Her name was Michelle. I asked her to a movie in my writing class at the community college after her short blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and pension for tiny skirts caught my attention. She was a little girl — under five-three – and couldn’t have weighed more than 110 lbs. But at 19 her breasts were an astonishing double-D. I asked her on our first date if they were a problem for her petite size and she responded with a slow, shy grin.

“Yea, I’m probably one of the few girls my age that wants breast reduction surgery. They tend to strain my back — a lot,” she added. “Why? Do they look way big?”

We were sitting at the restaurant where we had gone for desert after our movie, but she unabashedly shoved her chest out as she spoke, straining the buttons on her low cut pink top.

I shook my head, laughing. “Not for me!”

She looked back down at her dessert, that coy grin returning to her face.

“Well that’s good to know,” she said, scooping a spoonful off ice cream into her pretty mouth and slowly running her tongue around her soft, red lips. “Cuz I can’t afford the surgery yet — at least not before we get home.”

My eyebrows shot up at this invitation, but I just smiled and sipped my coffee, feeling a small foot creeping up my pants leg. She must have slipped it out of her high heels. I glanced quizzically over at her.

“Can I help you?”

She flashed a grin. “I hope so. Let’s get out of here.”

I needed no further invitation, and a couple minutes later we were back in my car speeding through town to her apartment. She fixed her make-up in the over-head mirror by the dome light for the first few minutes, but eventually shut her compact with a snap and flicked off the light, plunging the car into darkness lit only by the lights on the dashboard.

“Fuck…” I heard her mutter. “I can’t wait!”

Before I could ask her what this meant, I felt a soft hand on my jeans slowly running up and down the length of my suddenly hard cock. She squeezed it slowly with a low giggle.

“Big boy,” she murmured appreciatively while her other hand began undoing my belt. A minute later, and my cock was freed, pulsating in her warm, soft hand. She gently slid her right hand deeper into my pants to massage my balls while her right began stroking the length of my shaft. I moaned softly, concentrating on keeping the car on the road. Taking this as a cue, she lowered her blonde head down to my lap and I felt a wet tongue swirl around my head, teasing my Bornova Escort urethra with a few quick licks before suddenly engulfing the first three inches length of my throbbing cock in the warm depths of her mouth. I gasped and swerved for a second as my cock jerked in her mouth. She didn’t move, just lay there for several seconds as the rest of my length slowly pushed its way down her throat, growing bigger with each inch. I swallowed with some difficulty and she repeated the action, putting pressure on my dick as she did so. I felt light-headed and mustered all of my will-power to not explode right there. Slowly she pulled her head halfway up my cock, swirling her tongue around and around as she did so before abruptly dropping it back down, this time engulfing my entire seven inches. She swallowed again, sending tremors of pleasure through my body. Her right hand was still fondling my nuts and her head began bobbing with a more regular motion. Soft moans emitted from deep in her throat, vibrating my shaft like an electric massager.

I gripped the wheel tighter as her movements became faster and more forceful, my cock slipping through her lips, against her tongue, slamming into the back of her throat, and then sliding down it only to come back up and repeat the action. I saw the lights of her apartments ahead and I slowed, pulling up to the curb. My foot jammed on the brake, and I threw the car into park before grabbing her head with both hands. Using her momentum, I began to shove her down harder and harder on my cock, thrusting deep into her throat with my hips. My actions were greeted with an animalistic moan from Michelle punctuated her gags as I rammed her face without mercy. I felt pressure begin building in my balls as I quickened the pace, until I could bear it no longer. With a half-moan, half-yell, I thrust one final time, burying her head in my lap, my cock pumping its load in the depths of her throat. I heard her gasping for air, but could not stop as my cock jerked almost painfully hard, shooting wad after wad into her belly. Finally I collapsed and she came up gasping for air, but still vigorously licking my still hard shaft, slurping up the cum that dripped down the side. Her movements were almost frantic like those of a starving animal, and she was making desperate little groans and she lapped at my balls.

“I need more,” she finally said, her fevered gaze of unbridled lust meeting my own. “I need more of you inside me!”

