Lockdown Christmas Miracle Ch. 16Lockdown Christmas Miracle Ch. 16


Ellie didn’t think of herself as being bi, even if she wasn’t uncomfortable with having taken a few drunken dares and party game penalties in college that had involved some pretty flirtatious, and even mildly intimate, contact with other girls.

But something about Cassie had gotten her all worked up over the past few days. Maybe it was the isolation or privacy, but what got to her most was the thrill of seeing her bossy older sister getting more sexually adventurous than Ellie had ever thought possible. There was a level of intimacy and shared secrecy about the excitement that Ellie found intoxicating.

From rubbing up against one another topless playing neck ball at Eric’s party, doing body shots off one another at Spring Break or catching Cassie fingering herself on the beach, Ellie found every sexually charged situation with Cassie to be more exciting than the last. Maybe she knew, like she did with Eric, that whatever happened between she and Cassie would forever stay their secret memory of this season where the world stopped for a moment. For whatever reason, the world had created a space where suddenly it seemed like everything was suddenly possible.

Stepping into Cassie’s bathroom, she could see that her sister was already in the shower. Ellie stripped off her pajamas and underwear, leaving them carelessly strewn about the bathroom floor among Cassie’s own clothing. Ellie stepped into the shower to see Cassie turned toward her, her head tilted back into the water, rinsing her long black hair as warm water ran in rivulets along the curves of her long, sleek body. Ellie stepped to her and wrapped her in a naked embrace, her own breasts fitting in right below Cassie’s and her cheek pressed against Cassie’s chest, just under her chin.

Cassie looked down as she felt Ellie slide up to nestle into her body and wrap her in her arms. Ellie looked up at Cassie’s full red lips, her deep brown eyes and the warm pink tones of her skin, flushed a deeper shade under the flow of steaming water and the intensity of her growing desire. Cassie surprised them both by being the one to kiss Ellie first. Looking down at her soft, pink lips, parted just so. They looked so swollen and juicy in that moment in a way that Cassie had never noticed before. As their mouths met, Cassie only remembered then that she had just had Eric’s dick in her mouth, but just as quickly remembered that so had Ellie. Whatever they had done, whatever they were doing, they were doing together.

Cassie felt Ellie’s hand move up to her breast and squeeze her lightly, then more firmly as their kiss intensified, even as her other hand slid down to Cassie’s ass. Cassie reached up with both hands to touch Ellie’s boobs, marveling at how full, soft and swollen they felt compared to the sensation of touching her own tits. She had envied Ellie since they were teens. Where Cassie had spent several years looking gawky and awkward as she reached her full height and filled out, it felt like Cassie had always been cute, curvy and the object of every boy’s attention. Sliding one hand down to Ellie’s deliciously curvy hip, Cassie felt herself trembling, overwhelmed by the sensation of just how naked they felt, wet under the running water, their bodies pressed up against one another.

Cassie had to lift her mouth away from the kiss as she felt Ellie’s hand slide up into the folds of her pussy. Cassie’s legs went weak as the sensation of having the first person to ever touch her there sent tingling waves through her body. She let out a small gasping whimper, unable to contain her reaction. Bracing her hands on Ellie’s shoulders, she couldn’t control how her thighs and knees shuddered with each practiced movement of Ellie’s magical hands. It felt as if Ellie knew her own body better than she knew it herself. She should have felt embarrassed to be so helplessly and awkwardly overwhelmed by Ellie’s touch, but as her stomach tightened repeatedly, like Ellie had found some secret switch within her that made her a twitching puppet on a finger, rather than a string, Cassie found that she was too swept up to care what it looked like. She just didn’t want it to end.

Ellie leaned her head slightly to take one of Cassie’s nipples in her mouth as she brushed her fingers in and through her sister’s pussy, rubbing her just as if it şişli escort was her own, imagining she could feel it herself through the way Cassie’s body reacted to each subtle change in movement and touch. Her other hand slid around to the small of Cassie’s back, trailing a single finger down her spine and following a trickle of water down into the cleft of her sister’s ass, causing Cassie to clench up and giggle at the tickling sensation before gasping as Ellie slid her other fingers further up inside her. Ellie ran her hand down the smooth, wet cheek of Cassie’s ass and cupped the bottom of her ass as the tips of her fingers slid in between her legs from behind.

As Ellie’s hand touched the small area behind Cassie’s pussy, she felt her whole body suffuse with a different wave of pleasure, working in careful harmony with the flickering and stroking sensations that Ellie was already imparting with her other hand. Leaning her face onto Ellie’s shoulder, Cassie could only grip her sister’s wet body for balance as she parted her legs to allow Ellie to have control of her. When the tip of Ellie’s finger, warm water sliding around it, slid onto the entrance to her ass, it was as if every part of her started clenching up uncontrollably all at once. Her arms hugged her sisters neck with a desperate urgency as her body was no longer able to contain the shuddering waves of pleasure that now battered her like the small dock at her parents cabin as a Summer afternoon storm rolled in across the lake.

