My Dearest NoraMy Dearest Nora


I had been watching her come in for some time. What red blooded male wouldn’t? She is about five foot, gorgeous face, a fantastic figure, long red hair, usually down but that day up in an attractive braid, and she had an attitude that demonstrated she knew she was being watched. The big surprise was that she came over and sat at the stool to my left. On every visit before, she came in, paused at the door, walked to the bar, bought a beer, retired to a table, and shot down every guy who dared approach while she grooved to the music. Another difference was her attire. Normally it was a bit modest, displaying just enough to show there was more there. On this day she wore very short and very tight shorts and a loose but sheer blouse. When she walked toward me it was pretty obvious that she was bra-less. If the slight jiggle didn’t give it away the outline of her erect nipples beneath the silky material certainly did.

She smiled at me and took the stool as I rose and held it for her. I nodded and smiled back and we made some mundane small talk. She seemed a little nervous. She got up and fed some bills into the jukebox and played a few selections. She had good taste in country music and I told her so. She thanked me and sang along with her next selection. She has an amazingly good voice and I complimented her. Again I was thanked and then she took a deep breath and blurted out, “Are you gay?”

I almost spit out my mouthful of beer with laughter. “No!. Why would you ask such a thing?”

“I’ve been coming in here for a couple of months and every other guy in this place has hit on me except you. Is there something wrong with me or you?”

Damn she had a sexy pout! “There is nothing wrong with you by any stretch and I’m not gay. I’ve watched all those guys hit on you and watched you summarily shoot them down. Most of them are better looking than me and much closer to your age. They all still work and could probably wine and dine you in a way that I can’t. I just figured you were otherwise attached and why would someone like you possibly be interested in an old codger like me? I’m probably more than twice your age.”

“I’m not attached. I know your name is Bob. Mine is Nora.” She offered me her hand and we both let it linger there for an extra few seconds or so while her green eyes bored into mine. Her hand was small but strong and I didn’t want to let go. When I did, she dropped it on my leg about mid thigh giving a gentle squeeze as if to alert me that it was there. I needed no such alert.

“I’ve been watching you every time I’m here. Every person in this bar respects you. I see people asking for your advice all the time. The men come up and shake your hand before they leave and the women never go without giving you a friendly hug and kiss. I suspect that you are a gentleman and a smart one at that.”

“I’m flattered. I don’t think I’m especially smart but I am curious and have a pretty good memory. I do try to be a gentleman but mostly I just listen and pay attention to what people tell me and enjoy their company. People tend to confide in me. I also like to observe people.”

“What have you observed about me? I do know you’ve been watching.”

“Obviously you are gorgeous with a fantastic body that you enjoy showing off. You love music and have a great voice. With your talent and openness I suspect you have been an entertainer of some sort. Your hands tell me that you have worked a lot with them but probably not in a factory or field. You have burn scars on them so I would guess you were a cook or a server handling hot plates. Your clothes are expensive and you have great taste and can afford the best. You have a bit of a southern accent in your speech but I think it used to be stronger. Because you are trying to hide it I can’t be sure but suspect Appalachia. There is a bit of sadness about you but also confidence and even defiance in your attitude. Today I sense a little less confidence and perhaps a bit of nervousness.”

The accent was back and she gave my thigh a squeeze. “You’re spooky good. Tell me about yourself and I’ll bare my soul to you?”

I’m more comfortable listening than talking but she had what it took to draw me out. “I was a successful scientist who spent the last thirty years or so working in that capacity. Before that I did a variety of things. I was a bartender, mechanic, painter, etc. Maybe that varied background is why people come to me with their questions. I was married twice. My first ended in divorce after ‘the itch’ set in but the second lasted over thirty years. My wife developed cancer and fought it for about four years before losing the battle.”

