Just Lay My Head All The Way BackJust Lay My Head All The Way Back


Thanks for inviting me over. The iced tea you made is very delicious. I like the lemon. Such a thirst quencher and now my mouth is very wet and refreshed! I suck on the big ice cubes to get my tongue and lips really cold.

So nice to have your house alone for an hour! I’ve had a new adventure fantasy in my mind and I can’t stop thinking about it. Here’s my chance to maybe get it out of my system. I motion you to lean close so I can whisper in your ear. In my softest whisper possible, so you strain and possibly fantasize to hear, I say “please come deep in my mouth right now!”

Then I carry my glass of ice up the stairs and into your bedroom. I take off my shirt and shoes and socks. I lie on the bed on my back with my head hanging back over the edge of the matress. While waiting for you I suck on more big ice cubes. My mouth and lips are so cold they feel numb. I put down the glass and let my head drop back over the edge of the bed so my face is upside down. I see you walk in the doorway. It looks like you are walking upsidedown on the ceiling. I see you unbuckle and drop your pants. They fall up away from my face as you walk over and insert your cock into my freezing wet chattery lips.

Oooooh, I love that thick heat parting my numb lips! I love it sliding down the whole length of my icy numb tongue! I love it pushing against the insides of my cold cheeks! And you’re not even really hard yet, just a warm balloon completely in my mouth, now expanding. Hardening right in my mouth! I love that feeling too!

This is really fun already! I feel you growing and heating and pulsing all points in my mouth as you expand. Maybe that was already the first sticky slippery drops of pre-cum oozing onto the back of my tongue and down my throat? I have decided to love that feeling too! Delicious! Pull it out just a few times to smear your cock all over my face. Then slide it deep between my lips and up to my throat again. My entire head has become a sex organ for you…

I let gravity pull my head down off the bed to pull my jaw completely open. You like the contrast of your hot dick against my icy lips and tongue. I hope you enjoyed the cold when you had it; now you’re already cooking my mouth as you pulse into full erection, pushing open the back of my throat and making my lips widen for your hardened shaft. Soon you’ve forgotten all about the coolness my Beylikdüzü escort ice-smeared lips had given you. Now they are hot from your burning shaft melting and stretching my whole mouth!

Already you are gooing in me and beginning to thrust with a beat like a train that will not be stopped. Guess its time for me to experience what I’ve been daydreaming and distracted for all week. I asked you to cum deep in my mouth so now I’ll be dealing with the consequences of that. My head drops off the bed to make opening my mouth an effortless surrender to gravity.

I’ve fantasized this exact situation so many times lately! Your throbbing hot cockhead banging and gooing the back of my tongue and the roof of my mouth and top of my throat has all convinced me that this is no dream. It feels so comforting to have such a big hot gooey cock fill my gob, rubbing along my tongue and trying to go even deeper than the back of my mouth! Mmmmmm! Why did it take me so many years to try this?

You are face-fucking me very seriously now. You will definitely not last another 60 seconds this way. Okay, if that’s really what you want, the choice is completely up to you….

I was perfectly willing to let you linger in me all afternoon, slowly and teasingly pushing your dickhead against the insides of my mouth to watch the bulges through my cheeks. I would try to see how long I could suck for, maybe lazily mouthing your dick for even an hour or two. I was also perfectly willing to let you pull it out of my mouth and smear my face and neck with all the ooze of your excitement. Paint me up with the clear honey dripping out of you. I also came here today ready to let you play with my wet quenched lips by pricking them apart and smearing goo all over my lips and pressing the gooey head around to smear it all over my tongue –I’d take it for an hour if that was what you wanted.

Yes, of course you are doing all these things but you are way too excited to luxuriate and lounge in this wet-mouthy-cock environment. On the contrary, you have abandoned yourself to fucking my open face without any restraint or planning. So I willingly take your frenzied and deep thrusting of your whole cock into my upside-down throat, because obviously this is how you want it. You are losing control so I put my fingers a little in your crack as my head hangs upside down stretched and stuffed Beylikdüzü escort and frankly banged by your pounding that exploding gobstopper deep into my mouth and your pelvis into my chin. Your nuts bounce off my nose and eyes as you thrust. I give you the best sucking effort I can in this ridiculous position but the real stimulation for you is the sensation of pounding your cock into my stretched throat and watching how close to the base of your shaft you get my lips. You are now deep-fucking my mouth and you positively will explode soon.

