Mom , Son Discuss Masturbation Ch. 02Mom , Son Discuss Masturbation Ch. 02


Part Five: Mother Mary masturbates too. In the way that Jason masturbates over his mother, his mother masturbates over him.

Returning to her room after watching her son masturbating himself to ejaculation, Mary closed her bedroom door. Sexually aroused by the sight of her son masturbating himself, she’s never been as sexually excited as she was when watching him cum. A real explosion, there was so much cum. It took all the control she had not to lick his cum from his chest and stomach. It took all the control she had not to wrap her fingers around his big cock before taking his stiff prick in her mouth.

Knowing what she so desperately needed to do, she removed her bathrobe and climbed on her bed. Then, as if she was giving herself a gynecological exam, she raised her knees up and spread her legs. She raised up her nightgown high enough for her to cup her already moist pussy through her panty while imagining Jason feeling her cunt. In an instant she removed her panties and tossed them beside her on the floor. Exploring herself in the way she wished her son would explore her, she reach her sweet spot with her finger.

While thinking of her son masturbating her while she masturbated her son, she rubbed her clit while imagining Jason rubbing her clit and while she imagined herself stroking his prick. She fingered her pussy while replaying through her mind the sight of her son stroking his big, stiff prick. She fingered her nipples through her nightgown while imagining Jason fingering her nipples. She masturbated herself while thinking of the quick hand action of her son masturbating himself along with the erotic sight of watching him cum.

She couldn’t believe she caught him masturbating. She couldn’t believe she caught him just as he ejaculated. She only wished she could have masturbated him. If only she knew he was horny enough to masturbate and if only he asked her to masturbate him, she would have. She would have loved to feel his hard cock in her hand while stroking him. She only wished he could have creamed her hand or ejaculated in her mouth. As long as he pleasured her first, she’d love to pleasure him.

She wondered if deliberately flashing him her bra, cleavage, and panties while they played Scrabble made him horny enough to masturbate himself. She wondered what he’d say if only he knew that she was deliberately flashing him. In the way that she deliberately flashed him, she’d love for him to deliberately flash her. She’d love to see more of his cock.

With her knowing that he was looking at all that she was showing, she couldn’t wait to masturbate herself with the thoughts of her son sexually lusting over her if only while he masturbated himself. She wondered if he masturbated over her instead of that damn Jennifer Nettles. She wondered if he masturbated over the imagined thoughts of her naked in the way she masturbates herself over her imagined thoughts of him naked. She wondered if he masturbated himself while imagining having sex with her in the way that she masturbates herself with the thoughts of having sex with him.

* * * * *

She was so hot literally and figuratively. With the last two days of temperatures in the 90’s and with tomorrow more of the same, the weatherman forecasted an official heatwave, the third one of the summer. She was experiencing hot flashes but not from estrogen depletion but from her sexually frustrated horniness for the sexual attention of her son. After seeing his cock, she’d love to flash him her pussy. Not quite understanding any of her sexual reactions to her son, perhaps she was lonely, horny, sexually frustrated, and/or simply just sexually attracted to her son. With all of these sexual feelings new to her, just going with the flow, she didn’t understand any of them.

“God, I’m so frigging horny,” she said aloud.

She wondered why her sudden sexual attraction to Jason, perhaps she was sexually attracted to her son because he looked like a younger version of his father and indeed he did. The same height and the same build, he had the same chestnut brown hair and the same bright, blue eyes that illuminated her when he smiled. When seeing them from the back, but for her husband’s grey hair, one would be hard pressed to tell one from the other. So sexually attracted to his father back then when they were first married, Jason now looked how his father looked when they first met more than 32 years ago.

Yet for whatever was their reasons, Mary masturbated herself to the sexual thoughts of having sex with her son while Jason masturbated himself to the sexual thoughts of him having sex with his mother. Strictly forbidden, she wondered how happy they’d be if instead of masturbating themselves in separate rooms, if they could masturbate together. Taking it even further across the incestuous line, she imagined him masturbating her while she masturbated him. Only, if he had his finger in her pussy and she had her fingers around his cock, assuredly one thing would lead to another.

