Miles’ Discovery Ch. 02Miles’ Discovery Ch. 02

Female Ejaculation

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Chapter 2

By the time I managed to make my way home, it was close to 11 at night. I sat in the parking lot of our condo building, in the darkness of my car, staring at nothing in particular. The images of my husband sucking and getting fucked by my asshole TA played on a loop in my head. I quickly transitioned between two specific emotions; anger and arousal. At a certain point, looking back, I think one begat the other.

I don’t remember making my way upstairs and into our apartment. It was dark and quiet inside, an odd contrast to the cacophony of noise that flooded my mind. Alek had already left for ‘work’ and I found the meal he prepared for me in the fridge with a little hand written note; “to my loving husband.” I stared at the note for several minutes, torn between crumpling it up and throwing it away, and giving it a little kiss at the sentiment.

I went through my routine that night like a living doll. I ate the food he had cooked in silence. I cleaned up, showered, brushed my teeth and went to bed. But I didn’t close my eyes nor could I lull myself to sleep. After an hour of restless tossing and turning, I made my way up and out of the bed, and headed to the bathroom when something pulled my attention. On the floor was Alek’s clothes, all the different jeans and button downs he worn to work. There was a plain, old t-shirt underneath one of the plaid shirts, amongst his dirty, hole ridden socks. But what startled me was one underwear in particular. Alek was always a boxers kind of guy. Had always been a boxer’s kind of guy.

I fished out the fabric that was peeking out of the worn pair of jeans. It was a dirty jockstrap with an obvious stain on the crotch. I didn’t need to bring it close to my face to know it had been used and not washed for some time. The musk was heavy and actually made my head swim when I tried to take a sniff. The inside was crusted with stains, the fabric turning a bit yellow and stiff where his cock would be nestled in. I had never seen Alek wear anything other than boxers, so when had he started wearing jockstraps? This stain was familiar to me. I haven’t even really left my teenaged years and I’ve painted my fair share of socks with similarly coloured crusts.

Abandoning my initial plan to go to the bathroom and instead walked over to our dresser and pulled open his drawer. There I found a surprising selection of underwear I had never seen before. Most were jockstraps, but some were boxer briefs and some were tight, crotch conforming underwear contraptions I had never seen before. One seemed like tight, sheer, black briefs, with a pouch for his manhood that was made with stretchy fabric. It left nothing to the imagination. There were even several leather numbers I couldn’t recognize. I looked over these strange articles of clothing my husband obviously owned, and it was then I realized the severity of our disconnect.

It had been some time since I had actually done our laundry together since we were awake at such different times. For some time, I’ve gone and done my own laundry as he did his. I never really bothered to clean his clothes off the floor as he always waited until the end of the week to gather them all up for a wash. I wondered just how long I had been so ignorant of my husband’s tastes changing from what I had known.

I went to the closet and rooted through his clothes and found a clear tonal shift in his wardrobe. Although his other typical clothes were still there, I found odd articles of clothing I had never seen him wear before. He was mostly a Henley and leather jacket sort of guy. Every other time he would wear athletic clothing. But instead I found a larger number of tank tops with deep cut sides, stringers, and sweat pants that seemed far too small and tight for his large, muscled frame. All of these were clothes that he had never worn before. At least, not to my knowledge beyond the brief glimpses in his OnlyFan’s page. More things were hidden in various places, some of which were jewellery. Alek was never the type to wear any form of jewellery, yet now it seemed that he had a collection of thick chains of varying lengths and widths, leather collars, some of which were studded with spikes, with different charms with his name etched on them that ranged from doggie bones, to military tags. There was even a leather dog mask with a matching rubber tail that threw me for a loop just as much as the metal cock cages that were nestled underneath them. There were even cock rings and butt plugs.

Filled with frustration at Cihangir Escort my own ignorance of my husband’s life, I rushed out of the closet and towards my computer. Once my desktop had loaded, I quickly clicked a browser open. I stared at the blank browser page for a second before once again logging in to Alek’s OnlyFans page. This time, I scrolled down all the way to the start.

