Luke’s Perversions Ch. 02Luke’s Perversions Ch. 02



Luke spent the next three months working on completing his dissertation. He isolated himself from his social circles; focusing on his final presentation. His friends began to wonder if all was well with Luke. Luke wasn’t the kind of guy to Kiss-and-Tell. He left his friends to their own point-of-views and opinions.

He did not receive many messages from Meg; Sarah however was in constant touch with Luke. Though there was sexting and sexual content exchanged, there was more to Sarah. Her messages to him were of a good friend, caring, and enabling him to forward. He did not receive such attention from his own mother. He tried to associate it with Meg’s experience but could not put his finger on the point. He concluded that Meg and Sarah were genetically and emotionally coded different.

Graduation day was approaching soon. Luke could invite his closed ones to attend. He sent out his invitations to Meg and Sarah. Being envious of Dr.Tyler, Luke did not include him in the invite but he was okay if he accompanied the women.

A week before his presentation, Luke was on his way back from the library. He saw a familiar body waddling in front of him. He tried hard to place her and failed to recognize who she was. He caught up with her. She looked oriental, was pregnant with an over-sized baby bump, and enlarged breasts.

She noticed him too. She smiled, “Hi Luke, how have you been?”

Her name came to his mind. “Hi Lin, how have you been? “He stared at her new physique inquisitively.

She laughed, “Well, I am pregnant. They say I will have twins.”

Her petite body, 5ft seemed bloated and ready to drop her babies.

“I am 8 months into it.” She was waddling slowly. Luke slowed down his pace. He wanted to know the details, but he held back. He felt if she cared, she would tell him.

He walked her to her room. She was nervous and was sorry that she left him for the foreign exchange program. She knew he wanted to know more, but she was reluctant to say anything.

“I am graduating soon. Are you on track to finish too?”

She stroked her baby bump. “I have to take a break to deliver these …”

Luke smiled. She caught his eyes looking down her breasts. “He has not changed. He still wants me.” Thoughts passed her mind.

As he walked back to his room, Luke felt a rush in his loins. He imagined an experience with a pregnant body. He reached his room; closing the door tapped his erection playfully over his pants. His phone was in silent mode. He reviewed the messages, many of them were from Sarah.

Then one popped up, “Do you want do dinner tonight?” It has an image of a colorful dragon. An image of Lin Chi in her panties with some sark pubic hair sticking out and open top, exposing her enlarged nipples and swollen belly came to view. Luke spontaneously responded with a “YES”.


He arrived at her room early. She looked tired.

“Are you okay?” He gave her a warm hug. She responded to his embrace with hers.

“Can we order in and watch something on the Tele.” She felt secure in his strong arms. She wished she was carrying his babies. She controlled the tears in her eyes.

Luke raised her chin and put his lips on hers. She reciprocated. She felt his erection on her body. She was a good foot or so shorter than him. Memories of the wild times they had together since high school flashed through her mind.

His tongue rolled on hers. She tasted as sweet as she did before she left for the exchange program. She began to unbutton his shirt. He stood back as she exposed his firm chest. Her mouth sucked in his left nipple. He loved that she did that. She kissed him and suckled on his nipples, alternating them in her warm wet mouth.

“I missed you” Luke said in a low soft voice.

She did not respond in words. She moved down to kiss his belly button, her hands frantically unzipping his pants and tugging at his underwear to release his manhood. His heavy cock popped into her small hands.

She looked up. For a woman of oriental origin, her eyes were large. She closed her lips on his cock’s head and sucked him into her mouth. Luke’s hands reached for her head, running his fingers lovingly through her silky black hair.

She played with his erection, taking as much as she could deep down her throat. Luke wanted this to last forever. She moved ever so slowly and slurping her saliva in as she sucked on her white chocolate. He moved back to sit on the rocking chair by the door, and she crawled on her knees keeping his cock in her mouth.

Meg, Sarah, Dr.Tyler, and others were a distant memory. Luke was in a moment of ecstasy. His sisli escort childhood sweetheart was showing her love for him. He felt complete.

