Not Your Typical Family Ch. 02Not Your Typical Family Ch. 02


Author Notes:

Please read Chapter 1 to get familiar with the story line and characters, this is not a standalone series. Please understand that all characters are 18 years or older. It has been a long time trying to get this story to a second chapter, with many setbacks, re-writings, and other such nonsense getting in the way of my completing this story. If you like my story, please don’t forget to vote. Also, leave some constructive criticism; not just blasting my writing — I am not an English major just an old guy who likes to entertain the masses with my fantasy stories.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Barber O Saville.


Chapter 2

Onward and Upward

To catch the reader up on the story — a short synopsis — I am a 26-year-old graduate law student living at home with two willing sexual slaves that continually seek, service, and obey my commands to please and pleasure me. After the Party at my girlfriend’s house they dedicate themselves to be my slaves; Dad and Mom still away on a weekend retreat for Pony Girl training and BDSM Ranch; unknown to my sister. The story continues….

Arriving at our house, Jazzy and Kristine moaning and withering in the front seat of my truck naked from the waist down, I pulled into the garage.

“Out Slaves” I said. Kristine legs failed her; she fell on the garage floor. Jazzy followed on wobbly legs

“Kristine, we have not learned the rules for your servitude and already you are on your knees on the dirty garage floor, panting like a wanted whore. Your arousal so apparent I think I should just fuck you right her and now in front of Jazzy.”

Krissy moaned, “Oh, please Master, fuck me till I am raw.” Looking over at Jazzy she pulled off her top and took the display positon in front of me. Kristine, still trying to cope with the toys inside of her, knelt with her top still covering her tits.

“Slave, go get Veronica, come back and kneel.”

“Yes, Master.” Jazzy disappeared into the dining room. A short time later, she returned holding Veronica in her hands. Kneeling and lifting her hands up to my level she said.

“Master, Veronica as you requested.”

“Jazzy, do you know why I summoned Veronica here?”

“I believe I do Master. Slave-in-training Krissy did not remove her clothes when she entered into your house. I am responsible for her training and I failed to remind her to remove her bikini top.”

“Very good my little slave girl, now how many caresses from Veronica will it be?” Krissy still had her top on and the clock was ticking to 6 minutes. Jazzy looked over at Kristine and said, “Remove your top slut before I have Master, whip you with Veronica for disobedience.”

Kristine untied the bikini top and let it fall to the floor.

“Little slave girl flat on your back, legs spread wide.” Jazzy moved to the assigned position.

“It took 6 minutes for your Slut to get in proper attire, so that means Veronica will caress your body 12 times to my choosing. First, Slut Krissy do you have anything to say in defense of your Mistress? For if you do, both of you could share in the punishment and one of you will be punished.”

“Shit, JC. You! Oh, sorry Master. The butt plug and balls inside has distracted me and forgot to remove my top as instructed by Mistress; I have failed you and Mistress. I will take whatever punishment that my Mistress will receive.”

I thought about it, 12 kisses from Veronica on her bare pussy — it would show me how truly committed to me as a slave. If she took every last kiss without safe wording out, I would elevate her to full slave and get her collar similar to Jazzy’s.

“My Master and brother, it is my responsibility to prepared Slut Krissy for this evening, I failed. It is mine and mine alone to bear.”

“My sweet Jazzy, you just like it when I abuse that pussy of mine. I have decided that punishing both my slaves from Veronica, she will kiss your pussies 12 times. Slave, Slut on your back, legs spread wide. Both of you know your safe word correct?”

“Yes, Master, it is “Veteran” Master.” They said in unison. I looked down at the two beauties before me, standing between them I raised Veronica and gave light taps to Jazzy’s pussy — just to warm her up — her mewing was an aphrodisiac to my ears. Then I did the same to Krissy, hers was more vocal, but still equally arousing.

“Sluts, you will count and thank me for your lesson.”

I swung for Jazzy’s pussy striking it with more force than before then swung on to Krissy with the same force. I had hit both of them with some force and continued until the count of ten. The girls were crying and their pussies were red and puffy, their juices flowing from the beating. I dropped down to my knees between them, sliding my fingers of my left and right hand into their soaking cunts. A puddle of girl juices had formed under their asses, as two fingers from my hands entered into their cunts, starting a simultaneous dual finger fucking using my thumbs to rub Seyitnizam Escort their clits. I was getting their little nubs to pop out so that Veronica would be able to help them have the orgasm. I looked into Krissy’s eyes filled with lust and terror.

