My Daughters Made me CumMy Daughters Made me Cum

I am a freelance therapist and a single dad. I live with my two daughters which has always been fun and interesting. My daughters who are now in their twenties, and if I do say so myself, are beautiful both inside and out.They mostly take after their mom (who passed away when they were younger) in the physical department. Long shampoo commercial quality hair, the kind of skin that you want to touch and voluptuous bodies. The developed early and always looked older than they were because of that.One thing that their mother and I had always agreed on is that we would never make them ashamed of their bodies and would be open and honest about sexuality. There was a pretty open policy in our house around clothing and how much of it was necessary. We were open about the reality of sex, sexuality and sexual arousal. This continued and I would say even picked up after their mom passed away.It became pretty routine and I didn’t take much notice of it until one day I had a male friend over, when we came in the door he stopped dead in his tracks because my two very attractive daughters were walking taksim escort around in thongs and sports bras. Interestingly, I had a couple of female friends who found this arousing.Even with all of this, my daughters did not become sexually active for a long time, they did masturbate but didn’t really do much with a partner though they did have many opportunities.Back a few years ago I had been working fourteen to sixteen hour days for about thirty days straight, we were in the middle of what felt like a prolonged heat wave. Finally, it came time for me to have the next day off. I remember it was one of this hazy, hot, humid days and I came home hot and exhausted.I arrived home and heard the TV on in one of my daughter’s rooms and figured they were watching something together as they often did.  Since they were both over 16 it made it easier for them to be home without me there. I said, “Hey I’m home, jumping in the shower” and heard a hey dad from both of them.I finished my shower wrapped my towel around me and went out to the living room to lay on the couch to cool off. I must have immediately beşiktaş escort dozed off. When I woke I thought I was dreaming, I was in that state where you don’t if you’re in a dream and can’t really move (sleep paralysis). I looked down to see my two daughters topless, in thongs playing with my cock. Keep in mind during the last thirty days of working so much I hadn’t really had time to pleasure myself. My cock was very hard maybe the hardest it’s ever been.I couldn’t really move I was still in sleep paralysis but I could feel as first one of them would run their hand up and down my shaft then pass it to the other who would do the same.There were so many thoughts and feelings running through my mind and body, how wrong this was but omg felt so fucking good, and how goddamn sexy my daughters looked. Their breasts were full womanly breasts with very erect and large nipples which I could easily see.Their bodies were amazing and here they were my two voluptuous, beautiful, sexual, sexually aroused daughters stroking my cock and they were right next to each other. As they were next to each other sometimes the sides of their breasts would touch…I was so built up with cum I’m amazed I didn’t explode right there. My oldest daughter said to my younger daughter “Let’s try it in our mouths.”I don’t think they realized I was awake yet until she put it in her mouth and I let out a moan.My mind was telling me I should stop this but my body couldn’t stop it. She went up and down my shaft with her mouth four or five times then passed it to my younger daughter. She went up and down on it but was faster then my older daughter. She passed it back to her sister and she went all the way down to my balls. When she came up my younger daughter cupped my balls.As she did this she moved in closer and turned a little towards my older daughter which made their very erect, large nipples touch. That was it! It was too much for me I felt such a surge of cum building up I couldn’t hold it back anymore and I knew it was going to be a lot.It felt so wrong but then again so fucking hot, and erotic my cum came flying out it got all over their breasts, their faces, their hair, their shoulders even on their stomachs. There was a lot and it shot hard. They let out a little squeal of surprise when my large load of cum started landing on them.

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