Loving SiblingsLoving Siblings


Authors Note: This is my first story, so I will really appreciate any comments and suggestions on how improve my writing.


John and Sarah had always shared a stronger relationship than most siblings. Even from a younger age they rarely got into fights. Their mother enjoyed the quiet life so she encouraged their closeness. John was the older sibling but only a year older than Sarah. Yet he was still protective towards her and called her, “his baby sister.” Sarah was not so fond of that title. With the absence of their father, John was the closest thing to a father figure to Sarah. That was also part of the reason he felt protective towards his sister.

Their mother was not strict on nudity when they were younger. Up until the ages of 10 and 9 the two would go swimming in the back yard swimming pool naked and usually share a bath. On the weekends their mother would bathe with them as well and the kids just loved that. John specially enjoyed nestling his head between her breasts and poking her nipples. Sarah’s favorite part was running around naked and air drying. They were both very upset when one weekend their mother announced that their group baths would stop and the two would have to be more discrete around each other. This meant no more swimming naked together and no more bathing together. She no longer allowed them to get dressed together either.

The kids were not happy with their new restrictions. So like most kids, they started to sneak around. When they thought their mother wasn’t paying attention to them, they would run to the swimming pool and swim in the nude. Of course, their mother always knew but sometimes she would let them go on playing. But most times she caught them and ordered them to get dressed and sent them to their rooms.

Over the years, the kids grew more mature and got over their cherished naked adventures. It had become a thing of the past, but they still had a close relationship. John was now 19 years old and proud of being a freshman at college He had decided to live at home and do the hour long commute every morning. Sarah was 18 and a senior in high school. John stood at 5 feet 9 inches and weighed around 180 lbs. And being overweight, he was never popular with the girls at his school. He was a smart guy and the only times he got to talk to girls was when they asked him for help on homework. He didn’t have much of a fashion sense either, he mostly wore simple jeans and t-shirts. Other than being smart, he didn’t really have any talents. He could play the piano but it was nothing special. He wanted to grow his hair long and straight, but it always came out curly. So he kept it short.

Sarah was opposite of John in some cases. She was 5 foot 4 and 125 lbs. Sarah had an incredibly cute smile that made her look more beautiful than she already was. She already had full pouty lips that she enhanced further using shiny cherry lip gloss. Her breasts were also one of her strong features. They were like soft pillowy mounds that poked out of her chest and filled her cashmere sweaters. The days she wore nothing underneath the sweater always made the boys drool after her. Her eye lashes were long and lush that looked like they were glued on, but they were natural. Her green eyes were deep enough to get lost in. Unlike John, Sarah always had a bunch of guys and girls surrounding her. She always had someone offering to carry her books or do her homework for her but she never took advantage of anyone. Sarah was always fashionable and she spent hours getting ready before going anywhere. She had long blonde silky hair that shone, and she loved flaunting them by letting them down. They reached halfway down her back.

On one particular weekend in May their mother went out of town with her girlfriends, she trusted John and Sarah to spend the weekend without burning the house down. John was left in charge and given the job to look over his baby sister. Their mother left them enough money in case they wanted to eat out instead of making something themselves. She knew, neither of them liked to cook and without the money they might starve the death before she got back. And of course, no parties allowed.

As usual, Sarah had her own plans for the weekend. She would either be attending someone’s party or hanging out with her friends. One thing was for sure, she didn’t plan on being home for the whole weekend. So on Friday night, Sarah was in the bathroom for hours getting ready while John waited outside the door, banging it every few minutes. Eventually, when we couldn’t hold it any longer, he barged in the bathroom and saw his sister standing in front of the mirror brushing her hair. “Can’t you do this in your room?” he asked. “You have that big make up table of yours in there.”

Without taking her eyes off herself Sarah replied, “But I already got all my things in there. And besides, if you’re really in a rush you can use the bathroom in mom’s room.”

“No way, I’m not going in there. She’ll know. I don’t know how, but she’ll know.”

“Fine then, you can Gölbaşı Escort just go. It won’t bother me.” She was still focused on perfecting her hair.


“It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before. We used to be naked all the time as kids.”