She gave my leg a very gentle squeeze and I could feel the sympathy. “When she died I was devastated, both emotionally and financially. We’d hit the cap on the insurance pretty quickly. I came home from the funeral a broken, broke, and lonely man. The house looked, and smelled of her but I knew I’d never see her again and just couldn’t stay there. I called the kids and asked them to come and take whatever they wanted Gayrettepe Escort and then sold the house and what was left of the furniture. We’d always dreamed of eventually living near the beach but I couldn’t do that financially or emotionally. I found a small furnished condo here and moved in. I was still pretty miserable and began to drink heavily. A neighbor suggested I go to the clubhouse and find some activity that interested me. It had a pool table. I had always been fairly good at that and doing so kept me occupied. Eventually I regained enough skill so that no one wanted to play anymore and my neighbor suggested this place. I felt welcome. Also the pool competition is good. I became a regular. I don’t drink nearly as much as I did alone and I feel like I’ve made a few friends.”

“Can we dance?” she asked. A nice slow country lullaby was on. I told her I was a horrible dancer but she was persistent and I surrendered. I heard the cat calls from those at the bar, especially the women. I was trying not to step on her toes and she made that easier by pulling me in tight against her body and parting her legs a bit so mine were tightly nestled between them. Her soft breasts were pressed against my ribs and my pelvis was pressed against her firm belly. She had to feel my erection harden and looked up at me and smiled. “I wondered about that too.”

We danced through another ballad and made our way back to our seats. I held her stool for her and took mine. Her hand resumed it’s place on my thigh, but this time a little higher. Nothing was said for a bit but I could tell from her demure smile that she was pleased with the effect she’d had on me. I told her it was my turn to listen to her story.

She took a deep breath. “I was born and raised in Eastern Kentucky. It was once a coal mining town but the mines started to become depleted and the town shrunk. My father was a long haul truck driver and my mother was a waitress at a diner in town. I would go to the diner every day after school and do my homework. If my dad was in town he’d come join me for dinner. We certainly weren’t rich but my parents were deeply in love and everything was pretty good. As I got older I would help my mom by busing tables and carrying plates. Mom would pay me out of her tips but made me save half.”

“They started building a new highway around town and the construction crews found the diner. Business picked up and the owner of the diner offered me a job as a waitress. I jumped at it. I gave half my tips to my mom to help with expenses, saved a quarter for a rainy day or, hopefully, college and kept the rest for mostly frivolous things. Business was brisk to say the least, and I was making pretty good money every evening. I also learned that a little bit of flirting (under my mom’s watchful eye) helped the tip jar tremendously. One evening a man came in and sat in my station. We introduced ourselves and he told me he had just started at the local college and wanted to be an accountant. John was pretty old for a student. He became a regular and always found a spot in my section. I learned that he had spent five years in the Navy after spending two years in school. He was about ten years older than me.”

“He told me about all the exotic places he had been. Since I had only even been out of the county twice I found him, and his stories, fascinating. When my dad would come in he and John would talk. My dad had been in the Navy as well and was impressed that John was actually using his GI bill for something other than truck driver training. He was also impressed that John would eventually have a degree from UK. Dad was a big Wildcat fan and so was John.”

“After about a year John asked Dad if he could court me. Dad agreed readily but with a few conditions; no sex before marriage, no marriage before I turned eighteen, and John had to have a job. Mom wanted me to graduate high school first and I promised her I would. From that point on John would walk or drive me home from work. He was always a perfect gentleman. After a few months he asked me to wed. I made arrangements with school to finish a little early and graduated a few months shy of turning eighteen. My mom proudly hung my diploma in the living room.”

“At eighteen I was ready to marry but John still hadn’t graduated or have a job. The highway was done, the construction crews moved north, and business turned slow. I realized that I was just eating into my mom’s tips. My aunt Nan asked me if I was interested in working for her. My mother wasn’t thrilled with the idea. She considered her sister-in-law to be too worldly. Nan owned the local bar. It had belonged to her husband but he died and it went to her. It was just a neighborhood place with a fairly regular clientele. I told her I knew nothing about making drinks. She assured me she could teach me and promised that the money would be good.”

