Meeting BryanMeeting Bryan


Paul was away for a few weeks, and I was bored. I agreed to go to a bar with a co-worker. He had some friends he was meeting some drinks, and asked me if I wanted to join him. I knew he was gay, and it was an ‘alternative lifestyles’ bar, but I knew he wasn’t interested in me, and having recently discovered my bisexuality (especially my love of Paul’s cock), I was very curious and eager to go meet some people with whom I might have something in common.

Jim and Bryan had joined us. They were introduced to me as a couple, and soon we were engaged in talk covering a broad range of subjects. Bob (my co-worker) and Jim had gone off on a tangent with some aspect of the conversation, which left Bryan and I to make small talk. For about an hour we chatted over several drinks, and I found myself increasingly attracted to this guy. Bryan was taller than I was, I’m 5′ 10″, and he must have been 6′ 2″. He had light brown hair, large hands like Paul, and a smile that was warming. He appeared to be in good shape, intelligent, and I was discovering I found him quite handsome.

When Bryan would get up to go to the bar to get more drinks, or to go to the can, I found my eyes fixated on his ass. His jeans were snug, but not ‘tight’, and his nicely shaped ass looked great in them. In my mind I began picturing how he might look naked, how it might feel to be held in those strong looking arms, or sitting in his lap.

Returning after a trip to the john, I met Bryan in the hallway that led to the bathrooms. I smiled as I was walking past, then felt his hand on my arm, stopping me. I turned to face him.

“You are attracted to me, aren’t you?” he asked as he stepped close to me. I was caught by surprise. Had I been that obvious? I paused before replying.

“You seem nice,” I stammered. I look up into his eyes, and they seemed to peer right into me. “Yes, I am,” I finally admitted. My hand went up to fiddle with the collar of his shirt. “I find you very sexy,” I said.

“You are pretty hot yourself,” he replied as he leaned into me. I couldn’t resist when he put his arms around me and pulled me in for a hug. I melted into him, and when he tried to kiss me, I tipped my head back and opened my mouth to receive him. The kiss was brief, but exciting.

“What about Jim,” I asked, “Aren’t you guys a couple?”

“We share an apartment together, and comfort each other on the occasional lonely evening, but we certainly have not made any kind of commitment to each other outside of making sure the rent is paid.”

“Oh,” was all I could say- I was tongue-tied. Having this guy was suddenly not just a simple fantasy sequence in my head – it was a possibility. And he was attracted to me.

“Listen, how would you like to come back to my place for a night-cap, and maybe get to know each other a little better?” he asked.

“I guess we could do that,” I said, hiding the excitement that I felt at the thought of being alone with him.

After paying up our part of the tab at the bar, we got in a taxi and were soon at Bryan’s apartment.

Upon entering his apartment, Bryan mixed us a couple more drinks, and made himself comfortable beside me on the couch. As we made small talk I found myself struggling to not throw myself at him. I found little things he did were turning me on, like when he would touch my leg or shoulder while we were talking. The more we talked, the more I wanted to have sex with him. Finally I could take it no more.

Bryan was in the kitchen mixing us two more drinks. “So, you were telling me at the bar that you find me sexy,” I said as I pulled my shirt over my head. “Yes, I said that, and I do,” he called back from the kitchen. I undid my belt, lowered my fly and dropped my pants to the floor. “How did you know I was attracted to you?” I asked as I stepped out of the pants on the floor and removed my socks. “I dunno, just a feeling, maybe sort of a guess,” he said as I was slipping out of my briefs.

Bryan re-entered the room with the drinks. . “You guessed right,” I said. I was standing naked before him, with my cock semi-rigid and a feeling of vulnerability deep in my chest. I felt his eyes looking over me from head to toe. I walked towards him. “You like what you see?” I asked. “Oh, yes,” he said. “Good,” I replied, as I came up close to him, “because I was hoping you might want to have sex with me.” I started undoing the buttons of his shirt, while he stood there as if mesmerized, still holding the drinks.

After removing his shirt, I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck, drawing his face close to mine. I pressed my lips to his. “You’re so hot,” I whispered between pecks, “I can’t help myself, please understand.” I opened my mouth and pressed my tongue against his.

I took him by the belt buckle, and led him back to the couch. I sat him down, took my drink from him, and sipped some. Then, setting the remainder on the glass-top coffee table, I climbed into his lap, squatted facing Çengelköy Escort him, and began to kiss and lick his face and neck. “See how hot you have made me,” I said between kisses.

