water, so that I wouldn’t get my hair wet. I quickly washed with a lathering of the hotel’s shower gel. I then played a naughty but harmless trick on Tom. I asked him to come in and hand me a towel, even though it was well in my reach, just so I could steal another look at him again. He found that amusing.

When I finally redressed, I checked the time on my phone and saw I was almost running late for the rest of my day. Ialmost didn’t care. I was so satisfied. And I was so glad we maximized our time together. This was the way to go.

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