Glory Hole Haven Ch. 3Glory Hole Haven Ch. 3


Following Trent’s last night at the adult bookstore, his mind was whirling. He couldn’t believe what he had done the night before. To actually place a throbbing cock in his mouth and suck it like an expert and then allowing his anonymous lover blow a hot load of cum down his throat was unbelievable. Even more unbelievable was the fact he had enjoyed feeling the warm, milky cum spraying into his hungry mouth. All night he kept thinking about how good it felt to feel the warmth of the massive cock in his mouth and the velvety, mushroom-shaped head pressing against the back of his throat.

He went to meet with his clients the next morning without a lot of sleep. The President of the company asked how his evening was and Trent just stopped in his tracks, then said, “Didn’t do much. Had dinner and then headed back to the hotel for some rest.”

“That’s funny,” said the company president. “I tried calling your hotel about nine and no one answered.”

“Oh, that must have been when I was in the shower,” Trent quickly responded.

They went into the boardroom and began the negotiations for the contract. Other than Trent’s mind occasionally wandering off while thinking about having a big cock in his mouth, the meeting went well and they were able to close the deal. While happy to have made the deal, Trent couldn’t help but wish they could have gone on a day or two more. He really wanted to explore this new side of himself.

Back at the hotel, he made arrangements for a flight home the following day. He could have left that night, but wanted one more time in the bookstore. He showered and changed into some comfortable clothes and headed off for the bookstore.

Once inside, Trent noticed his normal clerk wasn’t behind the counter. Then he remembered the strange words of the clerk the night before. “I’m not working tomorrow, so I know you’re going to have a good time,” the clerk had said. Wondering what he meant by that Trent asked the clerk for five dollars in quarters and headed back to the arcade. He went to the same booth he had been in the night before, hoping that the guy with the big, shaved cock would be back.

He went in and placed his money in the machine and the movie started. To his amazement he was watching two very well hung Hispanic men perform a 69 on each other. He had never before noticed how attractive some Hispanic men are, and these two, well hung, young men were outstanding. Their smooth, olive complexions blending into one another, their massive, dark skinned cocks being deep throated just about set Trent’s pants on fire. His cock was pushing and shoving to get out of his pants. Trent took a peek through the glory hole on his right and was disappointed not to find anyone there. He didn’t want to waste any cum just over a movie. He wanted to have a cock in his mouth and then have someone suck him off too.

Trent kept watching the movie and trying to adjust his raging hard-on while occasionally looking through the hole, hoping someone would come in with a big dick just looking to be sucked off. Finally he ran out of coins and movie was over. He didn’t know what to do. He then remembered the clerk the night before suggesting that he try the theater. He stepped out of the booth and went back to the counter and asked the clerk about the theater.

“Ahh yes, the theater,” the young man behind the counter said. “Well, there are actually two of them, connected by a hallway. One side shows straight films and the other shows gay films. It costs six dollars to go in and you can watch either side and change places anytime you want. You can also stay in there all night if you like. Just remember, you won’t be alone in there.”

“Why would he say that,” thought Trent. He reached into his pocket and handed the clerk six dollars. Trent went to the door of the theater and there was a loud buzz. Trent quickly pushed the door open and stepped into one of the darkest hallways he could remember. He could tell he wasn’t alone in the hallway but he couldn’t make anything out so he decided stand still for a moment and wait for his eyes to adjust. He could hear the sounds of sensual pleasure coming from the theaters and swore he could sense the smell of sex in the air. All of this just added to his anticipation and his cock began to throb again. Before his eyes could adjust, he felt someone walk by him and a hand gently squeezed his cock. He couldn’t see anyone, but the sensation almost caused him to blow his load.

As Trent’s eyes slowly adjusted he looked around a corner to see the first theater. There on the screen was a woman that looked about 18 years old, deep throating a man with a 10-inch dick. As Trent looked around the room, he saw a guy leaning back in a plastic chair, his pants were down around his ankles and he was steadily stroking his rather large cock that stood straight out from his pubic hair. Next to him was a rather large man, stroking his cock too, then the big man reached over to stroke the cock of bursa escort the guy next to him.

