The Demon GiftThe Demon Gift


I had been watching the Japanese movie version of the ‘The Ring,’ and all of a sudden the TV picture went all fuzzy. “What the hell?” I said aloud to myself. I stood up off the bed and slammed the top of the TV with my hand and got the picture back. I sat back down on the bed. I gasped out loud in terror as a large, pale-skinned hand with long fingernails came out of the TV screen towards me. I jumped back in fright to the top of the bed. The hand drew out further until there was an arm and then the ghastly pale face of a demon with sharp teeth and red eyes came out of the TV screen. It hovered over me and stared down wickedly as its hands went down towards my vagina. avcılar escort bayan They stared there for a few moments until there was a blue light that came from its hands towards my vagina. It let out a evil laugh and then went back inside the TV screen and disappeared.What the hell was that? I wondered to myself. Had it been a fragment of my overactive imagination? Probably. I laughed to myself and switched off the TV, then light, and got into bed. At 3am, my eyes flung wide open to a hot sensation down in my vagina and felt something moving. I looked down and my eyes grew wide with horror as something was growing upwards. I pushed down the bed beylikdüzü escort bayan covers and I gasped aloud with shock horror as my vagina had transformed into a man’s large penis. I felt something drop slightly. My left hand went across my inner thigh and I felt a weird sensation, a ball that made the penis twitch and me cry with sexual excitement.  My right hand cupped round the shaft of my new dick. It felt so hot as I moved it up and down and my left hand gently caressed the balls at the bottom. It felt so good, so I moved faster and faster and it made a smacking sound. I cried out loud as I came. Ejaculation came shooting out of the tip esenyurt escort of my dick and landed on top of my hand. I breathed heavily with satisfaction. Because I enjoyed it so much, I played with my new dick and balls and made myself come again. The following day, my best friend Monica came to my dorm room at college. When I opened the door to her, my jaw literally dropped to the floor. I had never seen her look so damn hot and sexy before. I felt my new dick grow with excitement in my panties a bit. She was wearing a black mini skirt and white sleeveless top that her big breasts were spilling out of. Her long black hair was down. “Aren’t you going to let me in?” Monica asked with a laugh. “Sure,” I replied, stepping aside. I closed the door behind her and, thinking with my dick, locked the door. “Why are you locking the door?” “I thought we could be alone,” I replied seductively as I walked over to the bed and sat down beside her.

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