Subject: My Lady’s Gown This is a story of 2 women involved sexually. If this is offensive to you in any way, leave now. If you are under the age of 18 or the legal age of your state/country do not read. All of the ideas in this story are purely of the authors imagination. Enjoy J Rebecca sighed as she picked up Lady Christine’s gowns to put in with the washing for the day. She wondered what it would be like to have gowns made of silk and lace. Looking around she held up a crimson gown lined in velvet around the cuffs and hemline with a sprinkling of lace around the low cut neckline. It was a lovely gown, one of Lady Christine’s favorites. I would give anything to wear this, for just a day, Rebecca thought to herself. She stood there, day dreaming about the places she would go, the people she’d meet in a gown like this. Lost in her own thoughts, Rebecca didn’t hear the doors behind her open nor did she see Lady Christine enter the room. When Lady Christine cleared her throat delicately, Rebecca whirled around and gaped at her. “Ohh…I…I…I apologize my Lady…I…” She stammered. Christine smiled and walked over to Rebecca, placing her hand on Rebecca’s. “Don’t worry my dear. I am not in the least bit angry.” She stood behind Rebecca and reached around her holding the crimson dress against Rebecca’s body. “This would be a lovely gown on you, but I think something in a lighter color would suit you best, don’t you?” Rebecca was speechless. Christine pulled the dress away from Rebecca and laid it on the bed, going to her closet and picking out a tan gown with light pink vertical stripes . It had small, puffed sleeves and a heart shaped neckline. She brought it over to Rebecca and held it against her. “That would suit you perfectly!” She smiled and dropped the gown on the floor at Rebecca’s feet. Christine brought her hands behind Rebecca and Rebecca felt the buttons on the back of her dress quickly becoming undone. Still speechless and unable to move, she allowed Christine to slip the old blue dress over her shoulders and down her body. Standing there in only her petticoats, Rebecca brought her hands to cover the flimsy cotton that covered her breasts, blushing. “Oh don’t be embarrassed Rebecca. You have nothing that I myself do not have. Although, admittedly your breasts are much more magnificent then mine.” She smiled and turned Rebecca around to face her, gazing down at her round breasts. “With a gown like this, plain old petticoats simply will not do.” After getting silk petticoats from her closet, Christine pulled Rebecca’s off. By this time Rebecca was bright red. Christine laughed and kissed the tip of Rebecca’s nose. “You are ever so adorable my dear. Why the embarrassment though? You have a lovely body and should be proud to show it to me.” Instead of slipping the petticoat over Rebecca’s head, Christine leaned into her and pressed her own clothed body against Rebecca’s. She kissed her fully on the mouth and then looked at Rebecca questioningly. Rebecca’s eyes were wide and her mouth slightly parted. “Rebecca, you haven’t said a word since I entered the room.” Christine lightly ran her fingers up and down Rebecca’s arms. ” I do not know what to say my Lady.” “Have you ever kissed another woman Rebecca?” “No my Lady.” “Well, I do suppose there is a first time for everything is there not?” Christine smiled. “Would you like to kiss me again Rebecca?” Rebecca thought about this for a moment bursa escort bayan and then nodded. She would like to kiss Lady Christine again. It had been a very enjoyable experience, one she would like to repeat again and again. Christine laughed and pulled Rebecca against her again. She placed her mouth upon Rebecca’s, this time prodding Rebecca’s mouth open with her own, slipping her tongue into Rebecca’s. Her hands fell down to Rebecca’s buttocks and squeezed them lightly. Rebecca could feel a moistness starting between her legs and wasn’t sure what it meant. Her body felt warm and flushed and her breathing quickened as the kiss grew lengthier. She squeezed her legs together and a small sound fell from her lips. Christine kissed down Rebecca’s cheek and to her ear, lightly nibbling on the lobe and then to Rebecca’s neck. She licked the sensitive place between the neck and collarbone, emitting another noise, louder this time, from Rebecca. Christine smiled at Rebecca and beckoned her to the large bed that sat in the middle of the room. She sat down and pulled Rebecca with her. “What would you like Rebecca?” Christine asked. Rebecca didn’t know what she wanted. She just knew that she needed something to make this