This fascinated Trent. He watched for a while and then the larger man slid his head down the chest of his neighbor and began sucking his big dick. A twinge of jealousy ran through Trent, he wanted to feel a cock like that in his mouth too. The guy getting the blow job then looked around and standing next to him was another man with his dick out. The guy getting the blow job reached for the standing man’s dick and then began to suck it. It was amazing to see this threesome going on. Soon both men getting their dicks sucked tensed up at almost the same time and then the cum began to fly. The guy sitting down tried to swallow the standing man’s load, but there was just too much and cum began spilling out of his mouth. In the meantime, the man giving him a blow job pulled his mouth off just in time to let the warm, tasty jizz explode onto his face and then he began running his fingers through the creamy substance and pushing it towards his mouth.

Trent thought his dick would blast right through his pants. He had to sit down or fall down. His head was spinning, his heart was racing and his cock was jumping up and down. He looked around for an empty chair but didn’t find any open so he thought that maybe the other theater would have an empty chair. He stepped back into the dark hallway and since his eyes had adjusted, he saw several men standing around with their dicks out, playing with themselves. He couldn’t help but notice the various sizes and shapes and his mouth began to water.

He stepped into the next theater and there on the screen were two guys, one was rather big and rough looking and the other looked like a skinny boy. The boy was bent over and the bigger man was fucking his ass with what appeared to be a 12-inch cock. The young boy seemed to be enjoying having the big dick slamming in and out of his tight little ass. Then another biker-type man walked in and shoved another big cock into the boy’s face. He readily accepted this gift and started sucking on the massive member.

Trent spotted a chair and sat down to watch the young boy being ravished by the two large men. Then Trent looked around the room and saw a younger guy, maybe mid-twenties, on his knees with his baseball cap turned around and was sucking on the dick of a rather overweight, older guy. The older guy had unbuttoned his shirt and was playing with his hairy nipples while the younger guy was trying to get as much of the throbbing cock into his mouth as possible. Then the older guy stiffened up and the boy pulled away to le the guy shoot a massive load of hot cum all over his chest.

It was enough to force Trent to unzip his pants and let his throbbing dick out. As soon as he did, he noticed the man sitting beside him look over at his lap. The man whispered, “You have a sweet looking dick. Can I touch it?”

Trent just pressed his hips forward, indicating that it would be alright and the man reached over and began roughly stroking Trent’s cock. He could feel the excitement building. Then Trent reached over and discovered the man had his cock out and Trent wrapped his hands around it. It felt so good. It was average length and very thick with lots of veins popping out. It felt warm and alive in Trent’s hand. He knew he would have to feel it in his mouth so he pushed the man’s hand away from his dick and then turned around to get on his knees in front of this beautiful dick. He stroked and rubbed and then began to lavish the man’s dick with his warm wet mouth. It was almost as if he was worshipping the cock in front of him. Soon, Trent bowed his head and took the man’s dick into his mouth. To feel the head pushing against the back of his throat, pulsating with every heartbeat, was thrilling to Trent. Without a doubt, he had become a cock hound, hungering for the taste of cum.

He began to lightly stroke the man’s huge balls and then had the urge to take the balls into his mouth. He loved the feel and texture in his mouth and the way the balls bounced with excitement. Then he went back to sucking the man’s dick until he felt his balls tighten and the head of the cock swell. He began to rapidly stroke the man’s cock with his free hand and holding his mouth over the cock. Soon, he was rewarded with a hot, steamy load of sweet cum. Blast after blast filled his mouth to overflowing. The man reached down and pushed Trent’s head, forcing his cock to go deeper into his mouth. Cum was flowing out each side of Trent’s mouth. He didn’t care. Trent just knew he had to have more cum.

After licking the man clean, his lover stood up and whispered, “thanks.” And then left the theater. This didn’t bother Trent, in fact, he was looking forward to his next mouthful of man meat and for the one who would suck him off as well.

He stood up and stepped back into the hallway and there he leaned against the wall in hopes of watching some more action. His wish was fulfilled. There in bursa escort bayan the hall were all the men jacking off and one guy had his pants pulled down and was facing the wall while another guy was rubbing his cock over the man’s ass. Trent thought, “surely they aren’t going to ass fuck right here?”