“Krissy, what is it that you want to say to me? What is it that you want from yourself and me?” Still fingering her — she was very close to cumming from my fingers. Her breathless response filled my heart and soul with glee for this woman.

“Master, Ohhhh..God…your fingers feel wonderful. Master, this girl wants you to own her; I want to be your slave in whatever capacity that means to you Master. I want to be your property, use me as you feel a Master would his property. Pleasure me, deny me, loan me out to your friends, I want to be your slave until I die or you release me. I am yours. Ohhhh….Master….Please may this Slave cum for you; Please let me show you the love I have for you Master. OOHHHHHH….GGGGGOOOOODDDDD….MMMMAAASSSSSSTTTTEEERRR…..Please may this SLAVE cum?”

Of course I denied her pumping my fingers in and out of her, my other fingers I was finger fucking Jazzy at the same speed. I looked over at Jazzy; she was lifting her pussy in time to my thrusts into her wet folds. She was near orgasm and on fire.

“You, my sister slave, my little slave girl what is it you want? Tell me Jasmine — using her name not her slave name — What is it that you want most from your Master and brother?”

Of course, she could not answer because through my little dialog she was trying not to have the orgasm. I pulled my fingers out shove my fingers into their mouths. They licked and sucked on my fingers. I stood up and looked down at Jazzy.

“Slave, you have not answered my question. When I ask you a question I expect you to answer. That earns you 5 more kisses. ” Her breathing labored and raspy looked up at me with loving lustful eyes.

“Master, I have told you before and will tell you again. I want whatever you feel is necessary for your slave to be. If you want to share me, fuck me, spank me, whip me, tie me up, sexually torture me with toys, deny me my pleasure then it is your decision as my owner.”

I turned off the balls and butt plugs causing distinct moans of relief.

“Remove your ben-a-wa balls and then hand it to your sister slave to clean.”

I watched as they grabbed the string between their wet lips, and just as they gave each the others balls, I struck Krissy first this time much stronger than at last. This caused her to yelp in pain and counted the stroke, I continued four more times then struck Jazzy with the same intensity as I did with Krissy an additional ten strokes. Jazzy moaned at the last stroke before telling me the count.

“Remove your plug and hand it to your sister slave.” Pulling the butt plugs out of their lovely asses Krissy handed hers to Jazzy and Jazzy to Kristine. I started with the tit flesh closest to my hand and mauled the soft pliable flesh of each slave then moved to the other tit. The slaves moaned in pleasure and pain when I grabbed and squeezed their pointy nipples. Looking down at Krissy, her eyes filled with lustful fear, I proceeded to pull the nipple until her tit stopping when the flesh could not stretch further giving the same treatment to my sister’s tit and nipples too. They held their breath while I pulled and twisted their nipples.

“On your hands and knees, head on the floor ass up and suck on the plug while you are at it.”

The girls were in position sucking for dear life on the plugs, their asses high in the air. I went behind Krissy, by far a really nice smooth smallish ass begging for a fuck. I placing my hands on her round white orbs running them over feeling her ass, noticing her puffy wet red lips of her pussy, sliding my finger along her pussy, listing to her moans muffled by the butt plug, then moving over to Jazzy, running my hand over her soft ass cheeks producing a moan as well. I stood up hitting Jazzy’s left cheek then her right cheek then Krissy’s left cheek then her right cheek with equally stronger force than on their pussies. Moan of arousing approval emitting from their mouths, I stood and swung upward striking Krissy’s pussy then Jazzy’s pussy within a matter of seconds; their final cries of pain.

“Stand and Present”

Together they stood on wobbly legs, spread shoulder width apart, fingers interlaced behind their heads, eyes down, and tits up. I walked around them admiring the red marks Veronica had provided.

“Do you understand why I punished both of you?”

“Yes, Master,” stated in tandem.

“Tell me why you were punished Krissy?”

With a great sigh, she stated the reasoning I had punished her and Jazzy. One for disobeying me and not stripping when she entered his house, two because she had called me by my given name, three because Jazzy was responsible for training her, she was punished for her failure. I thought about it and looked at her welted body.

