Mrs. Willows Needs the Real ThingMrs. Willows Needs the Real Thing

Amarna Sparrow

Mrs. Willows was still panting when she opened her eyes. The orgasmic pleasure waves were still rippling through her body. She momentarily forgot where she was and what happened. She had never had an orgasm that intense as far back as she could remember. She looked down and her right hand was still clutching the buzzing eight-inch vibrator stuck in her swollen pussy.Thankfully, Mr. Willows wasn’t home. What would he think? What would the neighbors think of prim and proper Val Willows spying on the neighbors and getting off watching them while fucking herself with a large vibrator? She turned red with embarrassment at the thought even though she would do it again in a heartbeat.Mrs. Willows needed a shower. Her pussy juices were smeared all over her crotch and thighs. She couldn’t get over how intense her orgasm was from watching her college student next door neighbor, Chloe, suck on Mr. Fields cock and how he finger-fucked the young tease. Damn, she wanted that cock, she wanted to be teased and used. She missed hot, wanton sex like she saw. Sex with Lou had been going steadily downhill. It was no fault of either of them, it was just the way it was but she couldn’t unsee what she saw or forget how intense she came. Just thinking about it, made her wet.She thought the shower would cool her ignited passion and it did for a brief moment until she soaped up her breasts. Her mind wandered and thought of Jim Fields kissing her there in the shower and soaping up her plump breasts. She imagined him telling how hot she looked as he sucked on her bubble-covered nipples. She pinched them, thinking of his lips locked on them. She moaned and made the shower water colder to break the spell.It didn’t work. Her hands went to wash her juices off her pussy and thighs. Her pussy was still smoldering from her recent orgasm. She gasped and clenched her thighs around her slick fingers as they pressed against her clit. Her legs grew weak but her will was even weaker. Her fingers slipped inside her pussy as her hand pressed her petals apart. “Oh Jim,” she moaned, “fuck this needy cunt. Own me.” She couldn’t stop as her eyes glazed over. She had one hand working her clit and pussy while the fingers on the other hand were pinching and pulling her nipples. She was getting bonus veren siteler close to another earth-shattering orgasm and then the real world interrupted.“Honey, can I come in? I need to use the toilet?”“Can’t you wait?” Val practically wailed in frustration. “I am almost done and I have stuff all over the bathroom,” Val replied as she spotted the still slick covered vibrator by the sink. She would be mortified if her husband saw it especially since he didn’t even know she had one or that it was so big.Val quickly rinsed herself off as she heard her husband pacing outside. She wrapped a towel around herself and grabbed the vibrator, fondling it briefly while imagining it was Jim’s cock. She then hid her pleasure monster under her dirty clothes.“Come in. I moved my stuff for you.”“Thanks, I thought I was going to piss in my pants if I waited any longer,” Lou replied as he whipped out his cock and started to pee. Val looked on as Lou peed. She watched his cock lustfully, still needing relief from her interrupted pleasure.Lou felt his wife staring at him and turned around. “Haven’t you seen me pee before?” he asked puzzled.“Don’t put that cock away. Let me lick it clean for you,” Val said in a sultry voice as she dropped her robe.“What the hell has gotten in to you? It is almost time for dinner,” Lou replied, in shock.“Don’t you want me?” Val pouted.“Later honey, after dinner and the game that is on afterwards,” Lou answered as he kissed his wife on the cheek before leaving the bathroom.Later never came. Val tossed and turned that night thinking of Jim and his magnificent, throbbing, glistening cock as her husband blissfully slept beside her.Seduction. Fucking. Plans needed to be made. Val woke up the next morning with one objective and that was to get fucked silly by Jim. Then she remembered her husband’s monthly poker game this coming Saturday. The same day as Jim’s wife book club meeting. Jim once joked to her that they should get together monthly when their spouses were away. Perfect, she thought, if she could make it that long without going crazy.Saturday evening came along and Val was already freshly showered, pretending to have a quiet evening at home which is what she usually did on poker night. Once her husband bedava bahis left the house, she got ready for some hoped for action. Earlier in the