As he watched, the guy behind reached into his pocket and pulled out a small package. He opened it and then began sliding a condom over his dick. He began pressing against the younger man. The younger man bent ever so slightly, to allow easier access to his tight, hairless ass. As the dick entered his puckered asshole, the younger man let out a low moan. The older guy pushed his dick in slowly, allowing the sphincter to adjust. Other men were gathering around to watch the young man get ass fucked by an incredibly excited older man. Trent couldn’t help it, he reached out and grabbed the younger man’s dick and began stroking it. Seeing the guy getting his ass fucked was, in all his beliefs, completely taboo, yet, he found himself excited by the sight. He reached down to play with the young guy’s balls and then let his fingers go lower to feel the rubber sliding in and out of the tight ass hole.

It didn’t take long until the older guys picked up the pace and then stiffened, ramming his cock into the young man’s ass as far as he could. He stood there for several minutes, shaking, with cock embedded in the man’s rectum. Then he slowly removed his dick and slid the condom off and threw it on the floor across the hall. He reached over and kissed the young man’s neck and then turned and walked out. No sooner had he left when another man walked up to the younger guy and talked to him briefly and then got on his knees and proceeded to suck the young man’s dick. It was getting to be too much. Trent couldn’t believe what he was seeing and couldn’t believe he was so excited by it all. He turned and walked back into the straight theater and this time found a seat.

He watched a pair of black women having sex with a white guy. One woman was sucking him off while the other was giving the guy a rim job. Trent’s dick was already out of his pants and he was slowly pulling the skin over the head when a tall man walked by and squeezed Trent’s prick. Then the man reached down and gently stroked his balls. The man sat down next to Trent and pulled his dick out. Trent was amazed, this guy’s dick was the biggest he had ever seen and as big around as a beer can. Trent reached out to touch it and found it was already slick with precum, making it easy for Trent to slide his hand up and down. Then the guy stood up, and while looking down at Trent placed his foot between Trent’s feet and roughly kicked each foot, forcing Trent to separate his legs. The guy got on his knees and with one movement, had all of Trent’s dick in his mouth. Then the guy opened his mouth, stuck his tongue out and licked Trent’s balls.

While he was rough, his mouth was warm and very wet and soon the man’s saliva was running down Trent’s balls. He could feel his cockhead pressing against the back of the man’s throat and then he would stop, let it rest and work the muscles in his throat, causing a squeezing motion on Trent’s ready to burst cock. Suddenly, Trent couldn’t take any more. He grabbed the man’s head and pushed his mouth down as far as possible on his dick. The man held still while Trent began shooting buckets of cum. The sperm splashed against the back of the man’s throat and he continued to swallow every drop. It seemed like hours before Trent could get his breath again. Then the man slid his mouth off of Trent’s still hard cock and had a surprise for Trent. He hadn’t swallowed all the cum, he saved some in his mouth and before Trent knew what was going on, the man reached up and kissed Trent, opening his mouth and sharing the sweet taste of cum with him.

It amazed Trent how turned on this made him. He had never kissed another man before. But to have his first kiss be one where they share the wonderful taste of cum was enough drive him crazy.

The guy got up and started to walk away, but Trent would not have it. He reached out and grabbed the man’s huge cock and pulled him towards him like a pull toy. He stuck his tongue out and tasted the head of this hunk of meat. He opened his mouth as much as he could and felt the head barely slide into his mouth. “My God,” thought Trent, “just the head of this cock fills my mouth.” Trent tried sucking as much of the cock into his mouth as possible and then stroked the rest of it with his hand. The man stood there, head back and hand on Trent’s head, enjoying the feel of a hot mouth wrapped around he head of his cock. As Trent became more and more used to the size of this cock, he was able to get a bit more of it into his mouth. Soon the man shoved his hips forward and pushed his dick deeper into Trent’s mouth. It was all he could do to keep from gagging and then the reward. The veins on this behemoth of a dick were swollen and the head increased escort bursa in size and then his balls tightened and a long, thick rope of cum shot out of the head of the dick and into Trent’s awaiting mouth. With the big cock filling his mouth, there was no room for a load of cum too, so the sperm spilled out of Trent’s mouth and down his chin and his neck.

