My First Time Post CateMy First Time Post Cate


A new story by Nicole

The days seemed to be melting into one large swamp of my own fears, dreads and insecurities. Wow, what a way to begin an erotic story! I am not going to regale my readers with the sordid details of my life this past year. Suffice only to say that here stands a woman reborn and with flaming hot desires unable to be satisfied by her fingers alone.

My days have been filled with the burdens and blessings of the working life. My world is one filled with beautiful women, many of whom are practitioners of the Sapphic Arts and when they are not so inclined, some are eager to be awakened. It is among this pantheon of women that I have found solace, even if that solace has been the empty pursuit my own sexual gratification at the expense of my emotional maturity. I am on my own again.

The day of my rebirth was as ordinary as any other except that I had the titillating pleasure of interviewing models for a private showing I was arranging for clients. Almost all of the models were known to me and it was hardly a difficult thing to choose the 8 for our show, and in fact I’d already decided when this divine pixie of an angel stepped from behind the curtain. The items she modeled were nondescript and hardly the sexiest things in our sex hikaye present collection. She stepped through the curtain, a lean and supple leg angling the sinews of her thigh and the hollow of her tummy as her hips flared proudly and her perfectly formed derriere filled the simple flesh toned bikini she wore. I was captivated. Her stride was innocent yet confident, coquettish and vulnerable, inviting and mysterious and aloof. She seemed to rise above all around her yet she projected this welcoming appeal. I watched her body in it’s multitude of movements as she slipped effortlessly along. She was of slender build and diminutive stature and beautifully curved in all the proper places. I immediately added her name to my list, and as I flushed with the heat of my lustful desire for her I knew I must have her.

This leads us to the moment I kissed her. I invited her to remain after the others had left, as she was new to us, so we could become acquainted. I closed my office door and turned offering her a seat as she merely smiled as I passed. Her tiny hand and slender fingers reached for my arm and gently urged my turning toward her. She looked into my eyes with the most angelic innocence and uttered the one word which unlocked my months of imprisoned passion. sex hikayeleri “Yes.” Was all she said. Her lips parted slightly as her hand caressed up my arm and around my body as I moved close to her. My arm slipped easily around her small frame, she was slightly more petite than I am, and my other hand caressed her pale blonde tresses. When my lips met hers she moaned and her body slumped against me and she seemed to mould herself to me. My body responded, my sex blushed and I felt the dampness growing between my legs. My arm tightened around her small supple body and I fiercely held her snugly against me as my tongue drove into her mouth. She tilted her head and her tongue submitted under my own and she sucked urgently as my tongue explored her velvety mouth.

A moment later I gasped and pulled back from the kiss looking surprised into her eyes and giggling fiendishly I said, “Oh you naughty little girl!” and resumed our lingering and passionate kiss. She had slipped her hand beneath my skirt and before I fully realized it, her fingers had expertly driven under the edge of my thong. My gasp coincided with her fingers wiggling to get between my lips. I was on fire, my flower drenched and aching for another’s touch. We continued to kiss, my hands slipped down seks hikaye to her small but beautifully round and soft bottom. I squeezed and caressed her through the jersey of her yoga pants and finally slipped my hands inside them to dig my fingers into her flesh. I could hardly do anything more than hold on to her, out lips locked in this kiss, as she expertly fingered my aching pussy. She had her hand buried down inside my thong and she was driving deep into me with insistent and furious strokes as her hips thrust and I felt her bumping into me, driving steadily against her hand as her fingers swept up inside me over and over and over. I remember staggering back until my ass rested against my desk, her body following glued to mine. My orgasm came from deep inside me rippling down in insistent and grasping throbs as my soaking wet little pussy pulled and grasped at her fingers inside me. It had been 8 agonizing months since Cate and I had broken up.

She pulled back smiling, her fingers slowly slipped from inside me, she slowly let them slide up along my slick lips and she tapped my hardened little clit as her hand withdrew. She brought her fingers up to my lips and as I tried to lick them she wiped my salty juices all over my chin, lips and cheeks then she kissed me. She reached around me, took my business card from the holder and left my office. As she slipped through the doorway she looked back and smiled.

It was 10am and the beginning of the longest day of my life.

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