Lori Ch. 08Lori Ch. 08

Amy Reid

I woke up as Lori returned to bed and kissed my cheek. “Time to get up. You need to brush your teeth and get back in here, I’m not walking funny.” I flew out of bed and scrubbed my mouth and was back between Lori’s legs in a flash.

She was learning to control her volume so we only had to use the pillow twice but the rest of the time she quietly urged me on; telling me to fuck her harder. Faster. At one time, it was almost brutal but she asked for more. When I came she begged me to shoot it deep inside her, to fill her empty cunt.

Lori glanced at the clock and we took a quick shower where she sucked me clean then had me fuck her from behind. I blew my load in her mouth followed by a quick kiss and a promise that if we hurried then we could do it one more time before we left for school.

We barely made it to class on time. Lori had on her tightest panties to, ‘Hold all that yummy cum inside her hot little pussy.’

She was walking a little funny.

After school, we met up with Eric and Vanessa and played a little basketball while talking about Prom. Vanessa kept pumping Eric about their plans Prom night. He kept mum and promised that she would like it.

Lori confronted me as well and the game turned into a ‘If I make this shot you have to tell me…’ game. Thankfully, Eric and I were good at blocking so Lori only made two shots. After my first answer that I was going to make sure she couldn’t walk the next morning then my second answer that she was definitely going to be showing skin to people she stopped asking. I’m not sure but I think she started helping us against Vanessa.

Eric promised Vanessa a night she wouldn’t forget, to which she responded “You won’t either.”

After dinner Lori asked if I was too sore to show her a good time. I rushed to clean the table and the kitchen before grabbing her arm and all but dragging her to the truck.

She made me suck her pussy until she screamed then we fucked. Just before I came she told me to stop and ‘Do me like you did in the shower.’

She got out of the truck and put her hands against the hood then bent over. I grabbed her hips and slid home. She met me thrust for thrust, pushing back to meet me. I slid my left thumb down her crack and rubbed her asshole. She went NUTS! I almost fell over from the force of her slamming back against me.

When I came, it set her off as well and I swear she sucked the cum right out of me. My balls ached with the abuse of the past two days but they still managed to pump out a healthy load. At the last spurt I fell to my knees “No more!” I cried and cupped my balls as I knelt there. “God! I think I need an icepack.”

Lori threw her head back laughing triumphantly then, kneeling next to me, she put her arms around me. “Thank you.” she said earnestly. “Now the bad news.”

That got my attention. “Bad news?”

“Yeah.” She took my head in her hands and kissed me and I began to feel a sense of dread. “No more fucking.” and kissed me again. “Can you handle that?”

I nodded, confused and a little worried.

“I might let you eat my pussy but you are not going to cum again until Saturday night.” Relief flooded through me and I laughed. Lori moved a hand to my balls and cradled them. “You need to recover and I want you to be truly full of cum. I don’t know what you have planned but there is no way I am going to be cheated out of it.”


Lori started the day by waking me up as she went for a run. “I’ll meet you at school!” and out the door.

I beat her to Calculus and talked to Eric until the bell rang. Lori and Vanessa slipped in just before Mr. Bee. Lori was the epitome of the ‘school girl’. Wearing a white shirt that was just a little tight with a dark blue blazer, her above the knee skirt was a dark red plaid that matched her tie, and black flats with knee high white socks. Her hair framed her face in large, loose curls. The finishing touch was her hot pink lipstick. She exuded sex and looked like every wet dream I and every teen boy ever had.

There were several whispers and Eric let out a low whistle, I was speechless.

She pointedly ignored me as she took her seat. Mr. Bee was oblivious, as usual.

After class she busied herself with talking to Vanessa and left me standing there looking foolish.

At Lunch, Lori sat across from me and by some unknown means of communication, none of the girls made any comment about the change in seating. We carried on as usual except for the several times I was caught staring at Lori and had to be asked whatever stupid question, again.

Lori found some way to always be busy and either across the room or gone for most of Yearbook.

English Comp was a welcome distraction and over too soon.

In Study Hall she was mine! Giving her the barest opportunity to put her books down, I asked her to help me find a last quote for my term paper. She knew something was up but went along with it.

Guiding her to the most remote section of the library, I pushed her against the Yeşilköy Escort wall, attacking her lips. My hands moved to her breasts but I couldn’t feel anything through the layers of clothes. They had to go.