“I started working afternoons and Nan showed me the ropes. It was really pretty simple, mostly shots and beer. The customers seemed to like me Escort Gayrettepe and the tips far out-shadowed anything I had made at the diner. After about a week Nan called me into her office and told me to come in early the next day. When I arrived she grabbed my hand and led me to her car. ‘We’re going shopping,” she announced. She bought me a few scoop neck blouses, some push-up bras, and some very tight shorts.”

“When we got back to the bar she made me change and instructed me to spend a little more time when bending over the sink and grabbing the bottles off the bottom shelf. I followed her instructions and my tips doubled. I also really enjoyed having men stare at my cleavage and butt. A few weeks later I was singing along with a song I liked, and the men seemed to like it as well. My tips increased again as did business. Nan just smiled. I never had sex with anyone. I just flirted. I continued to give half my tips to my mom and save 25% for a rainy day.”

“John finally graduated and got a job in the office of the last operating mine in the county. We were wed about a month later. My mom had told me a bit about what to expect on our wedding night but I really didn’t have much of the pain she predicted and the intimacy felt great. It was all over pretty fast though.”

“John would come into the bar some nights to drive me home. He really didn’t like my attire at first but when I assured him that I was only going to sleep in his bed he got over it.” She paused to take a deep breath.

“A few weeks after we wed, John asked me to take it in my mouth. At first I thought he was joking and told him so. He assured me that he was dead serious. I knew I couldn’t go to my mom about this but figured Nan would know and understand.

I remember her words. “Nora, every man wants that badly. If you don’t do it for him he’ll find someone who will. Take it from me; when you hear a man tell a woman that his wife just doesn’t understand him he really means that she won’t accommodate him in that way. After a while you might even begin to enjoy it and a side benefit. One very important thing is that when he lets go just smile and swallow. He’ll love it and you can always sneak off later to brush and rinse if you need to. Let him direct you. Men like to think they’re in control but you really are.”

“When John and I got home that night I told him I would do it and he told me to kneel in front of him. He pushed it in pretty hard and wanted me wrap my hand around what wouldn’t fit and pump. It didn’t take long and when he was done I smiled and swallowed. It tasted like salty wall-paper paste. I’d had worse tasting grits. Later that night, I learned of the ‘side benefit’. Instead of the two or three minutes I had experienced before, he lasted about ten. I started to really enjoy pleasing him that way. After a few weeks I actually even started to enjoy his watery, salty grit taste and when I imagined the ten minutes of pleasure I would get later. The tremors would sometimes erupt when he let loose.”

“After about three months John told me that his job was dead-ended and he needed to go back to school. I agreed that he should and he began to go at night. I still complied with all his wishes each night, and sometimes in the morning. After the first semester he said it was going too slow and he wanted to go full-time. I talked to Nan who gave me a few more shifts. It really wasn’t a problem because I genuinely enjoyed my job. The money was great and I had banked it all except the portion that covered about half of the household expenses. I still gave some to my mom to help her out. Business at the diner had slowed to a trickle because the highway moved.”

“I worked mostly nights and decided to go to school as well. In the three years it took John to finish I earned AA’s in both English writing and music. My mom was so very proud of them. The money was flowing in from the bar and I bought a car, guitar, and then a piano. I had dreams of a career writing songs.”

I interrupted. “I would love to hear them sometime. You really do have an amazing voice. I also have an old military buddy who’s a music producer in Nashville. Perhaps he could help and I have a friend here who owns a recording studio. Perhaps he would help with a demo.”

“Maybe you could be my agent.” She squeezed my thigh again and moved her hand up a bit. “Looks like you could use a refill.” She took my hand and we hit the dance floor again This time she swayed a bit to the music and her hard nipples grated across my ribs. It only took a few seconds before my bulge was once again boring into her belly. She just looked up and smiled. We made our way back to the bar and she caressed my bulge with her hand.

“Hmm. I almost lost my train of thought. About that time Dad got an award from his job for twenty five years of driving without a ticket or accident. The prize was a trip for he and Mom for a cruise and a few days at Disney World. Like me, Mom had only been out of the county a few times She was very nervous but Gayrettepe Escort Bayan excited at the same time. They had never had a vacation. From the postcards and phone calls they had a wonderful time. On the way home disaster struck and their plane crashed. Everyone died.”

