Mom and I Ch. 03Mom and I Ch. 03


Christmas and New Years holidays went by and I was quite busy. I often thought of the evening I had made love to my mother and how wonderful the experience was. And her giving me some great oral sex and seeing her gold half-glasses at the end of her nose and her beaded eyeglass chain. It was all so erotic and sexy to me and I wondered if we could be lovers.

Mom called me in mid January and asked if I could drop in for a visit. Also could I come dressed as a woman? I told her I could and would be there around two the next day.

There I was at two in the afternoon on my moms doorstep shod in fancy two inch black patent pumps with bows;a black skirt with white ruffled blouse and earrings.

“Oh John, you looks so nice an the make-up is great, how did you learn that?”

“Well the cross-dressing chapter I belong to had a Mary K or Avon woman come in and she gave demonstrations on how to apply make-up.”

“Come on in, coffee?

“Sure, milk 2 sugars.”

“So mom, you like going to the Olive Garden?”

“Yes, thank you so much. I go in the afternoons for the soup and salad. That pasta and beans soup is very good.”

“John, how long have you been cross dressing?”

“Oh the last twelve years or so.”

“How did you get into it John.” Asked mom in a voice of sincere interest.

“Well you were out with Rita playing bingo. I came in from working, showered and passing your room I saw the high heels you wear at times and I tried them. I was so glad they fit and I walked around the room and Mom it felt so nice.”

“And then what?” asked mom.

“Well İnnovia Escort Bayan I wanted to wear more. So I went into your closet and grabbed a nice skirt with a wide black belt and a mauve blouse. Then to a drawer and got a slip;panties and stuffed a bra with socks. When I looked into a full length mirror I had the most amazing; baffling; exited feeling. Since then I would dress up when you went out to shop or bingo. I hope you are not upset about it.”

“How could I be upset with a son who so likes the way I dress he dresses the same?”

“No I am not angry at all. I am interested why you like dressing as a woman thirty years older than you are, That is very different. I mean guys dress as women but the same age they are anyways.”

“Well mom, I have always loved older women. For whatever reason I feel I can talk to a woman who is like ten to twenty years older about anything. And I really like that.

“John, do you think this is why you like making womens eyeglass chains?”

“Maybe, I do like the style of women’s reading glasses and knowing they are not always worn I figured there could be a market for a nice feminine eyeglass chain and I have made them and sold them a of times.”

“I mean I still am a guy and can be as macho as any other like working on railroad tracks or as a diesel locomotive electrician. But I don’t have to be guy all the time. I can at times be a woman but not a female.”

“Well Thanks for being so honest with me John. I love that I can talk to my son about anything and get an honest answer or opinion.”

“Do you wear Escort İnnovia the bra I gave you?”

“Oh yes mom I do and I have a nice pair of fake knockers to go inside. These are not socks in here I said pointing to my boobs.”

“I am really impressed and you say it is the way I dress, you love the style of.”

“Yup, always have. You are a great mother, mom and I really loved the last few times I have been here.”

“Mom.lets go in your room I want to show you something.”


So she went in and I followed and closed the door. I looked her right in the eyes and unbuttoned her blouse and removed her gold satin bra. I then removed her eyeglass chain and half-glasses and ran the beads of her sexy feminine eyeglass chain past her nipple as I sucked licked and nibbled her other nipple and she was really enjoying this.

“Oh John! what do you have in mind?”

“A few things mom.”

I unbuckled the belt she had holding up her skirt and removed it as well as her slip and panties.

“Lie on the bed mom.”

She did so and I stuffed my head between her legs and began to lick her labia. As I was licking her she put back over her head the chain of beads and had her half-glasses lying against her boobs and that was nice to see.

Mom was starting to get even hornier and wanted me to get more into this. I started running my tongue around down there and the next thing I hear is,

“Oh John, I feel good. Make me feel even better and satisfy my needs, don’t bother undressing.”

“O.K. mom.”

I just pulled up my skirt and slip an pulled İnnovia Escort my black lace panties to the side and mom being rather wet I went right on in.

“John, look at your mom and give it to me nice an slow. I will tell you when to speed up. I just want to enjoy a real cock being up in me and hear a man breathing, can’t get that from a dildo.”

And I did as she asked and it was ever so nice to be loved and accepted as a cross dresser and also a lover.

I could feel her love being in her. Her tightness and warmth and to hear her breathing and looking at her with her half-glasses bouncing around on her luscious bosoms and smelling her fragrance.

“Faster, John.”

“O.K. I sped up a few more strokes and I was loving this feeling. The knee highs on my legs and the silky slip and panties. My fake boobs were jiggling a bit and that was a good feeling as I was making love to my mother.

“Faster, harder John.”

Well this was all so very nice but lets get serious. I started to hammer mom and with a passion. It is what she wanted as well.

Maybe it was due to my happiness of being dressed like a woman but making love to my mother sure is a most warm and loving experience.

She loved me and accepted that part of me which society sadly rejects in a man. Everyone says, “Be yourself.” As long as it does not go against the unwritten laws of society, everything is fine, but it is not.

Screw society, I am dressing as I damn well please.

Mom was “moaning and sighing” so she had as good a time as I did. I got up close to her on the bed and we looked at each other with a real love. I knew mom and I would always be close. I would love to have stayed longer but had a few things to do. So I got my self together and gave mom a real juicy kiss, letting our tongues dance. As I headed back to Sarasota, my heart danced as well.

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