After a while, she slowly released him from her drooling lips. She stood in front of him. He watched her pull her loose top over her head. She reached behind to unhook her white cotton bra. “Oh, How I missed those nipples.” Luke exclaimed. She put her fingers on both of them and pulled / pinched them.

Luke went on his knees and pulled her pants down. He could smell her cunt. She had a rectangular white cotton cloth covering her cunt, with dark pubic hair sticking out from either side, and digging into her ass crack with a dark thick string around her waist holding it together.

“It’s made in China. “She laughed. “So am I.”

Luke pulled down her made-in-china thong. Her unshaved pussy sprung close to his face.

As she stepped out, “Oh LUKIE! take me.”

She moved back and laid on the bed. Her pregnant body looked ripe and ready.

It was Luke’s turn. He dropped his clothes to the floor. He moved next to her on the bed and turned her to her right side. He raised her left leg and she felt his thick fingers caress her dripping pussy. He kissed her on her neck with a whisper, “Here comes LUKIE!”

She gasped aloud, her fingers holding onto the mattress, and was breathing hard.

“Oh, Lord he is harder and thicker.” She struggled to keep her composure. Her breasts swayed and her belly jiggled as he entered her. She heard him softly whisper her name as he pushed in and out.

They had fucked so many times before. This seemed like the first time. Lin’s cunt gripped his cock. She yelped and squealed characteristically like an oriental as he moved in deep. The spooning position worked well. The bed rocked with the movement. The sex was intense and passionate.

Lin was squealing with each thrust. Concerned Luke asked “Are you okay? Do you want to stop?”

She shook her head, “OMG. Don’t fuckin stop. Give it to me hard.”

He increased his thrusts, pressing his balls against her pubic hair with each inward movement. Her oriental squeals grew louder. She wanted more, she was reaching her peak, shaking hard, her already tight pussy lips gripped his cock harder – She cried aloud as she came.

Luke kept at it. His balls were full. He did not have much sex since he returned to college for his final semester. His cock was pounding deep in her. His fingers pressing her tiny clit. She felt his release. Luke controlled his grunts and moans. His hands reached for her breasts and began to tighten his grip. There was a deluge of his cum in her.

He was kissing her passionately. She felt his arms embracing her as she closed her eyes. She was exhausted. His lips were nibbling her ears.

Soon sleep caught up with the lovers.


Lin Chi and Luke met often after that evening. She opened up about her time as a foreign exchange student. He listened with empathy.

Lin was taken in by her professor and advisor. Similar racial background, she gave in to his charm and he had her conceive his babies. She referred to him with respect and love. Luke knew she was in love with the babies’ dad and that she would move on after her graduation.

Her time to deliver her babies was nearing. Luke focused on the final sprint to complete his schoolwork.

On the day of his presentation, Sarah arrived first. Luke noticed his audience were Sarah, Meg, and Omar. Also, to his surprise Ivon was seated at the far corner of the hall.

Luke defended his research in front of his department’s head and lead professor. After, he was greeted by Meg with tears in her eyes. Her dreams for Luke came alive. Sarah let them have their family moment, as Omar looked on.

He wanted his mother to see Lin Chi. Lin was nowhere to be seen.

As they mingled with other student, Ivon tapped Luke on his shoulders. He turned to her to receive a full body hug. He heard her softly, “Congratulations, lover boy.” He was amused by her. It felt like a family reunion. He hugged her back. He felt the stares of his loved ones.

The afternoon went by. Meg celebrated her son’s accomplishment with a dinner for two. It was their moment and she wanted him all for herself.


Early dinner, Meg had at least 2 bottles of wine in her. She held onto her son’s muscular body as they strolled out for a walk after dinner. Luke enjoyed her by his side. The passers-by thought they a cute couple.

He felt accomplished. He did not think of his future that evening. His internship in the city did not start immediately.

Meg kissed şişli esc her son often. Luke avoided locking his lips on hers, even though she made attempts to make such contact.