“Kristine, do you still want to be my Seyitnizam Escort Bayan slave? Before you answer that, let me emphasize that your training will not be as it has been for the last hour or so. You will still be trained, but instead of Jazzy training you, I will train you just as I am training her.”

“Master, may I speak openly?”

“Yes, you may speak openly for the next 30 minutes or until you are finished with our discussion.”

“Thank you, JC. I just want to say that at this moment I am on fire, my pussy burns, my tits are inflamed, my nipples are stiffer than I have ever known them to be, my ass is sore, and horny as hell. Aside from that and because of that I want to cum so bad, just a simple touch or your command I will go off like the fourth of July. I know Jasmine is the same way, if not worst that I am. My juices are running down my leg on to the floor. Do I want to be your slave to experience firsthand your training of Jasmine and me? Well, the first 10 minutes of the punishment, I wanted to use the safe word, but I looked over at Jasmine and saw something I did not see with anyone else; love, trust, and complete devotion to you. I have a couple of questions first. Will you answer them honestly?”

“I have not nor will I ever lie to you or Jazzy. I will consider the question and answer with honesty.”

“Will I be equal to Jasmine? Will the training be the same as Jasmine’s? Where am I to live, if I become your 24/7 slave? What other choices do I have before becoming your slave?”

“Krissy, I will answer some of your questions, but not all. I reserve the right to defer some of the answers. Your first question — Yes you and Jazzy will be equals and your training may slightly differ to my discretion. As for your living arrangements, if you gift to me the ownership of your body to me, we will have further discussions on the arrangements. As for your choices — either you choose to submit totally to me and accept my ownership of you or you can walk out the door to return to your vanilla life living with your parents having a normal vanilla relationship with anyone. The choice is yours and yours alone to make, I will not influence you in either direction and Jazzy will not either. Jazzy made her decision a long time ago, and is now my owned slave. Do you have other questions?”

“Yes, if I submit to you totally will I have a safe word for say 90 days or will there be no safe word, since you will be training me to be a total obedient slave girl.”

“Krissy, I will always provide a safe word, slave or submissive. Either you tell me the safe word or we agree on one. Jazzy tell Krissy your Safe word for slowdown and Stop.”

“Master, my slowdown safe word is “Dickweed” and my stop word is “Cumquat.” A word that will not be used during a session as you described it to me Master.”

“Thank you, Jazzy.” I turned and looked at Krissy still kneeling and naked, shaking trying to keep the massive orgasm from bursting out of her without permission from me. I saw the sweat droplets sliding down her smooth alabaster skin onto her pert aroused tortured nipples. She was not looking at me, which I contribute to the intense state of arousal.

“Krissy, do you have any other questions at this time? There is still another 15 minutes of open communication. Would you like more information about our pending relationship and your relationship with Jazzy?”

“No, Sir.”

“Then if you have no more questions, your open communication is done. From this point on you will only speak when spoken too, is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir”

I turned on my heels walking from the garage into the kitchen then into the living room. I sat on the couch taking a breath to relax and think of my next move for the slaves, it took me about 10 minutes, but I came up with my plan.

“Slaves, gather your clothing, toys and get your asses in here NOW!”

That was three years ago, I am now at home with my two slaves. The girls stayed true to their words and for 105 days were committed to our relationship as my slaves. I went back to college with instructions to my two slaves that I would be sending daily emails to them. I did not return until Thanksgiving, Mom and Dad were very happy to see me, so was Jazzy. My two slaves turned out to be lost without me being there with them. We sat down and discussed options. I told them I would think about it and decide later. I went over to Kristine’s house two days after Thanksgiving to have dinner with her family. It was a good time, Kristine sat at dinner with the balls and plug vibrating a different times; it provided me with some wonderful entertainment. Her mother kept asking her if she was ok, looking flushed most of the time. I just kept smiling, finally letting her concentrate on eating and the conversation with her parents about school possibilities. When I left I told Kristine she was not to masturbate and denying her an orgasm, which she so desperately wanted. I returned to college the next day sending an email to my slaves informing Escort Seyitnizam them that no orgasm. Of course, that wouldn’t happen until I returned for the holiday break.

I returned home on a Wednesday, Jazzy was finishing with her classes she didn’t know I would be home. When I entered the house it seemed no one was home, however I then looked outside to the back deck and found Mom.

