Lonely and PregnantLonely and Pregnant

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I arrived home from work quite late and my wife had prepared dinner as usual. We sat and chatted about our day and she told me how she had been to see her friend Emma who lives close by. They are close friends and my wife Jo goes to see her at least once a week. Emma is younger than us, around early forties I would say. She has a husband, Sean and they have a young child called Kirsty who is about three years old. They started their family late and during her pregnancy Jo was a great support to both Emma and Sean.

At this time she was pregnant again and less concerned but because of her age she was being very careful about her health and physical activity, but not as careful as Sean, it turns out.

“I have volunteered your time to go and help Emma tomorrow,” Jo said at dinner. “She has a number of boxes and packages she needs moved to her loft and some items to go to the tip. She cannot lift them and Sean is too lazy to help. She’s given up asking him.”

I don’t work every day and tomorrow was one of my free days. Jo works five days and leaves me to carry out most of the household chores on my free days. I didn’t mind helping Emma and she would get me some lunch, no doubt.

“OK,” I replied, “what time does she want me to start?”

“I am not sure; phone her in the morning, I guess when Sean and the little girl have left.”

I got up from my bed at around eight o’clock and got myself ready for some physical work. I called Emma at eight thirty and she answered the phone rather drowsily.

“Yes please do come over when you like, but give me half an hour to get dressed.”

I walked across to her house at around nine fifteen and she answered the door.

“Please come in John, thank you so much for offering to help me with the clearing up. I need to make space upstairs for the new baby. Sean is so busy he hasn’t had time to do these jobs.”

“Yes,” I thought, “lazy bastard, beautiful caring wife and you can’t even be bothered to lift a few boxes for her.”

She went to the kitchen and made us a cup of coffee while I stood there admiring her blooming looks and pregnant form.

“When’s the baby due then Emma,” I asked. I had guessed quite soon as she was getting rather large.

“Oh, six weeks,” was the reply.

“Little wonder you don’t want to be lifting boxes then,” I replied.

“We’ll drink this and then make a start, if that’s OK with you John,” she asked.

She busied herself with getting washing from the washer and hanging it on a drier and then tidying the kitchen as I stood and watched. I offered to help as she was bending and stretching but she was happy to carry on. We chatted about our children and partners, and she was very loyal to her Sean despite his obvious laziness and lack of care for her.

I was content to stand and watch and it wasn’t long before I was enjoying the view before my eyes.

Emma, as I told you earlier was in her early forties, and weighed around 160 pounds before she got pregnant. She was about 5 feet 7 inches and quite well built. I guess her dress size was fourteen to sixteen before she was pregnant. Her breasts would have been 36 d and she had quite wide hips. Her most striking feature was her beautiful red hair.

She was wearing a loose fitting maternity dress. It was summer so she wore no tights or stockings, just this dress. It was sleeveless with shoulder straps fairly low at the neck line and when she was standing the hem came just below her knees. Every time she leaned forward facing me I could see down her top. She wasn’t doing it purposely; I think exposing herself to deneme bonusu veren siteler me was furthest from her mind.

She wore a pretty bra and this allowed a view of her ample beasts and cleavage. They were full due to her condition and swayed beautifully as she moved. They hung as she stooped and the bra was loose as though not fastened properly thus allowing free movement of those huge orbs. She bent with her bottom to me and I admired the large round shape she presented. The dress was thin and showed the curves from her hips to her thighs and. It slipped into her crack a little at the bottom. I could see the outline of her knickers which must also have slipped into her crack.

She remained bent over and I could see the back of her knees and a little way up her thighs. I was getting hard and needed to make an adjustment before she looked around.

She completed the tasks and we drank our coffee and then she led me up the stairs where she showed me a dozen boxes in a spare room and said “Those are the boxes to go to the loft. You will need to lower the ladder from the loft hatch.”

I did this and climbed to the top. There were already some boxes in the loft and I asked how she wanted them placed.

