My Perfect Other Half Ch. 19My Perfect Other Half Ch. 19


Chapter 19: Realizing the Dream

It had been a week since Destiny had revealed the envelope and tossed it on the table. Since then, she had spoken with Maria twice and even reached out to Bree. She wanted to hear their thoughts and needed to express her feelings to other women. Of course, neither told her what they thought she should do. Yet, it was good to know she wasn’t alone in this decision. Maria insisted they meet as soon after returning and Bree asked twice if she could call and set up a lunch date to talk.

Sitting around wasn’t something she wanted to occupy her time doing while giving her ‘slaves’ time to sort through their differences. However, thinking about her situation, what she should do, and the ramifications of keeping or not keeping Zala remained a priority. Deciding to get away, she booked a flight to Cairo and spent four days sightseeing while taking in one of the wonders of the world – the pyramids of Egypt.

The trip proved to be what she needed. The change in scenery provided the space to remove her thoughts from the distractions of Addis Ababa and all that had gone wrong there.

The Pyramids were incredible. To think men were able to lift stones so large to a height so high and do it with such precision boggled the mind. She loved Cairo and the wealth of history it held. But even though she could have spent weeks exploring, she intentionally devoted time to being alone. Every evening she journaled. Every morning she considered how Zala would fit into her home should she claim her and considered how she might negatively affect Tyler.

By the time she flew south, the yellow legal pad was full of scribbled thoughts – both good and bad.

Returning on the afternoon of the seventh day, she decided the time had come. They had a week to either bond or separate. Her letter had spoken to the fact that much of what happened with Zala lay with Tyler. He was her husband. He was her love. He would have to forgive – if he even could. He would have to decide if he could live sharing the woman he loved, more than life itself, with another woman. Knowing Tyler as she did, she knew he had made come to such a determination. His obsessive-compulsive mind wouldn’t rest until he had.

Destiny entered the hotel. She knew Zala was either up there with him or Tyler had since moved out. Looking around the lobby, she saw no sign of them. A minute later, the elevator door to the 16th floor opened. She made her way to room 1612. Brushing the key card over the door sensor, it clicked. Destiny pushed it open.

“Tyyylerrrr!” Destiny heard Zala exclaim in a teasing and whining voice, “You wouldn’t want to lay your hands on a pretty little foreign black girl, would you? I mean, I’m so much younger than you!”

“Honey-girl,” he replied in a stupidly concocted accent, “you are in the presence of a man who is about to get what he wants. Right now he wants is a piece of your sweet ass! Damn, girl, look at them titties! Look at that sweet ass! Uuuu, yeah, wiggle that ass for me. Yeah, just like that! Mm-mmm! Look at that pretty little pussy, all nice and shaved. It looks like it craven to be eaten.”

Destiny’s eyes went wide with surprise. The last thing she expected was to hear them play-acting. Quietly, she closed the door. Standing with her back against it, she listened to the ensuing banter coming from the bedroom just around the corner.

The bedroom was large, and in the center lay a king-size bed. Off to one side was the bathroom. There was ample floor space even with the two sofas situated against adjacent walls. There was no mistaking these two were engaged in some form of adult play. She pictured them naked and standing, one on either side of the bed. She couldn’t help but smile. A part of her told her to leave, knowing this was not the time for deep conversation, but their antics proved to be too much. She wanted to hear more. While grinning from ear-to-ear, she listened to the skit play out.

“My big powerful man, if I lift my arms overhead like this and spin around in these stilettos you got me, will this calm down that big soldier of yours or will it just make him look even more intimidating?”

“The General here is about to have its way with your pretty little body if you don’t stop messing with my mind.”

“Me? Manipulating big ole you? Now, you know that would be impossible. I’m not smart enough to mess with someone as big and strong and smart as you. You wouldn’t use the General to do anything to me, now, would you? I mean, if you did, you might be arrested for attacking a minor. You’re almost old enough to be my daddy,” Zala taunted.

Destiny pictured her standing in dark 6-inch heels. Knowing Zala and her fabulous legs, she was certain she made for a tempting morsel for Tyler to drool over. At her youthful age of 24, she had a body that exuded so many tempting delights. Destiny pictured her standing tall with her tummy drawn in while holding her arms high overhead. Her ample breasts would appear so alluring atop her thinly ribbed torso. izmit escort She knew Tyler had to be salivating at the sight of such a succulent Venus. Zala had charm in abundance, and she was gushing it in an attempt to manipulate him. There was no doubting how this scene was going to end. Zala had already made its outcome all but set in stone.