“Hey, Mom, how are you? I see your enjoying the warmer than normal weather for December.” Mom jumped up startled by my words, her face, and neck flushed, her breathing was raspy as well. It seemed that she had her hands down her pants and masturbating, because when I looked down the zipper on her pants was open.

“Oh, honey it is so nice to see you. How long is your holiday break?”

“Oh, like five or six weeks, I have to return by the second week in January.”

“Oh, that long. Well, I will let Jasmine know your home.”

“No, Mom, I want to surprise her. I am going to my room and get unpacked. Can you do some of my laundry today, I have no clean clothes.” I was thinking if Mom told me where the washer and dryer were then my theory about her relationship with Dad would not related to me.

“Sure thing, bring it all down stairs for me.” Again I changed my tactic.

“Mom, I really need to shower, could you take them down, please.” I looked her dead in the eyes.

“Oh, ok give me your clothes and I will take them down.” This confirmed my thoughts about their relationship, Mom was a submissive pony girl, and Dad was her dominant trainer. I took my shower, knowing that I did not have any clean clothes. When I got out Mom was just walking into my room to pick up the laundry. I was naked I was half hard; knowing that I was larger than Dad was, Mom stopped and just stared at my tenting towel. I smiled a little before looking her in the eyes, catching her staring.

“Mom, something you like?” Mom cleared her throat and said

“Oh, shit. Sorry, honey. I didn’t mean to stare. I will just pick up the laundry and get out of your way.”

As she bent down there was a dark wet spot, knowing that she was aroused I set my plan straight into action.

“STOP, Stand up.” I said in my command voice. Mom stood straight up, a bit confused by my voice.

“Now, let’s examine this little problem shall we.” I walked up to her and grabbed her fore arm and held it tight but not enough to hurt, still naked Mom was stunned and had a confused look about her, not making a move or saying anything about how inappropriate this would be. I had her attention, I reached her blouse and unbuttoned the top three buttons and slide my hand onto her bare tit her nipples poking hard as diamonds into the palm of my hand. I grabbed the nubbins between my finger and thumb squeezing as tight as my grasp would allow, she took in a breath and moaned at the same time. Her eyes closed and her head went back.

“Take it off.” Mom just looked at me totally confused.

“Did I stutter SLUT? Take off your blouse NOW!”

“Oh, No, Chase this is so wrong. I will leave so that you can dress.”

“What did I say SLUT!” I said with deeper and with more authority voice.

I had to breaker her before she started to think, so I squeezed her nipples more knowing that this was a turn on for her from watching the videos I had stored and viewed over the last couple of months. Mom moaned louder and I noticed the wet spot had increased running down her right leg.

“I don’t care if it is, we are both adults here. You are a submissive slut and I am a dominant, not yours but I am dominant just ask Kristine when she shows up today. Now, I will not ask again, if I have to you, your punishment will be severe. It will be you who will have to explain the marks on your ass to your Dom. So, STRIP SLUT!”

“Oh, please honey this is wrong. I am your mother and it would be incest. We can’t do this. Please let me go, I will not tell your father what you were doing to me.”

While she was saying the words she the remaining unbuttons of her blouse, and drops the blouse on the floor. I looked down at her tits; magnificent is what comes to mind, large brown areoles with big red hard pointy nipples. I immediately grabbed the nipples pulling and twisting them. Mom was shaking; her legs were getting weak as she unzipped her jeans.

“That’s it momma slut, get naked for your new Master. Remember this is for your own good, because you were masturbating when I walked in. I saw you and I bet that once your pants are on the floor I will find you soaking wet and ready to fuck just like the slut pony girl you are.” She blushed from her head to her toes with embarrassment.

“How would you like for a big strong stud to fuck you to be his brood mare. That would just turn you on more than just watching a stud breeding another pony girl. Step out of the clothes.”

Mom was on autopilot now, stepping out of her jeans, she stood naked in front of me, and I looked down. Her pussy was puffy, red, and dripping. I spun her around, shoved her down on to my bed, bending her over and looked at the butt plug in her ass. Oh, I got hard instantly. I grabbed my cock and started to rub the head against her slit. Mom could not think coherently at this point as I slide my cock on the outside of the slippery pussy. I did this for about 2 or 3 minutes until I slammed into her snatch balls deep.

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