My New Life with JonMy New Life with Jon


My first real job, after having gotten a degree for horticulture, was in a large commercial nursery in Jersey, Isle of Wight.

I was eager to learn all I could about tropical plants especially, and for my first month, employed by a well known horticultural firm, I was apprenticing under the auspices of Jon Hussy -in one of the large greenhouses. Jon knew all there was to know about tropical flora (and more too I soon discovered!) and could give me the practical experience so valuable to me.

I liked Jon very much, although he was Bi he brought out the flora of my true sexuality which, until then, I was not sure of.

I knew that my leaning was more to the masculine of my species and felt akin to many of my fellow masculine students at college, but never like this, Jon had a certain calm and kindness about him that I found very appealing and strangely sexual.

He also had a gem of a figure, slim and wiry which I liked and he always greeted me in the mornings with a rapturous smile.

Me thinking what a shame he was married, he had a kid too, so I came to the painful decision that dear Jon would never be mine.

But one morning, when he was showing me the art of pollinating cucumbers, all that brushing and the like which I found very alluring, , like with a very tiny what is called a pollinating brush, – one strokes the flower of the male species and then very gently transfers the almost invisible pollen to the flower of the female.

“And before you know it Pete,” he said to me,” you have a baby cucumber starting. ” For me – just to think I was responsible for that new growth was real job satisfaction, and then to see it grow into a sturdy ripe cucumber was the true satisfaction of what this occupation is all about.”

Secretly I was thinking just how nice it would be to see Jon grow into those skin tight gabardines.

Was I really thinking that? He certainly must have had an effect on me.

That really is what set our lovely relationship off. I could not get over his enthusiasm, he actually talked to the various species of plants, teasing and smoothing the stalks and leaves and even the flower buds and petals with a so very gently touch ,which made me all of a jelly like inside.

He noticed, did Jon, I could see he was pondering deep in thought. Next time he touched a plant I did too, it was one of the new geranium species he said they were procuring , they are not blessed by their scent but the flowers seems to last forever. His was a deep pink variety and mine was white.

“You know something, Pete – there is something about sturdy plants as these that make me hope that my virility can last so long. He stopped stroking and turned to me, his expression full of a love beam I had not known before, not from a guy anyway – and I could feel there was lust there too and then it just happened, like it was meant to be, no awkwardness, no intimidation – it just simply seemed right – and when he brushed my right cheek, first with his fingers and then his lips I felt a certain wondrous warmth enter my being.

It was beautiful, it was divine, it was sensual and so very arousing – I knew I had a very definite swelling come below as dear Jon pursued to brush kiss my lips in a way which was so very sensual. I closed my eyes to take in the moment and then I felt something so very wonderful begin to caress me below. I shuddered thinking for a moment this was wrong, like this, with another guy, at work? – but he was not about to stop what he was doing so wonderfully, he just said for me to chill and enjoy as there he was, slipping down to his knees, me facing him leant against the bench.

“You had better keep your eyes alert, Pete – we Bostancı Escort should be okay behind the large aspidistra, but just keep your eyes open for Mr Collins Huh?” ( Mr Collins was the supervisor )

I was not sure if I should be alarmed or condescending when he started to unzip my jeans. He said he would love to remove them but that would be too risky if anyone suddenly came in. He sort of winkled me out from beneath my briefs and between my unzipped jeans despite the swell. He stretched it back to reveal my crimson plum and I heard him moan as he sniffed me.

“But Jon, you are married I thought?”

“I am, Pete but I am also Bi and there are certain things that Patricia cannot be for me.”

My brain was staring to wander at that stage, on feeling what he was so wonderfully doing to me, and what he said seemed to make it aright.

I was about to enjoy the most wonderful divine oral delight that was to change my whole life, it was the start something so very exciting and good, and just standing there, feeling his enjoyment of me, and mine of him, was something beyond description.