“Yeah, but that was back when we were kids.”

Sarah finally turned towards John and said, “Well, we can make it into a game. Ones like we used to play when we were kids. And I’ve always wanted to know how you aim that thing?

John was getting agitated at this point and he blurted out, “I point and shoot. Now get out.”

“That sounds simple enough, can I give it a try?”

“Try what?” He was confused at point.

“You know… I point and you shoot. Oh it’ll be fun, let’s do it”

“You’re crazy, get out.”

“If you don’t, I’ll tell mom that you had a party.” And she smiled her mischievous smile that made it very difficult for anyone to resist her.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

Sarah’s eyes were shining, she knew she had her brother cornered. “Who is she going to believe, me or you?”

John knew he couldn’t go on with her like this for long. He had to pee and he couldn’t hold it in any longer, so he finally caved in and moved to the toilet and started to unzip his pants. “Fine, but let’s do this quick and don’t you dare tell anyone.”

Sarah quickly rushed over to John and said, “Stop stop stop, I want to do that.” And with that she poked her head under his right arm and reached around with both hands to the front and unzipped his pants. “And now to take out the hose,” she giggled. She reached inside his pants and inside the boxers from the flap. She had to feel around his boxers to find the flap, this allowed her to get a good feeling of his penis. Then she felt around for his bare penis, and explored further cupping his testicles.

A shiver went up John’s back and he replied with a, “Hey! Stop that.”

“Sorry, I was already in the area and thought I’d explore.” She fingered each testicle for a couple seconds before she finally gripped the base of his member and took it out. It took every ounce of will power for John to not get erect in his sister’s hands.

“Are you ready?” John asked her.

“Let it rip,” she replied giggling. The task was more difficult than she had expected, she couldn’t aim the stream properly and ended up spraying some on the floor and the bottom of the seat. John guided her by moving his hips side to side and telling her to keep it steady when she finally got the aim correct. It lasted over a minute but for John it felt like over an hour. When he finally finished, Sarah asked, “All done or is there more left in there?” She pumped his member twice and let it go. One more and she would have made him orgasm.

She slipped his penis back inside the boxer and was about to zip up the pants when John took her hands away and said, “I’ll take care of that part.” They both laughed realizing what had just happened. “And now since you were aiming, you have to clean this up.” Sarah just laughed and grabbed a few pieces of toilet paper to wipe up the spills.

She turned around and gave John a big hug, pushing her chest into him. “Thank you, you’re the best big brother a girl can ask for.” She kissed him on the cheek and walked out of the bathroom. John stood still trying to comprehend what had just happened. He used to be okay with being naked and playing with his sister, but they were kids back then. And this experience was definitely not like the ones they shared as children.

By the time John got out of the bathroom, Sarah was leaving the house to go out with her friends. He spent the rest of the night watching TV, mostly just flipping through the channels to find something interested. Around midnight, he headed to bed. He was getting sleepy and didn’t know what time his sister will get back home.

The next morning John woke up and went to check up on his sister’s room. After making sure she was in bed he went to the bathroom to take a shower. The thoughts of the previous night kept coming back at him no matter how hard he tried to ignore them. Eventually he came to accept that it would be just another thing, among a long list, that we would just have to get over. John stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist after drying himself off. He then opened the door and walked towards his room to get dressed. On his way, he could hear that his baby sister was already up and getting dressed. She ran up and hugged him from behind. “Sorry I was late last night. We just lost track of time,” she tried to explain.

“Oh. That’s okay. You should have called though.” He was nervous about her hands being a bit too low around his waist.

“You’re not going to tell mom are you?”

“Nah, just don’t do that again tonight.”

“I love you,” she replied hugging him tighter. “I’m going to go brush my teeth and then make breakfast, what do you want?”

“Eggs and toast as usual. Thanks,” John replied. And he went to his room. Gölbaşı Escort Bayan John got dressed and hopped on to his laptop to do his notifications check. He checked his email accounts and facebook and twitter, he had multiple accounts so it usually took a while. By the time he was done, Sarah was almost done making breakfast. He walked into the kitchen just as she was setting the plates. He helped her set the rest, and they both sat down for breakfast. “So what time did you get back last night?” he asked.

