House Hunting Ch. 2House Hunting Ch. 2

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Gingerly, Layla Blake crept up those last twisting steps to the dark, secluded deck. Layla slowly moved closer to the indistinct mumbling which came from inside the French doors. Each agonizing step forward, all Layla could think about was how she would break the news to her father of his wife’s, her mother, infidelity. Heart pounding harder still, Layla couldn’t bare to peek in through the sheer creme colored curtains that draped the tall glass doors. Layla summoned courage while hiding in the shadows, closing her eyes tightly one last time. Steeling herself for what she might see.

Pam felt her breath escape in one long gasp as she watched Jerome’s incessant pumping into his prostrate, petite girlfriend. Angela remained bent over the marbled vanity, skin quivering with each unrelenting thrust into her diminutive frame. Angela preferred Jeromes long thick cock to any other, he’d always pushed her body to it’s sexual limit.

“Yeah baby, yeah, feels so good.” Angela cried in a subdued pleasure, worn out by Jeromes overwhelming skill and size.

Jerome wriggled his fat cock, tightly squeezed by her gripping pussy.

“I’m gonna cum baby…ungh…want me to cum inside you baby?” Jerome’s words strained through gritted teeth, his mind racing with his next devious step..

Angela gasped as her insides rippled in a thousand tiny fires of ecstasy Pussy smothered in a glistening layer of her own sweet emissions.

Jerome, from age 12 knew he was different, special compared to his peers. His body filled out faster, maturing more rapidly than other boys his age. Quickly, savoring eyes fell first on his athletic prowess. Watching him run was an awe inspiring sight, faster still by the time he reached junior high football, Jerome found even practices well attended by college recruiters, who jealously coveted his athletic potential. They lined the chainlink fences like vultures over a feast. As his high school years beckoned the recruiting grew more vigorous, more corrupt. And when adults dangled such things as free cars, money, vacations, clothes and most especially women to a poor teenager, the youthful willingly indulge.

It was the women that hooked Jerome. College recruiters provided him with women otherwise unattainable for the poor inner city kid. Beautiful women, blonde, black, red and all shades in between. Jerome that he possessed a potent skill and sexual “tool” that impressed even those jaded women who lured him into bed. However, soon after, Jerome became the sexual draw to these women. Even when they weren’t giving Jerome “tutoring” lessons, these women went to the young man to satisfy there own lusts. They became hooked on the pendulous appendage that waggled between his athletic thighs.

12 years later, Jerome was now a professional athlete, with burgeoning super star potential. And with fame, victory and money came more and more women. Jerome had reached lofts of delight. Knowing how his sexual prowess affected even the most demure women, Jerome set his sights on the most exquisite perverted sexual encounter he could manage tonight, he would manipulate, coax these two women into the a wanton sexual tryst.

As Angela squirmed with Jerome’s cock still buried deep inside, he sneered at Pam’s frozen eyes watching him. This tripped the switch inside his brain, releasing the copious jets of cum gathering within his heavy dark balls. Jerome rammed his cock deep into Angela as she screamed in unrestrained string orgasms.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me!” She screamed.

Jerome grimaced, eyes narrow slits concentrating on the spurting fluid that came in such volume, it obviously began to seep from Angela’s spasming pussy.

Pam knelt unsteadily on a knee as Jerome came and came again into Angela, teethe gritted in repressed sexual frustration. Pam realized that she would do anything to have that perfect instrument of length and girth buried inside her. To say Pam was surprised what happened next, is an understatement.

It sprang like an soft steel bar under tension as it pulled free of Angela, both his cock and her pussy dripping in the commingling fluids. Jerome leaned forward whispering into Angela’s ear, her body still trembling.

“Stay still baby and keep your eyes closed, let me lick that cum outta your pussy.”

Angela simply squealed.

Steeping back from his conquest, Jerome slowly turned to face Pam. Now in full glory, he slowly stroked his cum coated cock for only Pam to see. A conniving grin on his full lips.

Raising a large hand, Jerome extended a finger, itching Pam to stand.

As if under Svengali’s call, Pam rose to her feet.

Finally ready to look inside, Layla also stood, pressing a cheek against the cool glass only to find the bedroom empty. For a moment, Layla doubted what her ears obviously heard a few second before. But the room stood empty. She could see the bright vanity lights shining out the ajar bathroom door. Layla wondered where her mother was.

The beautiful young Asian woman was unaware their Bostancı Türbanlı Escort twosome had been added to by one, as Pam tip toed in. Transfixed on Jerome’s cock she listened to his instruction.”The only way you’re going to get a piece of this cock,” Jerome paused, squeezing his thick brown pole, Pam hung on each word as Jerome seductively drew them out,”Is if you lick the cum outta my girls pussy.”

