Mary, or sex in the afternoonMary, or sex in the afternoon



With the episode of the threesome with Carol and Andy fresh in my mind, I rang the bell at Carol’s flat.
‘Hi Carol’, I said into the mic, ‘It’s David’
‘Come on up.’ She replied and hearing the buzzer sound I pushed the door open and walked into the lobby. She lived in a two story block, three flats to each floor with the doors on the second floor being on a open gallery reached by a concrete staircase bordered by iron railings. As I looked up Carol’s door was open and she was leaning over the rail a beaming smile on her face. She turned and went into the flat and, within seconds I had raced up the staircase and closing the external door followed her into the lounge.

She had company. Gesturing at her companion she said. ‘This is Mary. Mary, meet David’ I saw a short, dumpy female in her early thirties with light brown hair and green eyes, not pretty and from the bashful way she smiled at me, a little lacking in confidence. I smiled back, but on the inside I was seething. I had expected to slide my cock into Carol’s well lubricated vagina but now thought that this was not going to be. In the lounge there was only room for but a small 2 seater sofa and a well used armchair. Carol sat in the armchair and one of the sofa places was occupied by Mary, so I took my place next to her. Carol filled me in on Mary’s very short recent life history. She had been and, in fact still was, married to abusive and short tempered man much older than herself. Only just had she extricated herself from this unhappy alliance and was staying with Carol for a short while until she got herself together. Earlier she had been on an extended shopping errand, which is why I did not see her on my previous visit.

I looked over at Carol who was looking very flushed. ‘Mary, would you excuse us for a bit?’ She said, actually looking at me. I was very surprised, but was not gong to pass on the opportunity for sex so when Mary nodded and Carol rose, heading for the bedroom I Needed no second bidding. With a sheepish grin at Mary, I followed Carol.

Carol turned to face me and I wrapped my arms around her. She put her arms round my shoulders and we fell into a deep kiss. With probing tongues we swapped juices needing to say nothing for several minutes. I ran my hands up and down he body to find she was wearing no bra and just a pair of scanty knickers under her thin shift dress. I loved that skinny body, that micro thin layer of fat over soft flesh meant you could see and feel every curve of her. I squeezed her gently rounded bottom kneading the yielding mound. She in turn moved her hips against me and I could feel my cock starting to harden and, from the little moan that escaped her lips, so could she. This was the signal, she started unbuttoning my shirt and I in turn tried to lift her shift over her head to expose he body. We has to break apart and remove her own clothing. Carol was watching as me cock sprang free; I in my turn was looking at those tiny little breasts. Being married to a large female with pendulous tits, it was lovely to have a mistress who had breasts you could cup in one hand, small, pink aureole and little buds of nipples that erected on the slightest touch.

We laid on the bed and I ran my fingers down her body, over her tits, along her smooth flat stomach and into the sparse thatch on her mons veris. Her eyes were closed as I stroked the soft hair and gently parted the lips of her vulva, sliding my fingers into the moist warmth of her vagina. She did not need to part her legs, they were so slim there was a gap between them at the top and I could easily encircle them with my 2 hands.

As I rubbed gently on the slightly swollen bud of her clitoris she put her hand down and encircled my erect penis. ‘So what is the story with Mary?, I asked

‘She’s had a bad marriage. Her parents could not wait to get rid of her so they married her off to an Asian chap who treated her pretty much as a slave. When she showed signs of leaving, she was dragged off to Pakistan for several years. I gather she did not get on with the other women in the family. When they came back to England for a visit, she walked out. I knew her several years ago and she came to me for help. That was last week’

‘So she’s pretty traumatised then?’

‘She is not very bright and that is her saving. Having had to cope with lots of rejection she is still very resilient but very suspicious of men. Her husband was izmit rus escort very rough with her when it came to sex and she had no say in the matter.’

I could see this was going to put a damper on the afternoon, so I stifled more conversation by pressing my lips to hers. And, as she slid her tongue into my mouth, I rolled on top of her and slid my cock into her willing cunt. For several minutes we savoured the wonderful sensation of penis in vagina losing ourselves in the sensations from our sex organs. I was lifted on my elbows so as not to put too much weight on her so, although her breasts had disappeared her nipples were displaying her arousal by standing firm and erect. I lifted my torso so I could see my penis as it entered her body, she replied by wrapping her arms round my rear and pushing my member harder into her.

My cock grew harder and the knob end enlarged as I felt my climax draw close. Carol’s breathing became shallow and I could feel the muscles of her cunt tightening around my shaft. The panting became grunts, her body shivered and her cunt started to convulse while at the same time my cock throbbed and began to spurt semen into her. Carol’s breathing became shallower as she began to relax from the height of her climax a beatific smile creasing her face as she looked at me.

‘I like having my cock in your cunt’ I said whereupon she replied ‘And I like having it there.’