She asked me to climb down the ladder and she would go up and take a look at what was there. Oh my word, what a sight. She slowly climbed the steps revealing more and more of her legs. They were quite muscular and as you would expect from a pregnant forty something year old quite large at the top of thighs; fleshy with some signs of cellulite and veins, but still very sexy.

I was nervous to look; she didn’t realize what I could see. I looked away and she noticed me looking away, but said nothing. She then reached the top and leaned in to the loft. Shit, I was sweating and glowing, I could see her white cotton knickers tightly covering her ample arse and yes they partly disappeared up her crack. I could see wisps of her red pubic hair. I looked away again as she spoke.

She commented on the articles already in the loft and asked me to push them to the back and place the new boxes at the front.

Down she came revealing her knees and thighs as she stepped down carefully. She was as flushed as I was. I got to my task and carried the boxes up the ladder until I was finished. I was careful to hide the semi erect bulge in my trousers which subsided when she went down stairs to continue her jobs in the kitchen.

I then loaded the car with boxes for the tip and my jobs were complete.

We sat and had a sandwich and a drink and she began talking about her husband Sean and his attitude to her pregnancy and their little girl. She was concerned because he really didn’t want another child, but she became pregnant unexpectedly. This developed into a personal chat and she became quite emotional. She admitted the he had not shown any signs of emotion toward her since he found out she was pregnant. He had some sort of obsession with pregnancy and wouldn’t even touch or kiss her.

She became tearful, so I go up and put my hands on shoulders as I stood behind her and tried to comfort her. She looked up at me as tears streamed down her face. I could see down her top. Tears dropped on to her chest and then her breast. She wiped them away with her hand. In doing so she pulled her top outwards thus revealing almost all of her bra clad breasts. I stroked her shoulders and caressed her neck. She put her head back and sighed.

The tears continued and she stood to face me. She put her arms around me and I did the same to her. We just gerçek para ile slot oyunları hugged for minutes and then she sighed again saying, “Oh how I miss human contact, how I miss the feel of a warm body against mine?”

I squeezed her upper body to mine and felt her huge breasts against my chest. Her pregnant belly pressed gently against my lower body and I felt a stirring in my loins.

The hugging turned to caressing as she stroked my hair and I stroked hers. She looked me in the eyes and planted a huge wet kiss on my lips. She did it again and lingered for longer this time.

“I’m so sorry John, I should not have done that, please forgive me.” She whispered.

“I know,” I replied, “It’s OK, Just take your time and let your emotions settle. It’s a difficult time for you, but we are here for you, Jo and me.”

“Jo doesn’t know about Sean, please don’t tell her.”

“OK, it’s our secret.” I replied quietly in her ear.

She kissed me again but even more passionately this time and whispered, “Thank you John, you are so kind and understanding.”

I kissed her this time and our tongues met. I pushed her gently away from me with my hands on her upper arm and looked at her beautiful pregnant body. My eyes were full of lust and she knew.

“You don’t have a problem with me being pregnant, do you John.” She uttered.

“No, so you’ve noticed then have you Emma?”

“Yes, you were the same when I was carrying little Kirsty, you looked lovingly at me and without being insensitive you just seem to admire my pregnancy.”

“Does it show?” I questioned.

“Yes a little, but I didn’t really have a problem with it. Would you like to feel my belly?”

I was astonished and nodded yes. I took her full belly in both my hands and gently caressed the swollen form all over from the top to the lowest part almost down to her pubic area. I could feel her knickers. She just stood back and looked down at my hands fondling her. Her breasts were touching the top of her belly and the back of my hands brushed against the underside. All I could feel was her bra. This continued for some minutes until again she hugged me.

“That was very comforting John?” She whispered.

I was by now very excited and flushed as was she. I was nervous that this would go too far and we would both live to regret it.