My most intimate parts were being treated to the same touch that sweet Jon gave to his plants, he whispered that I was like a new cucumber growing in his hand – but much, much warmer and so gorgeously flexible, and then he complimented me on the texture which he said was so wonderful and inspiring and like silk touch. I knew then I just wanted to be all cock and balls for him as he helped himself to me, his warm mouth and inquisitive tongue exploring me as he stretched back my foreskin right to the end this time and licked the head of my presentation until I felt something wondrous was going to happen..

“Pete,” he whispered taking a breather from what he was doing, his face all flushed, come, sit on the edge of the bench for me and open wide Huh. Let me enjoy you to the full. – only mind that very big Cactus, we don’t want that pricking you do we?” he chuckled and I loved that, the way he chuckled as he kneeled again to comfort himself between my legs, his fingers stroking inside my thighs, running up along the seam of my jeans, reaching the opening of my unzipped jeans which he had now stretched back to reveal a good helping of me – and beginning to cup my balls so sensually with his hands together and his mouth so slowly and beautifully sucking me.

He occasionally paused to take breath whispering words which made me all the more horny, like how he loved to suck sweet young cock, how he adored the smell and taste of cock.

I was in a dream world. I really was enjoying the new wonderful sensations of sex with this wonderful sweet guy who just kept on sucking and sucking me in all sorts of positions I could never have imagined. Looking up at me now and again, showing me how his cheeks bulged full of cock and how he moved the head inside my mouth, rubbing the sensual part against the roof of his mouth for extra sensuality which I just adored.

He said for me to watch as he took the whole of my length into his mouth, it felt so good, he must have almost been swallowing me to get it in that far.

Taking another breather he complimented me on my lovely cock, asking if I was okay. I think my expression told him that because came that wondrous smile again as he leaned up to kiss me on the lips, then a new sensation, tasting myself in his kiss, the taste I knew so much after those mad, mad masturbations given the imagery of lustful imaginings, and sniffing the scent of fuck in the palm of my hand after a good hearty stiff wank.

Now I had no need to imagine any more, this was the real thing and how.

“Jon” I interrupted with Anadolu Yakası Escort some urgency as he wrapped his tongue around my cock starting to play with my p-hole.

He paused. Looked up.

“I’m about to cum.” I warned thinking he would not like that in his face.

“I know, and it is fine,” he said as if realising.

And then he said ” Feed me, feed me! Give me your cream!”

He strengthened his hold around my throbbing cock and started to masturbate me with certain jerking movements which really set me afire, My whole being was his to do with what he will, I felt the surge come in my groin, the wonderful gush of pure gratification as my hot steaming fluid spurted out into his mouth , dribbling over his face, his cheeks glistening with it.

It seemed he had got as much satisfaction as I did because I saw him instantly masturbate over his trousers. Hearing the moans I assisted and felt the strength of his cock beneath and heard the moans.

“I think I need to wash,” he said afterwards – making for the washroom next door, I managed to find some tissue which I bunched into my briefs until I went to the washroom on Jon’s return. I could still feel myself dribbling spunk, I had never had sex like this and it was wonderful.

The rest of the day we got on with the work and I felt so really different and at ease with Jon.

He said perhaps t it would be a good idea if I wore jogging trousers the next day; “It will be a lot easier for better access and quicker to cover up is the boss comes in suddenly , agreed?”

Of course I agreed and then I knew our relationship was going to continue, and looked forward to it so very much.

We were always limited though taking a quickie in the greenhouse, thinking if we were caught our jobs would probably be at risk. It was thrilling and wonderful to share the quickies with Jon and somehow it made it all the more thrilling because we were doing it on the quiet.

But there was coming a time when his regular sessions made me want much more, I found myself coming in to work minus briefs to make it even easier for him, and also he said to wear braces which enhanced the line of my ass – he absolutely adored the look of my tight bum in just my jeans, he very often use to come up behind me and have a quick feel into my crutch and smooth his strong hands over my cheeks which was divine.