It would have been good to have laid skin to skin for more of the afternoon, especially as we could have waited for the passion to rise again before I had to go home. But I was feeling a little guilty at leaving Mary alone in the lounge. ‘We’d better go and join your guest.’ I said kissing her gently and quickly on the lips and rose to go to the bathroom for a quick wash before dressing. Carol had slipped her dress on, gone back into the lounge and was busy preparing a cup of tea. ‘Lightly brewed, no sugar and little milk?’ ‘Just right’, I replied

I took my place on the little sofa next to Mary and we both accepted the tea. We sipped in silence for a few minutes

Carol broke the quiet. ‘I’ve just been telling Mary that all men are not the same and she should not judge them all based on what has happened in the past.’

I did not really know how to respond to this so I just smiled at my sofa companion and nodded my agreement.

‘I think she would like to find out.’ Carol continued, ‘Why don’t you take into the bedroom for a bit and see if you can show her? This time the bashful smile came from Mary as she looked at me. I sipped once more at my tea, stood up and held out my hand which she took and I led the way into the bedroom next door.

I closed the door and took a better look at her. She was 20 years my junior, 5′ 2″ tall and must have weighed about 12 stone. Her tits were just big enough to project beyond her belly. Her clothing was not spectacular and she wore just jeans and a tee shirt. I planted my hands on her shoulders and kissed her on the forehead. ‘Why don’t we get comfortable?’ I asked

For a reason I did not know then and still cannot fathom, she took this as a sign to undress. I watched her struggle out of the jeans and take the tee shirt over her head revealing a pair of Marks and Spencer knickers and matching bra. Her feet were bare, so she now stood in her undies while I once again removed my shirt and trousers. Now I was stood in my socks and pants and I could feel the little bulge where my cock had started to rise. I put my arms round her and kissed he lips to which she responded only a little. Unsnapping her bra I pulled it down her arms so her breasts hung free. Her tits were big and firm, each being large enough to cup with two hands. Her skin was very white for someone who had not long returned from a sunny climate and to match it her areola were pale and pink with nipples not yet hardened that we no deeper in colour.

I motioned to the bed and she lay down, moving to the other side to make room for me to lie beside her. We chatted, or more correctly I listened to her as she told her tale. It differed from Carol’s account only in minor detail but her pale skin was explained partly by the fact that she was not allowed to go out.

While she was talking I was running my hand over her body, feeling the soft yielding quality of her skin because of the layers of fat underneath. Her body contrasted hugely to Carol’s and whilst totally izmit escort different was lovely to feel. She was still wearing her panties. ‘Can I take these off? I asked, lifting the thin fabric. She nodded. I kneeled up and began to ease them down her legs. Thus revealed was the other reason she was so pale. Above the triangle at the top of her legs was a soft, luscious growth of russet coloured curls but her hair was brown. ‘You’re a redhead.’ I said softly. I didn’t mean to, it sounded too critical.

‘He made me colour my hair. Said I stood out too much with my coloured hair.’ She explained. I looked up and imagined her with hair the same colour as the thatch that adorned her cunt. Tumbling russet curls would change her looks entirely. She lifted her feet and I slid her knickers over them. Then, still kneeling I slipped off my underpants revealing my erection to her gaze.

I laid back down beside her and fingered the soft pubic hair. I’d never seen red hair on a cunt before and just played and looked at it. The hair thinned at it went down and the twin mounds of her cunt lips were easily visible. I cuddled up to her, we were lying on top of the duvet and not moving very much, so I was starting to feel a trifle chilly. Her skin was warm and soft and she happily presented her lips to be kissed. She kissed closed mouthed but still ardently and no amount of probing was going to persuade to open to my tongue. I did not push it. With one hand under her neck, I pushed slid the other over her belly and down to her nether regions. With my fingers pushing I made it obvious that I wanted her to spread her legs, Very slowly she did so and I was able to place my fingers at the entrance to her vagina.

Moving slowly I spread her cunt lips and ran one finger along the warmth of her slit. I found her clit and gently rubbed it watching as she closed her eyes. I went to put my head between her legs so I could taste her and use my tongue, but she pulled me back and made it obvious that she did not want me to do that.

I smiled at her and instead I slid one finger inside her love canal and continued to rub her clit with my thumb. Her hand slid down and encircled my cock. Gently I continued to finger her cunt which was not yet very moist taking care not to make her sore by being too rough. I took one of her pale pink nipples in my mouth and gently teased it with teeth and tongue felt it harden under my ministrations. Her eyes were closed and her chest rose and fell as she breathed too hard and too fast while her hand clenched and unclenched around my shaft in time with her breathing. I continued to play with cunt and tits all the while and gradually she started to relax. As her breathing slowed, the juices in her vagina began to flow and my finger penetrated deeper inside her. Still massaging the her expanding clit, I slid a second finger into her. She began to push against my finger and once again her breath came faster but for a very different reason. I resisted the temptation to rub harder and faster, instead keeping up a steady rhythm that she could match and she still beat the temp she seemed to want with her hand on my penis. My hand began to ache as I kept this up but all of a sudden she let go my cock, grabbed my arm and clamped her legs together trapping my hand as a spasm of orgasm racked her body .

