Sleep over at Roberts llSleep over at Roberts ll


Sleep over at Roberts llIt felt funny laying in bed naked and my butt hurt. I pulled the sheets back over me and rolled over. Next thing I knew the bed was shaking. Looking around the sun hadn’t come up yet. Mr Baker was sitting in the edge of the bed. He ran his hand up my leg to my crotch. As he rubbed my groin, I spread my legs. Good you’re awake, he whispered. He pulled down the sheets till I was fully exposed. My dick stiffened as I thought about what he was going to do. Leaning over he kissed my nipples and sucked each one. My breathing quickened as I felt his hand slide down to my now stiff dick. Slipping his finger under my balls he squeezed softly, which made my heart beat faster. Looking up he asked, how’s that tight ass of yours. A little sore, I said. Squeezing my dick he said, roll over and I’ll take care of escort izmir it. As I turned over, Mr Baker pulled my hips up. Crawling behind me he spread my butt cheeks wide and pressed his mouth between them. His tongue felt good as he licked me. He circled around my hole a couple of minutes, then probed at it as he flicked his tongue over and around. I couldn’t believe I was laying here letting him do this, but it felt so good. As he pushed his tongue against my hole he squeezed my cheeks. Reaching between my legs he slowly stroked me. I felt something harder than his tongue and knew he was going to put his finger in me again. I was so excited I didn’t care. It felt good as he worked his finger in and out. Pulling his hand back, I felt a second finger. It stung as he pushed them in me. I pushed my face against the pillow escort izmir to cover my moans. That’s it, he said. You’re going to like this before we’re finished. He moved his hands in unison. My head was spinning as he pushed in and out while moving his hand down and up my dick.After a few minutes he pulled his fingers out of me. I felt the bed shake as he moved around, then I felt something wet touching my butt hole. It felt harder than his tongue and softer than his fingers. I screamed into the pillow as he pushed his dick in me. He said to relax. After a few seconds he pushed in a little more and stopped. Soon I felt him against me. You’re doing good, Mr Baker said. It hurt, but not as much as it did at first. He pulled back till just the head of his dick was in me, then pushed back in slow. My dick was so hard it hurt but I don’t know what to do. Soon he was fucking harder and faster. He pulled out of me and said to turn over. He pulled my legs up and pulled me closer to him. Guiding his dick, he put it in me again. You’re so tight you’re going to make me cun quick, he whispered. I couldn’t catch my breath as he pounded my butt hole. Reaching down he grabbed my dick and started stroking it. I couldn’t control myself, my dick started pumping. Covered with my own juices he said, I’m going to fill your ass. He grunted and I felt his dick throb. He grabbed my hips and pulled me tight against him. Suddenly I felt warm liquid filling my insides. We lay together as one for several minutes. I felt his dick fall out of me as he went limp. Covered in sweat Mr Baker got up and said to get some sleep before Robert wakes up. Laying on my side, my butt hurt. I could feel wetness leaking out of my butt. Hearing Robert I got up. It felt funny walking. Sitting down for breakfast my butt hurt.

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