We were necking like two hormone-driven teenagers (although I was now 23 and he was in his early thirties if I was to guess). I purred when Bryan started sucking on my nipples, and again I felt myself melting to his touch. “Oh, Bryan,” I said, “this is going to be so wonderful.” His strong hands massaged my asscheeks while he nibbled at my chest.

“I want you to get naked with me,” I said, “take off your pants, let me touch your body.” I slid out of his lap, and we both stood. I ran my fingers all across his skin as he removed his pants. I circled around him, caressing and licking his flesh. His buttocks were just as I had imagined, firm and sexy, and standing behind him, I pressed my cock against his bottom. “You are such a hotty,” I said, before moving around in front of him.

His cock was thickening, but still not hard. It arched beautifully from his groin, his tender sack hanging beneath. I cupped my hand over his groin, and stood on my toes to put my mouth near his ear. “I would really like to suck on this for you,” I said playfully as I gently squeezed his cock, ‘would you let me suck your cock?”

“I want you too,” he said. Almost giddy with anticipation, I sat on the edge of the sofa with his cock in front of me. He lifted the partially thickened shaft with one hand while using his other to draw my face towards the sweet tip. I opened my mouth and rested his cockhead on my tongue, before closing my lips around it. It was warm and wonderful- I moaned loudly as if savoring some delicious dessert for the first time. I was about to have my second cock. As I began gently sucking him, his cock was gradually thickening in my mouth. I could hardly believe I was sucking this hot stud’s delicious cock. I purred and moaned as I worked his cock slowly back and forth across my lips. When I had him deep in the back of my mouth, his shaft would buckle slightly at the base. Then, gradually withdrawing up the swelling, veiny shaft, I would pause to suckle the beautiful knob, stimulating the sensitive nerve endings that were hidden from sight just beneath the fleshy helmet while I used my palm and fingers to lovingly massage the orbs that hung beneath his tool. Occasionally I looked up to his face to see if he was enjoying my attention. Sometimes his eyes were closed, other times I found him watching me intently, and I would smile back with my eyes or wink.

“I want to get more comfortable,” he said after about 10 minutes of letting me suck and tease his cock, “let me sit down.” I gave him my spot on the couch, and took a place on my knees, on the floor in front of him. When he was seated comfortably, I leaned forward into his lap, and returned his cock to my waiting mouth. I put my hands on his sides and began moving my mouth up and down his cock again.

“Ohh, yesss,” he said softly, “this is wonderful…mmm…you seem to be enjoying this too.” I felt myself blushing at the truth in his words. I was enjoying this- immensely. Just a short while ago I had been fantasizing about what it might be like to be the object of Bryan’s pleasure, and now here I was, naked at his feet, working the silky skin of his thick cock in and out of my mouth. I ran my fingers through the light brown hair on his thighs, up through the soft, curly mound above his shaft, across his abdomen and up to his nipples, which became erect as I began to stroke and pinch them. “Mmm,” he moaned, “you like sucking my cock, don’t you?” I purred affirmatively. “Mmm, yes, I know you do,” he continued, “you suck like you love it.”

I had picked up the tempo a little. Bryan’s breathing was becoming laboured, and the movement of his hips thrusting his cock into my mouth told me his orgasm was starting to build. “That’s it baby, keep sucking…feels real good…” I was using my hand as well as my mouth to bring him closer and closer to orgasm. “Oh, fuck you’re good…you really want my cum, don’t you?”

He shifted his butt to the edge of the seat, and I was bobbing my head quickly up and down his length. “That’s it, don’t stop,” he said between shallow breaths, “oh, baby, don’t stop, ohhh, oh yes, it’s gonna be soon baby, get ready…ohhhhh…ohhhh…unnhhh, OHHHH!” His cock erupted in my mouth, firing gooey streams of thick white sauce to the back of my throat. “Ohh, hmmm…” -more delicious jizz onto my tongue. I pumped his cock in my hand, and still more cum flew onto my cheeks before I closed my mouth around him again. I continued to milk him as he collapsed back into the sofa. As he basked in the afterglow of his orgasm, I gently licked and sucked the softening shaft and head, until it became too sensitive to continue. I was stunned; I didn’t know it was possible for a man to discharge that much cum.