At that moment the telephone rang and she turned to take the call. She stood in the hall-way with her back to me. The call lasted only a minute or two and as she replaced the handset I approached her from behind. I put my hands around her and caressed her pregnant belly again. She did not object, but just stood there and looked at herself and me in the mirror in front of her. I looked at her eyes and they were watery and half closed. She smiled at me and I continued the caress. I pressed my belly against her bottom and pulled us closer together.

My hands wandered down to her pubic area and just stroked her gently there, and then I moved up and touched her breast briefly to test her reaction. She did not react, just continued to smile at me in the mirror. I caressed both her huge breasts through her dress and whispered to her, “Is this Ok or shall I stop?”

She smiled and replied, “Please don’t stop now, I need this badly.”

I continued to caress her breasts and my cock was getting hard and needed adjustment, so I made myself more comfortable so it was upright and I pressed it into the crack of her ass. She responded by pushing back. My hands were all over her tits by now and she mobil slot siteleri turned her head for us to kiss which we did passionately.

We moved to the living room and got behind the sofa. I got her to place her hands on the back of the sofa and I stood behind her. She leaned forward and I lifted her dress up so far that I could unfasten her bra. I did that and looked down at her large white cotton knickers covering her large ass. Her hips were naked and they looked gorgeous. Her thighs were revealed to their full splendor. What a beautiful sight.

I could see her belly hanging down and I moved her bra so that her tits swung free. It all hung down.

I got behind her and felt her belly with both hands, and then her breasts, fondling, caressing, and squeezing her milk laden orbs and then her hard nipples. I slipped one hand between her legs and was delighted as I felt her pubic hair through her knickers and then to feel that her knickers were quite wet there. I stroked her engorged mound and pushed a finger into her. I could feel the swollen labia and the opening which yearned penetration.

She stood up straight and turned to me and embraced me. “Please be gentle with me John, don’t harm my baby. I need this warmth and emotion for my sanity. I have longed for you to come over and cuddle me. I knew you would one day.”

Her dress and fallen to its proper place and her breasts hung below her bra. We kissed and fondled each other. Her hand went to my groin and felt the outline of my erect penis.

“You are so hard and so thick John, please fuck me slowly and gently.” She whispered.

“I promise not to harm you or your baby.” I replied.

My cock was bursting and I could feel the precum oozing. “How would you like it Emma?” I asked. She replied that she wanted me to penetrate her from behind in the position we has assumed against the sofa.

I lifted her dress over her head and removed her bra. I just had to fondle and suck on those beautiful large breasts and those bullet hard nipples. I did so for some minutes and then she turned her back to me and braced herself against the rear of that sofa. I slipped her knickers down and dropped my pants. My cock stood out rigid and oozing. I placed it in the crack of her ass and rubbed gently. I felt underneath her and caressed her hanging tits and her bulging belly. I then parted her legs and she reached beneath to guide my erect penis into her soaked channel. I negotiated the large wet labia lips and she helped it in at the angle best suited to her. It went all the way in as far as the entrance to her womb.

She groaned with pleasure and wriggled to get the most comfortable position. Her fingers went to her groin and I took them away so that I could fondle her clit. It was soaked and lovely and hard; perturbing well from its hood.

I pushed and probed slowly and then asked her how she liked it. She replied “Gentle at first and then harder and I will tell you when to increase the speed.”

I continued with a steady rhythm with my fingers and my cock also slipped gently back and forth. One of my hands held her breast while the other worked on her swollen clit.

I looked down at her large bottom and then at her hanging breasts.

“Faster,” she groaned, “yes please, harder, faster, that’s good, more please, pump your cock, now squeeze my nipple, yes, yes, oh, oh, oh.”

I did as she asked.

That was it; she shuddered and groaned and I shot my load into her and held my cock hard against her womb as the spunk pumped. She gushed and the two loads of fluid ran from her pussy and dripped down my legs and hers.

After some moments just holding each other there I let my cock slip from her pussy and I helped her upright. “Hold me please John, kiss me and may God forgive me for my transgression, but it was fantastic, just what I needed, and now I want some more. Can you please masturbate me like you just did, I need another orgasm.”

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