The man blew his massive load all over Trent and Trent was loving every single drop of the warm fluid. Then the guy bent over and started licking the cum off of Trent’s chin and neck and again offered the taste of cum to Tent by sharing a salty tasting kiss. This time they passed the cum back and forth to each other, getting the most out of the wonderful flavor of sex. Afterwards, the tall man stood up and left the theater.

Trent found himself alone again, watching others jack off or giving each other blow jobs. In the next room, Trent thought he heard music, dance music. He stood up and walked over the gay films and sure enough, there was dance music playing. The film had stopped and there was a guy dancing around with a mask on. When the guy began to pull his shirt off, Trent decided to take a seat and enjoy the show. The guy immediately danced his way over to Trent and finished sliding his shirt off. Then he turned around and shook his ass in front of Trent’s face. Then began to slide his pants down. As his pants slid down, Trent noticed quickly that the young guy wasn’t wearing any underwear. Soon, Trent was looking at a smooth, firm ass dancing in front of his face. He found himself getting even more excited and his dick was throbbing.

The excitement was too much and soon he let his manhood out of the confines of his pants and started stroking it while watching the firm butt dance in front of him. The dancer then rubbed his ass on Trent’s dick and Trent thought he would blow his load right there. He held tightly to the base to keep from shooting too soon and enjoyed the feel of the butt rubbing against the head. Then the guy reached around and handed him a package. Trent knew what it was, a condom. At first he didn’t know what to think but lust took over and he opened the package and unrolled the condom over his throbbing member.

The dancer never turned around but slowly slid his ass over the sheathed cock and began to press against it. Trent’s dick pushed against the tight sphincter and then it slowly began to stretch open, allowing Trent’s dick to enter his rectum. Inch by inch, the tight ass slid down the length of Trent’s cock. Trent could feel the muscles relax and contract, milking his dick.

Once fully buried inside the young man’s tight ass, the dancer sat still for a moment, allowing his ass to adjust to the invading tool. Then he began to slowly slide up and down. The sensation was overwhelming. Trent was trying to think of anything else to keep from blowing his load. He couldn’t help but watch as the young ass moved up and down. He didn’t even care that a small group of other men had gathered around to watch him ass fuck the young man. Most of them had their dicks out and were stroking them or grabbing other men’s cocks and playing with those.

Trent placed his hands on each side of the young man’s hips and began lifting his ass off the seat, penetrating deeper with each stroke. Then, another man standing to his side began rubbing his thick cock on the side of Trent’s face. Trent turned his head and gladly accepted he man’s throbbing purple cockhead into his mouth. The feeling of this tight ass sliding up and down on his dick and the manmeat in his mouth was so incredible that it was everything he could do to keep from cumming right then. He held back as best he could. Then, the dick he was sucking on began to swell in Trent’s mouth. He knew the man was about to cum and he quickened his pace. He wanted to taste the cum and feel it shooting against the back of his throat.

He was soon rewarded when the man grabbed his head and shoved his dick in and then exploded in Trent’s hot mouth. The cum shot into his mouth, blast after blast. Trent tried to swallow each drop of the precious love juice, all the while feeling the tight little ass bouncing up and down on his own cock. It was too much and Trent reached up and grabbed the hips of the young man riding him and slammed his dick into his lover’s rectum and then began to shake all over. Still holding the semi-erect cock in his mouth, Trent began filling the condom with own cum. His head was spinning and he was shaking all over from the excitement. His skin tingled with the excitement and for a few moments, he thought his head would explode. It seemed like an eternity. He had no feeling except that of pure ecstasy. No clear thoughts could enter his head.

Finally, his cock began to relax and he could think (barely) again. He gently sucked the cock in his mouth and then slid his mouth off of it and kissed the withering head. The young man on his lap, gently moved his ass around and around, sending little shocks through Trent’s body. Then he slowly stood up and slid off of Trent’s cock that was now three quarters erect. He reached around and pulled the condom off of Trent’s dick and let it breathe in the musky air.

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