Electric Company SexElectric Company Sex


I was sitting at home and watching television when my power went out. I went outside; it was not raining. I had no choice but to call the power company and have someone come out. I waited for about a half an hour, hot, sweaty, and angry. I was waiting outside in a lawn chair when the truck finally pulled up. My frown turned upside down when I saw the man get out of his front seat. He was smiling and I smiled too.

“Hi, I’m Greg!”

I introduced myself and let him in. Greg was big, about 6’4! Baby blue eyes: I noticed his tribal tattoos on his arms as he rolled up his sleeves. He was sweating so I offered him some lemonade. He drank it down. I kept watching him as he reached into my closet where the breaker box was. I could not help but ask questions. I saw no ring on his finger and quickly jumped to asking him about himself.

“Greg, are you single?” I did not want to sound desperate, but I just had to know. He looked over at me with those big blue eyes and said “yes, ma’am.” I could feel my undies getting moist at the sound of the bass in his voice. He unbuttoned his shirt a little and worked steadfast at my breaker box.

“I’m going to have to go outside for almanbahis a minute to check things out there, but yes, I am single!” He smiled and took his tools outside. I checked my mirror in the bathroom and lathered on some bright purple lipstick to highlight my olive complexion and spritzed on some perfume. I could tell he was interested and so was I!

Damn, he was fine. He came back in, fiddled with the breaker box and my lights sparked on. I licked my lips. He looked so good all sweaty in his uniform and I could see more tattoos on his chest a little peeking out from his work clothes. I offered him some lunch and he accepted.

I popped a cherry tomato between my lips as we ate our salad and sandwiches.

“Your lips are gorgeous!” he said. “Would you mind if I kissed you?”

I sprang up and locked the door, put my mouth to his, I could taste the cherry tomato and salad on his tongue. We locked lips for about three minutes, and I noticed his dick start to rise through his uniform.

“We need to get this off,” I suggested.

When he pulled that uniform off, his body was a sight to behold! Muscular arms and legs and a little beer belly but almanbahis giriş his eight inches were firm and hard. He slowly stripped me down out of my shorts and shirt and lingered at my tits, thumbing my nipples between thick thumbs and forefingers. My pussy was wet! I traced his tattoos with my fingers. I knelt before him and wrapped my purple lips around his dick and started sucking. He held the back of my head gently and put a little pressure on it for me to suck faster.

“I need your pussy,” he growled.

He pushed aside all the bowls and plates on the table and lifted me onto it. I sat with my ass on top of the table spread wide in anticipation of his piece.

“Lemme taste it first,” he said.

He bent down and lapped at my clit until I was about to burst. I started to shake as I leaned my head back to climax. I let out a little gasp and a yell as I came in his face. He stroked his dick and I watched as precum oozed out. I leaned in for a taste. He was sweet like strawberries, and the taste lingered in my mouth. I wanted to swallow him whole. My whole body quivered as he placed the head of his cock near my holiest of holes. He slipped almanbahis yeni giriş it in and with back and forth thrusts I creamed again all over his eight inches of love. We bucked back and forth on the table so much that the plates came crashing to the floor. I leaned in and bit his nipple lightly and he groaned. I could feel him tense up. He was ready to blow!

He buried his face in my big breasts and then flipped me over. We were on our knees now on the floor. He cupped my ass cheeks and squeezed me toward him, rocking my body against his in smooth motions.

“I’m gonna fill you up!”

He thrust deeper and deeper then let out a groan. I could feel him pumping inside me; my cooch soaking in his jizz like a thirsty plant would water. He finished exhausted and I got up to get more lemonade. He pulled me toward him and said, “not yet,” then he proceeded to lap his cum out of my hole! He was getting hard again! I was ready too. This time, he spit in his hand and fingered my asshole. He gently slid a finger there. I knew he wanted to barrel in, and I was ready! He worked his way into my ass and I gasped; feeling my body open up to him. He rocked his body into me until he came again and lapped it up like a kitten would milk! I sucked at him again, tasting my body from his body.

That was the best afternoon I had experienced in a long time. Now any time I have issues with power or just want to have a hell of a time, I call Greg!

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