Obviously İnkilap Escort Bayan going through something to have the need to catch her son masturbating himself without having him realize that she had been standing there waiting while hoping to watch him pleasuring himself, she was sexually aroused. She was hoping to catch him masturbating but, a bonus, she never figured that she’d catch him cumming. Interesting enough, never considering him as a sexual man before, now that he was living back home with her and with them alone together a lot, she was sexually thinking more about her son now. Sometimes not thinking about him as her son, she more thought about him as a man and as her lover. Now after witnessing his masturbation show, she thought more about him not as a blood related male but as a man with a very big and a very hard penis.

Now needing to masturbate herself after peeping on her son and in the way she imagined her son masturbating himself over her, she reached up to feel her breasts and to finger her nipples through her nightgown again. She imagined it was Jason’s hand instead of her hand touching, feeling, and fondling her breasts. She imagined it was Jason’s fingers instead of her fingers pulling, turning, and twisting her nipples. In the way she watched her son masturbating in front of her, she imagined herself masturbating herself in front of him.

Already having crossed the incestuous line in her mind, she wondered if he’d like to watch her playing with her pussy in the way that she’d love to watching him playing with his cock. She’d be intensely, sexually excited to show him how her fingers masterfully pleasure her pussy. Moreover, she’d love to flash him her pussy in the way he just flashed her his cock. She wondered if he’d stare at her blonde, bushy pussy in the way that she stared at his big, hard cock. In the way that he masturbated himself, she imagined him masturbating her. In the way that he masturbated himself, she imagined masturbating him. Whether thinking of him masturbating her or her masturbating him, she was lost in wanting and needing to masturbate herself.

Always suspecting that he did, a real sexual game changer, she took the hint that perhaps her son wanted her as much as she suddenly wanted him. She’s always imagined walking in his room to watch him masturbate himself. She always imagined sitting on his bed beside him as he stroked his cock. She’s always imagined staring down at his engorged prick while watching him masturbate himself faster. Only, never did she imagine watching him ejaculate. Then, looking deep in his blue eyes in the way that she used to look in his father’s blue eyes when he was young, robust, vital, and sexually crazy for her, she imagined herself asking him if she could help masturbate him.

“May I?”

Imagining her fingers poised to take hold of his hard cock as soon as he gave her his permission, as soon as she asked her question aloud, she rubbed her clit and fingered her nipples. She imagined her son removing his hand from his prick and offering his cock to her. With just a smile and a nod, and with both of them on the same sexual page, she imagined Jason giving her permission to stroke him. In an instant, while rubbing her clit harder and fingering herself deeper, Mary imagined wrapping her motherly fingers around her son’s stiff, thick prick. While staring in his blue eyes with her green eyes, she imagined fondling the head of his cock before slowly and seductively stroking him.

Something she never thought she’d do in a million years, having sex with another man other than her husband, so wickedly depraved to have the sexual thoughts she was thinking, she now imagined masturbating her son. How could she? Why did she? Maybe she justified to herself that it was okay to have sex with Jason because he was her son and not just some stranger that she picked up at the mall.

With her not having had sex in such a very long time, her sexual frustration manifested itself in lustfully, albeit incestuously and sexually desiring her son. Imagining holding his cock tightly in her hand while stroking him harder and faster, she couldn’t believe she was sexually fantasizing about masturbating her son while she masturbated herself. It was just mutual masturbation after all, no big deal. It wasn’t as if she was sucking and fucking her son. She was just imagining touching his cock while stroking his cock and while he rubbed her clit and fingered her nipples. What’s so wrong with that? Nonetheless how she perceived masturbation as not being incestuously sexual, she couldn’t believe she was thinking of another man’s cock, even if that other man was her son, especially with that other man being her son.

How dare she have such incestuous thoughts for her son? How could she think of her son in that forbidden sexual way? Having been a long time since she’s had a cock in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy, missing having the sexual pleasure Escort İnkilap of a hard cock, she now imagined her son’s cock in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy. While thinking of her son holding her, kissing her, and touching and feeling her everywhere, she rubbed her clit harder with her finger. While thinking of her son seeing her naked, she fingered her nipples with her other hand. In the way she watched him cumming, she’d love for him to watch her give herself an orgasm.