Ellie found herself enjoying Cassie’s orgasm almost as much as her sister seemed to, exulting in the fact that she had been able to bring her so much pleasure, amazed that Cassie had allowed her to in the first place. When Cassie slid to her knees and crawled to the sloped edge of the tub to lie quivering in the afterglow of sensation that still left her weak and helpless, Ellie took a moment to duck under the shower head that she now had to herself, wetting her hair and washing her body as she let Cassie enjoy the moments of limp, trembling joy that even now suffused her.

Cassie opened her eyes as she felt her body go limp, watching the water slide over Ellie’s curvaceous body, pink, glistening and desirable. Where she had envied Ellie for all those years, she found looking at her naked now brought her only a sense of joy that her voluptuous curves were something that they now secretly shared between them. Just as Cassie’s body had been opened up to Ellie, there was nothing now to be envied between them, only things that had been shared and things left to be discovered. Cassie rubbed her nose with the back of her hand, carelessly like a little kid, as it had begun to itch as if circulation was slowly returning, or the last magic of the pleasure her sister had given her was now leaving her body, through the tip of her nose.

Ellie looked down at her sister and her face lit up in a smile, looking at her limply sprawled on the bottom of the tub and rubbing at her nose like a little girl. It gave her an unexpected sense of delight to have been able to reduce her sister to a state so elemental and overwhelmingly satisfying. Ellie adjusted the spray of the shower and increased the temperature of the water before lowering herself to slide up along her sister’s body. Cassie’s hands reached up for Ellie as she felt her moving and brought her face up to her own to kiss her sister in gratitude for the pleasure she had given her.

As Ellie slid up to place her knees at Cassie’s sides, Cassie’s hands slid up to Ellie’s hips and then continued around to hold each of Ellie’s smooth firm ass cheeks for a moment before one hand slid along her back to hold the back of her head as they kissed and the other slid back between their bodies and up between her sister’s legs.

Ellie moaned into her sister’s kiss as Cassie’s fingers slid into her pussy. The spray of water from the shower fell like a warm rain on her back and her sister’s legs as the water it slid over their bodies. Ellie could feel it slithering through her sister’s fingers as she explored her pussy and squeezed her dangling boobs, pinching and tugging lightly at her swollen nipples and sliding over her straining clit as her long, slender fingers slid in and out of her. Ellie lifted her mouth off of her sister’s as her back arched in beşiktaş escort pleasure, her ass lifting up as her hips tilted to increase the intensity of the contact with her sister’s finger.

Cassie slid down to take one of Ellie’s tits in her mouth and allow her hand to slide into her sister’s pussy from behind as she felt Ellie push and squirm against her hand. Ellie gasped and moaned as Cassie added a second finger and pushed more deeply into her sister, feeling her sister’s body clench at her hand as her hips flexed and shuddered, urging her on and grinding into each bit of contact.

Remembering the sensation of Ellie’s finger on her own back, she lifted her hand to trail a finger down Ellie’s spine and down into the valley of her upturned ass as it flexed with each movement of her hips. As Cassie’s finger traced over the delicate pink rosebud of her ass, Ellie gave an involuntary cry of pleasure as her whole body jerked and Ellie was forced to lay her cheek along the cool porcelain wall of the tub to steady herself as her whole body quivered.

Cassie increased the intensity and depth of the strokes she made with her fingers as Ellie’s body jerked insistently and ground against their movement, like they were a horse that she was trying to induce to run faster. Each time Cassie trailed her finger lightly through the water that slid over Ellie’s ass it was as if a small explosion of pleasure went off inside her. When her finger came to rest in that most sensitive spot, pulsing and pressing lightly against the clenching entrance, Ellie could stand it no longer and her body fell off the crest of pleasure where she had been suspended to get thrown into the tumbling waves of surging pleasure that racked her body. Her hips thrust forward to free herself from her sisters fingers and her arms extended as her hands were braced against the wall of the shower above her sister’s head, gasping for breath and undulating under the passion that gripped her body.

As Ellie’s body lifted up off of Cassie and her fingers slid from her sister’s body, something urged Cassie to slide down and lift her mouth to her sister’s pussy as she knew she was enveloped in the throes of ecstasy. Ellie looked down at Cassie in disbelief as she felt her sister’s lips latch onto her pussy and she stared in fascination as she rode her sister’s mouth to another shuddering orgasm, only seconds after the first began to dissipate. Cassie’s eyes opened to find Ellie’s locked onto her own and they held each other’s gaze through the next few moments as Ellie’s tits jiggled and bounced in and out of their their line of sight with the movement of her body. Ellie’s pussy quickly became too sensitive to touch and she was forced to lift her body off of her sister’s mouth to curl up weakly in the curved end of the tub.