There was a gentle drizzle of rain. Meg did not have a care in the world. Luke was excited to feel his mother’s breast often brushing and pressing his biceps. He dismissed her intentions and attributed them to her being drunk.

They walked a mile or so. As they did, Luke called in Uber for a ride to the hotel Meg checked-in. The ride arrived within minutes and got them to the hotel quickly.

Meg was loud. She shared her son’s graduation with everyone she met in the hotel. She was proud of her boy. Luke was a bit embarrassed.

The elevator took them to the 7th floor and the door of the room 712 closed behind them. It was dark. Luke searched for the lights.

“Don’t turn the lights on.” He heard her say.

He noticed her body move across the room. She opened the curtains / blinds and the city lights lit up the room. She turned to him and asked him, “Come here, darling. Let’s dance.”

He obliged. He received her as she staggered to stand. He held her firm to his chest, and moved her around the room.

“Do you think I am sexy?”

“Yeah mom. You are. You are.”

“I miss your dad.”

“Me too.”

“Will you be him tonight?” She moved closer and put her head on his shoulders.

There was silence in the room. The incestuous couple danced as one. She wanted him. She took his right-hand fingers and sucked them in her mouth.

Luke stopped dancing. She laid back on the bed. She lifted the bedsheets and slipped under them. She reached for her panties and them removed them; throwing them onto the floor. He joined her under the sheets. She heard him unzip his pants.

“I love you, Mom.” He moved on top of her. She parted her thighs and felt his cock press onto her abdomen. He put his lips on hers and she reached out under to grasp his thick wood. His tongue rolled on hers and she moaned as she directed her son into her.

He disappeared fast into her. Her vagina closed in on him. The couple lay there feeling the intensity of the moment. He heard her “Yes , feels like daddy’s.” Encouraged he started to move in and out of her. Her hands firmly dug into his back, holding him hard.

The bed moved. He was treating his mom like he treated Lin Chi the first time he banged her. Meg told the force of the younger version of her husband. He was pushing hard into her. Meg was moaning; Luke grunting. There was an unusual sensation as he watched her below him, receiving all of him in her.

Luke was thinking, “Dad seeded her; I hope she is on a pill or something.” Luke was cumming. He could not hold the excitement of doing his mother any longer.

She heard him growl, “Mom! Mom!”


Luke was cuddling her and fast asleep; when Meg opened her eyes. The city night lights changed to bright sunshine. Meg’s pussy ached from her son’s treatment. She released herself from his cuddle and slipped out of the sheets. Her raised skirt fell into its place, her blouse was torn open by him. She held onto the wall as she moved into the bathroom.

Luke heard the sound of her pee trickling into the toilet. He raised his arms, placing his hands behind his head.

“Good Morning, Mom.” He yelled out.

She flushed the toilet and slowly moved back to the bed. He saw her breasts sway as she crawled back under the sheets. Placing her head on his shoulders, she played with his chest, “Luke, you are built just like your dad.” Her hand moved down his thighs, under the sheets, to get a hold of his happy well-worked penis.

He placed his arm under her back and rolled her over him. She kissed him passionately. Her breasts pressing against his hard chest. He could feel her grinding her wet cunt on his belly. He was erect again. She smiled, he winked. She reached back and gripping his base, raised her ass to position herself over him. Her hands fell on his chest, pressing him down, as she descended on his cock.

Her body moved, her hips worked wonders taking him deep and she rode him for the next 10 minutes. Her screams and moans filled the hotel room. He could tell she was leaking below. His cock was making slippery and slurpy sounds. Her cunt spoke too. Her eyes were fixed on his. The bedsheets fell to her ass. He could see her breasts bounce moving her erect nipples up and down.

Luke raised his hips. She sensed his cock tense up in her. “Seed me, baby. Fill me up.” He pulled her to him and embraced her hard. He jerked his hips and his cock plunged deep into her releasing escort sisli his hot spunk in her. It seemed never ending. He cumming did not stop.

Her tongue rolled on his. He held her hard. He kissed her back.

“Baby, you’ve come of age.”

“Mom, we are closer than we ever were.”


There was a knock on the door.

