My Best Friend’s Crazy Fat Sister Ch. 01My Best Friend’s Crazy Fat Sister Ch. 01


INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – Can there ever be a selfless good deed, or are all good deeds selfish in some say? Sean Kelly, an ordinary guy living in Melbourne, Australia might have some claim to the most selfless good deed apart from self-sacrifice. He agrees to take on his best friend Adam’s fat, crazy, mooching, trainwreck of an older sister Zoe as a housemate, when she has driven both Adam and his wife Emily, a hot-tempered hottie, insane with her antics while living in their spare room.

But does Sean have a secret motivation that makes his good deed not selfless, but one of the most selfish of all time? Read this series of stories to find out, and meet the four main characters who each display the four very different personality types – melancholic Sean, sanguine Zoe, phlegmatic Adam and choleric Emily.

Please be aware that these stories are extremely graphic BBW/fat girl fetish stories, and includes female characters using the toilet and having their periods. If these themes are not your thing, please consider whether you want to read these stories. All characters and events are fictional, with any similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental and unintentional. Only characters aged 18 or over engage in sexual activity.


I pulled my van to a halt in the driveway of my friend Adam Xavier’s house and retrieved my tools from the back. I glanced up at the sky. Melbourne was delivering us a nice autumn Saturday and while the weather in the Victorian capital can change very quickly the forecast for today was good.

It wasn’t usual for me to work on a Saturday, but Adam and his wife Emily needed two power-points replacing and I was happy to help them out, given Adam and I had been best friends since early childhood. I could hear their son Connor and daughter Rose playing outside in their back yard as I walked towards the front door and pressed the doorbell, their dog barking at the sound.

Adam answered the door, and I noticed straight away the stressed look on his face as he ran his hand through his red hair. “Cheer up, it may never happen,” I said.

“Mate, it happened 40-years-ago on one side, and 37-years-ago on the other side,” Adam sighed, as he stepped onto the porch and closed the front screen door. “I spent as much time at work as I could but eventually the time came when I had to head home.”

I knew Adam often spent long hours at work at his job as an IT engineer when stressed at home, and having visited his workplace I couldn’t say I blamed him. It was one of those cool modern offices where everybody dressed in casual clothes every day, could play pool or ping-pong or video games and had meetings in bean-bags. “The girls aren’t getting along any better I take it?” I asked.

“That’s an understatement,” said Adam. “Have you heard that when you put two or more women together in the same house, their menstrual cycles synchronize?”

“It’s not something I really like to think about,” I said, wondering why Adam was talking about periods, when like most guys we normally avoided this topic like the plague.

“Yeah Sean, because you’re lucky getting to live all by yourself,” said Adam. “It was that week this week for both Emily and Zoe, and I thought they would kill each other, or me if I got between them. Its all-clear now — ladies’ time is over for another month – but it feels like a deep freeze in the house. Have you got anything warm to wear in your van? You might need it.”

“If it’s a bad time, maybe I should come back another day?” I suggested.

“No Sean, you being here might stop me murdering that stupid friend of yours I married and that sister of his,” came Emily’s voice from the other side of the screen door.

We turned around somewhat startled at the sudden appearance of her petite figure, Emily having opened the door. A health and fitness fanatic, stunningly attractive with a perfect olive complexion and a pretty, doll-like face, Emily was dressed in a pink sports top and black leggings, her long dark brown hair tied back with a pony-tail. She had not put on her running shoes and socks yet so was therefore barefoot. Emily’s day job was as a geologist, but she would teach group fitness classes on a casual basis.

“Hi honey, I didn’t see you there,” Adam said with a nervous smile, Emily fixing him a glare with her cold brown eyes.

“Clearly,” snapped Emily. “So remind me Adam, how long did you say Zoe would be staying with us, and how long it has actually been?”

“Come on sweetie, let’s not go there again,” said Adam, as Emily’s slim little body seethed with rage. I backed away, feeling deeply uncomfortable. Emily and Adam had been married over ten years and most of the time Emily was great, but put her near Adam’s older sister Zoe and it was a very different story.

“Yes, let’s go there Adam,” said Emily. “She got herself kicked out of the place she was renting from your cousin, by your parents, and by one of her friends from AA.”

“Um, Emily, you know you’re not supposed to talk about Zoe going to AA, the uşak escort whole anonymous thing …” began Adam, before his wife cut him off.