I put my hand on her shoulder. “I’m so sorry. They sound like they were wonderful parents.”

“Thank you. They really were.” She wiped away a tear and pushed on.” After the service I went to what was now my house. I found a letter from Mom, addressed to me and sitting on the mantle. She must have had a premonition. In it she told me that all the money I had ever given her was in the bank in my name and told me where to find the passbook. She also told me where she had hidden all the “rainy day” money. There were life insurance policies for both of them for a combined total of $200,000. Additionally she had purchased flight insurance policies that totaled $1,000,000. I was suddenly the richest woman in town but for some reason didn’t let John know. A friend and customer at the bar suggested a lawyer to sue the airline. That brought in another $2,000,000. I still told John nothing. At his request we had always split our finances, except the rent and utilities, and I saw no reason to change that arrangement.”

“We moved into the house and John continued his education while I continued to work. One of my regular customers was a financial guy and stock broker. He guided me into some safe investments and urged me to keep out a little play money. I began scouring the newspaper every day for promising investments. It seems like I was pretty good at picking winners and turned $100,000 into $2,000,000 in no time. John still knew nothing but he did appreciate the new car I surprised him with on Christmas morning.”

“He finally finished school and started taking State exams. He did well on most of them and put out resume’s with CPA after his name. He had a few offers, but the one that intrigued him the most was a company down here. It promised partner status in less than three years. I wasn’t sure about leaving home but after thinking about it, thought it might give me more time with my music. I sold the house to Nan’s daughter at a fair price and hold the mortgage. I also owned a part interest in the bar and had a bit of steady income from that. We moved here and John’s new company put us up in a motel until we found a place to live. He was busy working and I was tasked with finding us a place to live. I found a house I liked and bought it for cash. The only furniture I brought with us was my piano but my new house came furnished. John never even inquired about how it was paid for.”

“He worked long hours and when he was sure he was safe and on that partner track he decided we should have a child, preferably a son. I was OK with that but he was very excited to pass his family name down. He was the last of the line.”

” I got off the pill and we tried hard for almost a year. It was a minimum of four times a day. I missed the experience and taste of having him in my mouth but it was “for the cause” and I learned to get the taste by cleaning him off. Finally we went to a doctor and he tested John first. Everything seemed fine with him and then they did a thorough exam of me. I was simply incapable of getting pregnant! John was incensed! He wanted an heir. I felt so lacking as a wife.”

I asked if they had considered adoption. “It’s tough to talk with your mouth full. From the day we got the news that’s all John wanted. When he’d wake in the morning he would press it against my lips until I opened. He expected me to greet him at the door after work on my knees and with mouth open. When we went to bed at night he would straddle me and push it in. At first I didn’t really mind. After all, I really had grown to like it and sometimes could even join him in his orgasms. But somehow it became demeaning and cheap. I was still his wife, though, and complied with his wishes.”

“One night he got home late from work and I was on my knees ready to do my duty. When I took him in I tasted another women and instead of the normal two or three minutes it took about ten. I said nothing, then or later that night, but the next morning I went to see my neighbor. She is a worldly women like Nan. I told her I suspected that John was having an affair and she gave me the names and numbers of a local detective and lawyer. I called and set an appointment for that afternoon. I paid in advance and in two days he called and said he had something for me. He had pictures of John and a young woman going into and leaving two different motels. She looked a lot like me! I gave him some more money and asked him to find out more about her.”

“Two days later he called me with her entire dossier. She was twenty, worked in the same building as John, and had already born two sons which she had put up for adoption, probably to the father. He gave me the name of a lawyer which was, coincidentally, the same one my neighbor had provided. The lawyer was what he called a knee capper. I made an appointment, explained all that had happened and paid her fee up-front. She told me we would have to wait until a certain judge took the circuit. I continued to service John for another month or so until my lawyer called and said it was time to serve him with papers. I tasted that girl most every night.

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