A Remembered NightA Remembered Night


Part 1

Dan stood in the doorway, scanning the room of partygoers and taking in their elaborately tailored garments. Gold and glittering jewels encircled the ladies throats, fingers, and wrists, sending off prisms of colored lights when touched upon by the strobe ball that turned above them. It was the fantasyland of the rich and famous. The women fluttered about the room like the colorful social butterflies they are. Men were talking business in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Dan despised these functions, yet certain ones were impossible to get out of. His agent had insisted that he come as one of the most recognized publishers from New York would be attending.

It was an unseasonably warm night for September, and though he had tried to dress accordingly in a lightweight silk two-piece Armani suit with a silk shirt left open at the throat, the heat felt suffocating. He had already decided that he would stay only an hour, and no longer. This was just not his scene. He wanted to be back home on his ranch, amongst the horses that he found more comfortable to deal with and where jeans and lightweight shirts sufficed.

When his wife decided she needed more than what he could offer her and ran off to find her dream, he had buried himself in the ranch and his writing. He was finding peace in the sometimes-tedious everyday chores of the lifestyle he had been raised in and the freedom of letting his imagination soar through his love of writing. Now at 48, he was the owner of one of the most prestigious thoroughbred horse ranches in state and a published author of a series of western novels.

Though his life seemed complete, he often felt the need to reassure himself that he was content and needed nothing. He had his ranch, writing, a housekeeper (a woman who actually followed orders), and an uncomplicated affair with a lady from town for an occasional release. The last thing he needed was a wife. The last one had cured him of the fantasy of soul mates and true love everlasting. It was all bullshit.

He noticed Wayne, his agent, frantically gesturing to get his attention, and sighing heavily, started making his way over to him. He figured he might as well get this over with. Then he could get the hell out of here, he thought ruthlessly.

Part 2

As he moved through the crowded room, his gaze caught a couple arguing off to his right.

“Come on, Hon. Let me take you home.” The man’s speech was slurred and he pulled her to him, burying his pudgy face into her neck. She grimaced at his breath that reeked of cigars and whiskey.

Pushing him away from her, she smiled wearily. ” No Jacob! I have already called you a cab, and I want to stay a while longer. I have a ride home,” she said quietly, turning and walking away from him.

Grabbing on to her arm, he ground out viciously, ” I said I will take you home. You came with me, Bitch, and you will leave with me.”

Dan watched, wondering if the lady was going to need assistance, but the woman who looked to be in her late 30’s or perhaps early 40’s deftly, and with great aim, brought her knee up. She connected with the man’s groin, effectively gaining her release from his grip. Turning, she touched the arm of one of the other men dancing close by, whispering something to him. The man nodded and immediately went to Jacob, who was doubled over. Putting an arm around him, he helped him out of the room.

Dan chuckled to himself. That was one spunky little filly. His eyes took in her deep blue dress that sparkled with bursa eskort sequins. It was expensive, yet spoke of elegant simplicity. Her golden brown hair was short, yet stylish. But it was her eyes that really caught his attention. They were such a deep blue, and incredibly sexy! As she walked past him, her gaze swept over him momentarily, and two things came to mind. One was the old expression that eyes are the windows to one’s soul. As he met her gaze, it was one of pure honesty and an uncontrolled inferno of passion that seemed to sear it’s way deep into his mind. He felt the heat of that look throughout his body and could feel himself growing hard as images flashed through his mind of her laying naked beneath him. He could feel her tantalizingly soft, warm, and moist lips enclosing around his cock as those eyes looked up into his. Then just as quickly as the image came, they were gone.

She turned away from him, and walked over towards a group opposite the room from him. For a moment he stood transfixed, staring after her. “What the hell!” he said quietly. He felt decidedly shaky from the impact, his cock engorged and aching with a powerful need to possess her.

When he looked in her direction again, she was gone. He almost panicked, then saw her a little further away with another group. One of the men took her hand and led her out onto the dance floor. He had to forcefully stop himself from going out there and cutting in.

Turning away he made his way over to Wayne. He was introduced to the Publisher, and after a brief discussion, Dan decided that this guy would work out well. He seemed straight as an arrow, a man with integrity. Dan always went with his gut instincts, and they were saying that this man was to be trusted. They made plans to meet the next day to go over the paperwork. All the time they were talking, Dan’s gaze never strayed far from the beautiful woman across the room.

Wayne, seeing where his friend’s attention had gone, chuckled, and said almost in an awed voice. “She is something else, isn’t she?”

“You know her?” he asked him.

“Sure. That’s Dream, a.k.a. the Dreamweaver,” Wayne replied.

“Dreamweaver? That name sounds familiar” Dan said thoughtfully. “Ah, yes. Wasn’t there something written up about her being some sort of psychic”.

Wayne’s face lit up as he laughed delightedly. “Oh yeah, my friend. She most definitely possesses a very unique psychic ability. She telepathically weaves erotic dreams.”

“You’re full of shit, old buddy,” Dan stated with what he hoped was a facsimile of a disbelieving snicker. Yet in his mind flashed a replay of the images he had seen when their eyes had met earlier for that brief moment. He again felt the heat coursing through him. He wasn’t sure he believed in that psychic bull, but she had certainly done something to him.

Chapter 2

Part 1

Dan, not fully understanding what was prompting him, mumbled a “catch you later” to Wayne and the publisher. He made his way through the people until he found himself next to her. Dream turned at his approach, her eyes meeting his for a brief second. Her gaze slowly lowed over his body until she was staring at his crotch. He could feel the heat rushing through his veins as an image flashed in his mind of her hand reaching out to gently stroke his swollen cock through his pants.

He almost choked as he asked, “Excuse me, may I have this dance, Ma’am?”