“Fuck me Jason. I need to feel your cock in my hand and in my mouth before feeling it fill my pussy,” she said to herself for no one to hear and not believing she said what she said.

Getting ready to cum, she pulled her nightgown higher and spread her legs wider to better finger herself. Oh, my God, in the way that she surprised him by walking in his room while he was masturbating, she’d love for him to surprise her by walking in her room right now and unannounced while she was masturbating. If only he’d opened her bedroom door now, right now, he’d have a great view of her blonde, bushy pussy. He’d not only see his mother’s cunt but with her tits hanging out of the top of her nightgown, he’d see her tits, her areola’s, and her nipples too. Practically naked, he’d see his mother naked.

After watching Jason cum, she was already wet, so very wet, wetter than she’s been in such a long time, and wet enough for her finger to slide inside of her in the way that she imagined his big, hard cock sliding deep inside of her. She removed her dildo from her drawer and, not wanting to make a sound, she opted for her finger to massage her clit instead of her vibrator. In the way that she knew he was behind his closed bedroom door masturbating himself, even though she’d love for him to catch her masturbating, she didn’t want him to know that she was behind her closed, bedroom door masturbating herself. Yet, if only he’d open her door to catch her masturbating, after she feigned her embarrassment, she’d be so happy that he saw his mother’s cunt along with her big tits.

* * * * *

Part Six: Just be careful of my nipples. I’d rather you not suck them.

Continuing with her sexual fantasy, she imagined staring at her son’s penis before touching her son’s prick. While looking up at him, she imagined touching the head of his cock with her fingertips before fondling the head of his cock and before wrapping her fingers around him to take him in her hand. While watching the look of sexual pleasure on his face, she imagined stroking her son’s cock harder and faster. Oh, my God, she imagined her hand feeling so good on his stiff prick. Oh, my God, she couldn’t believe she was imagining masturbating her son while wishing that he’d masturbate her too.

Tightening her grip, she stroked him harder and faster while she imagined him reaching out his hands to feel her C cup breasts through her nightgown. Cupping her breast in the palm of his hand through the thin, sheer material of her nightie, she imagined him fondling and gently squeezing her tits. Then, as soon as her nipples made their impression through her nightie, she reached her hand inside the top of her nightgown while imagining him fingering them and pulling her nipples out with his thumb and index finger.

“Would you like to see them?” She imagined asking her son a question that she obviously already knew the answer.

While rubbing herself and fingering her nipples, she loved playing this pretend sexual game with her son as her only contestant.

“I’d love to see your tits Mom,” she imagined him saying.

As if she was the only stripper on stage, she imagined him watching her undress to expose her topless self to him. She let go of his prick to slide her nightgown straps from her shoulders. She imagined him looking at her with as much sexual anticipation as he had sexual excitement on his face. Allowing her nightgown to fall to her waist, she imagined herself staring at him staring at her tits before looking down at herself to see all that he could see of her and all that she was showing him. With her sitting before her son topless, she imagined that Jason could see the entire shape of her naked breasts, her long line of cleavage, her areolas, and her nipples.

She imagined watching him feel her breasts while she imagined fondling the head of his erect prick. In the way she watched him masturbating himself, she was intent on masturbating him. Willing to masturbate him any time, any place, and anywhere he wanted her to masturbate him, she so wanted to tell him that he’d no longer have to masturbate but that she’d gladly do that for him. She so wanted to feel his cock in her hand before feeling it in her mouth and pussy.

“Go ahead. You can touch them,” she imagined saying to her son. “You can feel them. You can fondle my breasts. I don’t mind. Just be careful of my nipples,” she said. “I’d rather you not suck them,” she said while imagining pushing his mouth away from her İnkilap Escort nipples.

As soon as she said for him not to suck her nipples, calling attention to her erect nipples, he stared at her nipples.

“Your nipples? Why must I be careful of your nipples? Why can I not suck your nipples?”