I needed Bostanlı Escort no further motivation to pull her over the middle console and onto my lap. I felt her hands struggling push her thong aside beneath her skirt and my cock was greeted by the heat of her cunt, dripping with anticipation. I slid the seat back to give her more room while maintaining my upright position. Then I ripped the buttons off her blouse, pushing it open to get at her enormous breasts. As I buried my face in them I felt her lower herself down on my cock and a shudder passed through her entire body as she sank down. She paused for a moment, allowing her pussy to adjust to my girth before beginning to slowly slide up and down my hardness. Her fucking was much like her cock-sucking: she would slowly raise herself until just the head of my cock remained inside before letting herself drop to the sound of her pert ass cheeks slapping my thighs. My grip on her tits grew harder and I bit down on her nipples, eliciting a hiss of pleasure. She lowered her head down to avoid hitting the roof of the car, nestling it at the base of my neck where she began to feverishly suck and bite on my throat sending thrills of pleasure up and down my spine.

My hands moved to her small ass cheeks, exposed in her thong, and began kneading them, squeezing them and pulling them apart to gently finger her asshole. Her fucking became quicker and more feverish, abandoning her slow ride of earlier for a more frantic bucking as my middle finger began working its way into her asshole. I could feel my cock through the thin skin, stretching her cunt from within. The sensation was amazing.

Finally with an, “Oh my god!” she could handle my teasing no longer and pulled herself completely off my cock, pushing my hand aside.

“I need you in there,” she breathed raggedly, and grasped my cock to position it between her ass cheeks. Her first attempt was unsuccessful and I heard her muttering to herself and she hurriedly shoved two fingers back in her pussy before returning them to her ass to lubricate my entrance. Satisfied, she grabbed my cock again, this time lowering herself slowly while holding me in place. It was painful for a moment, but then I felt her ass open and engulf my head. I slowly began to slide inside. She was whimpering now and I felt little spastic jerks running through her body as she inched me into her rectum. When I was halfway in, she began to slow fuck again, rising and falling Buca Escort and using her momentum to shove me deeper and deeper. At last I was completely inside.

“That’s a first,” she whispered, with a quiet laugh. “How is it?”

“So tight,” I gasped. “So fucking tight!”

“Yea? You like it?” she moaned, slowly resuming her fucking. “You like being balls deep in my ass?”

“Fuck!” was my only reply, and my hands gripped her hips, increasing my thrusting.

Her moans got louder and more punctuated as my thrusts got quicker, as if every movement was shoving the noise from her body.

“Oh — oh — oh — fuck — me — ” she panted.

Her nails dug into my shirt, gripping it like handles as she began pumping me faster and faster. Her ass was so tight it was like fucking a closed fist and her enormous tits were swinging in my face. I leaned forward, catching one my the nipple and trying to bite as much as I could, filling my mouth with her soft flesh. All I could hear was her moans and the slap, slap and her ass coming down on my legs. Our fucking got more fierce and I felt the car rocking. The familiar tightness in my balls returned and I knew I wouldn’t last.

“I’m about to blow,” I breathed.

This elicited another animalistic growl of pure lust from her throat. “Do it!” she commanded. “Fill me up with your cum! Blow your load in my tiny asshole, please, baby!” Her thrusts intensified, and I felt her ass tighten around my cock, desperate to milk it dry. “Pump my belly full of you! I want every last drop of you, baby!”

Finally, unable to hold it back any longer, I exploded, my cock jerking spasmodically as it exploded in the warmth of her asshole which continued to spasm, squeezing the base of the dick and draining thick ropes of cum into her bowels. I felt her teeth sink into my neck as her moans grew to shrieks of animalistic ecstasy. As she came, my stomach was drenched with warm explosions of pussy juice, running down to my navel and cock and mixing with the cum seeping out of her asshole. She hurriedly pulled herself off of me and leaned back against the steering wheel, flicking on the overhead light as she did. Her legs spread apart, she dipped her fingers into her gaping asshole, scooping out the dripping cum and shoveling it into to her mouth to the moans of, “Yum… mmmm….” The noise of her slurping and swallowing my gizz was keeping my swollen cock at attention. When she had licked every last drop out of her ass, she climbed back into her seat and bent back over my lap to suck up the remaining cocktail of pussy juice and gizz that covered my cock and stomach. At last she looked up, licking her fingers and smacking with a happy look on her face. She smiled into my eyes and wrapped her small fingers around my cock.

“I wanna do that again!”

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