Mrs. Kelly the Cleaning LadyMrs. Kelly the Cleaning Lady


This story is a total fantasy. There is no under age sex or cruelty involved. I hope you like it.


Mary Kelly opened the door of her modest apartment to be greeted with the words, “Is that you, Love?”

She smiled. She was 48 years of age. Her husband Peter, was nearing 60 and was always glad to see her, especially since his illness. He relied on her so much and yet he never imposed himself. He was a good man and through all their difficulties their marriage had remained very firm.

When Peter had been in full time work, he had always held down excellent positions which had high salaries. During those times he had always looked after her so well. They had gone on expensive holidays and had a superior house right in the middle of town.

Mary sighed a little at her memories, but then shook her head. That was ten years ago. Even though money wasn’t as plentiful, they still loved each other and things were getting better.

As she walked into the lounge, she could see that the room was spotless. He had clearly been working hard. Once she arrived home, Mary knew she could sit down and relax.

Peter had placed a nice cup of tea on the coffee table with some cream biscuits on a side plate. She murmured “Thanks Love.” and sank gratefully onto the easy chair.

Peter asked, “Did you sort the church out Love?”

She nodded, “Yes, I decorated the altar with the flowers and did a spot of cleaning and spoke to Father Francis. He asked about you and hoped you were better.”

Peter nodded, “He’s good for the Parish. He is concerned about everyone. I’ll try to go to Mass on Sunday. I missed last week.”

Mary immediately came to his defence, “You couldn’t help it Love. You weren’t very well.”

Peter shook his head, “Yes, I suppose you are right, but it is important not to miss Mass. You know that.”

He changed the subject and asked, “Anyway Mary, have you got any more cleaning jobs on today?”

“Only the one job this evening, Mrs Grenville. It’s very easy, the house is immaculate. No children and no shortage of money. I could do with a few more clients like them.”

Peter nodded, “They pay well for everything. It certainly helps us out.”

Mary nodded. To say she was well paid was an understatement. Her normal pay from Mrs Grenville was twice that of most of her other clients and then sometimes John Grenville would top it up with another £50.

“They seem to be very nice people Mary.”

Mary smiled at him. He was always worried about her and needed reassurance. “They are lovely people, Peter. So kind and thoughtful. Cleaning the house is a doddle. Very often, I only have to dust around the pictures and run the vacuum over the carpets. They make everything so easy for me.”

Peter looked more content. The difficult money situation seemed to be sorting itself out. They could relax a little now. He asked “Are you working tomorrow Mary?”

His wife shook her head “No, Love. I am taking a day off. We can afford it. I thought we could pop down to the seaside and have a walk on the beach and then go for a nice lunch.”

It was ideal. Peter leaned over and kissed his wife on the forehead. “Thank you for everything Mary.”

She smiled. She really loved him and said “I wouldn’t have minded staying down there for a few days but I have to do some cleaning for Mrs Kent on Friday. They pay as well as the Grenville’s. He’s the Headmaster of St Winifred’s and is worth a fortune. His wife is the Deputy Head Mistress. They are great friends of Father Francis. He’s the Chairman of the School Governors.”

Peter knew the family quite well. A bit stuck up and full of their own importance but basically very kind. They had certainly been helpful. The two families paid Mary so much now that she didn’t need any other clients, but she still kept them on as she didn’t want to let them down. She was that sort of person. She had integrity.

Whilst the Kelly’s were having this conversation, across town in the affluent area, John Grenville and his wife Lucille were also chatting, but the nature of their conversation was quite different from the innocent words in the Kelly household. If Mary and Peter could have heard them, they would have been shocked.

John Grenville was a self made man. He was only 29 years of age but he had already made a fortune in property and had now moved into the lucrative rental market. He had married his wife Lucille 6 years previously. Lucy was quite a beauty and she had also proved to be an excellent business woman. Whilst John ran the overall finances, she looked after the personnel and staffing. She had quite a persuasive manner and John relied on her expertise. She seemed to be able to get people to comply without any threats. With Lucille, it was all gentle persuasion.

The Grenvilles had an active sex life but over the last few years they had expanded into other variations and were surprised how much in unison they were.

Lucy Grenville smiled “We’ve got Mrs Kelly coming tonight to do some cleaning Eyüp Escort John.”

It seemed to be such an innocent statement but they both knew better.

