Mom Fucks UncleMom Fucks Uncle


I am 21 years old living in a joint family along with my uncle Sunder, grand mother Neeramma, grand father Prakash, aunty Sumana and my most sexy mother Vijaya.

My father expired when I was 10 years old and we have being staying here for the past 10 years uncle was the main source of money as he alone works.

One day in the evening when my mother was washing clothes grand ma came to my mother and started talking with her in a polite manner as she was never before. I was sitting behind the window and so they didn’t know that I was listening.

Grand ma was going on and was telling about the situation of my uncle that uncle was in deep depression and that aunty and uncle were not having sex for the past 3 months as aunty was suffering from some kind of disease.

And so slowly grand ma was getting into the topic saying, “Vijaya may I ask you one thing provided you should not reject my proposal. “

so mom replied, “what is it aunty?”

grand ma said, “I am afraid you will reject it. “

mom said, “don’t worry, if its in my hands then I will surely do it. “

grand ma said, “its fully in your hands, if you are willing then you can definitely do it. “

mom said, “then what’s the problem its o. k tell me. “

grand ma said, “I have told you about Sunder’s problem and that he needs a child at any cost. “

“Yes I can understand”, mom said.

grand ma said, “I knew you would understand the problem and so I am here to request you that, I would be happy if you cooperate in this matter and have sex with him. “

Mom was surprised and İstiklal Escort shocked.

She said, “what…. how could you think like that. “

As soon as grand ma said that my cock became very hard.

grand ma said, “please.. I beg your pardon and obey this. “

mom said, “NO I can’t do this. this is absurd. “

grand ma said, “Don’t forget that you are living here with his money and with his permission. “

“you are here with his gratitude. And if he wishes

you will be on the roads tomorrow. “grand ma said.

She said, “think over this Vijaya and let me know tomorrow.

that night mom was not able to sleep and she was going on thinking about this all night.

The next day grand ma came to her and asked her

and so she said, “o. k I’ll do it but no one must know about this and it should be between us.

Grand ma said, “that’s a wise decision. “

“o. k we will do it tonight. “grand ma said.

As soon as mom agreed my cock hardened and I was shocked as my mom believed only in one person.

That night I had my dinner and went to my room but I was not asleep as my heart was beating very fast. It was 11 o’clock in the night when my came into the room and pushed the other bed to the other corner of the room and I was peeping from the blanket. Mom slept on the bed, she was wearing a dark blue saree and a sky blue blouse. Mom switched off the light and put on the bed light.

At about 11:30 pm there was a knocking sound. Mom slowly went towards the door without making any noise Escort İstiklal and also she was looking towards me so that

I would make a moment.

I was like a statue so that mom wouldn’t find me awake.

Slowly she reached the door and calmly she opened the door and returned to the bed. It was uncle and he slowly crept inside closing the door.

Mom was sleeping on one side of the bed and uncle sat on the other end.

“Is Sumanth (my name) asleep. “asked uncle.

mom replied, “yes. “

Uncle slowly put his hand on my mothers shoulder and turned her to his side.

Mom was looking at me.

Uncle made her sit on the bed and slipped her pallu. Mom was afraid and so she suddenly she put on her pallu back.

Uncle said, “don’t worry Sumanth is in deep sleep. “

Again he slipped her pallu and I could see my mother in her blouse and I could also see her naked stomach with a big navel.

Uncle caught hold of one of the boob and pressed hard.

Mom moaned slightly looking towards me.

My cock was very hard and slowly I pulled down my shorts and started to masturbate.

Uncle slowly unhooked her blouse one by one and removed it and threw it aside.

Mom was now only in her white bra and uncle pulled out her saree fully and mom was now only in her bra and petticoat.

Mom was constantly looking at me so that I would not wake up.

Uncle was kissing mom all over her neck, her chest, and was also pressing her boobs.

He hugged her from the front and unhooked her İstiklal Escort Bayan bra. Mom suddenly hid her boobs with her hands with shy.

Uncle said, “don’t worry its 12. 00 am and Sumanth would have been far asleep.

Saying this he slowly removed her hands and I was shocked to see her white milky fat boobs.

They were really tight. Uncle hungrily nabbed her boobs and sucked it as though he was fucking with his mouth.

Mom was mourning saying, “slowly…. aaaahhhhh…

slowly….. Sunder. “

Now mom was also feeling the passion of sex. And now she was no more looking at me.

Uncle nabbed the threads of the petticott and pulled them off. Uncle made her stand and her petticott slipped down revealing her white, fat thighs. She was wearing a red panty. Uncle made her sleep again and pulled down her panty and I almost cummed looking at her pussy covered fully with pubic hair. Uncle quickly removed his lungi and undressed himself. His cock was very fat and 9″ long.

Uncle kissed mom all over her body for at about 10 minutes, sucked her boobs and uncle caught hold of his cock and pushed it into my mother’s pussy.

Mom mourned. this time she was loud, and so I could find out that mom was fully with my uncle.

Mom mourned loudly as he pushed further and further “aaaaaaahhhhhhhh……. ooooooooohhhhhhhh…. ssssllllllooooowwwwwlllyyyyy…

“ooohhhhh… nooooooooo… aaahhh… “

Uncle pumped her and pumped her for at about 15minutes and cummed into her pussy, and fell on my mother. After some time he got up and thanked mom for her help.

Both of them had their bath at the same time and after that again thay fucked.

From then both of them fucked regularly.

After 10months she gave birth to his son and mom said, “this is your brother. “

From that night I would see them fucking each other regularly.

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