Memoirs of a Secret Sissy, Part IIMemoirs of a Secret Sissy, Part II


I hadn’t mentioned it to anyone yet, but word of our drunken threesome traveled quickly around campus. Our peers were especially interested in that small detail of Ben’s dick having found its way into my mouth. My roommate Chris came home the next afternoon and said, “I heard you and Ben really hit it off the other night!” I denied it, but quite unconvincingly, and my smile gave it away. It turned out to not really be a big deal, though. In fact, I was surprised by the number of people who were supportive and told me it was “awesome” or “cool.”Of course, everyone just imagined this to be typical college experimentation and not me developing and embracing an intense desire to be a cum-hungry whore. But despite having had such a profound effect on me the experience didn’t immediately lead to more encounters with men, and shortly thereafter I began a serious relationship with a girl named Marie from my graduating class.Marie was the kind of girl who probably never would have paid me any attention in high school; outgoing, funny, sweet, and voluptuous. She had apparently been a star field hockey player at one point but had given up competitive sports when she got to college, choosing instead to spend her time hanging out with friends, drinking, smoking weed, but also performing extremely well in all her classes. I still vividly remember the first time we hooked up. At a frat party, armed with the confidence that comes with slight intoxication, I somehow managed to strike up a conversation and make her laugh again and again.After a while, she just blurted out that she wanted me to take her home. As soon as we walked in the door she had her tongue practically down my throat. Then she was on her knees, unzipping me and easily taking my whole cock in her mouth while sticking out her tongue to lick my balls. I got hard instantly and felt isvecbahis intense pleasure, but I also couldn’t help notice a little voice in my head that said, “you should learn to suck cock like that, too!” I felt extremely lucky but also envious of her at the same time. Once again I wanted to experience the feeling of being a hot girl serving cock. She let it slip out of her mouth and then stopped to put her long, very dark hair in a band. When I heard the words that came out of her mouth next I thanked every higher power in the universe from the bottom of my heart.”I want you to hold me by my ponytail, put your dick in my mouth, and make a mess of my face.”I nearly came right then and there but I held it together long enough to enjoy a few face-fucking thrusts before covering her with a healthy load. She closed her beautiful brown eyes, smiled, and then rubbed my throbbing cock all over her cum-covered face. “Thank you, baby. I needed that,” she said, as she collected it with her fingers and licked them clean.This girl loved so much to have me fill her tight little holes and mouth constantly that I barely had any energy left to fantasize about men. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the type who was interested in threesomes and although she knew that I had hooked up with Ben it wasn’t exactly her favorite topic of conversation. Still, whenever I wasn’t around her for any significant length of time my mind started wandering back to that night in Ben’s room, and to big juicy dicks in general. Once when I was home for winter break I drove to the adult store a few towns away and bought two realistic-looking-and-feeling dildos along with a pair of pink panties that had the word SLUT printed on the ass. I would get rock hard as soon as I put on that naughty underwear and then spend hours practicing with the dildos, trying to deepthroat one and isveçbahis giriş then pulling my panties aside or down around my ankles so I could sit on the other one or back up onto it while it was suctioned to the wall.After about a week of practice, I found I could easily deepthroat one of my toys, which was about seven inches long. It turned me on so much to feel it touching the back of my throat, and then I would go a little deeper while moaning. Anal play, on the other hand, was painful, and getting comfortable with it would take a lot longer. People aren’t kidding when they talk about big dicks destroying your tight little asshole, and it can certainly take some time to recover from getting fucked and to feel normal again. Anyway, during that vacation, I also ended up taking a break from cumming. It wasn’t because I was trying to let it build up and then have a spectacular orgasm, but because I wanted to experience something closer to how a girl cums while sucking and fucking my new dildos.I originally thought that I would be so turned on by deepthroating a fake cock that I could cum while doing it without touching myself. This was a lot harder than I thought. I also tried to stimulate my prostate with the other dildo so I might cum that way, but it’s surprisingly difficult to get the mechanics right and it was all still too uncomfortable for me to try to focus on having a prostate orgasm. Looking back on it now, I realize that this is when I started training my body to take cock. In my mind, I had been a dirty little slut for years, but now it was time to do the hard work of getting my mouth, throat, and boy pussy ready to expertly serve dick. I had purchased two dildos because I wanted to keep one for my mouth and one for my ass and not have to clean or sterilize one in mid-session if I wanted to switch from fucking isveçbahis yeni giriş back to sucking. This led to a complete obsession with taking two cocks at once. I sometimes did sterilize the one for my ass so that I could suck them together, and taking one in each hole at the same time, aka “spit roasting” myself, became one of my favorite activities.When I was back with Marie I enjoyed our time together immensely, and my desire to be fucked by two (or more) men for hours on end would fade. I liked having it as a secret, occasional fantasy while publicly being in a committed relationship with a beautiful woman. After graduation, I followed her back to the west coast, where she grew up, and we moved in together. We were happy for almost a year. We both had decent jobs that weren’t overly-stressful, plenty of friends, and we still had great sex. We occasionally talked about marriage or having kids. I felt like I was ready to settle down with her for good, although sometimes I wondered whether I really wanted to exclude the possibility of tasting another cock forever. Then one day she came home and told me that she thought she was falling in love with a co-worker and that it had made her question everything. Maybe she needed to be in a few more serious relationships before settling down. Maybe there was something missing. I was devastated.We seemed to talk in circles for hours and then she told me that she was going to go meet her friend Meg. After she left I immediately uncorked some wine and started drinking straight from the bottle. When I was about halfway through it I started sucking on the slender neck, pushing my lips down to the wide-body until I couldn’t go any farther. That’s when I had the idea to go find a real cock to suck on instead of the wine bottle. By that time Craigslist personal ads were a thing (although they are no longer, sadly) and I started browsing the local “m4m” listings. One leapt out at me immediately:”Two of us. Looking for a good girl who knows how to follow directions.”I started leaking as I read the rest.To be continued…

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