Just then, all hell broke loose. The room became filled with the sounds of giggling, laughter, people running, body parts banging against walls, and eventually a quiet yet direct conversation. Destiny inched closer to the bedroom door. She couldn’t resist hearing more.

“You love me don’t you,” she heard her say.

“You know I only love one person.”

“But I know that if there was room for a number two, I would be that one in your life.”

“You’re growing on me, you sweet thing. I love seeing your sweet ass and tits.”

“Mmmm, then I’ll keep showing them to you. Have at me big-boy.” Her words continued to overflow with sexual innuendos. “Yes! Kiss my titty. Hmmm! I love it!

“Where were we?” He asked.

“We were talking about me being your almost-lover.”

Tyler chuckled. “Is that who you are to me?”

Destiny could hear them kissing.

“You better believe it! And you’re going to be spending a lot of time with me. Do you think this big old tree trunk here is going to still be standing when you’re 50?”

Tyler chuckled. “Drugs can do amazing things to that thing in your hand.”

“Baby, you don’t need no drugs.”

“Not for a while, I hope.”

Destiny heard soft moaning and knew they were making out. A short while later, Zala grunted. It was an unmistakable sound. Tyler had just sunk his cock inside. Destiny had made that same utterance so many times before. It was the sound that came from a pussy suddenly being stretched to capacity and every nerve ending inside screaming, “OMG!!”

“Fuck me!” She demanded. “Hard! Take me like you did yesterday! Hard! Harder!” Her voice quickly raised both in pitch and urgency. “Give me your everything!”

Tyler grunted. Zala moaned. Destiny’s horniness grew. What he was doing was not at all soft a soft and sensual lovemaking fuck. His cock was brutalizing her pussy. She pictured his meaty shaft ramming into her slender frame. She could see his thick white cock pistoning in and out of her dark crevice. There was no doubt that Zaya was dripping wet. There was not a question in her mind to think anything but what Tyler was doing to her. He was taking her to places that he had only taken her.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder, baby! Harder! Do me like you do every time! Oh, God!”

Destiny pictured what they were doing. She saw Zala with both arms stretched overhead and crossed at the wrist. She fancied him with one strong hand pinning both wrists against the wall. She saw Zala, looking so alluring and staring back at him with her large and dark almond-shaped eyes. She saw him, strong and powerful, pinning her in place with his cock as well as with his hand. She wondered if his other hand might be wrapped around her neck. She ached to be where Zala was. It had been too long since she felt the strength of her slave pleasing her body. There was nothing sexier than to be taken by a man as strong as him.

“Oh, Tyler! Oh, Tyler! Mmmmmm!!!!” Amidst her cries, gasps, and pleas, Destiny knew she had come. Reaching a hand inside her shorts she felt her wetness. In the other room, she heard Zala gasping and screeching as a second, and then a third climax exploded on the one before.

Even though he continued to hammer away, her body settled. The waves of orgasmic pleasure subsided. With her composure regained, she spurred him on to something even greater. She readied herself for the ascent into an even greater state of erotic bliss.

“I love this! Oh, God, I love this! Damn, you feel so fucking good!” It was Zala and she was getting the pounding of a lifetime.

“Yes! Tyler. Cum! I know you want to. Cum for me! Let it go!”

The familiar sounds of him grunting grew more consistent. These were not the exhaustive grunts of a powerful man fucking a hot babe. These were the grunts of a guerilla lost in his desire to ejaculate. His ‘umphs’ grew in volume. Destiny knew his state of mind. She knew he had crossed that point of no return. There was no stopping the inevitable. His only option was to pull out now but she knew that wasn’t an option.

Zala pressed him to bang her harder, all while her lust to cum rallied for still more. Destiny pressed her back against the bedroom wall. Her husband was fucking the brains out of her potential slave on the opposite side. She felt the vibration with each impact of his hips. She heard her gasping breaths and throaty grunts. Her fingers played with her clit. The passion emanating from the other room tickled her pussy with excitement. She wanted him. She wanted him so badly. She wanted him and yet, he was with her. He was doing this with her! She was the one enraptured in the feel of his cock ripping holes in her cunt. Destiny had allowed and even encouraged him to do what she had inadvertently stumbled upon. This was all her doing. But that didn’t matter. She wanted him more than ever. She wanted to interrupt them and demand he fuck her the way he was now pummeling Zala.