feeling go away. It felt almost like an itch but not quite. Perhaps like a pain…no no, not a pain either. It was pleasant but also slightly annoying. Rebecca shook her head. “I..I don’t know my Lady…” Christine nodded. “Alright my dear, let me try to figure it out and you tell me what you think.” She pushed Rebecca down on the pillows and smiled softly at her. “Don’t worry my love. I will take care of everything.” Christine leaned over Rebecca and pulled the pins from her hair, making it fan around her head on the soft goose feather filled pillows. Christine gazed down at Rebecca and groaned. “Oh you are lovely…so lovely…” She murmured and kissed her again, hard and passionately. Her lips moved from Rebecca’s lips and kissed down her neck to her full breasts. Catching Rebecca’s nipple between her lips, Christine ran her hands up and down Rebecca’s body making Rebecca shiver and moan. This was a feeling that had never come upon Rebecca before. Her body was on fire, burning with a need she didn’t understand. Christine took the other nipple in her mouth and sucked on it. Then she took both of Rebecca’s breasts and squeezed them together, putting both nipples into her mouth. Rebecca’s body arched and she moaned. The moistness between her legs had turned into a full fledged river and her inner thighs were soaked with it. Christine ran her hand down Rebecca’s torso to between her legs running her fingers lightly across Rebecca’s mound. Rebecca’s body jerked up to Christines hand and she gasped. “What…” “Shhh darling, it’s alright. Oh you will love this.” Christine smiled wickedly and kissed down Rebecca’s body, stopping at her belly button and licking inside of it. Rebecca was quivering and didn’t know what Christine was going to do but she knew she wanted it…oh so badly. Christine spread Rebecca’s legs open with her hands and gazed down at the hair below. She licked her lips and lowered her mouth to the mound. Licking around the area, she spread the lips with her fingers and glanced up and Rebecca. Her face was flushed and gasps of air were coming from her mouth. Christine brought her tongue to Rebecca’s center and lightly licked it. Rebecca’s hips jerked up and a loud moan nilüfer escort came from her mouth, startling even herself. Christine laughed lightly and did it again…and again. Each time Rebecca moaned. Suddenly Christine latched her mouth onto Rebecca and started licking at her center, slow and long licks that made Rebecca shudder. Soon Christine started moving her tongue faster, up and down, side to side. Rebecca gasped and moaned, digging her fingers into Christine’s hair. It mustn’t ever stop…this feeling…oh but it must stop…it was overwhelming…but no, no it can’t it’s to good…just to good. These thoughts were soon overcome by nothing but the pleasure Rebecca was feeling and then…something burst. A scream dropped out of Rebecca’s throat as she was brought to a point of such intense pleasure she could do nothing but jerk around on the bed and pound her head against the pillows. Soon the feeling died away and she lay gasping on the bed. She couldn’t even begin to think about moving, her body was made of lead, she was sure of it. Opening her eyes, Rebecca saw Christine propped up on her arms above her smiling. She blushed at the way she had acted and tightly closed her eyes. “Oh darling, don’t be embarrassed. That is what is supposed to happen. You reacted naturally my love to the most amazing thing that can happen to a woman.” “What…what was that?” Rebecca exclaimed. “It’s wonderful is it not?” Christine laid beside Rebecca and ran her fingers up and down Rebecca’s torso lightly. Rebecca shivered and her nipples tightened. Christine laughed. “You are to much darling.” Rebecca gazed at Christine, her eyes wide with wonderment. “Would…” Rebecca caught herself, not sure how to word her thoughts. “What is it my love? Do not be bashful.” “If I were to do that to you…would you react in such a manner?” “Oh yes my darling. I most certainly would.” Christine ran her fingers through Rebecca’s hair. Rebecca bit her lip and stared at Christine. “Would you like to try my sweet?” Rebecca nodded. Christine smiled and stood up, bringing Rebecca with her. She turned away, putting her back to Rebecca so she could strip her of the emerald green gown. Rebecca’s fingers fell to the buttons, fumbling with them in her nervousness. Her fingers brushed against Christine’s naked skin after each button had been undone. Christine was not wearing anything underneath the gown except a simple shift. Rebecca gasped at that. “You are only wearing a shift my Lady.” “I