My boyfriend and the dogMy boyfriend and the dog


I was home alone one day and hornier than a bitch in heat. I was walking around the house completely naked. I got some lunch and sat down on the couch to eat. My cousin’s dog sat in front of me. He was wanting some food so i tossed him part of my sandwich. After lunch i went to the computer and started talking on my messenger to my boyfriend. I was chatting with him when my cousin’s beagle stuck his cold wet nose between my legs causing me to jump. I pushed him away. I told James, my boyfriend, about it and he asked what i did about it and i told him. He told me that bestiality was really hot. I sat there and thought about it.
James said he would be over in ten minutes. I hurried up and got dressed and did my hair. By the time i was ready he knocked at the door. I greeted him with a hug and kiss. We went and sat on the couch. I was cuddling up next to him as he wrapped his arm around me and found something on t.v. to watch. I gently kissed his neck causing him to smile. I knew that kissing and biting his neck turned him on. I gently kiss his neck all over before nibbling on it. When i started to nibble i got a soft moan, I smiled at his reaction. I got on his lap facing him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and start to bite his neck. I felt him getting hard.
After kissing and biting his neck for awhile he start to slide his hand up the back of my shirt. I sat up as he unsnapped my bra, I slid it off and he slid off my shirt. He took my tits in his hands causing me to smile. He gently massaged them before starting to pinch my nipples. I felt like I had electric running through my chest when he did it. I softly kissed him as i slid his shirt up and off. He went back to playing with my C cup tits. Slowly he took a nipple into his mouth and started to suck on it and nibble, he did this to the other one too. It made me moan and get even wetter.
I started to rock my hips grinding my pussy against his hard-on. He stood me up and I kissed down his chest and stomach stopping Küçükbakkalköy Escort at his pants. I slowly undid them and pulled them down to his ankles and he stepped out. I looked at him in his boxer. I slowly ran my hand over his hard dick though his boxer. I pulled down his boxers as his dick sprung free. It was perfect for me. It was about 7 inches long and two inches thick. He once told me his older brother’s was 9 inches long and about two inches thick. I slowly licked up and down his shaft. I put his head into his mouth causing him to moan. I gently suck on it and swirled my tongue around. I slid my mouth up and down it a few times before standing up.
He layed me down on the floor and slid my pants off. Then he kissed down my stomach to my panties and kissed my pussy through them. He sucked on them tasting my juices. He ran his finger up and down my slit through my panties teasing me. Then he slid them off and slid one finger into my pussy causing me to moan.

“You like that baby? Your nice and tight for my big dick aren’t you?” He asked

“Yes I love it and yes I want your big dick in my tight pussy. Please fuck me.” was my reply.

He had a smirk on his face, he loved it when I wanted him this bad. He told me to bend over the arm of the couch, I did as I was told. I felt something lick my pussy making me moan, it didn’t feel like James was licking me but I did feel him spread my lips and the tongue dove deep into my pussy making me moan loud. He let my lips go as something continued to tongue fuck me. He went to my room and grabbed some toys that we had along with some lube. I felt him put some lube on my ass. He started to finger my ass hole slowly and gently pushing some of the lube in. He then got a small vibrator and gently pushed it in causing me to moan.
What ever was tongue fucking me stopped as James got behind me. He slid the head of his dick into my pussy and pulled it out teasing me. He did it again Escort Küçükbakkalköy only putting a little more in. He did this for sometime until it was all in my pussy. He started to slowly fuck me, sliding it out to the tip and slowly pushing it back in. He started to pick up pace a little. All of a sudden he turned on the vibrator making me gasps and him moan. By now he was fucking me hard and fast.

“Baby make me cum. Please Baby.” I begged.

He grabbed my hips and started to pound in my pussy hard, I gasped. I felt my orgasm getting close and apparently so did he, he pulled the vibrator out and stopped fucking me. I was disappointed. I stood up and he kissed me.

“Do you want me to make you cum?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

He pointed to the dog. I noticed he was hard. My eyes got wide and looked back a James.

“I am not fucking him,” I told him.

“You don’t have to, this time. You just have please him like he did you, he was the one eating you out.” he told me.

I sighed and walked over the dog and got on my knees. I reached under and started to stoke him. It felt weird to have a dog cock in my hand.

“Suck on it,” James told me.

I didn’t hesitate, I got on my hands and knees and start to blow him. James got behind me. He had another toy in his hand. He turned it on and it started to hum. I was blowing the dog the best i could as I felt the vibrator on my clit causing me to moan. I was rocking back trying to get James to put it in my pussy. I heard him turn it off, I was once again disappointed. I continued to suck on the dog, James got on the side of the dog and watched. When he saw the knott getting close to my mouth he shoved the vibrator deep into my pussy. It was about four inches long and one inch wide. He slowly started to fuck me with it as the dog’s knott entered my mouth. I sucked on him ’til his doggie cum filled my mouth. James told me to swallow it. I had a Küçükbakkalköy Escort Bayan hard time doing it but i did.
James pulled the toy out of my pussy and started to fuck hard and rough again. He had me moaning loud until he pulled it out and shoved it deep in my ass in one thrust causing me to scream. He held it there for a little bit before slowly sliding it in and out. He was fucking my ass for awhile before slamming into my pussy. I moaned loudly. He was fucking me and reached down started to rub my clit. I was gasping as that sent me over the edge, I was cumming all over his dick. He slowly pulled it out and called the dog over.

“Oh no, HE is not fucking me,” I told him.

He slapped my ass causing stinging pain and told me he was was. I closed my legs so he couldn’t fuck me. James slapped my ass again and opened my legs.

“He’s not even going to fuck your pussy, don’t worry,” he told me and kissed my ass where he slapped me.

I turned and watch him bring the dog over. He put some more lube on my ass and started to work it in. The dog mounted me. He was stabbing at me with his cock and James guided it to my ass hole. I got wide eyed. He got his cock in me, I screamed. James layed under me and kissed me and pulled my body on his, the dog still fucking me.

“Baby you’ll like it, don’t worry,” he said reassuringly.

He slid his dick into my pussy making me moan. I felt so full. He had a smirk on his face and started to fuck me faster as the dog was pounding my ass. This happened for about another ten minutes before I felt the dog’s knott starting to hit my ass hole and got wide eyed again. James told me to relax and just accept it. I bit my lip as I felt it nudging it’s way in. James reached down and start to rub my clit as he fucked me. I was moaning as I felt even fuller, the dog got his knott in me. I felt him start to shoot his cum in my ass, I moaned at this feeling. I started to cum too. James was fucking me faster, I felt his dick start to swell, I knew he was about to fill my pussy up. I felt him start to cum deep in my pussy as the dog was pulling out of my ass. I kissed James passionately. We layed there with his softening dick in my pussy until it slid out. We fell asleep in eachothers arms on my floor.

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