It feels like hanging my head back like this is the widest possible opening of the back of the mouth. Enjoy it now because I don’t think a deeper or more willing blowjob could ever be given. Look at my body on the bed and watch my mouth stuffed and my head moving with the force of your thrusts. Watch the bulge of your cock moving through my cheeks. My mouth is so hot and wet and soft and runny and sucky and cooing and trembling with hunger to be filled and creamed!

Abandon all restraint and thrust with frenzied speed to fuck my delicious mouth! Laugh as you feel the hot spurts swell out of you and shoot forcefully and runny down my throat. You are jammed so deep back there it goes right past my tonge, I barely taste it I only feel the stuffed and hot fullness in my mouth and the gooing sensations in my throat as I swallow. You seem to just keep spurting so I just keep swallowing and letting you bang my mouth. Finally you stop spurting and you pull it out a few inches so I can breathe again. Feel the wind rushing into me as it swirls around your cummy dick. Leave it in my mouth a little longer, let both of us begin to relax and just let it run over my tongue and past it down my throat for another minute. I’ll give you some gentle sucks but you’re so sensitive they have to be subtle now. Cum is also dripping down my lips and back onto your cock. I think you like it. Then, as you shrink a little, just slowly slip it out of me, giving my lips one last wipe with your dickhead as you then pull it up and rest it on my hot neck. Ohh that feels good too! Its giving me ideas for next time. Just keep it there now and let more cum drip down off my kneck onto your toes.

That whole blowjob took less than 10 minutes. Catching your breath may take another 10. But I won’t wait for that. The aching in my nuts is a pleasure when Escort Beylikdüzü I know you will soon make me cum. If there were no such promise, that ache would slide into torture and agony.

I stay in the same position with my head still laying back upside down. Run your fingers through the cum on my cheeks and neck, run them down my chest and belly and into my pants to finger-comb my pubes. Take my pants off and start caressing my nuts. Run your finger as lightly as possible up and down my shaft and over the head. Yow! That’s too light and therefore is torture. So now please squeeze and suck it with some force. Alternate the squeezes with licks and sucks and finger strokes. As my cock gets drippy, wipe it with your finger.

Don’t waste that slippery finger! Slip it up my ass and simultaneously suck my dick into your mouth. Feel my maximum hardness already stretching in you to find something to press against. Offer me your tongue and then the back of your mouth for that pressure I crave. Finger-fucked while pressure-sucked –I know I won’t last any longer than you did!

So now you are determined to swallow my cum as soon as possible. Thank you, its exactly what I need. Suck me off as deep and as hard and as rhythmically as you can. Finger-fuck my anus with that slippery finger and take my entire cock into your mouth. Press the back of your mouth against the head and stroke my shaft with your fingers and lips. Eventually you keep the head and another inch in your mouth and stroke the rest furiously with your fingers. I won’t work you too long, I’ll exercise zero control and just let all the cum well up in me and build a big wad and already I feel it gathering and running in circles in my nuts to build serious speed and inertia while you suck your damnedest and now here it comes fast as light and shooting like catapulted pudding globs you feel each spurt smack and heat the back of your mouth. Keep sucking as hard and deep as you can and I will flow into you just a few more seconds of spurting globs of sticky runny hot goo in your mouth. Swallow it with sucky gulps so I will feel welcome as I squirt and then drip into you. After I stop cumming, hold my dick in your mouth for some moments while we each catch our breath and let the pulse slow back down.

It was so nice that in less than 20 minutes we’ve both breathed so heavy and cummed joyfully into hot wet sucking happy places! The quickie approach definitely has its charms and satisfactions.

But now as I put my shirt and pants back on, I just want some more of that iced tea. Maybe some big ice cubes in it too. See you downstairs in the kitchen!

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