I got up from the floor and handed him his Çengelköy Escort Bayan drink, then took mine. We both sipped our drinks in silence for a few minutes. I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Thank you for letting me do that, Bryan. You were as delicious as I imagined you might be.”

“You know, I have this fantasy image of you since we first started talking at the bar,” Bryan said. “I pictured you naked, masturbating for me.” I was still feeling very playful. “Would you like to see that, Bryan?” I asked. I was eager to please him again. He asked me to lie on my back on the coffee table. I positioned myself on my back, the glass tabletop was cool against my butt cheeks and back. “Touch yourself for me, play with yourself the way I imagine you might when you’re alone and horny. Make yourself cum for me.” I was excited by his request. The thought of bringing myself to orgasm while Bryan watched me was highly arousing from a past experience.*

“This is what I do at home alone…” I said. I slowly ran one hand down my abdomen to my balls, and started caressing them, with the other hand I pinched and pulled a nipple. After a few minutes of this, I closed my eyes, and rubbed the inside of my thighs with one hand, and started rubbing my cock with the other. I was enjoying this, masturbating for my new friend. “You ever done this for anyone before?” Bryan asked. “Not on purpose,” I replied. “Are you enjoying putting on a show for me?” he asked. “Hmmm, it feels good,” I moaned. This was so exciting, being watched while I played with myself. I was really getting lost in the moment- the moans Bryan was hearing were genuine. “Ohh, this feels so good,’ I heard myself say. One hand moves up and down my shaft, the other gently squeezing my balls. I was licking my lips while I fucked my hand, moaning steadily as I felt my ass squirming on the table’s smooth surface.

I don’t know what made me look, maybe it was some kind of intuition, but there, in the doorway to the living room, stood Jim and Bob, watching me jackoff for Bryan. My immediate instinct was to freeze, but there was no point. It was pretty obvious what was going on, and they looked to be enjoying the show. Suddenly I felt even more excited having several people watching me satisfy myself. I was now a confirmed exhibitionist, and it was fun. Through partially opened eyes I smiled over at them, sort of telling them that they were welcome to stay and watch.

Having an audience now, I took my time, allowing my orgasm to gradually build. I ran my free hand all across my body, then wet my fingers and pinched my nipples. I was so aroused having their eyes glued to my every stroke, every motion. Bob and Jim had moved to the loveseat at the end of the coffee table. They both had their pants down, and were fondling each other while they watched me. I put my head back down on the table and closed my eyes as I felt the pressure building inside my body. “I’m gonna cum, Bryan, watch me cum for you…” My orgasm hit me. It seemed to crash in on me from everywhere, a million stars seemed to explode before my eyes as I shot streams of cum into puddles on my belly. My muscles were tensed, and I could feel the orgasm down to my toes. It was several moments before I crashed back to earth.

I heard a bedroom door close down the hall, and looked over to discover that Jim and Bob had left us.

Bryan was standing over me, his cock partly erect. “That was beautiful,” he said as he took my hand and wrapped it around his shaft, motioning that he wanted me to stroke him, which I did eagerly. He ran two fingers through the puddle of cum on my belly. “Lift your leg,” he said, and I did so, all while his shaft continued to thicken in my hand. He reached down and rubbed the cum-soaked fingers across my anus, then dipped a finger in. “Oh, Bryan,” I said as he moved the finger around inside my bum. Then he removed it, and taking his now hard cock from my hand, ran it through the puddle of cum on my belly, coating the tip.

Bryan helped me up off the table, and positioned me on my knees on edge of the sofa, with my head resting on the back. He was going to fuck me. I arched my back so my ass was up, and felt him rubbing his cockhead, dripping with my cum, against my sphincter. I was completely relaxed from my orgasm, and with the lube his finger had already provided, he slid the head in relatively easily. Then he pushed, and I felt a sharp pain, but as I pushed back against his cock, it slowly continued to slide in. His strong hands had my ass cheeks parted, and soon he was in me so deep I thought I could feel him in my throat. “Give me a moment,” I told Bryan, as I allowed my anus to relax around his tool, and used the muscles to alternately squeeze and release the hold I had on him. Soon I was relaxed and ready.