“Oh, around 1, 1:30.”

“Where’d you go?”

“Just to Melissa’s house. A few of us got together and just hung out, just chitchatting. You know, girl stuff,” she giggled. There was an awkward moment of silence, both of them wanted to talk about what they did last night, but neither wanted to be the one to bring up the subject. Eventually Sarah decided to tackle the issue from another approach. “Do you miss the times we used to be naked around each other and even bathe together?” she asked looked up at her brother.

“Yeah, but that was when we were kids. We can’t do that anymore.”

“It’s not like we’re having sex. We’re just playing. And mom’s not even here today, she’ll get back tomorrow night.”

John really did miss the times he had with his sister as kids. He missed chasing her through the house and tickling her without the restrictions of her clothes. He missed the freedom of just being nude, feeling the air on this skin and not having it a big deal. But the nagging voice in his head kept telling him that it was wrong and he shouldn’t be doing those things. So he tried to end the conversation with, “You’re crazy,” and started clearing the table. Sarah was disappointed. John spent the next couple hours on the computer and Sarah on the phone.

The sun was shining and the weather was around 80 degrees outside. John thought that it would be a great day to spend some time in the pool. He got his swimming trunks, and headed to the backyard. When he got in the water, it felt great against the skin. The sun the nice and toasty and the water nice and cool, it was the perfect combination.

“Sarah!” he yelled.


“Come out for a swim, the water is great.”

“Okay, I’ll be out in a minute,” was her cheerful reply.

While waiting for his sister, he started doing a few laps in the pool. At the end of his 5th lap, he stopped to take a break. Just then Sarah walked to the pool completely naked. Her milky white skin was shining in the sunlight. It seemed silky smooth and was completely hairless. She was even hairless around her sex, the lips were nearly impossible to resist. Her large breasts swayed side to side, in an almost hypnotizing way, as she walked.

“What are you doing?” he asked a little louder than he wanted to.

“Joining you for a swim,” she replied sitting on the edge of the pool with her legs hanging in the water.

“Go put a bathing suit on,” he ordered her.

“Make me,” she teased spreading her legs a bit, to give her brother a better look.

“You’re impossible.” And he dipped back in the water.

Soon Sarah joined him in the water. “Come on, take off your swim trunks. It feels great,” she invited him.

“I’m not doing that, you’re crazy,” he protested.

“What? It’s not like it’s something I never seen you naked before.”

John was very tempted by his sister, both sexually and the playful nudity. He got out of the water, and sat on the edge of the pool, watching his sister and thinking if he should strip as well. Suddenly Sarah popped out of the water right in front of him and between his legs. She reached in to his trunks from the bottom, and grabbed a hold of his shaft again. “Come on, take ’em off. Released the serpent,” she teased him. Once again he gave in to his baby sister. He stood up and dropped his trunks, bearing it all in front of her. Again, he tried his best to keep himself from getting erect in front of his sister.

“See, isn’t that much better?”

“Just like old times,” he smiled back to her and sat back down at the end.

She eyed his member for a few seconds, observing the shape and size. “So is that it, or does it get bigger?”

“It gets bigger, but you’re my sister and this isn’t sexual.”

“But I wanna see it,” she pouted. And before John could reply, she pushed herself a bit out of the water and kissed the tip of his penis. They both waited for a reaction, but nothing happened.

“See, not gonna happen.”

In a second attempt, she pushed herself up again and this time took the whole thing in her mouth. And she started rolling her tongue around his shaft, and enjoyed the feel of it. But before she could bring her tongue around for a third time, she felt him starting to grow and pulled back. John couldn’t believe what was happening, he was just frozen in place. Sarah kept her eyes on his penis, mesmerized by watching him grow. When he was fully erect she smiled and said, “There it is.”

