Where was this headed 2Where was this headed 2


My wife Stella befriends Maddie and divulges our bedroom secrets. Maddie wants a demonstration but they have a hidden agenda. I think threesome but Maddie’s dog joins the party.

“Stand up” said Maddie. I was so shocked at seeing my wife being licked by Maddie’s dog Thumper I stood up without thinking. Maddie undid my pants and pulled them down and then my underpants. “Oh Stella, you didn’t lie” squealed Maddie as she grabbed hold of my 7” rock hard cock. “Sit down darling” she said. Again I did as she said. Pulling off her skirt she climbed on top of me. My cock slid into her already soaked pussy as her breasts wrapped around my face. “God, it has been so long since I had a man’s cock in my cunt” she moaned. She began to slowly grind her hips as she implored me to suck and nibble on her nipples.

I was so intent on pleasing this woman I hadn’t noticed anything else. I suddenly heard Stella squeal and I looked over to where she had been sitting. Now she was down on her hands and knees and the dog was on top of her. It didn’t take a genius to know what was happening. Thumper by name and Thumper by nature. He was indeed thumping her and she was loving it. “Oh darling” sighed Maddie “suck my nipples. Don’t worry about your wife. She is loving it”. Despite my concern I couldn’t deny that feeling my cock lodged deep in Maddie’s love tunnel and sucking her nipples was heaven. I could hear Stella moaning and babbling incoherently and that just added to the moment. I felt my orgasm building and I groaned. “Are you cumming darling?” she asked and began to bounce up and down until my cock gushed deep in her pussy. She continued to bounce until my cock went limp.

Climbing off me I could see Stella still tied to her doggy lover. She was still making low moaning noises. “Is he cumming?” asked Maddie. “Hell yes” gasped Stella “so much. I feel so full”. Maddie chuckled “you husband escort kocaeli has filled me up as well honey” she said “I guess we both got what we wanted”. Finally Thumper managed to withdraw and gave Stella a couple of “thank you licks” before curling up on the floor. “Come on honey” said Maddie “we both need a shower”. I looked at the dog who was now licking himself. “Feel proud of yourself do you” I said and he just looked at me. I thought of pulling up my pants but instead took them off as well as my shirt. I wandering in the direction Stella and Maddie had gone. They had come out of the shower. Both naked and giggling. “Have your shower Brian while we get dinner ready” said Maddie.

I got out of the shower and decided, if they can be naked so can I. I walked out and found dinner already on the table. Obviously Maddie had prepared it ahead of time. We sat down and eat as Stella tried to explain what had happened. I listened in silence as she told me Maddie had admitted to sex with her dog. She said she was shocked at first but as they talked over the next couple of weeks she had become interested. Maddie and she came to an agreement. Stella would loan me to Maddie and Maddie would let Stella experience pleasure with her dog. I looked at the two naked women sitting at the table with me. How could I deny that I was excited as my cock was waking up? “So I was just a piece of meat” I said and laughed. “A very delicious piece of meat” said Maddie.

After dinner Maddie stood up and opened the double doors. “Out boy” she said. Thumper came up and aimed for her crotch. “No darling” she said “not tonight. Out you go” and he disappeared into the backyard. “Leave the dishes” Maddie said “let’s have some fun. Come to the bedroom”. Once there I was told to lie on the bed. Stella quickly mounted my now rigid cock while Maddie straddled my face. While Stella rode me, as she had some many kocaeli anal yapan escort times before, Maddie rode my tongue as I gave her multiple orgasms. Even after Stella had drained my cock Maddie continued until she rolled off me with a moan. “Fuck Stella” she sighed “I am so jealous. You get to enjoy his tongue every day”.

We, well Stella and Maddie, decided that it was late and we should spend the night. The three of us piled into her double bed. All three of us fell asleep quite quickly. I guess it must have been about 9am Sunday when I woke up to find myself alone. The women had left. I stretched and the visions of last night began to fill my head. Licking Maddie, having her riding my cock, Stella being fucked by a dog, my God it was so left field. I got out of bed and decided to go and find them. Not having a robe to put on I went into the bathroom and wrapped a towel around me. “Damn” I said to myself “my cock is erect again”. I walked out and into the kitchen. Maddie and Stella were naked and obviously making breakfast. They were giggling and touching each other. My cock twitched. Stella turned around “wearing a towel?” she said and she and Maddie chuckled. I took the towel off. My cock reared up. “Oh that is so much better” squealed Maddie.

Breakfast devoured I was wondering what these two had cooked up. I didn’t have to wait long. A nice hot coffee was taken into the lounge and I was told to sit and watch. Maddie laid down on her back and Stella immediately got on all fours and proceeded to lick her first pussy. I watched in awe as my charming wife made Maddie squeal and moan. Thumper, who had been let inside beforehand saw Stella with her bum in the air. She patted her bum and Thumper immediately mounted her. Finding his nice warm target he went to work. Now both women were squealing and moaning. I sat, cock in hand, izmit yabancı escort while I watched the scene unfold. Maddie came with a yelp and slid out and crawled towards me. “Don’t waste it darling” she said and immediately took my cock into her mouth.

Maddie sucked vigorously on my cock as Thumper obviously tied with Stella and began to fill her up with his doggy juice. She was obviously enjoying it as she continued to moan. I couldn’t delay any longer and warned Maddie I was getting close. She sucked even harder and I came with a rush. Like a star she swallowed every drop. Stella separated from Thumper and Maddie turned her attention to her and licked her clean. The women then headed off together to have a shower and whatever else they did under the water. I looked at Thumper and I swear I saw him smile. Finally Stella and Maddie got out of the shower and I took my turn. By the time I came out both were dressed. Obviously it was time to head home. I dressed, Stella and I both hugged Maddie and headed off. I had no doubt that Thumper would have Maddie the minute we left.

We drove in silence until we got home. Once inside Stella grabbed my arm and led me into the bedroom. Clothes quickly shed I gave her a good licking and then a particularly furious fuck. Laying together afterwards Stella explained what she and Maddie had conspired. She really didn’t have to explain as I figured out the whole weekend had been planned in advance. Stella confirmed it. “So did you enjoy being fucked by a dog?” I asked. Stella smiled “I was worried at first but, yes, I found it strangely exciting”. That had been obvious. “What about making out with Maddie?” I asked. “Yes, I found that very exciting. “More exciting was how you responded. Letting me explore different things” said Stella. I laughed “well I must say that the weekend was interesting and very pleasing” I said. “Good darling because I don’t think it will be the last time”. And indeed it wasn’t. This happened two months ago and now we visit Maddie every weekend. The four of us, Thumper included, have a fine old time. I am certainly not complaining.

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