John groaned “I know. I’ve had a horn on all morning, thinking about her. I love watching her bend over the sofa to clean behind it. I’m waiting for her to stand on the table to dust the edge of the ceiling.”

Lucy looked thoughtful “I think she’s ready now John. Since we’ve been giving her a couple of glasses of white wine, she seems to like me giving her a hug and a squeeze.”

John muttered “That’s my favourite fantasy. Watching you feeling her up as I have a wank in front of her. How ready do you think she is Lucille?”

They were both on the same wavelength as his wife explained “She is so grateful for the money we give her and she said her husband is so much better as he feels more secure now. The difference it has made to their lives has been wonderful. With the hugs and squeezes and a few naughty words she is more than ready.”

“Don’t forget the wine.”

“I haven’t. I am giving her the stronger stuff now.”

“Did you tell her about the new Apartment for her and Peter with no rent to pay?”

“Yes, but I wasn’t very definite. She was over the moon. I was able to give her another glass of wine and told her it would depend on her a lot, to dress in more modern clothes.”

“Did she understand, Lucille?”

“Not really at the beginning, but I explained that she should wear shorter skirts and that I would get her a new brassiere.”

“What did she say?”

“She was so grateful, she said she would do anything we ask. The only thing that worried her was her church. She said it would be difficult for her to go to Mass in short clothes.”

“But she doesn’t have to wear them to church.”

Lucy laughed, “Don’t panic. I told her that we would only need her in modern clothes in our apartment. She was so very grateful. John she will be compliant in everything.”

Lucy loved teasing her husband and repeated “Just think. Compliant in everything John. We just need a little time. She has come a long way already.”

Her husband muttered “Lucille, we must keep her grateful.”

John thought for a moment before adding “She is quite a nice looking woman but she is 48 years old isn’t she?”

His wife looked surprised, “I thought that was part of the attraction, John.”

“It is. She is nice and buxom but at that age she probably has old fashioned ideas about clothes.”

“Yes, she does. You have already seen a flash of her panties when she has cleaned behind the sofa.”

“Yes, I have. I quite liked her big white knickers but the pantyhose wasn’t so attractive.”

Lucille burst out laughing “Don’t worry John. I’ve explained that with modern clothes she should wear nice tan stockings and a garter belt. As I said she is compliant. She will look nice for us bending over and cleaning the top of the stairs.”

John groaned again as he gripped his penis through his trousers muttering “Oh God, Lucy. I want to fuck our old Cleaning Lady so badly. I feel a bit guilty.”

Lucy wasn’t laughing. She looked equally horny as she muttered ” Don’t be guilty John, I want to fuck her as well.”


Back in the Kelly household, Mary could see that Peter was looking tired and suggested he go and have a lie down.

He shook his head “No, Love I’ll stay up until you are ready to go. I always worry about you catching the bus, it is so difficult for you.”

Mary laughed. Peter always worried too much about her. “Don’t be silly Peter. The buses don’t bother me. Anyway Love, if things carry on the way they are we may be able to afford a small car later in the year.”

They had talked about it before and if they could realise that hope, their life would be perfect.

Later on, Mary caught the bus and arrived at Mrs Grenville’s house on time. The young woman laughed as Mary came inside saying “Spot on time again Mrs Kelly. You’re worth your weight in gold isn’t she John?”

John Grenville smiled, “She certainly is. I have just made a nice cup of tea for you Mary. Have a sit down for a minute.”

Mary accepted the tea gratefully and as she sank into the opulent easy chair she couldn’t help thinking what a nice couple they were. Nothing seemed too much trouble and they were always happy and cheerful. She knew they drank a lot of wine and had started to offer her a few glasses as well. Sometimes Mrs Grenville would give her a little kiss and a hug. It made her feel part of the family. She really enjoyed the wine and the hug and the squeeze was lovely, if the truth be known.

After a few minutes Mary got up and said “OK. I had better get started.”

She didn’t notice anything untoward but Mr and Mrs Grenville weren’t very far away all evening. She was a bit self conscious when she cleaned behind the sofa as she realised that with the shorter modern length skirt she may have been showing some underwear. Never mind, she was Escort Eyüp amongst friends, so it didn’t matter.

The young couple were having a mid evening glass of wine and insisted that she join them. Previously she said she had more cleaning to do and they had brushed aside her objections saying she could always do some more on other evenings.

They really were kind to her. It was a pleasure to work for them.