Tyler grunted loudly. “Ohhhh!!!! Goddddd!!!” The rhythmic thumping of his hips into her and against the bedroom wall came to an abrupt end after several hard ‘bangs’.

“Yes!” Zala said passionately. “Oh, Baby….. fill me with your cum. Ohhh, yessss!”

Soon after his detonation, the room quieted. Moans and kissing sounds replaced the passion of before. What Destiny now heard was a passion of a different sort. Her husband had spilled his seed. He had spurted his cream inside this beautiful Ethiopian woman’s cunt. He had filled her darkness with his white gift. In its place came only the quiet sounds of lips touching and tongues intermingling. What she couldn’t see was Zala pressing on the tops of his shoulders until his mouth enveloped her yoni.

“Thank you. Thank you, for being so good,” Destiny heard her say. “Mmmm, I like when you do this when you’ve cum. It makes me feel loved.”

Destiny heard her moan. She understood what he was doing. She knew his tongue was up inside worshiping the pussy he had just pounded. She listened. Zala talked quietly. Most of what she said she couldn’t discern. She stayed for the longest while not knowing if they were going to go another round. It didn’t seem as if they were, however.

Hearing movement she stiffened. Her hand pulled free of her cunt. Then she smiled. They weren’t coming out. Instead, their lovemaking moved to the bed. There was no more sex to be had – at least for now -but they were doing something fun. The giggles and tone of their words let her know that. Knowing Zala, they were probably making out and snuggling.

Destiny smiled again. She missed him. “Wow!” she mouthed. “That was hot!” Just then she heard Tyler say something about a reservation upstairs at six. The hotel complex included several eating establishments but there was only one on the roof. Deciding then was a better time than now, she quietly exited and went to her room with a million thoughts filling her mind.

“We reserved a table by the waterfall,” Zala insisted. We reserved the table behind us,” she said pointing discreetly so no one could see. A couple now sat where they were supposed to be.

“I’m sorry, my book has you reserving the table by the outside window. It’s reserved for three. It’s one of our most sought after tables. It commands a spectacular view of the city.”

Zala communicated to Tyler the information. They looked at one another with a puzzled and then knowing look.

“Did you say three?”

“Yes, ma’am. I can change your seating time to 7:30 if you want the table behind you.”

“No, sir. We will take the one we reserved. There must have been some confusion on our part. I apologize for not being more clear.”

Their wine had just been served when a tall and shapely woman walked directly toward them. She was tall – even taller – given her sapphire heels. Her legs were toned – perfect, in fact, and the short black and blue dress let every eye see just how exquisite they were. Her ass was tight, her tummy flat and her breasts voluptuously large. She exuded confidence with every curve of her ethereal figure and flowing movement. Her smile and dashing facial beauty paused many a conversation while she glided from where the Maitre ‘d pointed to the table at the far side of the room.

When she approached, Tyler fell to his knees. Zala stood.

“Up, Slave. We don’t need to cause any more of a scene than we already are.”

He beheld her stern expression and stood. “Goddess,” he said grinning brightly. “You are as beautiful as ever.”

“Thank you, Tyler. And you look even better than you did last week. Give me a hug.”

“Hi, Zala.”

“Hi Goddess,” she replied with much less confidence than when Tyler greeted his wife.

“May I sit or should I come back later?”

“Please join us! You know you are welcome here.”

Zala called for the waiter who poured Destiny a glass of wine and offered her a menu. Initially, their conversation came awkwardly. Both Tyler and Zala expected Goddess to pepper them with questions about their week together. Destiny, however, avoided the topic altogether and instead shared the news of her travel to Egypt.

As the dinner hour progressed, it became obvious that Tyler and Zala had rectified their wrongs and since become friends. Destiny had learned little tidbits that confirmed what she already suspected.

Ninety-minutes later, and after several glasses of wine, the conversation became more akin to how she hoped.

She excused Tyler. “Please go to your room. I would like to spend time alone with her.”

Zala felt the anxiousness of the situation. Now, had become her D-Day moment. The hammer would either fall with the crushing blow or she would learn of her acceptance into a life of bliss.