I removed my hand from the moist embrace and once again ran my fingers though that delightfully coloured grove that adorned her cunt. I using it as an excuse to get some of the feeling. Her hand went once more to my cock which I was amazed had managed to stay erect all through this and even now had beads of pre-cum glistening at its exit.

I lifted myself on my elbow and put my arm on the other side of her. She spread her legs and rolled over on top of her and between her legs. I steadied my cock at the entrance to her cunt and looked her in the eyes. Nothing beats the first time your cock slides into a strange vagina and I was going to savour the moment. I pushed and, first the purple knob of my cock slid into her and then, with a soft and gentle push my penis was inside her to the hilt. She put her hands either side of my waist and moved them in time with my gentle thrusts, my cock sliding easily in and out of her well lubricated channel.
I could feel the pressure in my groin as I started to reach my climax and my thrusts became more insistent. She, in turn, pushed harder against me trying to my cock deeper kocaeli escort inside her. I came. Half a dozen times my cock pulsed shooting its warm sticky load into her womb. I waited savouring the feel of being between her legs while my cock subsided and slid gently out of her vagina.

‘I must have a bath and get that stuff out of me.’ She said. ‘You won’t get pregnant, I’ve had a vasectomy.’ I replied.

‘No, you don’t understand, it makes me feel dirty.’ There seemed little point in arguing, the road to overcoming that inhibition was going to be a long one. She got up and I watched as that big, rosy pink ass went out of the door.

I dressed as I was, washing my cock was going to have to wait until I got home.

‘Did you fuck her?’ Carol asked as I walked back into the lounge. I smiled and nodded. I could hear Mary in the tub down the hall and I put my arms round Carol for another kiss. I did love that super body, so different from Mary’s chubby frame. Running my hands over her I discovered that she had not replaced her knickers, nor I realised had she washed off the traces of our coupling. I slid a finger into her cunt, wiggling it about to coat it and then put it in my mouth to taste that delicious mix of semen and cunt juices.

I sat on the floor and pushed my head up under her skirt to lick her cunt, whereupon she bent her knees and spread her legs to allow me better access. The smell of sex on her vagina was strong. Three lots of semen had been planted there in the last four hours and it was easily dripping from her. I heard the plug pulled from the bath and water beginning to drain, but Carol had hitched her dress up round her waist and I was busy enjoying the musky tastes of her.

From the corner of my eye I saw the door open and, with one towel round her and another on her head, Mary walked into the room. Carol knew my likes and I felt her urethra extend so I clamped my mouth over it and drank deep of the thin stream of pee that issued from her. She peed slowly and long and I gulped down the warm salty liquid. Mary would not know this, of course, all she could see was my head buried in Carol’s crotch. The stream of piss slowed and stopped. I licked her cunt clean and surfaced. Carols dress dropped to cover her legs.

Mary was sat back on her previous position on the sofa and so I went over and sat back next to her. Carol went into the kitchen, hopefully to make another cup of tea. Mary snuggled up, caught hold of my arm and rested her head against me. She was smiling. I just pulled her towel aside a trifle and just rubbed my hand up and down the soft pliant flesh of her leg.

No-one spoke, not for a long time and when chat was resumed after the tea was brewed, we just spoke about unimportant issues. Sex was done for the day, and though I felt that I had at least one more erection left, enough was enough.

I drained my tea, kissed both the women and said my goodbyes. Carol followed me out of the room and to the front door. ‘When will we see you again?’ she asked. I thought. My next visit to Walsall was not going to be for another 2 weeks. ‘It’ll be the fourth before I can get back,’ I replied, but I will ring you and let you know when we can make it. Will Mary still be here?’

‘More than likely.’ She confirmed

‘Well, we’ll all have to go out for lunch.’ I said. ‘Give us an appetite for more.’ She smiled and I skipped down the staircase and looked back as she waved me out of the door.

Over the next year I visited the pair of them many times. The order always seemed to be Carol first and then she would get up while I stayed there and send Mary in for her turn.

Mary seemed to lose a lot of her inhibitions, she had sex with several men encouraged heavily by Carol and myself. In fact on one occasion she came back through the door while I was there and I managed to persuade her to let me lick the semen out of her cunt and then fuck her before she had her customary bath.

Then one day I arrived and Carol was in a bit of a state. ‘I’ve got to move.’ She said.

‘Where to?’ I asked. ‘Nottingham.’ Came the reply.


‘I owe money, and he’s threatened me. I am being relocated by the police.’

Do I get the address?

‘I only have a telephone number’ She gave me the number scribbled on a piece of paper. She was in no mood for sex, so Mary and I had sex and then I left.

I rang the number she gave me. It did not exist. She was gone from the flat and no-one had any idea where she was.

Shame Carol, it was great fun. If you ever read this, I’d love to know what happened to you.

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