Meg pulled on the robe and went to open the door, “I have a surprise for you.” As she closed the door behind her, aloud came her voice “Close your eyes, honey.” Luke played along. He felt the sheets move and Meg returned to hug him in bed. Her hands moved down his belly and gently took his resting cock in her hand.

Something was up. Look felt there was another presence in the room. His mother was stroking his cock under the sheets. Seconds later, he felt the lower side of the bed move and another body creeping up under the sheets.

Meg kissed him on his cheeks. He felt another mouth sucking his cock. He heard girly giggle, as she slurped on his hardening cock.

“She is someone you know or met earlier. Guess who she is.”

Names ran through his head, but could not place the girl working on his dick right now.

“Enjoy yourself, I will get her ready for you.”

Meg left her son and went closer to the young pussy who was giving his cock a workout. The giggles, slurpy sounds, turned to moans. Luke was hard as a rock.

He could not wait any longer. He opened his eyes. Meg’s was kneeling down on the floor and her top half of the body disappeared under the sheets. He saw two black legs jutting out of the sheets on either side of Meg’s body.

Meg looked up “She is fuckin ready for you, stud. Go get her.”

He raised the sheets and looked below. An athletic, petite black girl with large eyes and lips looked up. With his cock in her mouth, she smiled. Ivon’s mouth was dripping with her saliva, wetting and tickling his balls.

Luke exclaimed, “Mom!”

Meg pulled aside the sheets. She dropped her robe to the ground. Ivon was in a one-piece black dress. She rose to her feet and stood staring at Luke. Meg unzipped Ivon’s dress and a black goddess-like young woman, firm tits with knobs for nipples and a curly haired covered pussy stood in front of him.

Ivon crawled back to put her head between his legs. Meg looked at Luke , “I think it is time to fuck someone your own age. “She spanked Ivon’s tight ass. Ivon’s mouth kissed his seven incher. She give him a deep suck, almost deep throating him, then moved to kiss his firm stomach, chest, and neck.

“Show me what you got. What makes older women want you so much.”

She laid down next to him. Meg sat on the couch waiting to watch them perform.

Luke went on his fours on top of Ivon. He put his hands under and flipped her.

“Woa!” She exclaimed. Her ass was curvy and tight. She raised her pelvis, inviting his attention. Luke hands parted her ass cheeks and opened her black cunt. She was deep pink inside.

Meg looked on.

Ivon screamed, her hands holding onto the bed’s headboard. His thick cock penetrated her. His hands held her hips firmly as he manhandled the small frame. She was gasping for breath. His pelvis was banging her hand.

Meg came closer. She took Luke’s phone and clicked few pictures. He was pounding her. Meg showed him the pictures she took. He saw his balls pressed against a black cunt with a creamy white rimming the outer walls.

The bed creaked and moved hard. Ivon was confused. “Was she in pain or pleasure. Why is she enjoying it so much? She wanted him to be a savage with her.” She was his bitch. He dogged her from behind and she was yelping.

Meg sat across luke. Her hands were on her swollen lips. She was pressing her clit with one hand, and dipping her other into her cunt. Ivon lost control. Her cunt pushed his hard cock out of her and she moved sideways, trying to escape the onslaught, almost fell out of bed.

“OMG, OMG , FUK! FUK!’ she was withering like a snake.

He was ready to Cum. Meg sensed it. She laid down on her back and parted her legs. Ivon starred as she moaned. She saw his cock disappear into his mother’s opening. Seconds later, he was squirting inside her with loud grunts.

“Thank you, Mommy!” Mother and Son heard a soft giggle from their side.


Luke found a one-bedroom studio in the city. His sex life was fantastic.

Meg supported his relationships. He loved her often and it was their special evenings and weekends. Sarah began travelling for work, which gave Meg more time with Omar. Lin Chi sent pictures of her two baby girls. She was engaged to be married to her professor. Ivon visited him frequently. He felt like he was her master. She followed his lead in all their activities together.

He found his passion for work at his new job.

“You have become your dad.” Luke understood what she meant.

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