Jerome points a callused finger at Angelas spread bottom.

Pam, uncertain of the order surveyed Angela’s tight ass. She’d never before entertained a thought of a lesbian encounter. But looking back at Jerome’s stroking cock, she made her mind up with little internal debate.

“Where are you baby? Aren’t you coming back for a snack?” Angela giggled.

“I’m ready for that bite to eat baby.” Jerome smirked, nudging Pam forward while standing back.

Pam bent at the waist, licking her lips; nose inches away from Angela’s glistening slit. Flush and spread, it had the residue of Jerome’s thick porridge still lingering. Pam closed her eyes once more, sticking her tongue out and bringing it to Angela’s pussy.

“Ooh baby!” Angela murmurs unknowing, “You must’ve stretched me good. Something’s different.”

Surprising, to Pam, she loved the taste coating her tongue. She lapped more and more of Jerome’s copious cum out of Angela’s pussy. Lips swollen and spread, Angela ground her bottom into Pam’s face, not knowing it was that “Real Estate Bitch” eating her out.

Jerome stepped back to admire the sight of Pam dutifully sucking the dripping cum out of his girlfriend’s pussy. She wanted him bad and would do anything he asked her to do. Heart pounding, the harder his fist pumped the length of his thick black cock, Jerome couldn’t resist the mini skirt clad ass of Pam.

Bent forward, Pam skirt rose to reveal the black thigh highs and thong body suit splitting her bottom. Jerome put his hands on her ass, palming the cheeks, squeezing them, caused Pam to snort hotly into Angela’s pussy. fighting to keep her excitement contained.

“Baby! What are doing down there?” Angela laughed.

Jerome leaned over Pam, letting his stiff cock nestle against her ass.

“Just keep your eyes closed baby.”

Pam struggled to keep her hair from brushing against Angela, knowing it would give her away. Every inch of Pam’s flawless skin tingled in anticipation. She loved the taste of Angela, she hungrily nibbled each bit of her pussy, twirling her tongue deeper. Her body trembled at the warm feel of Jerome’s cock against her now bared ass.

Jerome looked down, seeing a pair of snaps fastening Pam’s thong bodysuit at the crotch. Fingers twiddling the snaps loose, the stretchy gray lace pulled open revealing Pam’s neat pussy. Pam reacted as if receiving a static shock, whimpering. Her actions would only become more pronounced as Jerome then sunk a finger deep into her pussy.

The wet slurping and gnawing Pam kept up was broken by a moan. Angela, hearing this opened her eyes with a shot to look into the mirror. With utter shock, she screamed at the sight of Pam’s head buried in her pussy and Jerome standing, aiming his big black cock at Pam’s expectant bottom.

“What the fuck!” Angela shouted in anger.

Pressing the wide head of his cock against Pam outer folds, he reached down and spread them with his fingers, seeing an oily dew Jerome knew she was ready.

Angela tried to protest but a she prepared to bellow out in protest, Pam’s body bucked as Jerome rammed his wrist thick cock into her pussy without pause. Pam lurched forward, face pressed against Angela’s back, who was now pinned under the rabbit like thrusting of Jerome.

“FUCK ME JEROME, FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!” Pam cried out. It was the most exquisite pain she’d ever felt piercing her softness. He wasted no time and set up on Pam, pounding is the most appropriate word his wide tool into her tight pussy. She reacted to him perfectly, slumping forward

Jerome became single minded in his shove, unable to hear the cries of protest or moans of pleasure from the two women collectively under his sexual weight. His eyes tightly shut, he concentrated to give Pam what he knew she wanted, ready to deliver a thick hot load into her.

Pam leaned forward trying to grunt out a whisper to Angela, who tried to squirm out of this odd sexual pile up. Angela looked up at Pam an utterly bizarre look about her.

“God damn girl…” Pam paused as she felt Jerome bury his shaft even deeper, ” he is the greatest fucker…you are so fucking lucky!” Pam whined.

“This is going to be the greatest fuck of our lives girl, enjoy it!” Pam proclaimed loudly. Licking Angela’s ear lobe as she spoke got Pam into a better position as the young Chinese woman submissively slid out from underneath her.

The room was consumed with his surreal sexual power, Jerome had an all consuming carnal aura surrounding him, sucking in the reticent Angela.