It came to the point I liked to tempt him by leaning steeply over the bench staging when moving plants around, moving my ass in a very provocative fashion anticipating his firm hungry quick feel or the squeeze of my cock and balls if I opened just slightly, and occasionally which I especially loved too, he’d give my ass a brisk slap which made me wince yet made me feel complete, I wanted him to take me over his knee and give me a real sound spanking over my jeans.

I’d got to taking him orally too, he was lovely, tasted so divine and earthy, his cock was so wonderfully pliable in my mouth, I came t want it more and more, the tease and taste if sweet/sour cock, soon I was wanting it another way though, and Jon knew it, as he had started to come up behind me, unzip himself and prod his stiff erection between my thighs, saying I was his ‘tight jeans boy and how he wanted to get into them.

Of course I wanted that too, I was craving for it, even though I knew first time it would hurt. Jon was a biog boy down there and I just knew it would take a lot of patient stretching with lots of lubricant to get right inside me. Yet that didn’t hype me at all, the passion I felt for Jon overcome all that and I just knew after the initial penetration we would be compatible.

I think we both knew Pendik Escort what it was leading to, It was a natural progression really, the trouble was he was married, I was living with my Mum, so it was awkward for us to spend really quality time together. For when it came to going further we both agreed that it would spoil it to rush it. It had to he something very special.

He said it was not as though he didn’t love his wife any more, he did, but he said he loved me too in a different way, so felt there was nothing wrong with that.

The thing is we couldn’t go to his place and it was difficult for him to come to mine for what we both had in mind, How would we find a way!

Love always finds a way.

On the pretence he was working overtime as far as his wife was concerned and my mum too, when it was time to leave work Jon had a gate key, so we could get back in after hours, into the empty office which had a very nice settee and all we wanted.

It was going to be divine. And for the first time we could just chill out and strip completely.

The way we were reflected the way we had so frankly talked about the things we both wanted to do. Jon whispered for me to crouch above him and gradually come down over my face, smothering him in my intimates, rolling myself around so he could taste and lick every part of me, and when his tongue found my hole I so wanted more, I wiggled and twisted, I wanted breaking in so much. But Jon, dear Jon came prepared, he’d bought some various anal vibrators which would gradually stretch me, it was so much fun feeling him gradually insert each one into me down there, all the time kissing and caressing my cheeks, sucking down there between insertions, when we got to the big one, the one he said matched the size of his vessel, I worked to help Jon push it into me, it hurt for a while, I held it there as Jon instructed and then the initial pain seemed to numb, he whispered that the feel of his prick would be much nicer because it was more pliable, and when at last I was treated to raw ripe penetrating throbbing cock it was a real thrill to be fucked ardently like that, his cock thrusting deep up inside and I felt each thrust so deep up inside me, making me yell and shout, wanting more and more of his ripe fuck!

I had so looked forward to Jon’s fuck and he was well aware of that as afterwards, he spread my ass cheeks apart to see just how it looked – and said how diving I looked, that I had a sweet ass made for deep fucking.

He asked if I had been fucked before and I replied I hadn’t. He lamented over that; “A virgin Huh! I might have guessed but you were lovely”

“Have you? I wanted to know, “I mean other guys?”

He said he wanted to show me some pictures, for my eyes only because they were of Patricia; “you will see she enjoys having it both ways, so that is the only way I have done it, never withy another guy though, you are the first, I have never really wanted to, not that way anyway, until you that is, I feel it is so right too,”

I felt him begin to rim me with his fingers again as I looked at the revealing pictures, so personal and thrilling

“Would you like me to fuck you that way, Pete?” Jon asked seeing me take in a lovely scene of him fucking his wife the back way, she laying on her back, legs folded right back over her head, her ass steeped and ready as he stretched over her thighs facing downwards and gave it too her deep and complete.

I relished that thought, that I could feel like she must have felt being fucked like that, and positioned myself easily for his approach, in just a half hour he was ready to fuck me again and that was so wonderful

The fuck was simulating and he said he would also do with me what he did with Patricia afterwards, that is to let me suck and taste the both of us on his dribbling cock.

This was real intimacy and I knew our relationship was so strong.

An it had all started because of a cucumber pollination!

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