“Really Adam? That’s where you draw the line, me talking about your sister having a drinking problem? Everyone in every country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe knows Zoe has a drinking problem thanks to her antics and her love affair with social media.”

“In Zoe’s defense, she hasn’t had a drink in some years,” said Adam.

Emily fumed. “Yes, you seem to defend her a lot.”

“Well, Zoe is my sister. You don’t hear me criticizing your brother or sister.”

“That’s because Chris is a normal person who is married and lives with his wife and son and daughter in Geelong. Lisa is also a normal person who is married and lives with her husband and son and daughter living in a normal house in a normal suburb where only normal things happen. Neither of them are living for free in our spare room, unemployed and sitting around doing nothing all day except for being a bad influence on Connor and Rose! Anyway, I don’t know why you try to help her. It’s not like she was all that nice to you when you were growing up. She acted like you didn’t exist most of the time.”

“Emily, I don’t like this any more than you do but Zoe won’t be living with us forever.”

“Really Adam? I can’t remember a fucking time when she wasn’t here!” Emily paced in frustration, as I wished I could fade away to invisibility to escape the awkward silence of the feuding spouses. Along the hallway, I heard the sound of the toilet flushing then the taps running, before the lavatory door opened and the source of the dispute — Zoe Yvette Xavier — emerged from the bathroom, walking towards us on her bare feet.

Despite the fact that it was a nice day and well into the Saturday morning, Zoe was still wearing her nightwear — a pair of long pink pajamas. Her long blonde hair hung down loose over her shoulders, and she carried her mobile phone, texting as she walked, stopping momentarily to adjust her panties through her pajamas, and I caught the slightest glimpse of her lilac colored, full-brief knickers as she adjusted the waist band of her pajamas.

Failing to acknowledge her brother, sister-in-law and myself, Zoe walked right by us and deposited the considerable bulk of her 40-year-old body onto the living room couch, continuing to text. Zoe was a big girl — a very big girl — and getting bigger with each passing year. She was naturally tall — six feet tall when barefoot – and had big boobs, but her plus-sized bottom, chubby legs and expanded stomach were the result of eating too much of the wrong foods while taking too little exercise. However, while Zoe was undeniably overweight she at worst was mildly obese. If sitting next to her on a train, bus or a tram one would notice that she was overweight, but she was not so big as to remember it hours later and recount it to another person. She would certainly have no issues on a plane, or getting on a ride at a theme park. Another thing about Zoe was that despite her weight and other issues she had retained the good looks of her younger years and had an exceptionally pretty face with big blue eyes. She looked closer to the age of 30 rather than 40.

Adam and Emily walked into the living room. I stayed in the hallway to get my tools organized before setting to work on the power-points, but could see and hear everything that was going on, not that I really wanted to.

“Zoe, maybe it would be a good idea if you got dressed and did something today?” Adam suggested.

Zoe rolled her eyes and sighed, her passive-aggressive demeanor designed to get on the nerves of her brother and sister-in-law. “I’m good here, thank you.”

“Come on Zoe, it’s a nice day how about you catch a train into Melbourne and enjoy a day in the city?” said Adam. “Or how about I give you a lift over to Mum and Dad’s, and you can spend some time with Jake and Lily?”

Zoe was more interested in her phone, and curled up the toes on her bare feet as she scrolled through the screen. “Who?” she asked dismissively.

“Your kids!” snapped Emily angrily. “You know, the children who you gave birth to and who are being raised by your own parents instead of them enjoying their retirement?”

“Oh, my kids of course,” said Zoe. “No, I don’t think so.”

Emily fumed. “I don’t believe it. Don’t you want to spend time with your son and daughter? Can’t you at least pretend to take some responsibility in your life?”

Zoe shrugged her shoulders. “Mum and Dad are doing fine with them, their fathers pay maintenance towards them and they seem okay. I don’t think they like me all that much anyway.” Her flippant response towards Jake and Lily was more like she was talking about a friend or neighbors’ kids not caring for her, rather than her own children.

Emily stormed out. “Adam, you try and talk some sense into that sister of yours, I’m done. I need to go to the toilet, she gives me the shits, literally.” Emily strode past me on her bare feet, making haste for the toilet. I heard her slam the toilet door shut, then seconds later the door was flung open and Emily came striding back. Her petite little body seethed with rage as she flounced into the living room.

“Zoe, what happened to all the toilet paper?” Emily demanded.

Zoe shrugged, barely looking up from her phone. “Oh yeah, I used the last of it when I went to the toilet just then.”