Layla stood to try to gain a better perspective into the dimly lit bedroom. The only illumination was Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort the broad swath of blue/white light piercing the dark from the bathroom. She heard the voice, cries of ectascy, a muted voice that sounded so familiar, too familiar that it angered the young woman. Then as Layla squatted in the corner, her vigilance payed off as a bizarre carnal scene spilled out of the bathroom.

Layla’s eyes were filled with a wild threesome, naked bodies flailing out onto the carpeted floor. Arms and legs askew, differing, absolute contrasts of color and gender. Breasts, alrge and small, legs, long and short. A males body flawless in it’s ebony muscles, and his manhood dangling to so low it was awesome.

“Mom!” Layla gasped, muffling her own voice with a hand.

Layla laid eyes on her mother, blonde head whip about as she was rolled onto the floor by Jeromes powerful ebony muscles, his tongue and thick lips suckling her enormous breasts as his elongated sexual prowess slapped and slithered along Pam’s toned thighs.

“Holy shit!” Layla gasped again this time at the sight of Jerome.

A third slight of frame woman rolled within the mix kissed her mother while unrestrainedly tore clothes from herself and Pam. They were drunk with a sexual rapture, in an altered state, it shocked Layla into a sickened rigidity as she watched Pam rolled onto her stomach, raising her firm round ass to Jerome’s urgent cock. And again he shoved.

“Fuck me Jerome!” Pam shouted again as she felt Angela’s hands tearing clothes from her body, while she eagerly fondled Angela’s athletic body.

Sweat dripped, bellows of sheer pleasure rose high into the night air. Jerome became intense in his silence, concentrating so tightly on his performance he could not hear the raunchy interplay between his two lovers.

“C’mon Anglea let me lick that young pussy of yours!” Pam clawed at Angela, pulling her under her chin while on her hands and knees. Angela wriggled placing her perfect alabaster inner thighs to Pam’s salivating lips.

“C’mon then eat my pussy! Lick that cum out of me!” Before Angela could finish her perverse sentence, Pam smothered her slit in a broad lick of her tongue.

“Fuck!” Angela screamed, arching her back , almost resting the top of her head against the floor. Angela parted her eye lids for a split second to see out into the darkness of the deck. She saw a shadowy face, hunched in secret, watching. It was a face, but not hers in a reflection, another woman, clearly, and a look of horror swept over Angela.

“OH MY GOD!!!”

In a grouchy mood, Jeffrey Blake rooted through the side cabinet of the media center, searching in vein for his compact video camera.

“Pam have you seen…” Jeffrey turned to his wife who gave him that ‘don’t bother me I’m reading’ look. Giving up, Jeffrey threw up his hands leaving the room, muttering to himself.

Pam was curled up in her customary position in the far corner of the love seat, dog earring pages of a imported lingerie catalog. Each choice made with Jerome in mind. His name brought a perverse smile to her lips. In secret she burned for him every ommoent they were part.

His manhood had filled her so utterly, fulfilling her needs and libidinous desires. Even the shocking lesbian tryst she succumbed to made her skin tingle with residual excitement. All would be perfect if she wasn’t bothered by the “phantom peeping tom” seen by Jeromes girlfriend, Angela, as they lay intertwined in an orgasmic knot. She worried who was watching her. She worried that Jeffrey, her family and colleagues would find out.

So, with extreme reluctance, she agreed to part with Jerome for a week or two. Hoping that they could go back to their illicit love in quick order. She found the thrill of the illicit nature of their love even more thrilling. Knowing she was sharing him with girl, young enough to be her daughter. Yet she felt her age and skill made her Angela’s sexual superior.

Layla, unusually aloof, passed infront of the den doors. Hurrying up the steps to her room.

“Layla, where were you!?” Pam shouted to her daughter.

Not stopping, infuriating her mother, Layla shouted back over her shoulder, ” Out running errands mom.”

About to follow up with another round of maternal questions, Pam was stopped short by the slam of Layla’s bed room door.

“I’m going to have Jeffrey talk with her.” Pam mumbled, hearing a shout from the kitchen. It was Jeffrey.

“Hey I found the video camera! What the hell is it doing in the kitchen. I swear it wasn’t in here a minute ago.” Pam sneered at the disembodied voice of her husband, “Going senile as well as impotent.”

She missed Jerome, Pam snickered, in realty she missed Jeromes cock.

Returning home, Jeromes body felt like it had been hit by ten tractor trailers in a row. Knees aching, bruisers peppering his muscled torso, the pain was only muted by the fact he made more money a second than most people do in an hour. Being a running back for a professional football team had Bostancı Ucuz Escort its perks. Beside the money. The women. This trip to Tampa netted him four new phone numbers, one a ref’s daughters, and a blow job from a football groupie. He wanted to give Pam a call but decided against it.

