Just Another SundayJust Another Sunday


We can barely keep our hands away from each other, as we make our way towards my apartment. We keep giggling like silly, horny teenagers. We rush up the stairs so fast that we actually miss my floor, and we have to go back down. We reach my door, and I start struggling with the lock. Her hands are all over me, and it doesn’t make things easier. Finally the doors are open, and we jump inside, still giggling like silly. I close the doors behind us, and instantly push her against them. We stop giggling. There is noticeable tension between us. We look into each others eyes. She bites her lower lip, then licks it. That’s cute. Her hands are on my back, slowly going down towards my ass. She grabs it, and pulls me closer to her. Our breasts touch, and I can feel how hard her nipples are. We start to kiss. Her tongue invades my mouth. It’s agile and long. She is a great kisser. Our hands keep exploring our bodies. We make out for a while, and it feels so good, but we are both too horny; we need something more. She breaks the kiss, puts her hands on my shoulders and pushes me down, with a sexy smile on her pretty face. I get on my knees, and I start to pull her jeans down. I see a wet spot on her casual, white panties. bahis siteleri She takes her top off, revealing small, nicely shaped breasts and cute, dark nipples. I pull her panties down and I stare at her smooth, wet pussy. It’s so tasty. I look into her eyes, smile, and slowly lick my lips. “Just fucking do it already!” she says, and her voice is shaking with lust and desire. But I want to tease her a bit more. I smile even wider. “Say the magic word,” I whisper. But she isn’t in the mood for teasing. She just grabs me by the hair, and pulls my face towards her crotch. “I said do it, you fucking slut!” Well, that’s not a “magic word”. But I guess it’ll have to do. I bury my face in her hot wetness. My tongue slides into her pussy, and I hear a loud moan escaping her mouth. “Oh, fuck yes! Just like that, slut!” Looks like she is enjoying herself. I start with just my tongue, but I quickly add my fingers. I lick her pussy, suck her clit, and finger-fuck her. I alternate between different techniques, paces and angles of penetration. She is a screamer. Her loud moans are music to my ears. She keeps calling me “slut”, says what she wants me to do, and what she’ll do to me. Kinky. I love when canlı bahis siteleri my partner is loud and talks dirty. The fact, that we are doing it next to the door, and everyone on the corridor can hear her, makes it even better. I have my lips around her clit, and I furiously fuck her with two of my fingers. She rotates her hips in a sexy way. She has her eyes closed. By the look on her face, and the way she sounds, I can tell that she is pretty damn close. One of my fingers caresses her asshole. I’m tempted to push it in, but I’m not sure if she likes that sort of thing. “Fucking do it! Fuck my ass with your finger, you bitch!” Okay. I guess she does like this sort of things. I push my finger into her. Her ass is pretty tight, but it clearly welcomes the penetration. She screams loudly. Mouth on her clit, two fingers in her pussy, one in her ass. That’s all it takes to push her beyond the edge. I feel her orgasm, and it’s a strong one. She screams one last time, and then gets quiet, her mouth wide open, and her eyes closed. Her entire body is shaking, her pussy is squeezing around my fingers. I keep drinking her sweet juices. I don’t stop my movements, until I feel that she starts to relax. I canlı bahis back off, and I let her slide down against the door. She is now on her knees too. She slowly opens her eyes. “Oh yeah. That was fucking awesome.” She pulls me close, gives me a fast, deep kiss, and she gets up. “Bedroom.”I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a question or an order. I don’t really care, though. I get up, grab her hand, and we rush towards my bedroom, but we forget that she still has her jeans and her panties around her ankles. She trips over them and almost falls down. We burst in laughing, and we both immediately start to remove her remaining clothes. She is fully naked long before we reach my room.When we’re there, she wastes no time. She throws me onto the bed, and jumps on top of me. She starts to tear my clothes off, and throws them in random directions. She just wants me naked.When her objective is completed, she starts to kiss me. First a slow, passionate kiss on the mouth, long and hot. She wants to show me what she can do with that tongue of hers. Then, she kisses my neck. That feels nice. And then she goes lower. She is playing with my breasts. My nipple is in her mouth, her teeth gently touching it. Her hand squeezes my other breast. She does it hard, and then she pinches my nipple. A silent “Oh fuck!” escapes my lips, and she giggles.Finally her hands spread my legs. As wide as possible. She gives me a sexy smile, and she goes down on me.

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