Cassie stood to rinse off again and wipe her face and chin. She blushed to think that she had felt the urge to take Ellie into her mouth, but had felt an electric current rush through her as their eyes met once she had. She looked down at Ellie’s wet, pink body, her hair plastered against her full cheeks and her luscious pink lips parted slightly as her side rose and fell with her breathing. Cassie found she didn’t regret taking Ellie to her mouth. At that moment she would have gladly licked Ellie anywhere on her body for the pleasure her sister had brought to her just a few minutes earlier.

As Ellie turned her head at last to see Cassie looking down on her, she smiled shyly and simply stared up at the raven haired beauty that stood above her, the water coursing down her sensuous body and her eyes alive with fierce joy that Ellie had never remembered seeing there before.

When Ellie did slowly rise, the first thing she did was crawl to her sister’s feet and bring her lips up to her sister’s pussy for a few moments. While Cassie felt a warm, pleasant thrill go through her to feel Ellie’s mouth and tongue on her, looking down into her sister’s eyes, they both knew that it wasn’t about the start of pleasuring her. It was the fulfillment of a shared connection and the sealing of a new bond between them.

Eric woke up to the girls shaking him awake. They had made him breakfast and coffee and were demanding that he get up and open up the ski resort. It was a beautiful day for skiing taksim escort and they were going to miss it if he slept all day.

Eric sat up as they bounced noisily out of his room. He looked over at his clock and it was just after noon. Eric hadn’t slept that late in a long, long time. Drinking his coffee he tried to remember the dream he’d been having as the details slowly faded. It was something about a beach somewhere, his sisters and Lisa. He remembered searching for something or someone and struggled to pin down the feeling of having lost it too soon.

He reached for the plate of food his sisters had left on his night stand and the memory of how Lisa had looked, pale, slender and eager to please him, as she knelt naked on the sand of that tropical island, slipped from his mind.

It turned out to be a perfect day for skiing, just as the girls said it would. The blanket of fresh powder sparkled under a clear sunny sky and with the angle of the winter sun it was almost painful to look up the slope as Eric started the tractor, put it into gear and got the rope line moving.

Thankfully, most of the glare was lessened as you rode down the freshly powdered hillside and the three of them took their time finding new lines to draw across its face with each run. Remembering how sore they’d been after the first day, the girls tried to stretch between, pace themselves and enjoy each run, rather than racing around as fast as they could like they had the first day.

Eric couldn’t get over how far his sisters had come since Thanksgiving. Watching them talking and laughing together, high-fiving and cheering for the other after a particularly good run, it was almost as if they were different people than he had grown up with. He tried to remember when things had shifted and figured it must have been happening all along and he just hadn’t gotten around to noticing it until now.

As the bright white and blue of mid day gave way to the golden light of afternoon, none of them noticed the delivery van pulling onto their driveway in the distance. Eric had stopped snowboarding long enough to get a snow shovel and craft a small ramp off to one side of the hill with snow he transferred over from the tree line on that side of the hill. He had been launching off the small bump that was already there and couldn’t help but wonder if he could make it even better with a little more snow packed down and built up.

After about 30 minutes of work, Eric felt satisfied with the result and after a few tentative runs to test it, was now trying to squeeze as much air as he possibly could from each run while perfecting his landing onto the smooth section of slope that fell gently away beneath it. The girls were waiting at the bottom of the slope after their own runs each time to watch him and cheer his results. When there was no answer at the door, the driver scanned the boxed, marked it delivered and left it by the front door. Cassie’s phone pinged with the delivery confirmation on the kitchen counter while the girls high-fived Eric as he had successfully attempted his first 180 off the slope, and was wondering aloud as the rode up the rope line, whether he had enough air to land a full 360 as it was now, or if he’d have to build it up a little higher.

Walking home, Ellie suggested that what they really needed was a hot tub to relax out their tired muscles and enjoy a few drinks after skiing. Cassie had enthusiastically agreed. They both begged Eric if he would try to figure something out and agreed to help with construction any way they could. It would be so great to have and it could be their first ‘miracle’ project that they all worked on together, they pleaded.

Eric feigned reluctance to take on such a daunting task, but he couldn’t help imagine the three of them luxuriating in the hot water, sipping drinks and rubbing each other’s tired muscles after a day like today.

“I’ll do it on a couple of conditions,” Eric announced gravely. “You guys really do have to help with the work and not run off to leave it to me to do it all by myself.” The both nodded enthusiastically. “Which makes me your boss on this project and you have to do what I tell you.” They both nodded gravely. “And finally…it has to be clothing optional when we finish…just like the beach.” He smiled and the girls laughingly agreed to his terms, after coyly pretending for a moment to be shocked by the suggestion.

Catching Cassie’s eye, Ellie winked and gave her sister a secret smile behind Eric’s back as they walked the rest of the way up to the house.

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