Her eyes met his once more, and it seemed as though a door had been shut in bursa otele gelen escort his face. But she smiled softly and took his hand as he led her out onto the dance floor.

Turning he pulled her into his arms as the band started another slow love song.

God! She felt good there, seeming to mold herself into him. He could feel his erection pressed against her, and wondered if she felt it too. He felt her warmth and, as she rested her head against his shoulder, he could smell her perfume, a soft scent that of vanilla.

The dance ended and another started. She made no move to walk away from him, and he would not have allowed her to. Instead, from within the circle of his arms, she leaned her head back. With a tentative smile, she reached up and traced the outline of his lips with a scented fingertip. A hot bolt of desire shot through him as he lowered his head and claimed her sweet soft lips possessively. The kiss seemed to go on indefinitely, and when his hand closed over her breast, he felt the hard nipple thrusting forth for more of his attention. He knew if he didn’t stop, he was going to take her right there on the dance floor. Growling, he reluctantly tore his lips from hers. He could feel their bodies trembling with excitement, and red-hot desire. She kept her gaze lowered as though afraid of what he would see there.

He took her hand and led her off the floor to his car, pass the startled glances of her friends. She offered no resistance. When they reached the car, Dan imprisoned her between his hard body and the vehicle, claiming her lips once more as her arms encircled his neck trying to bring him even more into her.

Dream felt his hardness pressing into her, and a stifled groan escaped her lips as she felt his hands moving down her body, grasping her hips and lower. She felt his hand against her bare skin, his fingers hooking into the waistband of her panties, and she gasped, as with a quick, fluid motion, he ripped them from her. Her frantic hands undid the clasp and zipper of his pants, shaking uncontrollably as she felt his fingers seeking out her moistness and delving deeply into her.

God! She was so hot and wet, so ready for him. He lifted her to where she could take him into her, and her legs wrapped around him, pulling him to her more tightly. As she felt his swollen cock throbbing urgently against her wet pussy, she adjusted her body to allow him entry and cried out in pleasure he thrust deep into her. He could feel her muscles tightening around him drawing all reason from his mind with each thrust. And when she buried her cries of pleasure against the tender skin of his throat in the throes of her orgasm, he reveled in her passion, letting himself explode into her and wanting her to feel the heat of his desire as his fluids claimed her as his. She held him to her desperately, accepting him totally.

Part 2

She opened her eyes, meeting his gaze as they clung to each other in the explosion’s aftermath. Their minds touched, as he remained embedded in this wildly exciting lady. As he saw the images of her desires within his mind’s eye, he could feel himself growing hard and thick once more, and their movements took on a more relaxed, sensuous path.

His hands reached behind her, unzipping her dress and lowering it until her breast, enclosed in the daintiest bra he had ever seen, were exposed to his heated gaze. With one fluid motion, that barrier was stripped away. She had a beautiful full breast, and nilüfer escort his head bent, capturing first one rosy bud and then the other between his lips, letting his teeth and tongue tantalize them both into hard throbbing nubs of desire.

He felt her body arch into him as he slid in and out of her moist pussy. Never had it felt this intense. He felt it as an orgasm racked her body, and held her tighter as he let her ride him, prolonging every sensation. When she nibbled at the base of his throat and then the lobe of his ear, Dan knew he could no longer hold back from her, and let his passions soar. Thrusting deeply into he could feel her tightening and trying to hold the pleasure of his every thrust as long as he would allow her.

When she reached the peak once more, he smiled and rode the wave with her, sending his boiling seed shooting deep within her. Their cries of ecstasy blended with the night surrounding them. Both were lost within the rapture of something pure and so very right, knowing in their hearts that this was real and could never end.

Part 3

Walking along the pathways of the Straight River; Dream was lost in thought. It had been three days since their encounter (the night of the beginning is the way she thought of their beautiful evening together). They had known with that first glance that they had no choice but to be joined. The fire burned within them, searing their souls and melting them into one. “One mind, one heart, one body”. For that brief instant in time, all was as it should be, perfect in every way.

Her mind went back to the night once more, dancing in his arms and their passionate lovemaking in the parking lot.

He then drove them back to his ranch, and proceeded to make love to her again. Later, they sat naked in bed as they had laughed and played, talked of their dreams, and munched on cold chicken and sipped wine from each other’s lips. The way his eyes had burned her as he poured the wine onto her body and laughingly insisted that it was an accident. He then proceeded to clean her up so erotically, kissing and licking every drop from her skin – even in places she knew the wine had never touched.

Then Dan grabbed a blanket and, taking her hand, led her outside along a pathway that wove it’s way to a cliff. There they spread the blanket out on a large flat rock, laid down, and watched the most glorious sunrise either had ever seen. He held her to him, and she was overcome with beauty of the sight before her and the feelings that he evoked in her.

Later, back in his bed feeling totally exhausted, they slept holding tightly to each other. It had been like a dream come true.

She had been the first to wake, and lying there in the warmth of his arms, she momentarily wished for the dream. But sighing softly, she slipped from the bed and dressed.

As she placed the yellow rose upon her pillow, she stifled the sobs that rose lest he hear and awaken before she could escape. She quietly left the house, stepping out of his life forever.

It was the way it had to be. She was the Dreamweaver, and it was forbidden for her to belong to just one man.

Most of the time she could walk away without a qualm. But then one would come along, and when it was time to leave, it felt as though it were ripping a piece of her heart out. It was her destiny, though. There was no other choice, for to stay would be to die.

This time with Dan was harder than ever before, for never had she felt so connected to another being, or so at peace as she had here with him. He had touched something deep within her, and she knew that though he felt nothing for her, she had giving him her heart that night and forever.

Now once more the Dreamweaver walks alone, but she would always carry Dan and this night within her heart.

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