I think she lost a button on her blazer. I KNOW she lost several buttons on her shirt. Lori beat me to the clasp on her bra. As soon as they were free, I latched onto her extended nipples. Lori may have said something but…

Kissing my way back up, I chewed on her exposed shoulder before moving up her neck. Nibbling on her ear I told her how hot she looked. She laughed, asking “You really think so?”

Growling, I moved my hands to her ass and squeezed. “Guess what I’m going to do.” and began working my way back down.

Her intake of breath was answer enough.

When I reached her skirt, I looked up, past her perfect breasts, and asked “Up or down?” Surprised and unsure, she looked down the aisle. “Down it is.” I told her. Reaching back, I unzipped and pulled it down. Fuck. She even had on a matching thong! Peeling it off, exposing her smooth, soft skin, she managed a soft ‘MIKE!’ before I dove in.

I sucked at her protruding clit but I couldn’t get what I wanted. Grabbing a leg, I pulled it over my shoulder, parting her thighs. Seeing my goal, open and wet before me, I moaned as I bent forward to taste her.

Losing myself in her, I was barely aware of anything else. I heard her gasps and moans. Felt her hands clawing at my scalp and pulling on my hair. I tasted and drank her juices as she came.

It was only after Vanessa pulled me back and Lori all but collapsed to the floor that I remembered where we were. Looking up at Vanessa, face coated in Lori’s cum, it took me a moment to focus. Vanessa was staring in disbelief, hand still on my shoulder. She let out a strangled “Uh…”

I swung back to Lori who was flushed and panting on the floor next to me. Lips shifting between a smile and an ‘O’ as she struggled to quietly catch her breath.

Turning back to Vanessa, I saw that she had moved back to the end of the row but was still watching, her hands were rubbing her chest, with one moving in small circles over where I assumed her nipple must be.

Lori tugged me to her, kissed me then licked my cheek, tasting her juices. Closing her eyes, “Fuck you.” she breathed with a smile.

“Yeah, you won’t.” I told her. Sitting back, I let my eyes travel up and down her mostly naked body. “You better get dressed before someone besides Vanessa comes back here.”

Sticking her tongue out at me, Lori struggled to get up and pull on her skirt. “You are so going to pay for this!” she said, walking off, stumbling once. Vanessa started whispering to her as soon as she cleared the books. Shaking my head, I scooped up her panties and climbed to my feet to follow.

They were nowhere to be seen when I sat at our table. Glancing at the clock, I saw there was only 15 minutes until final bell so I settled in and waited.

Vanessa came to get her books at the bell. “She told me to tell you she’d meet you at dinner and that you should probably go to work.” Licking her lips “That was…” then realizing what she was saying, she walked away.

Lori was helping Mom with dinner when I got home. Afterwards she sent me up to shower while she joined Mom and Dad watching TV. I sat next to her on the couch where she wasn’t ‘cold’ but…

I fell asleep watching a cop show and woke up covered in a blanket. I decided not to move and drifted back to sleep.


Lori woke me as she went for a run and then took off while I was in the shower.

I wasn’t really surprised to see her in jeans and a pull over polo. Greeting me with a smile and a kiss, she held my hand to and from classes, sat next to me a lunch, acted the perfect girlfriend the entire day. The kiss she gave me in Study Hall about made me take her right there.

After school I found a note on my truck telling me that I should go to work and that she would see me later.

‘Later’ turned out to be just before bed. She had called Mom to apologize that she was going to miss dinner.

I was already in bed when she came in. After a quick shower, I discovered she had put on shorts and t-shirt before climbing in. She kissed me goodnight as she crashed.


I woke up with my dick in her mouth.

She laughed as I looked down at her with hope. “Nope! I just needed a fix before I went jogging. I really do need to keep in shape in case you knock me up this weekend!” My semi-hard cock surged to life. “I’m sorry, Sweety. I promise you’ll like my surprise!” She got up to leave. Turning back she asked “Oh and you did forget!”

“Forget?” I mumbled racking my brain but nothing…

“As soon as you get out of bed send that picture to Vanessa!” she reminded, then out the door. I looked at my erection then the door. Bitch, I thought but did as she asked.

She wore sweatpants and a zip-up hoodie with a tank top to school. Escort Yeşilköy It was obvious to me that she hadn’t worn a bra but I knew what to look for.