“Denying her my cock will just make her want it more.” He thought arrogantly.

But the pain he’d endured on the field was nothing to Jerome, body has resilience of youth. It was something else that nagged, embarrassed, shamed him even. The rendezvous with the groupie hadn’t gone well. No matter what she did it took him forever to get and erection and forever and a day to come. Or at least tried to cum. He’d never “shot blanks” before it was a virtual full on assault of his manhood that he couldn’t.

Trying to shake the thoughts from his head, Jerome crept into the new home, Angela upstairs sleeping soundly. A pile of mail awaited him. Finding a small cardboard box he picked up the pile heading for the kitchen to get a freeze pack and a beer.

Finding an easing comfort in the recliner, Jerome ripped on the box, finding a video tape and a small note. Curious he pops it into the VCR, pressing play he sinks back into the chair. He sips from the beer as the tape flickers to life. He see a bed covered in layers of pillows, in washes of pink and floral prints. Eye brow arched, Jerome leans forward. A voice greets him by name.

“Jerome..who I am is unimportant…but all you need to know that I am your number one fan. But if you want to see what your ‘biggest’ fan looks like then…”

Just then a tall, beautiful blonde glides into the frame.

“God damn!” Jerome exclaimed. She was easily 5′ 9″, with a body that was a perfect series of exaggerated and undulating curves.She wore only a long t-shirt emblazoned with the teal and black logo of his team. Her hair done up in pig tails. But what Jerome was transfixed on was the way she filled out that t-shirt. Distending the teams logo, stretching it across a large pair of heavy breasts. Face a glow with bright smile.

She sat at the edge of the bed, plump thighs parted slightly, letting Jerome get a hint of what may lay up the long shirt. She said nothing but her the movements of her hands and body spoke volumes. Her palms gently slithered over her breasts, kneading them through the t-shirt. Eyes closed, lips pouting she moned. “God damn lemme see those monster tits!” Jerome exclaimed louder still, almost hoping his solitary coaxing would reveal them. As if on command, the woman tugged the t-shirt up.

Slapping his knee, mouth agape, Jerome was greeted with the sight of her totally nude body. Her breast jutted out, without a hint of sag, even under the weight of the wide full globes. Her tummy flat and flaring hips were completed by a wild, sandy colored bush.

“Are you playing with your big black dick Jerome?” She asked.

Jerome smiled at the screen, interacting with the video image, leaning back reaching into his pants pulling out his thick, rubbery rod. His stroking began soon after.

He watched her spread her thighs to give him a view of the warm, wet, slit that he’d give anything to taste right now. She giggled, pulling open her pussy lips, squirming as her fingers tickled deeper. Jerome began stroking more vigorously. His cock filling, enraged, it stiffened.

Her moans were amplified in surround sound stereo as he ecstasy built. She paused for a moent to reach out of the view of the camera, to grab what turned out to be a long, thick dildo.

“Oh fuck yeah baby use that rubber cock!” Jerome burst out, hands sweaty with excitement, flying up and down his rock hard cock.

The nameless buxom blonde smirked, leaning back pushing slowly, but steadily the rubber phallus inside her. Her head fell back, a groan coming fromn deep inside her,

“Oh I want you to fuck! I want you to fuck me with that big black cock!”

“Yeah baby! Yeah baby I want that pussy!” Jerome grinding his teeth watching her slither around with each deep push of the dildo.

Waiting for her passion to break, Jerome was maddened that he couldn’t cum. He concentrated let the words hang filthy in the air, watching her and still he could not cum. He squinted in determination as she arched back, dildo popping out of her pussy.

“Fuck!” She screamed, falling back again, sweat trickling across her big breasts.

The pent up fluid boiled deep inside Jerome, aching to burst free but it would not cum. Crest fallen, Jerome slumped forward, cock jerking under its contractions between his thighs. The woman smiled, a groggy smile, drunk in orgasms grip she leaned forward.

Whispering, she said,

“I want to me you for real Jerome. I hope this tape gives you some motivation to come meet me. If you want I’ll be home Wednesday night, come on by.”

The tape flickered off. Jerome, absently stroking his still stiff cock, found the piece of paper that had accompanied the tape. On it an address.

“Its a date baby.”

Wednesday could not come quick enough for Jerome. He’d made it through game film and light practice and was eagerly counting the minutes. Coasting down the highway well over the speed limit, Jerome raced to the town which his mystery woman lived. It was one town over from his new home and he guessed she’d probably seen him around town, connecting it with the face on T.V.

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