The very first post was several months into our life here in Oakland. It was fairly innocent. It was an old photo of Alek back at his loft in Willow Hills, wearing one of his Henley shirts. It was a photo that I had taken after we started dating. The caption on the photo was oddly endearing.

“Hi, I’m Alek. Thanks for signing up to my OnlyFans. Someone suggested that this was an easy way to make money so… here I am. I hope you’ll like what you see. I’m new to this, and I don’t really know what to do. But I’ll find out.”

The few comments were fairly innocuous, most welcoming him to the site and showering him with praises of how attractive he was. Some were flat out demanding all the sexual things they wanted from him. Regardless, nothing in his first post revealed what drove him to create an account.

The next few posts were more photos with captions. For the most part these were photos of him after working out; some in various brand name athletic tank tops or simple t-shirts, while some were of him shirtless. Most of the photos were taken in our apartment, and all of them were of him in either sweats or shorts, but always sweaty after a workout. His captions varied from revealing how he was feeling that day, and his motivation to keep up with his workout and live a new life in the unnamed new city he had just moved to. He still had the clear dusting of hair trailing down his navel, his hairy, well muscled chest, as well as the dark hair on his armpits.

It was a full month after he had joined when Alek posted his first revealing photo. It was just a full frontal shot, one arm flexed while he covered his crotch with the other. His hairy pubes peeked out from behind his hand and travelled up to his navel. There was a clear blush on his cheeks, dusted with that familiar 5 o’clock shadow, as he stared intently at the camera. The comments were far more revealing and sexually intense than they had been before.

This time, the commenters were more brazen in their demands for nudity, and more.

You’re hot and all man, but at 10 bucks per month, you gotta give us more. Said one comment.


Fucking hot!

Work on your traps. Let us see that dick!

Give us a video man! At least a jack off vid, please?

Alek’s next post wasn’t until a few days later, and this time it was a video.

The video was simple and short, only about 5 minutes long. He was on our bed, and I could tell from the angle of the video that he had filmed using the laptop that my dad had bought him one Christmas. He was wearing a black athletic tank top and boxers that he undressed after drawing back from the camera. The angle had a good view of his hairy balls and half hard cock nestled atop his bushy pubes. Alek began to stroke himself slowly while staring intently at the camera. His black wedding ring was clear on his hand as he stroked his cock.

Omg! You’re married? Hot! One commenter wrote.

Alek stroked himself with relative ease, if not with some level of furor, quickly reaching his climax quicker than he normally would. His balls danced as he came and streams of cum shoot out of his cock head, splattering against his black tank top. A few streams even reached his cheeks. After the orgasm induced shuddering subsided, he moved once again to turn off the video, briefly showcasing the thick glob of cum hanging from his sharp cheekbone. In the comment section below, Alek interacted with his audience for the first time.

You’re married? Tad4917 commented.

Guess I can’t hide it now. Alek confessed. Yeah. Under a year.

He know? RuebnFux asked.

No. But gotta make money somehow. Can’t find anything else. Alek truthfully confessed.

Hustle is hustling. Another commenter wrote.

DM me. I have advice on how you can make more money if you’re already willing to jack off on cam. LeteoFran76 wrote. There were no other comments in the video.

The next few posts were more muscle posing photos, and a few more brief jack off videos. A few were more of the same, we would jack off while staring at the camera quietly before turning it off after he came. Then one included him eating his own cum, the video was captioned with a statement that it was done at the behest of a fan. Every subsequent masturbation video included him eating his load. A few were of him positioning himself to cum directly into his mouth. I was enthralled watching him do that, especially considering he hardly ever ate mine, complaining of how salty and bitter it was.

But then Alek posted his first Cihangir Escort Bayan video with another person in the screenshot. Someone familiar. To my utter surprise, it was my husband standing beside our friend Blue. Blue had been the first person we had befriended shortly after we had moved to San Francisco. He was warm and friendly and was the perfect fit for both Alek and I.

Like me, he loved everything to do with popular pop culture. We loved the same superhero movies, the same obscure indie-rock music, and we even had the same taste in literature (epic fantasies). But like Alek, he also followed sports, loved to hike and work out, and had a sincere appreciation for craft beer. As a result, he was a rare specimen that was both a geek and a jock (and maybe a bit of a hipster).