We talked in the halls and held hands but she avoided any attempt at a kiss. Lunch was back to normal except that Lori blushed the darkest red I had ever seen when Brittany asked where she had disappeared to on Wednesday. Vanessa was very tight lipped as well.

Study Hall. It was Lori’s turn. She cornered me in the same aisle. Unzipping her sweat-shirt, Lori pushed me up against a shelf full of unused encyclopedias then grabbed my hands and pulled them to her chest. Her dark nipples, clearly seen through the tank top, were hard as rocks. “I need you so bad. I’ve already gotten myself off in the bathroom three times today.” Her hands went to my belt, struggling to get it undone.

I was more than ready and was about to help when Vanessa showed up. Grabbing Lori by the arm, she hauled her off me. “Sorry, Mike. Lori made me promise.” She told me, dragging her away. I stood there taking deep breaths. Man, it had been close.

Vanessa returned a few minutes later. “I think I’m going to come over after school and grab some of her things. She made me promise that I would not let her, you know, until Saturday night.” I just stared at her stupidly. Then she pulled out her phone and looked around. She also made me promise that if you sent me a picture that I had to show you one too. You still haven’t…” She hesitated before showing me. “I sent these to Eric.” and showed me a picture of her from the waist up; topless. Then another of her from the side. Huge tits, flat stomach, tiny ass. I let out a low whistle. She did have an amazing body. “Eric is a really wonderful guy. I never did thank you for getting us together.”

I started to tell her that I really hadn’t done anything but she stopped me. “You guys are amazing together. I understand why….” and cut herself off. She looked at her phone and scrolled through a few pictures finally deciding on one. With a devilish smile she said “This is one that Eric took of me after we, uh…” she couldn’t finish and thrust the phone in my face. I had to lean back a little to really see it. It was another picture of Vanessa from the waist up but in this one her tits and neck were coated, no DRENCHED in cum. She blushed as I stared at the picture then looked at the clothes encased breasts before me. I could see her nipples getting hard.

My dick ached from almost a week’s lack of attention. “Thank you but you better go. I’m not doing any better than Lori.”

Vanessa glanced down and her eyes focused on my bulge. Her hand started to reach forward before backing away a step. “Uh, yeah.” and started to leave. “Mike? Hang in there. You’re really going to like her surprise.” Then I was alone again.

I thought about a trip to the bathroom but decided against it. Closing my eyes, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to concentrate so I left. I just gathered my books and looked back at Lori; she was almost out of her seat when Vanessa caught her. I shook my head and walked down out of school.

Changing clothes, I went to the farm. There was fence to be built and mindless labor was what I needed.

It was dark when I got home. Mom had left me a plate in the kitchen. The parents were both out. I ate a little bit and left the rest. I took a quick shower before crawling into bed and found the note next to the lamp.

Mike I’m going to stay with Vanessa tonight and tomorrow. I can’t help myself. Don’t call. I’ll see you at school tomorrow. I love you. Lori.

P.S. I really hope you like your surprise.

I slept poorly.


I woke late and had to rush to make it to school on time.

At school, Lori wore another of her ‘schoolgirl’ outfits. She’d worn something one almost every Friday since school started but I guess I never really paid attention. Now, I looked forward to it, imaging what was under the pink and brown plaid skirt and white shirt. She completed the look with a matching plaid vest, knee high socks and black flats. Her hair was held back with a pink headband. She had great big hoop earrings, bright pink lip gloss and matching fingernails.

My cock about ripped through my pants.

When she kissed me she handed me a small gift bag. I remembered what had been in the last little bag she gave me. I didn’t look inside but she had such a wicked grin on her face that I almost skipped school. She handed me three notes labeled: Now , Lunch, and Last Bell.

I opened the first note.


Can you hold these for me? I just had to take my bra off because it was rubbing against my nipples so bad they started to hurt. And I had to take my panties off because they were so wet and riding up into me that they were getting uncomfortable.

Thank you soo much! Love you. Yours forever. D.G.

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and asked, “Can you walk me to class?”

“I’m about ready to throw Yeşilköy Escort Bayan you against a locker and fuck you right here!” I whispered.

It was her turn to close her eyes and sigh. After several deep breaths she took my hand. “Not today. But that sounds really fun.”

She hung on me as we walked down the hall. I was worthless in all my classes.