“I’m ready for you,” I said, and he withdrew part way. As he did so, I could feel his thick veiny shaft pull along the walls Escort Çengelköy of my canal. “Ooo, baby, that’s so nice, mmm…” I said as he slowly pulled away. Then he slowly pushed back in. “Yeah, that’s it, fill me up…” For what seemed like an eternity he slowly moved his cock in and out of my anus. Anal intercourse was not something I had experience with, having only ever been fucked by Paul the once, but Bryan was making me a believer. Every inward push drew a moan of satisfaction from me and I could feel the pleasure through my whole body.

Carefully I straightened up at the waste, so that he wouldn’t slip out of my bum. My back was against his chest, and I reached behind me and grabbed his hips in my palms. As his hands came around to fumble for my nipples, I turned my head over my right shoulder and met his tongue with mine. “You make me feel so sexy,” I said between kisses, “Everything we’ve done has felt so good…so delicious!” We kissed a bit more, then I leaned forward again, against the sofa back. He withdrew most of the way and used a generous dose of his saliva to lube himself up before pushing back into me.

Bryan began fucking me a little faster now. I might better call it love making because of how sensual it felt to me, but not out of any illusion that this was anything other than great sex between two new friends. I matched the movement of my hips with his inward and outward motions. “Such a beautiful man, such a gorgeous ass,” he said between moans of pleasure. “I love your beautiful cock back there,” I said back. My cock was hard again, and I fought to resist the urge to jerk it. I reached down between my legs and fondled my balls, and when I cupped them I could feel the pressure from Bryan’s cock under my scrotum. “Oh, Bryan…mmm…so gooood…” random comments expressing my satisfaction came from me involuntarily. He picked up the tempo once more, and I quickly adjusted to meet his thrusts. “Oh yeah, baby, fuck me!”

Faster and faster he began humping me, and I let his hands on my hips guide my rocking motions. Between his grunting, and my ecstatic moaning and pleads for more, I’m sure we could be heard in the other room. For several moments he went at a hot pace, then suddenly he pulled from me. “Turn around,” he said.

I turned and sat in front of him as he stroked his dick in his hand. He pointed it at my face as he stroked it. “You want my cum?” he asked. “Oh yes, Bryan, cum on me, coat me with it.” “Here it comes baby!” he groaned, and streams of cum flew into my face, my hair, and onto my lips and tongue. As the shots subsided, I brought his cock to my lips and began licking the cream that continued to overflow from his cockslit. I sucked and licked his cockhead, drinking the last of the delicious fluid as it ran from him. I could taste the musky flavour of my bottom on his cock. I gently pulled his softening cock from my mouth, and a sticky string of cum ran from my lips to the slit in his cockhead. I sucked the string into my mouth, kissed his head and licked my lips. We were both out of breath, and the smell of sex hung over us like a fog.

He sat down on the sofa next to me. “Lie back,” he said, directing me to lie sideways on the sofa, with my back slightly propped against the arm cushions. He pressed my thighs apart, and lowered his face to my groin. I felt his hot breath on my testicles, and he took one into his mouth and gently rolled it, then did the same with the other. I felt his tongue run up my cock from base to tip, then close around my swollen helmet. I let one leg hang off the outside of the sofa, and rested the right on his back. When he took my cock in past his lips, I moaned loudly with pleasure.

Slowly he started to suck me, and I could feel his tongue and the roof of his mouth as he worked his way up and down my shaft, in and out across his lips. I held his head lightly as my body began to tingle all over. He started a slow tempo on my cock, but used his hands on my ass to encourage me to take control, to use his mouth to get myself off. Soon I was fucking his face, moaning and calling his name, as I teased my nipples between fingertips and thumbs. Soon I was bucking and squirming uncontrollably. I moved my hands back to his head as my orgasm roared in.

“Ohhhh, Bryan!” I called from between clenched teeth as my orgasm ripped through my body. “Mmmm…” was his reply as I began to unload cum into his mouth. My orgasm kept rolling through my body like giant waves. I closed my thighs against the side of his head as he continued to drain my seed from me, until finally I could take no more and pulled my softening penis from his lips. I am sure I didn’t come any more than my usual volume, but the orgasm felt as if I had unloaded a litre of it.

He slid up between my legs and onto me, and I could feel the warmth of his groin against mine. I put my arms around him and opened my mouth to meet his. It was a passionate embrace, and with eyes closed I slowly sucked on his lips and tongue. We kissed with the sensitivity of two exhausted people, who, having completely satisfied each other, were expressing gratefulness to one another for a wonderful experience shared.

We had another drink, and all too soon, I found myself feeling gloriously satisfied in a cab and on my way home.

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