Blue wasn’t as tightly muscled as Alek, nor as hairy, he was a bit stockier but not overly so, but was a muscular and strong man. He had large hands with a strong grip that sent tingles down my spine the first time I shook his hand. His black hair was always buzzed down to the scalp on the sides and back, while keeping it long on the top and always swept up to one side with hair paste. He was one of the few people I’ve met who could pull off an undercut so effortlessly without making it look menacing. In fact, it fit him really well. He had an odd, but handsome, combination of a slight baby face with slightly angular cheekbones that made him look exotic. Like Alek, he had tattoos. But his were of the X-Men logo and several portraits of Dragon Ball characters across his left forearm.

He was easy to talk to and enthusiastic. He had shown us around the city when we first arrived, and introduced us to his friends. He was even the one who introduced Alek to his first construction job in the city, something Alek still did on occasion. In fact, Alek made a lot of money at this construction jobs, some even occasionally taking him out of town for a few weeks at a time to work at another city. It was difficult to be apart from my husband, but between my busy schedule and our desperate need for some form of financial stability, I held my tongue whenever he took these jobs.

The screenshot had both of them staring at the camera with a small, tight lipped, smile on their faces. It was captioned “Blue’s massage”.

The video was longer than normal, and was filmed at Blue’s living room in the apartment just across the hall. Alek was atop a massage table, face down, his bare body angled in such a way that it showed his ass. There was no preamble to the video, going straight to Alek on the table as Blue poured oil on his back, kneading it into my husband’s muscles slowly with his large hands. Oddly, in the background of the video, I heard what sounded like an episode of “Where in Time is Carmen San Diego”, recognizing it from the theme song that played while my friend massaged my husband.

Blue’s white tank top stood out of his smooth, painted skin and the plaid boxers he wore were oddly plain considering the situation. His large hands massaged my husband’s back leisurely, kneading deep with his fingers and knuckles while making his way down. Each firm touch seemed to elicit a groan from Alek as Blue slowly made his way down. Then before he reached Alek’s ass, he drew back and skipped to Alek’s legs.

Blue made long, measured strokes down my husband’s leg and thigh, kneading the muscles with both hands. He moved to each calf in that slow, measured way of his, and added oil when necessary, before finally moving to Alek’s ass. He gave each cheek a quick slap before massaging them too. He took more time in this particular area, and Alek was surprisingly quiet in the meantime. Then Blue spread Alek’s hole apart, showcasing his well muscled ass, and the ring of black hair that surrounded a pink, pulsing hole. For a few seconds, Blue played with the pulsing anus with his thumb, but seemingly careful not to penetrate.

“Turn around,” were the first words that Blue said quietly in the video. Obediently, my husband turned over onto his back at the command.

I experienced some relief to find that Alek was still surprisingly soft during the whole thing, but this didn’t seem to matter to Blue as he continued his ministrations. He started with Alek’s muscled legs once again, before skipping the pelvis and made his way up. He caressed and massaged Alek’s abs, before switching over to his arms. He oiled and massaged Alek’s arms and biceps, moving them around and asked my husband to flex for the camera, caressing each mound of muscle as he did so. Then to my surprise he bent over and kissed Alek’s chest lightly before he made his way to Alek’s left nipple. I saw a tongue dart out to give a light lick at Alek’s nub, causing my husband’s cock to twitch at the sensation. Blue seemed to have noticed as well and began to lightly lick at the nipple once again, which caused Alek’s cock to twitch repeatedly. With his other hand, Blue Escort Cihangir began to pinch and tweak Alek’s other nipple before sucking the other one into his mouth and bit it with his teeth. For the first time, Alek moaned out loud, and his cock jumped up in full attention. Blue did this for some time and watched as Alek’s cock got harder and harder until it was standing straight up in attention. He teased and nipped the nipples continuously, switching between the two of them until Alek’s dick began to leak precum. By this point Alek’s member was hard and thick with arousal, leaking a clear fluid that could be seen by the camera.