week, she purchased a light blue above the knee wrap-around dress with a plunging V-neck that almost reached her belly button. She was pleased with how it showed off her cleavage and barely held her jiggling breasts in place. She remembered how Jim tried to sneak glances of her breasts at neighborhood parties. She bought this dress with that in mind.Val looked at herself in the mirror. She certainly wasn’t a young slim hottie but she felt sexy in this dress. The plunging V-neck meant no bra and she loved the way the smooth, cool fabric felt against her bouncy breasts and nipples. She felt almost naked wearing this dress especially considering all that was underneath was a lace off-white thong that gave a glimpse of her slit in the front and had a little lace heart on the back. It had been years since she had worn a thong and wearing it already made her pussy moist.This was it. Val was standing in front of Jim’s front door. She had let her hair down both literally and figurately by standing here on the threshold of seduction. She usually wore her still silky brunette hair pulled back but tonight she let it cascade down to her shoulders. She wore a beige jacket to cover her sexy dress. No need to have to explain that dress to anyone who saw her.She knocked.Jim opened the door quickly, almost like he was expecting her and stood there stunned for a moment. “Val, what a pleasant surprise,” Jim said once he regained his composure.“Sorry to surprise you. I was just about to drive home and have an evening drink. Then I remembered that you always said we should get together when our spouses are out on their monthly social outings. I figured why not now. Can I come in for a drink? I hope I am not disturbing you.”“No, no, come in,” Jim replied, still a bit unnerved it seemed.“Are you sure?” Val asked demurely as she pushed out her chest giving Jim a better view of her cleavage from under the jacket. “You look so nice, like you are ready to go out,” Val continued as she eyed Jim’s crisp pressed black slacks and tan polo shirt.“No, please come in. Let me take your jacket for you,” Jim graciously deneme bonus offered.Val turned around so Jim could take her jacket off, revealing the backless nature of her sexy dress. Jim got a whiff of her floral perfume and enjoyed the view before him of an alluring Mrs. Willows. Val turned around and Jim was stunned. He had never seen Mrs. Willows in such a sexy dress or had shown so much cleavage.“Wow, Val! What a dress! What is the occasion? How did Lou ever let you leave the house with that on?”“You like it?” Val asked innocently as she twirled around showing even more leg than when she first walked in. “That is actually something else I want to talk to you about but can I have that drink first?”“Sure, what would you like?”“A glass of red wine would be nice. Thank-you.”Jim returned with two glasses of wine as Val motioned for him to sit on the sofa next to her. As he turned to face her; Val crossed one leg over the other which caused the slit in the dress to reveal more of her meaty thigh. Jim was having a difficult time making eye contact with Val as his eyes roamed between her exposed upper thigh and her plunging neckline barely holding back her melon-like breasts.“You see, I have a problem and I need a man’s advice and I thought of you. Now, this just needs to between you and I,” Val said earnestly as she leaned forward, exposing more of her cleavage to him as she lightly touched his knee. Her touch seemed electric and radiated up his leg and woke up his limp cock.“Sure, Val, what is it?” he replied cautiously as his eyes were drawn to the gap between her dress and her braless boobs. He swore he could almost see her nipples.“I think Lou is no longer interested in me, sexually that is. I thought if I bought some sexy clothes like this dress that it might make him be more attracted to me. What do you think? Do you find me attractive?” Val asked as she leaned closer with pleading eyes and quivering red glossy lips.“I think Lou would be crazy not to think you are sexy in that dress,” Jim hesitantly replied, trying to be supportive but struggling not to show his growing desire. He had never experienced this side of prim and proper Mrs. Willows and it was a bit of a shock. She always seemed so aloof and uptight.“Really? Is it too much or too little? Do you think it shows off my plump breasts properly?” Val asked as she cupped her boobs and pushed out her chest and gave her boobs a little shake.“Val, you shouldn’t be asking me this,” Jim protested as he watched Val caress and squeeze her breasts.

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