She wanted to examine it further Escort Gölbaşı but her hands were used to push herself up. So she got out of the pool and stood beside her brother, so close that her fold almost touched his nose when he turned his head towards her. “Get up, I wanna get a closer look,” she said while reaching out her hand towards him. John got up without a word and raised his hard to hold hers, but instead she reached further and grabbed of hold of his now erect and throbbing organ. They walked over to the chairs and Sarah grabbed his towel. After drying herself off, she offered it to her brother who tied it around his waist. This time holding his hand, she led him to her room.

“Okay, get on the bed,” she ordered. Without hesitation he climbed into his sister’s bed and lay in the middle. Sarah climbed in between his legs and undid the towel. First, she slowly pulled the corner that was tucked in, and then she removed it completely. With a hard pull she managed to get the towel out from under him and tossed it aside. She lay on her stomach with her mouth not even an inch away from his penis. To her surprise, he was harder and larger than he was earlier. It was pulsating and she could feel the heat resonating off his member. At fully erect, his penis was pointing straight up and had a slight leftwards bend to it. Sarah found the bend amusing and tried to bend it the other way, but it just sprung back into position. “It’s like a spring,” she giggled.

“Yeah… it does that.”

“You haven’t said anything in a while. You should relax, it’s just me. We used to play naked all the time,” she pouted.

“This is just… weird,” he replied. There were a million things trying to get through John’s head, but they were all jumbled. He couldn’t think straight at all.

Sarah just continued with her exploring, she moved up a bit to see the other side. She played around with it with her fingers, running them up and down the length. Suddenly she stood up and said, “I know what’ll be fun.” And went towards her school bag. She took out a measuring scale and asked, “Have you ever measured yourself?”

John did not reply.

She slid back in between his legs and placed the scale at the base of his shaft. She straightened his organ to the scale and smiled, “Almost 7 inches.”

Still no reply from John.

She tossed the scale back towards the bag and looked up at him, waiting for him to say or do something. When she realized he was still uncomfortable, she climbed out of the bed. John thought that she going to go get dressed, but instead she grabbed both of his legs and ‘closed’ them. Then she climbed back on the bed and this time she got on top of him. She moved up to his penis, pressed it against his stomach and sat down on it so that it rested just between her pussy lips. She grabbed his hands, and placed each one on her breasts.

“Sarah, stop. We shouldn’t be doing this,” he finally let out. “Playing was one thing, but this is getting too much.”

“Then try to stop me,” she teased and gave him her mischievous smile.

Next thing John knew, his baby sister started moving back and forth. Grinding her pussy against his cock. And his hands tightened on her breasts involuntarily. Sarah knew, she had her big brother now and she started grinding faster and deeper. John’s eyes closed automatically and his hands started squeezing his sister’s breasts. Both of them started letting out little gasps and moans. Before he knew it, John shot out a heavy load of sperm. With each thrust Sarah made, John shot another stream. Sarah loved the expression on his face, and continued to grind up against him until he stopped shooting. By the time she finished, his chest was soaked in his own seed. Sarah placed two fingers on his chest and played with the sticky liquid. She giggled at the feel of it.

John finally opened it eyes and stared into the loving eyes of his sister. “Well we never played that before,” he smiled. Then he picked his sister up from her waist and placed her by his side.

“That’s the first time I’ve seen that happened,” she confessed. “We saw an educational video of it in school and I just wanted to see it for real.”

“So that’s the only reason we did this?” he asked.

“No,” she defended herself, “I really did miss our naked play times. And I thought that we might as well try this out. Are you mad at me?”

Instead of replying her directly, John leaned in towards her and kissed her on the lips. It was meant to be a soft innocent kiss, but when he felt that Sarah wasn’t going to pull back he pushed a bit further and inserted his tongue in her mouth. Their first kiss grew deeper and deeper and stronger and stronger. At first their tongues mingled and rolled around each other’s. Then John pushed his tongue in her mouth and she started to suck on it, this was followed by Sarah pushing her tongue into her brother’s mouth and John savoring its pleasure. Their kissed finally ended after what felt like hours and they fell into each other; embracing the one whom they loved most. Sarah felt the stickiness of her brother’s sperm but didn’t mind it and fell asleep with her head on his chest. John brushed the hair away from her face and kissed her on her forehead. He tightened his arms around her and closed his eyes once again.

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