This had happened on several evenings previously and Mary had started to look forward to her evening tipples with the young couple. Now, when they invited her to join them, her objections weren’t very strong and she enjoyed little gossips. She didn’t notice that the wine was getting stronger. It certainly made her feel nicer especially with the nice hugs off Mrs Grenville.

Mrs Grenville always sat on the settee next to her. The young woman was always very touchy feely and was inclined to put her arm around her. Mary didn’t mind and with the lovely wine she started to look forward to these breaks.

They tended to talk about all sorts of things and Lucille casually asked her “Mary, how are you finding the new brassiere I bought you. If it is uncomfortable, I will buy you some different ones.”

Mary blushed a little as John Grenville was only a few feet away but to be fair he didn’t seem to notice. She just told Mrs Grenville “To be honest Maam, it is a perfect fit. It is much better quality than I am used to and it is more comfortable.”

Lucille looked pleased with her answer saying “You look better as well Mary. Don’t forget the quality helps the look as well as comfort. Your titties look so perfect and upthrusting. John has said so many times what an attractive woman you are.”

Mary could see this sort of conversation seemed quite normal to the young couple and it had started a few weeks earlier. Now it seemed to be the normal way to talk and there was always plenty of wine around.

Mr Grenville poured another 3 glasses of wine and handed one to her. She gratefully accepted with a “Thank you Sir.” and took a large swallow. It made her feel lovely. She wanted to join into the conversation and said “Actually Maam, yours look really nice and you can’t see any lines of your underwear through your blouse.”

Lucille nodded “That’s nice of you to say, Mary but it really is a question of quality. John always says that you have nice big breasts. He always has been something of a tit man.” Mary took another swallow and then giggled.

It seemed so normal when Mr Grenville asked her “Have you always had big breasts, Mrs Kelly, because you carry them so well.”

Mary giggled as she said “I always had big breasts even when I was in school, Sir. They are a bit fat now as I have grown older.”

As she spoke Mrs Grenville reached around her back and squeezed her breasts saying “They are not fat, Mary, and your nipples are exceptionally firm.”

Mary took another swallow of wine. The feeling was beautiful and she murmured shyly “Thank you Maam.”

It appeared for a moment as though she was embarrassed and Mrs Grenville immediately apologised “I am sorry Mary. I am inclined to be unthinking. I didn’t realise that this talk and my touching would make you feel uncomfortable. I am really sorry.”

Mary could see that her employer looked quite upset “No, don’t apologise Maam. I don’t mind, really. In fact it felt quite nice. I really liked it.”

Lucille looked relieved. “That’s nice Mary, as to be honest, I liked it as well.” Lucille wasn’t holding back now and was using both her hands to cup Mary’s breasts as she murmured “You have wonderful nipples Mary. They are like a young woman’s.”

Mary was in ecstasy. “They don’t normally feel like this Maam. You’re so caring. I feel wonderful.”

Lucille murmured “I expect they look wonderful as well Mary.”

She could see her employer was enjoying herself. It almost seemed as if she had the power to pay back some of Mrs Grenville’s generosity and she murmured “I would like to show you Maam but it may embarrass your husband.”

She couldn’t see Mr Grenville but if she could she would have had a shock. He had his hand under the table squeezing his penis through his trousers as he watched the two women. He didn’t say anything as he knew his wife was so persuasive she would be able to get their Cleaning Lady to do special things.

Lucille knew very well what he was doing. She simply whispered intimately in Mary’s ear “He’s a tit man Mary. Shall we tease him and show him our tits?”

Mary giggled and had another sip of wine. She whispered back “My brassiere is difficult to undo Maam. Will you help me?”

Mary could see that her employer was affected by the wine as much as she was. They were both giggling as Lucille fumbled with the buttons on Mary’s blouse before slipping it off.

Lucy laughed “Now mine Mary.” Lucille’s blouse seemed to practically fall off and both women were in their brassieres in front of John.

Mary felt excited, especially Eyüp Escort Bayan when Mr Grenville chuckled “Wonderful, ladies. You both look gorgeous with your nice big titties.”

Lucille and Mary both burst out laughing at his expression and Lucy whispered “I told you he was a tit man Mary. Shall we show him properly.”

Mary was as tipsy as her employer and giggled “Yes, let’s show him.” Lucy moved so calmly and efficiently as she removed both brassieres so calmly with her husband watching in admiration.