Second Period: Pre-Calc. Lori studiously avoided looking at me as I walked past her. Vanessa, however, flashed me a stunning smile. Eric was normal. Mr. Bee tried, but for me it was a hopeless cause. Lori seemed to be having problems as well. She excused herself with only 10 minutes of class remaining. It was Vanessa’s turn to laugh.

I found myself at lunch. Lori was flushed when she arrived with only 30 minutes left. I wanted to tease her about where she had been but decided not to.

Brittany, Brooke, and Jeremy were honestly curious about where she had been. Lori just played it off saying that she had been having ‘tummy troubles’. Everyone expressed their hopes that she would be well for Prom and that set off another round of discussions about the After Prom party.

Jeremy said that he probably wasn’t going and left. We all stared after him. He had been less involved in the group but it was still a surprise.

Slowly talk resumed. Brittany had something planned at her house. I spoke up and said that we might stop by for a while but we had other plans. Brittany accepted it but Brooke decided to press. “Don’t you get enough of each other? We hardly see you four anymore!” She looked at Vanessa and said “I suppose you and Eric aren’t going to make it either?”

Lori started to say something but I put my hand on her thigh to stop her. Vanessa answered, “I don’t know what he has planned but we might be able to come over for a while. Brooke, I’m sorry that…I don’t know.” She grabbed Eric’s hand. “We will make more time to spend with you guys. You’re our friends but…” shrugging.

Vanessa asked “What about you guys? Who are you going to Prom with?”

It was Brittany who shocked us. It was just the six of us but she still looked around before looking at Brooke then at us. Brooke turned white but nodded. Brittany put her hand on Brooke’s. They gave each other quick squeeze then Brittany dropped her hand and they both looked around, guiltily.

Lori’s mouth dropped open and then grinned broadly “Wow! Really?”

Brooke nervously said, “Don’t say anything! Please!”

I looked at Lori and shrugged “He won’t say anything. Besides we could probably put you both to shame!”

Eric laughed “That’s no lie! But don’t worry.”

The girls started talking leaving Eric and I out of it. We got up to leave and Lori stopped me “You didn’t read your note.” Then kissed me and sat back down.

We walked outside where Eric asked me what the plan was. I explained that Lori and I were driving to Ted’s Cafe then on over to the hotel to drop off our clothes before the limo picked us up.

“What about you and Vanessa?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it. I just thought you would just pick us up in the limo. I really hadn’t thought about dinner. Crap.” Prom began at eight. We were leaving town around five to have time for dinner and check-in. “Vanessa told me she has something planned but I don’t know what it is. I hadn’t thought about dinner.”

“She told me that she really likes you,” I told him.

“Really? I like her too.” he admitted

“You guys getting serious?” I asked

“Yeah, no. I don’t know.” he stumbled. “Hey, can we meet you at the hotel?”

The bell rang ending lunch. “Yeah, but you might be surprised at what I have planned for Lori.”

I hurried to my locker and read the ‘Lunch’ note:

Meet me in the girl’s restroom in the gym at lunch. (God I am so horny!!)


“Son of a Bitch!” I swore loudly and crumpled the note. Several people looked at me but didn’t say anything.

I got my books and just made it to Yearbook. Lori was talking to Brooke who looked away when I walked in. I couldn’t read the look on Lori’s face. I went to my group; we were almost through with the collage for the yearly awards ceremony. I was pretty much useless which was OK because everyone was focused on Prom.

After class, I pulled Lori aside and apologized for missing ‘lunch’. She hugged me and told me it was probably for the best. “I want you full tomorrow night!”

“About that.” I had decided to tell her about the hotel. “You might need to pack a small bag for this weekend.”


I could see the excitement growing on her face. “Yeah. Not much. Maybe just a toothbrush and something for your hair” I tried to be casual about it and started walking to class.

“Mike!” she cried, “You can’t do that!”

I stopped a few feet from the door, still out of hearing range of anyone. “What?”

“Why? Why should I pack a bag?”

“Well, I guess you don’t have to. The hotel will probably have a toothbrush. Nevermind. Forget I said anything.” Then the bell rang and we had to hurry.

Ms. White didn’t care about Prom. She locked us in, as normal, and drilled us on fractionated sentences or run-ons or something before releasing us to the library.

Lori kept asking questions that I either ignored or answered with dumb looks.

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