With her breasts on display of her horny son’s eyes, he looked at her with as much curiosity as he looked at her with sexual arousal.

“Please don’t,” she imagined saying while feigning her resistance to her son fingering her nipples and sucking her tits.

It was one thing for him to see her breasts, touch her breasts, and fondle her breasts while fingering her nipples, but it was quite another thing for him to suck her tits. Something that no adult son should ever do to his mother, and something that she’d love for him to do, she’d feel as if she was having incestuous sex with her son if he dared to suck her nipples. Nonetheless her feelings of forbidden taboo, she imagined him touching her breasts and feeling her breasts before sliding a slow hand across her nipples. As if teasing her with his sexual touch, as soon as the palm of his hand slowly slid across her nipples, they popped out and grew hard.

She wanted him to suck her nipples but she couldn’t allow him to suck her nipples. If he sucked her nipples, she’d lose all sexual control. If he sucked her nipples, she’d suck his cock. If he sucked her nipples, she’d make love to him before fucking him. No longer being his mother, she’d be his slut. As if she was his sexual slave instead of his mother, she’d willingly do any and every sexual thing to her son that she’s only done with her husband.

“Why must I be careful of your nipples?” He asked her again.

Instead of being careful with her nipples, she imagined him doing just the opposite. She imagined him taking her nipple between his thumb and index finger to pull it, squeeze it, turn it, and twist it. With him watching her heated reaction to him fingering her nipples, doing one, he did the same to the other while watching her sexually squirming and staring down at what he was doing to her nipples. Obviously by the open mouth sexually excited look on her face, she was enjoying what she was imagining him doing to her nipples. She closed her eyes and let out a gasp while the heat of her orgasm slowly grew warmer. Then, without warning and as if she wanted to show him her breasts as much as he wanted to see her tits, she imagined wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him to her to kiss him, French kiss him.

After they kissed and kissed, and even though she asked him not to, she imagined him lowering his head to suck her nipples. She imagined him sucking her tits. Her son was sucking her tits. With her finger rubbing her clit faster and harder, it so sexually excited her to imagine her son sucking her nipples that she was getting ready to cum. Oh, my God, she couldn’t believe that Jason was sucking her tits. Oh, my God, she couldn’t believe that she was about to cum over the thought of Jason sucking her tits while she stroked his cock.

Something he hasn’t done in nearly 30 years, in the way that she imagined masturbating her son, she couldn’t believe she imagined him sucking her tits. While fingering her nipples, she imagined Jason sucking her nipples. Oh, my God, she was so wet by the thoughts of her nipples in her son’s mouth. She lifted her big boobs to her mouth to suck her nipples while pretending that it was Jason sucking her tits. First she sucked one nipple and then she sucked her other nipple.

“Because if you continue doing that to my nipples, you’ll sexually excite me,” she imagined saying to him breathlessly while consumed with incestuous, sexual excitement. “If you continue fingering my nipples, I swear that I’ll suck your cock,” she imagined saying while staring at him to watch his reaction to what she just said.

She imagined him looking down at his cock before looking up at her.

“I don’t mind if you suck me, Mom,” she imagined Jason admitting.

She imagined looking down at his cock with him while wishing his stiff prick was in her mouth.

“No, I can’t do that. I’m your mother and you’re my son. It’s enough that I’m masturbating you,” she said while imagining stroking his big prick faster.

She continued imagining him fondling her big breasts while she continued having a conversation with herself. Then imagining taking her son’s cock in her hand before taking it in her mouth and sucking him while stroking him as he continued pulling, turning, and twisting her nipples, she couldn’t believe she was fantasizing about blowing her son. Imagining him cumming in her mouth, she imagined tasting him and swallowing every little bit of his cum.

* * * * *

If only Jason knew his mother was in her room masturbating herself while imagining having sex with him and sucking him, what would he think? If only Jason knew that if he dared enter his mother’s room without knocking at that very moment and in the horny state that she was in, she was ready to have sex with him. If only Jason knew that while his mother masturbated herself, she imagined sucking him. With the imagined feel and taste of her son’s hard, hairy cock buried in her mouth, she continued masturbating herself.

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