I started to breathe hard, my mind flooding with adrenaline as I watched the scene before me. Unable to deny my arousal, I fished my hard, leaking cock out of my boxer’s and began to stroke slowly. I increased the volume of the video with my free hand, listening intently to my husband’s aroused moans as I watched my friend explore his body with his tongue.

I knew I felt jealous. I knew I felt angry. But it was also quite clear that I was aroused. I should only have been jealous and angry as I watched my husband break our vows with my friend. Instead, I was enthralled and madly curious to watch more. My cock was hard and throbbing in my grip, slick with my pre-cum. My heart beat hard in my chest, filling my ears with the rapid, drumming sound of every beat amongst the erotic moans of my beloved husband. I gave my hard cock a tight stroke every time Blue sucked a nipple into his mouth. I even started pinching my nipples under my shirt as I watched my friend fondle my husband.

Then just as quickly as Blue had taken Alek’s nipples in his mouth in one second, he moved down and enveloped Alek’s cock in one, fell, swoop.

“Oh fuck!” Alek exclaimed in the video, his thigh buckling up to meet our friend’s warm mouth while Carmen San Diego laughed maniacally in the background. It seemed almost as if Alek would buckle himself off the table, but Blue’s large hands brought his hips back down onto the massage table with a firm push.

There was no romance here. Blue seemed to know that Alek’s arousal was at its peak and made no qualms about what he intended to do. He sucked hard and fast, the sounds of suction echoing obscenely in the dark, spacious room. Alek’s moans was now the music that set Blue’s rhythm, overwhelming all other noises aside from my own heart. Blue bobbed up and down on my husband’s manhood as he fondled Alek’s large, hairy balls. Occasionally I saw Blue’s thick tongue dart out, lapping and slurping around Alek’s hard manhood. I saw Alek’s hand grip the table hard before thrusting up once more into Blue’s mouth, his balls pulsing with his release. I watched as Blue swallowed every drop.

Alek’s cock fell out of Blue’s mouth with an obscene pop. He licked his lips before looking down at Alek’s heaving, sweaty, and naked body. He then slowly moved to the head of the massage table and stood next to Alek’s flushed face. He caressed it slowly with one hand before cupping my husband’s jaw and moving his face to the side.

I don’t know when it happened, but Blue’s cock was hard and peeking out of his boxer’s slit. It was thick, surprisingly big despite the distance from the camera, with a flushed red, head.

“Open.” Blue commanded as he gripped Alek’s jaw. Alek obeyed his command as quickly as the words were uttered.

Blue began to jack off furiously, his panting and grunting growing more frantic with each stroke. He looked into Alek’s eyes the entire time, keeping hold of my husband’s jaw until he began to moan out loud. Then, he moved forward with shaking legs as he began to release his load into my husband’s mouth. The first few thick streams could be seen shooting out of his cock and into Alek’s mouth. He even tilted Alek’s face up as if he was making sure the cum wouldn’t spill out. His thick, throbbing, dick moved closer into Alek’s open mouth until only the head was inside.

“Close your mouth and swallow. Suck on the head.” Blue commanded.

Alek did as he was told, closing his mouth around Blue’s cock head while Blue massaged my husband’s throat. Blue threw his head back as his balls continued to pulse with his release, and his cock-head nestled neatly in between Alek’s suckling lips.

“Good boy.” He mumbled before bending down to give Alek a long, sloppy, kiss that echoed in the empty room.

It wasn’t long after the video ended that I had noticed the wetness on my hand. Looking down I realized at a certain point I had coated my skin in my own release. I had just cum at the first, perhaps, instance caught on video of my husband cheating on me.

I was confused, to say the least. A few hours prior I had been heartbroken at my husband’s betrayal, but now I had watched, was turned on by, and jacked off to a video of Alek cheating on me. Blue’s involvement with my husband’s infidelity stung hard. I always thought he was attractive, and sincerely even had a little crush on him. Alek never gave the impression that he had been interested in Blue sexually, but here was clear evidence to the contrary.

Questions flooded my mind: how long had this been going on? When did it start? Why did they lie? Did they like lying to me? How did Brody get involved?

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