Bitchy Aunt Gets FuckedBitchy Aunt Gets Fucked


I was just sitting in my room watching T.V. in my boxers when I suddenly heard my bedroom door open, and to my surprise it was my aunt. I was surprised, mainly due to the fact that this aunt was a real bitch and never really liked to see or talk to me. I’ve always thought she really never liked me because I had always been the good kid, the one all the others looked up to, unlike her children which were considered the black sheep of the family.

“Hey son, whatcha doing, why don’t you come and join the rest of us for dinner,” she said as she came in and sat next to me on my bed.

“No thanks Aunt Betty, I already had dinner and anyway I have to hit the books, thanks anyway,” I said, just trying to get her bitchy ass out of my room.

“What, you’re too good for my family, is that it.”

“No, I just already ate, and really have to study.”

“Suit yourself, anyway, who studies in their boxers, what’s up with that.”

“Nothing, it’s just more comfortable, anyway this is my room.”

“Alright, do whatever you want,” my aunt said as she got up, and then suddenly spanked me.

“Hey, what’s up with that don’t touch me.”

“I can touch you whenever I want to,” she said as she suddenly got really bitchy.

“You know what, I really don’t have time for this so can you just please excuse me,” I said trying to be the better person.

“You’ve always been a snotty little bitch, you were always the athletic, smart beylikdüzü escort one, and not to mention good looking, yet you never seem to know what’s good for you, didn’t you ever learn to respect your elders,” she said as she spanked me again,” See, I can touch you whenever I want to.”

“Why don’t you just leave, please, I’m sorry for whatever I did,” I said as I slowly tried to push her out of the room.

“Get you’re hands of me you little bitch,” she said as she slapped me.

I just sort of stared at her amazed and suddenly noticed that the top few buttons of her blouse had fallen off and I could clearly see most of her breasts, and as most guys would do, I stared in a sort of amazement, and got an almost automatic erection.

“What the fuck are you staring at you little bitch, hey you pervert, oh and look at you,” my aunt said as she noticed what had happened to her blouse and then suddenly just grabbed my erection.

“Hey, what are you doing, I’m sorry,” I said as she noticed me looking and grabbed my dick.

“Look you little pervert, I always was amazed by you, always little mister perfect, but I see you’re like any other guy, all you want is pussy, you like me holding you’re dick, don’t you,” she said with a little sly grin.

“Look Aunt Betty I’m really sorry about that, I promise I won’t, ohhhh, what are you, ahhhh,” I said as she suddenly started to jack me off.

“Look at yourself, you beylikduzu escort little pervert, you know, you want me, you like that don’t you,” my aunt said as she then let go of me dick and then unbuttoned her blouse to show her big tits.

“Aunt Betty, I don’t, ohhh my, think…”

“Shut up and just do it, stop being mister right, just soak into the moment, you know you want to.”

This was just one of those times when right and wrong doesn’t really matter; it was one of those times when your dick has complete control of you. I mean what was I to do, there in front of me stood a fully naked woman who was really good looking.

“You little pervert, look at the hungry dick of yours, all it needs is some attention a little (slurp) licking and sucking will do it (slurp) right,” my aunt said as she started to lick my dick, going around it then going to my head and kissing it gently.

“Ohhhh, ahhhhhh, uhhhhhh,” was all I could say as she sucked on my dick; it was so good that I had to sit on my bed because my knees buckled with the intense pleasure.

I just stared at her as I she took my dick into her mouth and slowly sucked on it. She then brought it out of her mouth and started kissing it gently, going all the way down to my balls and then gently sucking on them, making me moan louder with the intense pleasure she gave me. I was incredible to see my aunt do this. She was so good at sucking dick.

“I think escort beylikdüzü you’ve had enough fun, I think it’s my turn to have some fun, and I think you’re dick is ready for me,” she said as she stopped sucking my dick.

I was incredible, she had stopped right before I was about to come and just squeezed my balls and stopped me from cumming, it was painful but at the same time it was full of pleasure.

My aunt then stood up and then got on my lap, put her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist, then maneuvered herself so that my hard dick went slowly into her pussy.

She did this slowly, first taking my head and putting it into her pussy then moving slowly up and down, then she did this with half my dick, going a little faster, but still in the same movement.

“Ohhhh, that big dick of yours, ahhhh, I think it’s time that it exploded, ohhhh,” my aunt said as she bounced in front of my, with her tits bouncing up and down.

At this moment she started to fuck me harder than before, making my dick go deeper into her wet, horny, pussy, making her moan even louder. I just looked at her and saw her tits bouncing up and down, her face expressing the most pleasure I had seen in a long time. Her pussy gripped my dick harder as she started to orgasm.

“Ohhhhh yeah, ohhhh, yyyeahhhhh, I’m cumming, ohhhhh, ohhhhh,” my aunt said as she had an orgasm, which immediately made me have an orgasm as her pussy grabbed my dick and squeezed all it’s juices out.

After that she slowly got up then dressed herself and left the bedroom. After that she continued being her bitchy self, yet I know very well she’ll never forget that day she had her pussy filled with her nephew’s cum.

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