know this my dove. The best to take off these hindering clothes.” Rebecca slipped the dress down and it fell in a puddle around Christine’s feet. Rebecca pulled the shift over Christine’s head and was given a site of her long, lithe body. It was really quite amazing. Long, slim legs lead up to tight buttocks with curvaceous hips and a tiny waist. After unpinning Christine’s curls, her hair fell halfway down her back in an auburn mass of waves. Unsure as to what to do, Rebecca slid her arms around Christine and pressed her breasts against her back. The two women were exactly the same height so when Christine turned around every body part matched. Breasts pressed against breasts, hips against hips. Their lips met in a passionate kiss and Rebecca could feel the tingling start between her legs again. She pressed tighter against Christine, wanting to take her in her body…not quite understanding the feeling but needing to türbanlı escort be as close as she could. Rebecca pushed Christine onto the bed and gazed down at her. Christine had large breasts, larger then her own. Her tummy was flat and lead to a bush of hair between her legs. Rebecca had an overwhelming urge to press her face against that hair and kiss…so overwhelming that she fell between Christine’s legs and did so. She tentatively stuck her tongue out and tasted Christine’s center. It was not at all unpleasant…nothing like she had ever tasted before, but nice nonetheless. She licked again. And again. A slight sound fell from Christine’s lips as she spread her legs and invited Rebecca to delve in. Unsure as to what to do, Rebecca repeated what Christine had done to her. Licking the center with long, slow licks then growing faster and faster…then slowing down. Christine seemed to like this, so Rebecca kept at it. She used her fingers to spread the lips and found that she could get at her better doing this. Rebecca wondered what would happen if she put her tongue into the hole that was there and tried it. It was met with a sigh of contentment so she tried to put it in deeper. Not being able to get it in much farther and used two fingers to replace her tongue and Christine moaned loudly. Rebecca glanced up and saw a flushed look of passion on Christine’s face and decided this was a good thing. She brought her tongue to it’s original place and continued to lick Christine as her fingers moved inside of her. Christine’s hips moved against Rebecca’s mouth as her breathing quickened and came out in gasps. “Oh Rebecca…Rebecca, yes, yes, oh yes…” Christine’s hands found their way into Rebecca’s hair and entwined her locks around her fingers, pressing Rebecca’s face hard against her. “Yes…oh, oh, oh…Oh YES…there…ohhhhh” Christine started to shudder uncontrollably and her head was thrown back as a loud guttural scream started from the tips of her toes and was released from her throat. She was bucking and moaning as the pleasure overtook her body. Rebecca didn’t stop until Christine had pulled her up and caught her lips with her own, kissing her madly. They lay there in silence for a few minutes, basking the pleasure they had experienced. Christine then turned to Rebecca and lay her fingers gently on her cheek. “Oh my darling, that was wonderful…wonderful beyond words.” She kissed her nose and smiled. “I want this again my love. Again and again and again, if you would oblige.” “Oh yes!” Rebecca exclaimed. “Good…you must become my maid servant then my love. My personal one. There must be no suspicions you understand.” Rebecca nodded vigorously. Christine smiled. “Wonderful. You will have the chamber that connects to mine. Effective immediately.” She stood up and held her hands to Rebecca. Rebecca grasped her hands and stood up. They pressed their bodies together in one last embrace then dressed each other, kissing. After dressing and pining their hair back up, Christine sent orders to have Rebecca’s belongings moved to the adjoining bed chamber. She simply explained that Rebecca was her new personal maid and that she wanted her close at hand. No one dared argue. After that day Rebecca and Christine were intimate many times during the day and night, stealing kisses when they could and making love in all areas of the house. I hope you enjoyed this story. I’ve wanted to write one that was set back in historic times…this wasn’t as detailed as I usually do but I thought it may be fun. I enjoy hearing feedback from people so email me at hoo. I have other stories on here that you might also enjoy, including one that involves 2 females and a male!

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