Destiny sipped from her glass and looked into the youthful face of the Ethiopian woman. “So tell me. Tell me about your week.”

“What do you want to know?”

Destiny shrugged and Grinned. Whatever you want to share. Start talking. I feel like listening. I’ve been blabbering for most of the dinner hour. Now it’s your turn.”

Zala stalled for time. “I’m going to fill my glass, she declared. “Do you want some?”

“Sure, why not.”

“I like your husband,” Zala began. “We ended up having a better time than I thought we would.”

Zala paused but Destiny encouraged her to go on.

“We spent the entire time hanging out. We talked lots. We went to a different restaurant for every meal. We ended up eating at places that I hadn’t ever been to before. I feel fat,” she said smiling for the first time. “I don’t like eating out that often. Rather, I like eating at home so I can cook what I want or have my slave cook for me.”

“Speaking of your slave, if I grant your wish, are you still going to give him to your mother?”

“I’ll have to talk to her but that’s what I would expect to do. If not, I have options. Other women in town are looking for someone like him.”

“I guess you’ve figured that Tyler is not at all like your slave. I don’t want a weak little man, Zala. That’s why I chose Tyler. I have no interest in a man like what you have. I want a real man. I want someone strong. I want to man who can protect me. I want someone who can overpower me and yet allows me to overpower him. What I have is so different than what you have.”

“Yes, I know that,” she answered not sure why she was telling her something they both already knew.

“Do you think you can make that kind of adaptation?”


“Yes. Do you think you can work side by side with the man of his caliber? Or is he going to intimidate you?”

“Tyler doesn’t intimidate me at all. I can handle Tyler just fine.”

“I didn’t ask if you could handle him. I asked if you could work with someone like that. You won’t be doing any handling of him, not ever. I made my mistake once. I don’t plan on making it again.”

Zala’s felt the intensity of their conversation suddenly grow thick with tension. Destiny had come to the side of her husband. She had come to defend him against others who might try to push themselves on him.

“That’s not what I meant. I don’t foresee us having any working-together issues. His personality is so easy going that I don’t see us having conflicts if that’s what you mean.”

“And you realize that if you were my slave, I would have expected you to drop to the floor the way he did when he saw me.”

“Yes, I understand that. I’ll need to learn your expectations but as I said when we were in the Valley, I am willing to do anything if you will take me.”

I talked to you about carrying my child. Is doing that part of you doing anything I tell you to do?”

“Yes, Goddess, it is.”

“Good. I’m glad to hear. So,” she started with a tilt of her head, “How close did you get with my husband?” Destiny chose her words purposely. She knew she had hit her mark when Zala looked away. After a short but awkward silence, Destiny pressed, “Did you two hold hands? Did you kiss or make-out? Did you grope one another, or possibly do even more?”

“We did all of that.”


“And your husband is amazing. He’s one of the most caring and giving men I’ve ever met. He’s also one of the most forgiving men I’ve ever met.”

Destiny nodded while saying nothing. She continued to meet Zala’s cowering eyes.

“I never forced myself on him,” Zala said defensively. “Everything we did was consensual.”

“I have no reason to doubt what you say. You’re a gorgeous young woman with an incredible body. I’m sure Tyler was more than willing to do any and everything with you.”

“I didn’t do anything that he didn’t want. I want to be clear about that.”

“Thank you, Zala. You’ve made yourself perfectly clear. I assume you two fucked from what you are implying.”

Zala looked away. “Yes, Goddess,” she replied meekly.

“I wondered if things might go that far. And now I know. You may go.” Destiny waved her off with the flick of a hand. “Sent him up. Wait for us in your room. We will join you after we’ve finished talking.”

Zala was about to ask for an answer but decided against it. Destiny had purposely been coy with committing anything. Zala stood with tears filling her eyes. Destiny just looked at her expressionless which only made her feel all the worse.

On the elevator down to their floor, she felt horrible. She was no more secure about where she stood then on the day they first met. Destiny remained a mystery, albeit a beautiful and seductive mystery. “Damn, she is gorgeous,” Zala’s said aloud just before opening the door to room 1612.

Tyler stood when hearing her enter. “Well? What did she say?”

Zala’s shrugged and then started to cry. “Nothing!” She screamed. “Nothing! I have no idea what she wants! All she did was intimidate me and send me away. I was told to send you.”

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