“Zoe, I’ve told you before, when you use the last of the toilet paper change the roll over.”

“If you’d let me do things the way I wanted without making a drama, there wouldn’t be this problem.”

“No!” snapped the fuming Emily. I was unsure what Zoe was talking about and why it had angered Emily so much, but obviously they knew more than me.

Zoe looked up from her phone at Emily. “I don’t see why you’re making such a big fuss Emily, just use the toilet in the ensuite bathroom or change the toilet roll yourself.”

“That’s not the point,” Emily retorted. “When I need to go to the loo in my own house, there should be toilet paper in there.”

Zoe glowered at her sister-in-law. “Why are you giving me such a hard time about this? It’s not like you sat down on the toilet and then found there was no toilet paper.”

“I nearly did,” said Emily. “Just change the roll the next time you use the last of the toilet paper, okay?”

The furious Emily turned and strode back towards the toilet. I heard her opening the laundry closet to get herself a new roll of toilet paper, then the toilet door slam shut and lock.

“You sure married a drama queen, Adam,” Zoe pointed out to her younger brother.

“Emily is right, Zoe,” Adam said firmly. “Can you just try and stop getting on her nerves?”

“It’s not hard to get on her nerves,” said Zoe. “Why has she got her knickers in a twist this morning? Is she getting her period again, already?”

“Now that’s enough, Zoe,” said Adam. “It’s not just Emily who gets frustrated, it’s me too. We let you live here for nothing, and you don’t even try to find a job.”

“I have enough money to get by for the moment, as long as I don’t have too many expenses.”

“Yes, like paying rent,” Adam pointed out. “Zoe, you signed up at a temp agency last year. Why haven’t you done any temp work?”

Zoe glared at Adam. “Because the agency hasn’t offered me any assignments I would like.” Her attention once more returned to her phone.

Adam threw his hands in the air, clearly at the end of his patience. Although I was some distance from the toilet, I could hear the bad-tempered Emily violently unwinding toilet paper from the roll-holder on a number of occasions, and when I heard her flush the toilet and wash her hands, I knew that her mood would not have improved when she returned. Sure enough, her pretty face was filled with fury as she strode past me adjusting her bikini-style panties through her leggings and back to her husband.

“It still hasn’t got its fat arse off the sofa yet?” spat Emily when she saw the plus-sized figure of Zoe still on the couch.

“Obviously not,” said Zoe. She glared at Emily, challenging her sister-in-law. “And who are you to call me fat?”

“You are fat,” said Emily as she took her sports bag and put on her socks and shoes. “You’re also a lazy, selfish, irresponsible, manipulative, mooching bitch who takes everything and gives nothing in return.”

Zoe got up off the couch and glowered at Emily, Emily returning the nasty look. The two warring girls were complete opposites in looks — Zoe a tall, overweight blonde with blue eyes and fair skin, Emily a petite brunette with brown eyes and olive skin. Adam placed himself between his sister and wife to try and act as peace keeper. “I do nothing for you?” Zoe demanded of Emily. “I babysat your kids the other week, didn’t I?”

“Babysat?” spat Emily. “That’s a joke.”

“I fed them their dinner and watched a documentary on TV with them. Jesus fucking Christ, what else was I expected to do?”

Emily trembled in rage. “You threw out the healthy dinners I left for them to eat and fed them junk instead, and the documentary was about alien big cats in Australia. Connor and Rose now think that panthers and leopards lurk behind every tree thanks to you. They couldn’t sleep for a week.”

“You know what your problem is Emily?” challenged Zoe. “You’re too controlling and too protective of your kids. I helped toughen them up, letting them watch that documentary. You can thank me later.”

“That’s great, the worst mother in Australia is giving me parenting advice,” said Emily.

“Don’t you call me a bad mother,” snapped Zoe.

“Oh really, Zoe? Where are your kids? Not living with you, that’s for sure. They live with your parents, and most of the time you can’t be bothered to spend any time with them. And when you do find some time, all you do is embarrass them!”

“Are you going to stand there and let your wife speak to your own sister like that?” Zoe asked of her brother, hoping for Adam’s support.

“Zoe, Emily, let’s calm down,” the long-suffering Adam suggested.

“Adam, you have the rest of the weekend to get her out of this house and find somewhere else for her to live,” spat Emily, pointing at Zoe. “I don’t want her here anymore. Either she goes, or I take Connor and Rose and we go and stay with Mum and Dad until she’s gone. Make a start now, I have to go and teach my class and take the kids for their swimming lessons. I’m late as it is.” She made for the door.

