On TheLakeOn TheLake


In my first story, “At The Gun Store,” you met my very attractive and adventurous wife, who got a large charge out of showing off for strangers when the circumstances were right. One of her favorite places to get naked was on the shore of a local lake, in a cove that only a few locals actually frequented, and that was usually on weekends. On week days, she’d take our large, white German Shephard to the beach and play fetch with him. He would go into the water but usually stopped before he was in very deep. If the beach isvecbahis was deserted, she’d take off her top as she played with him and, if she left me a note saying where she was, I’d go to the cove after work and from the top of a small hill, I’d watch them romping around. I’d just arrived at the top of the hill when I heard the sound of a jet boat charging across the lake, headed for the marina which was about a mile south. She hadn’t apparently noticed me on the hill yet, nor had our dog. They were both watching isveçbahis giriş the jet boat, and from my perch, I saw it turn and head towards her beach. The dog was very protective of his “mom” and was on high alert as the boat came closer. There were three guys on board; obviously they had seen her and noticed that her tits were out there for the world to see. As I watched the scene below, I noticed that she was making no moves to cover up. As the boat moved slowly in towards her and the dog, the dog began isveçbahis yeni giriş to raise a racket, complete with aggressive moves and bare teeth. She was shushing him, holding onto his collar which made her tits bounce like crazy. The driver of the boat hollered to her, asking if the pup would eat the boat if they came closer. In a very serious tone, she suggested that coming ashore was not the best idea. She stood up straight and squeezed her tits, telling them that, unfortunately, it was going to be a “look but don’t touch” afternoon. All three nodded in agreement – it was, indeed, unfortunate.The driver asked her if she came there often and she said she did, usually on weekdays. She said it was too crowded on weekends to get naked.

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