My Latina GirlfriendMy Latina Girlfriend


The “Despacito” ringtone went off on my phone. It was Flor’s favorite song, and she told me to use it as my ringtone for her. That way I knew to make sure no one saw what I had texted her.

She had come to New Mexico from El Salvador on a visa, then stayed. She couldn’t go back to the violence. As a single woman, it was too dangerous. She wanted to build a better life for herself here in the U.S. As a faculty member at a small university in New Mexico, dating was tough. The single crowd consisted mostly of students. When Maria introduced me to Flor, I was taken. Her smile was infectious, her bright red lipstick beautiful and mesmerizing. She had amazing curves, and she enjoyed showing off her cleavage. We had met for lunch and hit it off. Maria left us to ourselves, and we talked all afternoon. From that point on, we couldn’t get enough of each other. Flor rented a small apartment and found work waitressing in one of the local restaurants. I would go for lunch just to see her for a few minutes. We had recently started talking about moving in together, but hadn’t made it formal.

I was alone in my office on the second floor of the social sciences building finishing up grading of student papers. The weather was warming with the end of winter and the coming of spring. I had recently installed a new hot tub on my back porch. I had purchased a house on the edge of town that backed up to a forest, giving me a very private back yard. With some work, it was becoming home, and Flor had helped, giving it the feminine touch it needed. But we both wanted to enjoy the hot tub, and Flor needed a new bathing suit. She was spending the morning shopping for one that she liked, and she wanted my opinion. The text was a selfie in a demure red one-piece that I thought was very flattering.

“Me gustan, mi amore.” I replied. She was helping me learn Spanish, and she felt loved when I put forth the effort. “Necesita deniro?”

“No, My Love, I have what I need.” Flor replied. She loved it when istanbul escort I took care of her, but she was an independent-minded woman.

The next picture was a very tight black one-piece that showed a lot of cleavage.

“OMG, I love that one!! Please get it!” I was having a hard time focusing on the grading with Flor sending me pictures like this.

“Perhaps.” Flor loved to tease me. She continued trying on swimsuits, sending me pictures in several one-pieces and a few bikinis. All were flattering, and I wanted to peel them off of her and shove my cock into her pussy. Grading was getting nowhere, so I packed up and headed home.

I fired up the grill and started working on dinner, knowing that Flor would be by soon. It was a Thursday, and I didn’t have classes the next day. I love the professor life. I have a great schedule, can work independently when I want to, and occasionally the scenery in class is not that bad. But tonight I was focused on one woman. When Flor walked in the front door, she was wearing four-inch black strappy heels, jeans that were painted onto her amazing curves, and a tank-top that was a size too small showing cleavage that begged for my mouth. She loved to dress up for me, put on her bright lipstick and pretty makeup and let me show off my gorgeous Latina woman. She got a beer for me from the fridge, chose a Topo Chico for herself, and sat outside next to me while I cooked.

“How was your day, Dr. Richards?” Her words could well have been Russian. It was her body language that had my attention. I wanted to dive into her and fuck her silly on the lawn chair, but we had all weekend. And I wanted to enjoy the scenery a little longer.

We chatted a bit, sipped our drinks, and watched dinner. I was grilling some steaks and asparagus…Flor had me trying to be more healthy. Dinner was good, and we enjoyed the cool evening out on the porch. After the dishes were put away, we sat together outside and read our books, both enjoying istanbul escort bayan the peaceful evening and the sunset. As darkness fell, we listened to the owls, saw a couple of shooting stars, and generally enjoyed the night. Until apparently Flor had had enough peace and quiet.

She stood, and I thought she was going to go inside, but she straddled me, pinning me to the lawn chair, and kissed me passionately. I returned the kiss, enjoying the softness of her lips and the firmness of her breasts. My hands explored her ass and her breasts. I was trying to get her top off of her when she stood up and went inside. Over her shoulder, she informed me that she was going to change into her new bathing suit. I wanted to watch her change, but I also knew she loved seeing the look on my face when she surprised me. So I undressed and climbed into the hot tub to wait for her.

In ten minutes she returned, wearing the tiniest bikini I had ever seen. Her tits were barely concealed, and it appeared that the slightest movement would set them free from the barely existing restraints. And the curves of her freshly shaven pussy were visible in the tightness of the bikini bottom. The bikini was black, or dark blue, or purple. I honestly don’t remember. It was dark against her caramel skin, and the moonlight shimmered off her skin. I was hard as a rock, I wanted all of her.

“Dr. Richards, do you like my new bathing suit?”

I couldn’t answer. I was in awe, I was hungry for her, and I didn’t know where to start. I was speechless, and Flor loved it when she turned me on like that. Her steps into the hot tub were slow and sensual, showing me her body, inviting me to lust for her. I had to have her.

I stood and stepped to her, wrapped her in my arms and kissed her. Flor’s breasts were crushed against my chest, and my hands found the straps to her top. I untied them without thinking, wanting only to be inside her. She wrapped her legs around me, and my cock escort istanbul found her cunt ready for me. She had untied her bikini bottom without my seeing, and I was at the entrance to her pussy, pushing to enter her. As my rigid cock slid into her, Flor moaned and whispered to me, “Oh god, Dr. Richards, you are so big. I love feeling your cock inside me.”

“Yes you do, mi amore. You like being my girl, don’t you? You like getting me hard and letting me fuck your pussy.”

“Aye, que rico, mi amore! Si! I love you! I want you inside me. I want to have your baby!” Her embrace tightened as she begged me to cum inside her.

“Yes, My Love! Yes! God, you feel so damn good! You’re so tight and wet. Cum on my cock. Cum for me. You belong to me!” I owned her, and she loved it.

“Que rico!” Flor repeated over and over, wanting more of me. “I am your woman, your love, your slave, mi amor!”

I was on the edge and wanted to make her mine. I pulled out, forced her to turn around, and bent her over the edge of the hot tub. Her ass was in the air, her bikini bottom hanging precariously from her right leg, her tits swinging in the cool night air. I aligned my cock with her pussy again and slammed home, watching her ass jiggle as I slammed into her. Her words were unintelligible, and I was moaning and yelling, wanting to explode into her. I felt her pussy contract as she screamed in pleasure. I drove my cock deep into her and let loose streams of jizz into her womb. She claimed that she didn’t want children, but I had overheard her on the phone with her mother saying she wanted to give me a son. The only way that would happen is by my pushing my seed into her. And I loved the feeling of explosion inside her tight, wet pussy. I pushed deep into her cunt, emptying my load into her, not wanting any to slip out.

“Oh my god, that was amazing, mi amor!” was the only thing I could say between breaths.

“I love you, Dr. Richards, and I am yours. I love it when you take what you want from me.”

We sat in the hot tub and watched the night sky for another 20 minutes, the cool night air gently caressing her shoulders, creating goosebumps on her breasts. I loved the sight, and wanted to hold her more. We fell asleep in bed, entangled and sated…until tomorrow.

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