“Come on honey, don’t say that,” pleaded Adam, putting his hand on Emily’s shoulder.

“You can’t just kick your own sister out with nowhere to go,” said Zoe, again attempting to manipulate her brother to her side. “You know Mum and Dad said I can’t live with them and the kids again after I borrowed Mum’s credit card without permission. Anyway, they always give me the shits saying that I’m too fat.”

While all this had been going on, I had been silent and keen to keep out of it, hoping just to vanish into thin air and avoid becoming a part of this soap opera. I remembered Adam saying things were far worse during the week when both Emily and Zoe were having their periods, and could hardly imagine how things could have been much worse than today. But seeing the situation my friends were in, I found my voice and blurted out, “Adam, Emily it’s okay, Zoe can come and live with me.”

Adam, Emily and Zoe stopped and stared at me. “What did you say, Sean?” Emily asked me.

“I don’t like to interfere in a family situation but things don’t seem to be working out here, so if Zoe needs a place to stay, then I have a spare room.”

“You’re sure about this?” Adam asked, looking uncertainly at first his sister, then at me.

Emily, whose uptight body posture had relaxed now had a smile on her pretty face. “Of course he’s sure, aren’t you Sean?”

“Yes, of course,” I said. “I have a spare bedroom, and Zoe can come and live with me.”

“So, what do you say Zoe?” Adam asked his sister.

“Thanks Sean, that’s really generous, when can I move in?” Zoe asked.

“Yes, when can she move in?” Emily prompted.

I considered this. “I just need to move a few things around in that room but nothing major, so how about late this afternoon if that’s okay?”

“Oh thank you Sean, thank you so much!” squealed Emily, jumping up and down with delight and giving me a huge hug, her demeanor more like that of an overly-excited teenage girl than a married 37-year-old mother of two. She bounced out of the room, calling her kids. “Connor, Rose come inside, I’ve got some really good news for you!”

“Thanks mate, this really helps,” said Adam, the stress on his face receding. He turned to his sister. “Now Zoe, Sean has very kindly agreed to let you move into his home, so try and be on your best behavior. Remember it’s his house and his rules.”

“Rules, rules, rules I fucking hate rules,” complained Zoe, her response sounding more like that of a sullen teenager than a 40-year-old mother-of-two.

“Zoe!” snapped Adam, his sister rolling her eyes as she walked on her bare feet back to the couch and picked up her phone again. I caught the look in Zoe’s pretty blue eyes as she did the eye-roll at her brother. Adam and Emily were right; Zoe did have the crazy eyes and for a moment nerves rose in my stomach about what I had potentially let myself in for, before I pushed my misgivings aside.

Adam and Emily’s son and daughter came running into the house. Seven-year-old Connor looked like a younger version of Adam, five-year-old Rose a younger version of Emily.

“Hi Sean!” Connor called, before he turned to his mother. “Mum, what’s the good news?”

“Your Aunty Zoe is going to go and live with Sean,” said Emily.

“When?” asked Connor.

“In a few short hours from now,” said Emily.

Rose turned to her aunt. “Aunty Zoe, did you and Sean get married?”

“No kid, we didn’t,” said Zoe dismissively. “Your Daddy but mostly your Mummy said I can’t live here anymore …”

“Zoe, enough,” said Adam. “Kids, sometimes grown- ups like your Aunty Zoe and Sean share a house together.”

“But you and Mum share a house and you’re married,” said Rose. “So are Grandma and Grandpa. How come they don’t have to get married?”

“You don’t have to be married to share a house,” said Emily. “The most important thing is that from now on it’s just going to be both of you and me and Dad like before. Isn’t that good news?”

The kids didn’t really seem to understand. Connor looked at his aunt. “Aunty Zoe, if you and Sean had a baby together, would the baby be white this time?”

Zoe collapsed in laughter, sounding like a hyena while Adam and Emily looked embarrassed and unsure of how to answer the question. “Would you like me to explain it to him?” Zoe called out.

“No thank you Zoe,” Emily replied primly. She turned to her son. “Connor, remember how I said that sometimes it’s rude to ask people questions? This is one of those times.”

The boy still looked puzzled. “But Aunty Zoe’s white, and she had one black baby and one Asian baby. That’s weird. Why is our cousin Jake black and our cousin Lily Asian?”

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