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“Is there anything else I can do for you, Professor Shelton . . . anything at all?”

He made my breath go ragged. He couldn’t know how that simple offer by a beautiful young man like him set my juices going. I knew the signs. He was offering so much more than opening the drapes on the bedroom windows. “I don’t think so, Rick. It is Rick, isn’t it?”

“Yes, sir. Rick at your service . . . anything you need. Anything at all.” The smile he gave me and the pose he took at the B I wanted him to suffer from the screwing. He’d taken the big black stud in the B&B summer kaçak iddaa house, so he’d open up enough eventually. At the same time, I was slow-beating myself off.

When I couldn’t hold off with that anymore, I stood, covered him close from behind, palmed his belly with one hand, lodged the mushroom cap of my cock at his entrance with the other hand, and then raised that one to the youth’s head, running my fingers into his hair, gripping, and cruelly arching his torso back. I buried my face in the young man’s neck, and forced my cock up inside him. He opened right up like kaçak bahis a pro, the muscles of his channel walls grabbing my cock and pulling it inside.

As I skewered him, Rick cried out, “Yes, yes. Shit, yes. Do it. Fuck me hard, Daddy!”

I fucked him hard. He was a little whore, opening up quickly, stretching to accommodate what I had. And what I had was enough to make a young man cry. He did a little sobbing as I fucked him. I moved the hand I’d had on his belly down to his cock and jacked him off while I fucked him. He lay in my arms, moaning and telling me how good illegal bahis he was getting it. After he came but before I did, I put him in the position he’d posed in when I’d found him here—sitting in the crook of the tree, arms raised up the split trunk of the small tree, and legs spread and raised, feet gripping branches of nearby trees. I hovered between his spread thighs, my hands gripping his waist, bending over to kiss his lips and worry the young man’s nipples with my mouth as I pounded myself to an ejaculation pumping his sweet channel with my shaft.

As we were dressing, he whispered, “Don’t forget that there is a hot springs building behind the B&B. It’s a great place to relax in the late evening.” And then, with a laugh, he was gone, melting into the woods.

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