John spoke a bit croakily “You both look magnificent. Let’s have another glass of wine.”

As he fetched the wine in, he also brought in a small document and handed it to Mary saying “That’s a little present from us, Mrs Kelly. You are a lovely lady.”

Mary gasped as he read the first paragraph saying that Mr and Mrs Peter Kelly were authorised to live in a certain apartment rent free as long as they wished. The next paragraph gave details of the address and other information.

Mary already knew which apartment, as she and Peter had already inspected it after Mrs Grenville had told her about it. She felt so happy she couldn’t stop smiling “Thank you Sir and thank you Maam. Peter and I are so grateful. If there is anything you require we will do our best to help.”

Lucille smiled “Mrs Kelly looks so happy John, why don’t you take a picture”

John laughed “Good idea. Smile for me Mary.”

She felt so happy, she couldn’t stop smiling as Mr Grenville snapped away with his camera.

There was a beautiful pearl necklace on the coffee table which Mary had been admiring earlier in the evening. Lucille had an idea and said “Wait a minute John. Lets put these pearls on her. They will look lovely hanging down between her tits.”

As John took more pictures of her, Mary felt like a film star especially when Lucille gave her some more wine. She could also see that Mr Grenville was really pleased with her. She whispered in Lucille’s ear “I think he likes my tits, Maam.”

Lucille squeezed her breasts as she giggled “He likes a lot more than your tits, Mary. He likes all your underwear. Haven’t you noticed him looking up your skirt to try and see your panties?”

They were both giggly now as Mary whispered “Do you mind if I show him, Maam?”

“Oh God no Mary. I would like to see them as well. Put your blouse back on and then I will announce you.”

Mary giggled as she slipped her blouse back on and waited for instructions. Lucille spoke seriously to her husband “Pay attention please. Mrs Mary Kelly is going to show us her knickers.”

Lucy whispered in her ear “Lift your legs up Mary so that he can see your crotch.” Mary felt so much part of the family as she leaned back on the chair and lifted her leg up. With her modern length skirt she knew that Mr Grenville could see her panty gusset.

What pleased her most, was that both Mr and Mrs Grenville seemed to be enjoying themselves. They had been so kind to her and it was a way to pay them back. Actually she felt happy herself as she reached over and took another gulp from her wine glass.

Her own phone was on the coffee table. Mrs Grenville picked it up and said “If you like Mary, I can put a few snaps on your cameraphone.”

They were so thoughtful. Mary smiled back “That is kind of you Maam.”

As Lucy was half kneeling in front of her chair taking more pictures with Mary’s phone she spoke intimately “Your panties look nice and tight between your thighs Mary. Does it make your crotch feel nice.”

Mary laughed “Yes Maam. Lots of women my age like that feeling, only we have to be careful, they don’t pull up too far.”

“Do you mean, pull up too far into your slit?”

There was no hesitation with the words now and she spoke openly “Yes, Maam. It feels nice but it can mark inside the gusset.”

John Grenville groaned, “You women are teasing me out of my mind. You’ve given me a monstrous horn Mrs Kelly.”

Both Mary and Lucille burst out laughing and then Lucille said “We’ve got him going, Mary. He wants to see your slit.”

Mary felt very juicy now but was concerned “I am very hairy Maam.”

They both heard him groan “A lovely hairy cunt.”

Mary looked startled. Lucille immediately apologised “I am sorry Mrs Kelly. He likes that word.”

Mary wanted to reassure her employer, “Its OK Maam. I like it it as well.”

She still had her legs open and turned to John and smiled “Mr Grenville?”

“Yes Mrs Kelly?”

“Would you like to see my cunt?” There was no need to wait for an answer and Mary hooked her forefinger into the side of her panty gusset and eased it well to the side displaying herself.”

John groaned. So did Lucille who muttered, “It’s beautiful, Mary. Can I touch it?”

Mary had a few more sips of wine and smiled, “I’d like that Lucille, very much.”

Lucille slipped her hand between her Cleaner’s legs and eased it between her lips and murmured, “You are nice and wet, Mary.”

“It is always juicy, Maam when I feel nice.”

She added, “And I feel so nice now.”

Lucy now had two fingers up her Cleaner’s vagina and murmured softly, “I feel nice as well Mary. I would like that as well.” She was asking for it. Mary sensed that her employer wanted her to take charge

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